When You Put Your Hands on Me (Male characters?)

Started by Samantha, December 28, 2008, 05:34:09 PM

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So, I normally don't care on the rules of whom I'm roleplaying with. But I got away from the kiddie sites to have longer posts on possible sexual content. So here's what I propose... I would like someone who will write in paragraphs... at least 1 of them, and with 4-8 sentences each. I understand it doesn't happen all the time, so eventually the posts can shorten some, but I'm seriously getting people who aren't writing any paragraphs at all. Also, please don't play my characters for me, I'm able to... (laughs) I just think it's funny. But, okay I'll post my ideas again, and please tell me which ones you like (or copy them) and post them in a private message to me!

I will be playing the female lead in all of these scenarios, just so everyone is clear on this.

Here's a bunch of my ideas.

1) Past, A newcomer comes into town (Imagine an old western ordeal), and he causes some trouble in the bar, where many women work as prostitutes, some willingly, some not. But everyone knows this, they don't know where the owner finds these women, but are glad to use them for their pleasure. I will play as a few different girls, the person who plays the male lead (possibly could be female), could play more than one character also... I'm looking for more of a romantic roleplay here.

2) Present day, a workaholic woman lands a job in a new city, new state, or new country even. Her boss wants her, but she has a husband, or boyfriend/ fiance, whatever. And this boss will do anything to have her, for whatever reason. I'm thinking of a mob type ordeal.... This doesn't necessarily have to be romantic... it can become non con depending on where it goes...

3) I also have the idea of a woman heading to an unknown place, a dark alley if you will, and she finds herself among some questionable people and creature, this is COMPLETELY non con... and I want it as extreme as it can get...

4) I'm also looking for a roleplay... forced... possibly with tentacles... I have found a new... turn on... anyone, male or female... interested?

5) Based back around the 1800's. A woman is running away from someone, and she basically goes under an assumed name, and lifestyle, to hide as a white slave. Well, somehow, she meets a guy, and he is looking for a wife... for some reason, because he's being forced, or if you have any ideas why, we could use that too. Well, he meets her and the story continues...

6) Maybe based in the early 1900's. A woman has to find her father. She is from maybe england, and highly educated. So when she meets this rancher, he doesn't like her because she's too strong willed, and too educated. Well, her father went missing after visiting his friend (they guy's father), or maybe a stranger's, house who ownes a ranch, big piece of property. Both her and her father are cave explorers, and that's why her father visited said person in the first place... And basically her father doesn't come back (she had to wait at the house for him) so her and this rancher have to go search... of course they'll have issues with this.

7) Maybe it could start out with some sort of bad situation... then my character (female) finally escapes whatever the situation and moves somewhere far away. While there, she'll meet someone and they try the relationship, (not without some trials for them both) but she has some problems because of what happened to her. Then, maybe the bad situation comes back to haunt her... literally, or the person, after making her fall in love with them to the point that she won't leave, isn't the person they appear to be?

8 ) My character, has just graduated from high school, she has been dating the same guy since she started 9th grade and they decide to take their relationship to the next level by moving in with each other. She moves in with him, and is still a virgin, he gets frustrated with her and starts abusing her  mentally and physically. Throughly convinced no one will ever love her, she gives in to him and finally has sex with him after a fight, and he hurts her. She won't leave him, but she meets someone after some time who cares about her and doesn't want to hurt her (or maybe he does and she doesn't know it) but eventually she ends up with the other guy. (I need either two other people or one person to play both people...)

9) I really would like to do a Vampire (twilight) roleplay. I'd play Bella... I'd need my Edward... Sorry it's just one of my downfalls... sometimes a non -realistic rp sounds amazing.

I am in a VERY romantic mood for the time being, so if you have any ideas, I am willing to hear them out... just let me know about it.

I need someone really well prepared for this next one... it's long... and I need someone that's willing to work with me... Or it's always a possibility that he is what he seems, but makes mistakes, and she is too stubborn to just trust him?

Once upon a time has never been mine, or anyone else?s life that I know of. You don?t look outside, see dragons flying; castles off into the distance from your own torch- filled one. Not every ?once-upon-a-time? story is depicted like this, but it is nearly always depicted as the most beautiful woman around, you?d think as time would go on, they?d cover every area of land in the world, some of them not even on land, and the most dashing of men somehow meeting and falling in love. Now the beauty is not just any beauty, for the sake of the story, she will be? independent, outspoken, and yet at the same time, so beautiful that at least three men, including the other protagonist that has already fallen in love with her, and they have to fight in some way, shape, or form to prove to each other that they?re meant to be. Then the man, the man is always so thick-headed that he cannot see when the woman loves him, and in turn making the reader insist on reading the story until the two people finally confess their love towards each other? This, to the reader?s dismay, is always at the end of the book, when it?s around 30-40 pages from the end. And I believe that it is that story? that makes one love the story, an independent woman, a stubborn man equals awesome!
   I?m not trying to sound like a cynic, but, I have read so many of these books, so many love stories? and I don?t mind, but they?re always similar characters? And it?s not REAL life, in the tangible world, not the one people imagine while sitting back and enjoying the said tales, not everyone is the perfect, outspoken woman, and not everyone is the rugged man who claims he will never fall in love. Even though, in the world, it is that which fuels the human races beliefs that the women should be beautiful, and the men stern. Take high school, or the workplace, or at least what it should be? for example. No one cares about the nerd sitting in front of the class, or the fat girl sitting in the corner, in attempt to blend in. Or, should I put it, the newest employee, or the bigger woman, because no one will notice her simply because the girl with the skinny legs, and who wears short skirts just down the hall from her. But the world?s people, and our society, only cares about the cutest couple, only cares about who has the next best thing coming along.
   Let?s face reality, in high school, people may make fun of the nerd that gets all the good grades, but? in all reality, within the years to come, they will more-than-likely work for that nerd. And, it?s not the bigger girls, who most will grow up with morals that will end up sleeping around, getting pregnant and have to decide whether they will have to abort it, give it up for adoption, or keep it and marry the guy that knocked them up. Sure, most of them will not have that choice, but they will also have to grow up, learning what?s right and end up going to college to accomplish their dreams, while it?s the one?s that had the beauty and copied the nerd?s papers who will end up in the town that they loathed as they grew up.
   I?m not saying this is wrong, it?s not, by far. But why can?t there be the bigger woman who ends up with the handsome man that would love her? not the beautiful woman, until the end of time. And on the other extreme, why can?t there be a woman, of great beauty, and the not-so-attractive man falling in love? OR? here?s an idea, why can?t there be two not very ?hot? people who love each other, yes there would still be the strife?s that they?d have to go through, but why can?t they be enough? There hasn?t been one single story I?ve read that has portrayed such an idea.
   So, I have taken it upon myself to write something with the idea? Well, all of the three ideas that represent true life? there just has to be one? one simple time for it to happen. And? seeing as how I know nothing of the difference, why can?t I base my characters on myself? I think I shall? and in turn? showing that not every man is a knight in shining armor? that she somehow manages to fall in love with.
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I'm big on historical romances, or modern ones as well, so that's what most of my ideas center around I'm a huge romanticist.... I'll also include some general ideas at the end of my post.

I suggest looking at my ons and offs (link is located in my signature), it explains me fairly well, I generally look at my partners as well to help me figure out more about them.

I'd like longer termed rps, although I know they won't last forever. As for post length, lately I've been somewhat long winded, but they generally don't stay that long unless my partner gives me that much to keep going on. But even my shorter one's I like to keep around a paragraph's length.

As for frequency, I'm on most of the time, I get on through my phone (yes, I've even typed out this message on it) so unless I'm sleeping, I'm constantly checking, I'd like posts to be as much as possible, but I do realize that's not realistic for everyone, so just let me know about how often you do post (either through pm or in this thread) and we'll go from there. 

Oh, and one last thing, I am attracted to both sexes, but I have lately wanting to rp with male characters, and will always play the female lead unless othewrwise noted. Without further ado, my ideas:

Idea eleven: We find Our Way Back to Eachother.
Present time

I know I posted this one in another thread, but I still can't get it out of my head. Its based from a dream I had, basically two people meet in a club or something, and the guy ends up being either an intern of a professor or pre-med. They have a relationship, and as most relationships don't last, theirs doesn't, and they break up. She turns out to be pregnant, and due to the way the relationship ended or simply the fact that it did end, she doesn't tell him. In the dream he found out during her freaking out while talking to some financial person. Will they get back together? Does he help? I'd hope so, but we'll figure it out as well as the other specifics. With this I'm looking for the rp to begin from where they first meet. I'd really like to play this one out, hopefully someone is interested.

Idea twelve: Twenty-One Questions.
Present time

Basically two people are in a relationship, he gets locked up for some reason, and in prison he is allowed his time alone with her, I have no idea where to go with this one, but it sounded kind of fun.

Idea thirteen: I Never Thought This Would Happen.
Based in the early 1800's

Basically, arranged marriage. Between upper class gentry, but maybe one is low royal (like 32nd in line to be king or queen, something ridiculous) or even a upper gentry to a prince or duke. They could either fall for each other before they know they've been arranged to wed, or meet just before they're to marry, or only on their wedding day. And they could either just find out or have known about it. I know this isn't all too specific, but I just want some things open for discussion.

Idea Fourteen: Please save me from him.
Based in the mid-1800's

Along with th arranged idea line of thinking, a woman is engaged but tries to run. A man finds her in the midst of her escape (his history can totally be up to you) and is her betrothed's enemy. He could take her into his home, where from running in the bayou of New Orleans, she gets sick, rumors soar that she is no longer virtuous, but her betrothed still wants her, this new stranger could marry her and fight for her honor (as well as fight for whatever reason the two men are enemies about) or give her up. (They don't have to wed, but just because she was around him the entire town knows and she has no where else to turn, so I figured it'd add to the story.

I have lots of ideas for this one, for the history of the male as well, so pm me and we'll chat!

For these ideas, we can expand through pms, and generally wouldn't mind playing either role (though I do tend to be sub) :
New girl x student at new school (could go for private school or any)
Rocker/rapper x fan
Rocker/ rapper x stylist/ publicist/ or random girl at a club
Peeping tom x. Victim
Raper x victim
Something along the lines of CSI, Bones, or Criminal Minds.

Also, if you jave any of your ideas and would like to rp with me, just drop me a pm anf let me know! Have a great day/night!

Here's some new ideas that have been long overdue. In each of the ideas I'll be playing the female lead, unless stated otherwise. If you see one you like, pm is the best way to get ahold of me, but feewl free to post here as well...

Idea fifteen:

A girl is orphaned as a child and is taken in by a distant relative, she doesn't talk to many people due to the devastation of losing her parents and is forced to take on a penpal from the internet and through mail, they talk for years and never met. At some point, he gets killed, (she doesn't know) and the killer ends up reading the letters and falls in love with her... Maybe? Present time.

Idea sixteen... :

Pirate romance. Based in the early 1800's.  A woman is heading to America after her wedding, their ship was overtaken by pirates, seeing her husband's body killed and dumped into the ocean,  she gets sold to some of the nastiest, and most brutal pirates and was about to be raped. She is terrified, as she knows what's about to happen and hopes for help as she tells everyone her well-known name. Her husbands family is well known in america, and one pirate ends up saving her, eventually she finds out he is her husbands twin that she was never told about...

(I want action and adventure in this one... Even though the main goal is that they fall in love, it is not instant, she doesn't even recognize they were identical due to her late husbands clean shaven ways. Plus the brother is a pirate... He isn't open about any of his emotions... And she can be stubborn too.)

Idea (eleven really...):

Well, this idea came to me in a dream, and I pretty much have none of the ideas worked out. Its present time. My character is a college student and somehow, someway, her and her college professor fall in love, something other than grades please, and start seeing each other. At some point they have sex and she ends up pregnant (I'm thinking that they have sex after she passes his classes as a celebrating thing) but she doesn't tell him (don't know the reason yet). And finds out while she's talking to financial people while at the hospital (maybe he works or volunteers and hears her talking) not sure yet, but yeah... Don't know what will go on from there exactly, but... Let's chat and see what we come up with.

Idea Seventeen: Adulterated Loathing.

Present time. They both work in an advertising company. He is a sexaholic, who uses women, and they all know that there's no chance he'd settle down. She, is one of the women he hasn't had sex with. They'd never even talked because he can tell who would or wouldn't be used for his advantage, so he hasn't wastedd his time (or maybe had a long time ago and got shot down, which kept him maybe interested ever since). One day, she catches him in the act, maybe in a supply closet or something, and he want to make sure she won't say anything, so he talks to her , it was the first time he'd ever gotten caught! She brushes him off the shoulder, assuring she won't. Then they meet, he still wants her attention, but she won't be another notch in his belt. Eventually... Days, weeks months... Who knows, do they end up together under the condition that she won't be toyed with?

I was thinking they meet up at some point, it could even be later in the day she found him at a club of some sort, she's usually uptight, so maybe seeing her more relaxed grabs his attention. I was thinking impreg. But let's talk about ideas.

If you have any ideas for these or any others, let me know. We can expand on ideas when we chat!
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 Here is the link to my O/O thread please take a look if you're interested in writing with me. I will say that long-lasting role plays are my favorite, and romances.

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I would be interested in number 1, If it is still open that is.

PM me if your interested.


Please pm me if you have any ideas! I'll gladly accept any as long as I'm interested!!!
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love... and to be loved in return. ~Moulin Rouge~

~Ons and Offs~
 Here is the link to my O/O thread please take a look if you're interested in writing with me. I will say that long-lasting role plays are my favorite, and romances.

If you are interested in roleplaying, please send me a private message so we can chat more!

I look forward to hearing from you!