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Author Topic: The Dark Book of the Fallen (Extreme, Non-Con, Exotic)  (Read 932 times)

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The Dark Book of the Fallen (Extreme, Non-Con, Exotic)
« on: April 15, 2017, 11:01:52 am »
About Me


I am Samael.

English is my second language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I make in grammar and sentence building.

This thread here is pretty much my proclamation of love towards the shlocky horror movies of the 80s and 90s, which I always adored.
These films were usually a mix of horrible monsters, a lot of sex, and sometimes not very deep stories, but they were fun.

It helped to fuel my love for all things monstrous and sexy, and ever since I've started rewatching some of the films last years, I wanted to get a few stories off the ground.

Please be aware that the story ideas are not for the faint of heart, and that I prefer my plots dark and intense.
This does not mean gore-filled (unless its Monsters spilling their guts, or you request for it to be more bloody), but the themes and settings may be offensive to some.

So, a few informations here.

The stories will be set in the category (Extreme). Very likely there's going to be (Non-Con) or at the least (Dub-Con).
I do like the whole "Monster and girl" stuff, so that'll have a place in the stories, although we can talk about specifics of course.

The stories will be rough. There will be fighting. There will be blood.
There may be even deaths (But never without getting your OK for it. We are collaborating, after all. Most likely it'll just be NPCs dying though.).

I am considering using some simple dice rolls to determine battle outcomes, just to make things a bit more spicy and unpredictable, but it's not necessary.

Yes, the stories are going to have "Bad Ends"for fights/battles. I.e. if your character loses a fight, she may very well find herself on the ground beneath one of the creatures / bad guys.
That doesn't mean it must be the end of the Roleplay itself. Your character may very well free herself after and enact bloody, violent revenge on her abuser.

In fact, if you want to play your character as a total badass, who, in 4 of 5 times, makes a mess of the monsters coming at her, that's absolutely acceptable and fun.
It'll make the times she fails all the more poignant.

Unless otherwise specified, I am going to GM the stories, playing NPCs, certain side characters, and helping the story to move along.
You are going to play your main character, but also, if you wish so, are free to play other characters in this tale of ours.
I hope to grow the stories organically, interweaving exciting development, interesting twists and hot sex along the road.

It'll probably be something like 60% story, and 40% smut, since I feel that sex only really works if you have a stable, nice backbone built for it, and characters one actually cares for.

So, for the record again.

These stories will be set in Extreme, will have sex, violence, cool moments, story development, heavily leaning on horror elements.

What I am looking for is for people who can write nicely descriptive posts, at least 4+ paragraphs, if possible.
I love the details, especially if they also involve physical information, i.e. a drop of sweat running along throat,
the shifting of muscles underneath flesh, the whitening of knuckles as a gun is being held more tightly, and so on.

You should not be squeamish, but interested in playing smart, powerful, skilled confident characters, who simply may not always win.

That said, all of these ideas are malleable, and I don't mind to change things around, or adjust them.
I'm very open to suggestions, ideas and changes, so, if the core concept interests you, but you'd like to see some things changed, hit me up.

If you have questions, feel free to PM me.

My On & Off's
Pretty much most of it is optional.

Plot Concepts and Pictures

A Pictures are to be considered NSFW!

"Earth Is Falling" (Extreme)(Sci-Fi)(Non-Con)(Exotic)
Earth is Falling
Setting: Space / Sci-Fi
Your Role: You are the female space marine
My Role: I will GM the story.

Humanity has managed to develop it's Wormhole engine. The Del Toro Drive.
With it we are capable of avoiding the limitations of Faster Than Light speed, and can move between two points within a short period of time.
The only downside of this new engine is that it needs to charge for about 6 hours before it can be used.
An issue humanity does not mind to have to deal with, as long as we are able to reach out to other worlds at last.

Humanity has reached the Trappist planetary system.
We have found the remnants of what once must have been an alien civilization on Trappist-e.
Although only the most sturdy of ruins still remain, some gargantuan buildings which had been carved out of the mountains themselves,
the planet itself, while mostly consisting of desert areas, is considered suitable for colonization.

Trappest-f proves itself to be a lush, green jungle world, filled with endless forests, colourful creatures and, once again, remnants of yet another lost civilization.
Endless temple structures were found hidden underneath foliage, creating unique landmarks and giving insight into a culture that was unlike any known on earth.
Colonization has been approved.

We land on Trappest-g, which is an ocean planet, filled with endless beaches of pure golden sand and azure water.
While we do not find any remnants of any civilization here, the planet is quickly checked and made the third colony.
It receives the name "Paradise", thanks to it's beautiful appearance.

We make first contact with an intelligent alien species.
The Shai'Thazan.
The outcome is disastrous.

The war rages along all of the Trappist system, with burning ships careening through the void, crash landing on the planets,
or burning up in the atmospheres, while others remain as decaying husks, drifting aimlessly through space.

The Del Toro Drive proves to be too slow in activation to allow battleships to keep up with their alien attackers, and humanity has been pushed to the brink of defeat.

The true horror is only unveiled upon the Shai'Thazan landing and taking the war to the ground.

They are a dying race, and in an attempt to prolong their existence, they ferociously attempt to cross-breed with humanity.
Like beasts they take every chance to push their prey down and spread their thighs apart, to plunge their inhuman shafts deeply within unwilling bodies.

Within the ruins of what was once our bright future and hope, humans are forced to fight against an enemy that would not merely kill them, but rob them of their very genes.
Battling against an overwhelming alien force, which wishes to either destroy humanity, or to impregnate it with its alien seed.

And while the battle rages... something stirs within secret chambers hidden underneath the ancient temple structures of Trappist-g,
within the stone-carved buildings of Trappist-e and the depths of the oceans covering Trappist-g...

I've left the design for the alien species and other creatures open, so we can tailor them to the likes/dislikes of my writing partner.
We can go from vaguely humanoid to straight out Lovecraftian creatures.
Alien beasts are a possibility here too.

NSFW Pictures and Inspirations

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"Do you ever fantasize about being killed?" (Extreme)(Horror)(Non-Con)(Exotic)
"Do you ever fantasize about being killed?"
Setting: Horror / Survival
Your Role: You play the female Main Character
My Role: I will GM the story.

Born into a rich family, (Your char) never really had anything to ask for.
Whatever she desired, she was getting.
The only thing she did not was the time and the attention of her parents though.

Always making more money, always being on business travels, always out of the house or at the office.
They never spent enough time in their enormous home to even justify it, leaving the empty mansion to be (YC)'s playground.

No one realized that things weren't... ideal for her.
Being alone, having access to endless money but no one but herself to use it on, (YC) started to slip.
First it was the hair, cut and dyed aggressively red.
Punks had always been railing against the establishment, and she saw something in that appealed to her.
The Status Quo had robbed her of her parents, and so she decided to fight back against it.

Then it were the clothes.
Gone was all the high class fabrics, and replaced with leather, old shirts, jackets and clunky boots.
She did not wish to be associated with the lifestyle of her parents if it was possible.

They did not even realize what happened.

Even now they could barely be bothered to spend time at home, instead of at work or at high society parties.

At last it were the friends.
She found people who shared her mindset, who loved to break the hierarchical structure of society,
and defy the rules everyone had been growing up with.
She found... kindred spirits.

Even more, she found a place where she was at peace.

The old cemetery. Long abandoned, filled with gravestones, tombs and remnants of a people who were gone since decades.
People no one cared for. Ivy grew everywhere.
The graves themselves were buried below brush, only here and there some peeked out from years of abandonment.

Here she felt at home.
Here she spent time with her friends. Sharing smokes with each other, Marijuana, alcohol, even harder drugs.
Here they fell into hazes of lust and drugs and orgies of sexual need.

Here (YC) begun to fantasize about death.
About how it would be to die. About how it must be to be part of the dead.

And the dead beneath responded.
Suddenly they crawled from the depths, hungry, and with only (YC) and her friends around as nourishment.
In more ways than one.

Now there are various ways how this could play out.
Your character may feel like a kindred to the undead and starting to hunt down her former friends.
She may try to join her friends and try to survive the night, and then somehow escape to a city that is miles away.
She may even die and rise as one of their numbers, or simply become their prey.

Maybe nothing of this happens, and she instead realizes that she needs death in her life, by becoming it.
Seducing and killing her friends, one after the other to satisfy these new needs.

NSFW Pictures and Inspirations

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
From another movie, but still fitting

"Blood Red Hood" (Extreme)(Dark Fairy Tale)
"Blood Red Hood"
Setting: Fairy Tale
Your Role: You are the Red Riding Hood
My Role: I will GM the story.


Willowforge is a small, forgotten village at the foot of the castle Wallenstein.
It is a sleepy town, where seldom anything seems to happen.
The days go past without much strange or uncommon that would draw attention from the daily rhythm of work and a drink at the evening in the pub.

That is, until the first sighting of a woman in a red hood.
Glancing at workers from the shadows of trees, hidden just behind the underbrush, she soon becomes a legend, a tale to scare little children with.
Whenever someone tries to approach her, she seemed to vanish, as if she had never existed in the first place.

There are tales soon, that it is the Witch (insert name) returned from the pyres, after having been burned at the stake a hundred years ago.

The village becomes uneasy.

Soon people begin to vanish.
Young men who worked in the fields, or early mornings at their farms.
They would disappear while the sun was still down, while the moon was still up.

Stories are circulating.
The witch seduced them and whisked em away! No, she killed them in revenge for their ancestors doing!
Some say the truth is even more macabre and darker yet...

While fear starts to claw into the hearts of man, the local nobility proclaims it is time for a masked ball.
Everyone is inviting, provided they are able to produce a costume of some sorts.
It is to be an unrivalled spectacle, for the baron, ruling over the land, is known for the excessive and often explicit parties he is throwing.

Soon people arrive, the festival of masks begins, and it is here where no one pays attention to the woman in the blood red hood.

Yet in this night the hunter may become the prey, for the Witch Hunters have arrived as well...

Notes: the idea for this story came out of me stumbling onto a certain picture (again and again at different websites),
and I decided, at last, to try and get a story about it off the ground, while also subverting a certain Fairy Tale along with it a little,
and just throw all together that I think would be fun to play with.

The Red Riding Hood in this case can be a lot of things.
She may indeed be the witch returned from the dead, trying to avenge herself.
Or maybe she is a succubus, using a vulnerable village to have her fill and gain power.
Maybe she is a Vampire, who is in cahoots with the baron, turning the carnival into an orgy of blood and death.
I'm fairly open to what road we go here.

I just like the idea of this mysterious, dangerous woman seducing (and possibly doing worse) to males,
who do not know who or what they are dealing with.
I imagine it can be considered a sub-section of the Femme Fatale concept.

NSFW Pictures and Inspirations

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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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If something here catches your eye, please send me a PM. Do not post in the thread.
Thank you!
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