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Author Topic: A Slection of Stories (M for F, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anthro)  (Read 926 times)

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Send me a PM, if anything interests you.

Daddy’s Little Girl
It all started, when the family was on a vacation. They had to share a hotel room, it wasn’t one of the planned stops but thats what happens when one of the kids eats something that doesn’t agree with them. She woke up in the middle of the night, the reason forgotten when she opened her eyes and saw her parents getting it on. They must have thought all the kids were asleep and wouldn’t notice the adults having a little fun.

Her first exposure to sex, was at the tender age of thirteen, as she watched her parents, illuminated by a full moon. Her father had her mother on her side, one powerful hand on her thigh, spreading her for him, the other wrapped over her mother’s mouth, muffling any cries of bliss, as he plowed her, with his big cock. Each one of his thrust slammed into her mother, making her whole body shudder and spasm in pleasure.

From that day on, over four years, she spied on her parents, every chance she got, finding dozens of little hiding spots and peephole, so she could watch as her father forced her mother to deepthroat him and fuck in so many different ways, places and positions, she couldn’t remember them all. And when she wasn’t spying, she was touching herself to the fantasy of her being in her mother’s place.

Now, at age seventeen, she may just get her chance to fulfill that fantasy. They were suppose to have a family getaway. Dad had rented a really nice cabin out in the woods, by a lake. But her older brother was off doing some sort of socialization event for college, freshmen getting to know one another, so they had some friends when they started school. Her younger brother had been sick when his boy scout troop had gone to summer camp but had gotten arrangements to go with another troop, only it was the week they were suppose to go on vacation. Mom’s sister had just gotten divorced, so she had gone out to comforted the poor thing, leaving just dad and her free to go out to the cabin.

A whole week, alone with her daddy, isolated in a cabin, with no one around to interfere. Now, all she needs to do, is convince her dad to see her as a woman, not just a daughter.

Divine Debt

She had always been an atheist, almost militant in some cases and had even mocked those who still had faith in a higher power. However, that would change one day, when death came calling for her. It was an accident, she saw coming and couldn’t stop. Not thinking rationally, not with her mortal end speeding towards her, she cried out, begging to be saved. Thats when he appeared, sitting calmly besides her and offering a gentle smile. He offered a deal, her soul and her worship and she would have a long life yet. Having nothing to lose, she agrees and as death closes it’s hand, he leans over and kisses her.

She never should have been able to survive, let alone walk away from what happened, with only a couple of scrapes and bruises. Everyone talked about how luckily she was, even as she was put in the back of an ambulance and whisked off to the nearest hospital, just so she could be double checked. It was policy after all. They never found him though, not a trace. He must have been an illusion her mind made up, when her body released Dimethyltryptamine and Adrenaline, bracing for death.

Or so she thought, when she released from the hospital and went home, only to find him waiting for her.

I had intended this story to have a modern setting to it but as I was writing it up, the idea of a sci-fi setting for the story, really caught my attention. Instead of just being a human, she could be an anthro or alien female, living or visiting Earth and saved from death by a human God. I’m looking to write as the God and I’m thinking that I won't use one from an actual mythology but based on either Dionysus or Anubis. I would love to plot out where the story goes from the opening I have described.

Second Hand Pets

Humanity has always loved their pets, from the family dog to the human/animal hybrid Genomorphs of the future, However, despite this love or in cruel irony of it, there are many reasons one might have to give up their pet. While purchasing a pet, maybe be expensive, many do not consider the cost of keeping one over it’s lifetime or in the future, the combined expenditure of a pet and a child. Or one may find that they might not have the time to spend with a pet, with new responsibilities at work or new relationships. Others find they can’t bring them, when they move, either do to their new living accommodations not allowing pets or extra expense of moving them.

Although it should be said, the worst reason, is when parents purchase a pet for their child and then put the pet up for adoption because the child misbehaves or their grades drop.

While basic Genomorphs can be somewhat easy to rehome, the custom ones, often commissioned by wealthier families, are much harder to find new for homes for. By law, Genomorphs, should they be returned, must be sent back to the companies which either bred them or create them in labs. These companies see the pet as investments and will seek to at least break even on their creation. Which leads to those willing to pay for a custom Genomorph, to spend the money on one made for themselves, rather then returned model. This often ends up with such pets waiting, often alone, until a kind soul comes around or a sale.

So the bare bones of this plot, would revolve around a pet created for some rich kid, who was sent back for some reason and has been waiting to be adopted for several months and when she is, she is more than eager to please, desperately wanting not to be sent back again. The rest is up for discussion. Just how far in the future we set the story, if we kept on Earth or use other planets. Just what kind of man adopts her, I have several branching lines of thought for about my character. It could also be that he adopts several pets or added her to a harem of pets.

30 Hours to Live
Forlorn Hope: a band of soldiers or other combatants chosen to take the lead part in a military operation, such as an assault on a defended position, where the risk of casualties is high. While it was likely that most members of the forlorn hope would be killed or wounded the intention was that some would survive long enough to seize a foothold that could be reinforced, or at least that a second wave with better prospects could be sent in while the defenders were reloading or engaged in mopping up the remnants of the first wave.

After humanity spread to the stars and met with enemies old and new, a term, once mostly forgotten, as returned to the military lexicon; Forlorn Hope. While entire worlds could be reduced to lifeless rocks by orbital bombardment, if an army wanted to take a planet and have it remain useable, they would have to land troops. While a very limited bombardment might launched before such a landing, in the hopes of destroying enemy fortifications and defenses, the leading elements of any such assault, suffer heavy losses. Concealed enemy positions, waiting enemy troops, automated defenses. The bombardments never got them all.

So what should soldiers do, when they learn their regiment, will be leading the assault? Make sure they don't have any regrets.

Perhaps a pair of veterans, who know their chances of coming out alive and prefer to spend the time they have left, enjoying themselves?

Or maybe the taboo of an officer and an enlisted soldier. A younger lieutenant, looking for a boost in confidence from her older sergeant? An enlisted soldier, who has a crush on her officer and this may be the last time she gets a chance to do anything about it?

Of course, they may yet survive the coming battle. Nor do they both have to be human.

Eyes Like Mine
So I’ve been reading some Humanity Fuck Yeah, stories on Reddit and listening to the audio books for the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell, which is pretty HFY itself but they both got me thinking.

So, the dominate sapient life forms in the universe, are herbivores. The beings that have reached space, believe that sapience comes from the need to use tools and intelligence to overcome predators. Now and then, they do come across intelligent predatory races but those are always destroyed before they can leave their birthworlds. Humanity has been lucky, they discovered alien life before they found us. Human probes caught the destruction of another race by an alliance of herbivores, allowing us to hide, keeping below the radar, while our technology and military grew.

Many years later, as humanity readies itself, their scouts find another predatory race, about to be destroyed. These aliens, barely about to launch their first satellites, suddenly suffer bombardment from space, aimed to level their key cities. The herbivores not only want them dead but they want their world, so they can’t launched nukes or virus bomb the planet. Just a few rocks dropped from orbit, to crater cities, before the ground troops land to mop up. Everything seems to be going to plan, when a human fleet appears from the black of space. As ships duel above the planet, transports begin to rain shuttles down, packed with troops, ready to aid their fellow predators.

I was thinking the aliens would look like this

But if you have something else you would want play as, I’m all for it. For main characters, I was thinking human ground forces or marine officer and female alien resistance leader

Body Heat
The universe is vast, with uncounted stars and planets of every variation but even something as unfathomable, has some general rules. One such general rule, is where intelligent life, that which will create civilizations and reach for the stars, is found. Warm, mild weathered planets, tropical Edens in fact. As such, nearly all intelligent lifeforms are ectotherms, which is too say, they are cold blooded, relying on the environment for body heat.

Or at least that was the expected, universe truth, until Humanity and a collection of several alien races called the Coalition, bumped into one another. Humans took one look at their stellar neighbors and began giving them nicknames, based mostly on the reptiles from their homeworld, mostly because of their appearance. What took the Coalition off guard, were the conditions of Earth. Every member species would have considered the birthplace of Humanity a hardship world, if not a deathworld.

As the diplomatic niceties began between the Coalition and United Terran Nations, they began to exchange personal, to learn about one another. After a short time, if one is to believe the stories on the data net, Humans starting becomes very popular.  You see, very few spaceships and space stations could spare enough power to make the cold grasp of space, anything close to comfortable for the races of the Coalition. Most could only make the temperature survivable, which to humans, was only a few degrees below pleasant. Most of the stories tended be sultry, about seducing a warm blooded human, into sharing some of that wonderful body heat.

As the early spring rains fade and the lands begins to dry, the season of war as come. Feudal army raise levies from the common folk, the planting ends and knights ride forth for glory and honors. All seems normal, until a monk from a remote monastery, high in the mountains, where a saint was interred upon their death, stumbles into the city of Lullin, barring grave news. The monastery has been put to siege by a ragged army of goblins and their lesser kin. Thankfully there are no orcs or trolls in their numbers but they are rallied about a small number of the highly militaristic hobgoblins. The walls are stout and the gate strong but the monks there are not warriors, nor are they provisioned to hold out for long. The Church must send relief and it must be soon.

However, there lies the problem. Nearly every order of knights, who answer to the Church, have already gone forth on either crusade or to fulfill promises of aid to mighty kings and lords. The only ones left, are a small order of female knights, all of whom are lesser daughters of the nobility, with unsuitable temperaments, either for marriage or nunneries. Few in number, barely a hundred and while trained and equipped as knights, none have ever seen combat. Indeed, they have rarely been used for anything but ceremonial guards for a handful of high officials. But the Church must lift the siege, so they must be sent.

But no hundred knights, even of the finest caliber, could defeat an army of goblins in the mountains.

So the Church must find more warriors, which means they are to hire mercenaries. Scum who fight for money, rather than a noble lord, honor or the Gods. But they will be skilled and veterans of many wars. Of course, they must act fast, least all the available free companies, be hired for the season. The Bishop of Lullin, seeing the danger, acts, hiring  the Lion Company, nearly a thousand men under Captain Wilhelm Campborn and instructs them to await the arrival of knights, at the town of Pinegrove, the closest settlement to the monastery.

I Hate Loving You

Death was all around and the end was near. Her warriors were skilled in arms and well tested in battle, but even such factors, counted for nothing against the many enemies. They had come over the mountains, a terrible host of grim faced men, numbering at least twenty thousand, more then two men for one of hers. The fact they had not yet been swept away under a tide of warriors, was a testament to the abilities of her veteran housecarls and the fyrdmen, long used to throwing back invaders.

But the battle was lost.

The flanks of the shield wall had been turned, her army encircled and fighting back to back, as the host closed in around them. Her warriors were on the verge of breaking and when they did, they would all be slaughtered, leaving the villages undefended. Never in over three generations, had her county been laid bare to the foe. And yet, it would be under her rule, that her country would be led to doom and destruction. The last of her line, to see the last days of her kingdom.

But, from the east, come the sounds of warhorns. Warhorns which had always heralded the arrival of armies and raiding bands of their ancestral enemies. Had the thrice damned horse lords come to mock her, as their bitterest of foes died under the blades of new invaders? But the horns sounded a charge. Had the old enemy joined the new? Not if the sudden cries of alarm and the lessening of the pressure against her warriors, was any proof.

What was greater proof and a sign of hope, was the sudden flight of two thousands arrows, which landed among the invaders, slaying those still trying to hack at her warriors or forcing them to turn about. The horns sounded again, mingling with the thunder of three thousand charging horses and the shouts of five thousand levies. First came the knights, clad in mail, baring lance and kite shield, smashing into the invaders, just after a second rain of arrows. The levies charging just behind, ready with spear, axe and sword, their shields round, like those of her warriors.

Attacked in the rear by an unexpected foe, the invaders broke and fled from the field of battle. No chase was given, her own warriors exhausted by battle and the old enemy from a grueling march. Instead, both armies looked at one another. For as long as they all had lived, they had tried to kill one another but here, on a field of blood and bodies, they had fought the same foe. From within their ranks, nearly thirty horsemen came forwards. Like the other riders, they all wore mail, carried the kit shields and were armed with lance and sword. Like the other knights, they all wore nasal helmets but unlike the rest, their helmets had a bronze sheet covering the face, with holes cut, revealing only their eyes. One sheathed his blade and reached up, unstrapping his helmet, before pulling it off.

It was him, the war leader of the horse lords, the Scarred Prince.

The man who had killed her father and made her the Orphan Queen.

The man she had met in battle and given the signature scar, running from above his right eye, down through the bridge of his nose and across his left cheek.

The man who had ravaged her country in uncounted raids.

The man who had just saved her life and her kingdom.

What demands would he make now or was this some plot of his cunning father, the Crippled King?
Not inspired by these pictures but once I came across them, they solid this idea in my mind. So I was thinking two smallish kingdoms, one based loosely on the Anglo-Saxons and the other the Normans, have been at war for generations, a conflicted started by their grandfathers or great grandfathers. They have fought all their lives, until a new enemy marched in. Where other rulers would watch with glee as such a fate befell their enemies, the Crippled King was wise or cunning enough to know, that any foe able to crush his rival, could crush him as well and thus send his army out, to give aid to the old enemy.

I don't have anything set in stone for the invaders, they could be based on another Dark Ages civilization or this could be a high fantasy story, with orcs and goblins or the like. But the main plot would be the Scarred Prince and the Orphan Queen being forced to work very closely together, to drive them out and make sure their lands aren’t threatened again.

There is the possibility of a forced marriage between the two or it could be more of a growing love/hate relation, as they fight side by side.

Made for Him
There are points in time, where different universes overlap, normally only for a brief moment. During such overlaps, crossovers can occur. A monster is seen, someone takes a blurry photograph of a strange flying object, something sinks a ship or in some cases, a mysterious disappearance happens. In most cases, everything or everyone is returned to the universe they belong to, leaving behind only memories and little proof but sometimes, whoever or whatever crosses over, strays a little too far from the point of contact between universes and is trapped in a world, not their own.

Such an event took place in a remote cabin, in the Green Mountains of northern Vermont. A being crossed over and was lost in a universe, where none of her kind, had ever existed, leaving her at the mercy of a man she both knew intimately but was a stranger to.

In her own world, she had been created to be the companion of a powerful politician. Not a free person but not a slave, as she had rights and responsibilities. However she was made to serve the needs of one man, as both a personal assistant and as a lover. His kinks were hers and her desires were his pleasures. In fact, her designers might have gone a little too far, with their attempt to create the best companion, as extended amounts of time without physical interaction with her human, has been shown to leave her mentally distressed and physically ill. Thankfully, this hasn’t been tested to the extreme, although there have been a few times, due to unforeseen delays, which have caused some concern.

In this new world, the man who in so many ways resembles her human, is not a politician, using the secluded cabin to get away from business and the media but rather an author. A rather good one in fact, with several different series, who likes living in the cabin year around and enjoys the quiet so he can write.

It was a quirk of fate, that in two universes, the same man, was watching the same storm, from the same porch and in a single clap of thunder, the only difference between them, moved from one to another.

So as this idea was forming, I envisioned the pairing as human male and anthro female but as she is a created lifeform, she could be a neko, elf, demon, ect. Anything not human. As for the species of the anthro, I was thinking something unusual or at least one that I’ve never had a partner play before.

Red Panda
African Wild Dog
Furred Dragon

Of course, dont feel restrained, this are just suggestions

Return of the Masters
In the early days of mankind's expansion across the stars, travel across the galaxy was slow. Huge vessels would sails through the darkness, packed with settlers in survival sleep. Because of the huge risk in life and investments, when setting up a colonization effort, it was standard practice to send ahead a smaller party, in a smaller vessel, to prepare the new colonies. These people would start terraforming planets, building up food stocks and getting all the other projects for thriving human settlement. In an effort to save a little money on the insurance for such people and the cost of transporting them, some companies or private groups would send ahead only a few people, with the equipment to grow clone workers.'

Such was the case with the forth planet in the Omicron Atheni System, referred to as Waturn. However the private group running the operation was shaky. Funds seem to go missing often and the people signing up for the colony, some did not exist. It all seemed about to fall apart, when a handful of genetic technicians applied for the prep mission, offering to bring along their own equipment and DNA samples. Without taking a moment to think, if they should should look this gift horse in the mouth, the Colony organizers send their volunteers into space. While the techs slept, the follow on mission fell apart, they would stranded alone on Waturn, forgotten and near to see another human again.

However, this had been expected. You see, the genetic technicians were not interested in creating a small army of clones to prep a colony but rather wanted to get out from under the thumb of law, to be allowed to create new races of beings, using human and Earth animal DNA. A shaky colony mission to a habitual planet, seemed the perfect thing for their goals. Finding themselves alone and abandoned, they went to work, crafting their dream.

A few thousand years later, the planet of Waturn is home to dozens of thriving civilizations, filled with humanoid beings, with a tech level something around that of Earth in the late 1800s early 1900s. Their creation myth, the tale of the furless Makers, all but faded away but for the first time in many many years, a hidden code in their DNA, will awaken. The genetic technicians, who created them, worried about what would happen if humanity ever found this lost world and thus decided to code them with an urge to obey, should their creations ever find themselves making human contact. It was hoped that this trait would save them from destruction.

However, the first human to find them, after the death of the Makers, is not some avenging law keeper or xenophobe but rather a man who skirts the law. A rogue merchant and planet surveyor, who makes his living exploring new worlds and selling goods to and buying them from underdeveloped alien races.
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Re: A Slection of Stories (M for F, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Anthro)
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