The Story (-ies) of X (Dom M seeking F - Slavery, BDSM)

Started by Top Cat, April 18, 2017, 06:40:45 PM

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Top Cat

She used to be successful, admired, and even feared, living in a world with sports cars, jet planes, movies, and cell phones. But she can only remember vague fragments of that now. Now she's a slave, just bought on the market in a world that seems (to her) like a bad late-night movie. She can't even remember her name. All she knows is that she is his, and he does not appreciate disobedience well at all.

There's several different ways to play this.
  • The shortest, basically a one-scene or two-scene short, is just dealing with her being taken by her new master.
  • More complicated - A longer story, dealing with her struggle between accepting her new life and trying to regain memories of her old life.
  • Even more complicated - A dual story, where she was mind-swapped with her slave counterpart. As the successful Wall Street woman gets thrown into a world where slavery is legal, the broken slave comes to her awareness in the middle of a corporate meeting. Does she find a new Master to control her, or does she take to her new liberty with a vengeance?

Many possibilities. Bondage, Master/slave, some S&M punishment, nipple piercings, and more are "must-haves." Beyond that - everything is negotiable.

Please do not respond in this thread; PM me with your thoughts on the idea, and what you'd do to make it better.
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