The O'Connell Mummy Legacy (F for M Character)

Started by LamentingQuill, April 15, 2017, 01:11:20 AM

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Okay, I adored the Mummy trilogy, some people didn't like the third, but I think it made an excellent point that there were mummifications going on all over the world, not just Egypt. The story rocked too.

Anywho, the year is 1966, Evie Zi O'Connell, daughter of Alex and Lin,  is a chip right off the old block... intelligent as hell and way too into archaeology for her own good. Her parents briefly considered discouraging her from pursuing what they personally knew to be a potentially very dangerous field on many levels... but then they had to think back and remember what happened when Alex's family tried discouraging HIM... and how miserably that backfired...

Invited on a dig to open up this huge newly discovered tomb with a family friend in {Insert desired country here}...

From there, I was hoping my partner and I could concoct something really cool and fun together that was made up of us both and what we both like :)

I would like to see Evie somehow accidentally wake up a rather yummy looking mummy {after full regeneration, of course} and find herself in an awkward situation when the hunkster mummy takes a rather intense liking to Evie...