Seeking male characters to play a variety of plots

Started by Ravensahnk, April 13, 2017, 10:01:02 AM

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Hello there, and welcome to my new request thread.  I am currently looking for a few Roleplays to start up with either the plots below or perhaps something that you are interested in trying that you think would be a good fit.  Please take a look at my O/O's listed in my signature below.  I have been writing for a little over ten years and find a lot of comfort and excitement in doing so.

So to cut to the chase, here are some plots I would like to try with one of you lovely folks.

Random Idea

Okay well I got the idea from watching Rise Against's new Music Video.  So my idea goes a little like this.

He had bullied her all through their entire school life.  Until she went away to a more exclusive College specifically for gifted individuals.  She was an artist with great leadership skills, or so she had been told upon admission.  Now at the age of twenty-eight, she was a world renown activist against bullying that she herself had overcome in her school days.  She was a motivational speaker who got paid to go from school to school, to speak to the student body, and then talk to those exclusively that needed the little boost to get through life.

His son/daughter was in the school that she was to go to next.  And unlike their father, had been bullied from the get go, not they bully.  The child was a special case, in a bad situation with the school he/she was in and was constantly being ridiculed.  Already the child had been put on suicide watch twice.  The father is invited to this motivational speaker's assembly, but first wants to see if she could do anything to help their child.  And that is where I want it to kind of start off.  I want it to be something where he tries to right his wrongs, perhaps in the process finding he has attraction for the woman she had become?  I don't know if anyone can help that would be great...kind of an itch I want to scratch now ^.^  This could even become something a little more domineering even if that would be of interest.

The Underground Artist
Living with her uncle in a rather large garage that was notorious for the intimidating bikers and even more notorious for having different women there every night, she stayed out of the spotlight to help her uncle retain the intimidating aura of the shop.  They did custom jobs on collector's cars and dealt mostly with motorcycles.

My idea for this is that someone either wanting a custom design for their vehicle or is looking for a job as one of the men and somehow meet her.  Though if he wants the design he probably wouldn't meet her right off the bat, if he were searching for a job there perhaps he would meet her.  It would something like a forbidden thing because of the rules lining her job description.

"Just another Walk in the Park"
They had only one thing in common that they both could tell.  They went to the park at the same exact time.  Normally he was walking his dogs through the park, and she was always in the same spot on an old blanket.  She would always be doing something, whether it was reading a book, doing what appeared to be homework, or occasionally she had a small child with her and accompanied by what he assumed was her sister.  He had stopped a few times and almost spoke to her when the child would run up to his dogs, and they would be equally interested in the tiny human.  But neither really had the nerve to speak to one another.  They usually made eye-contact at least once a week, which meant she was just as interested in him as much as he was.  Finally he gets up the nerve to talk to her and somehow the following morning, they both awake in bed together.  Will they at first find it awkward and go on with life?  Or will a relationship form of it?

"Alpha Male/Witch"
Her old life was full of tragedy, death, and constant war.  As a family of a sacred witch clan, she had made it a living to hunt deviant loreans that plagued the city she grew up in.  After several events, she decided to leave her life and start anew.  With that goal in mind, she found herself in a small unknown town that was so distant from reality itself that no outsider wanted to go, nor were they welcomed.  When she arrives, it sets the town abuzz, giving the sheriff and their leader the responsibility of disposing of her.  The only flaw with this plan?  They are both incredibly stubborn, and she is a magnet for danger.

A not so warm welcome home  (Marine x Artist)
The moment their skin connected, electricity and arousal buzzed between the two almost instantaneously.  Both being with their own selected parties at a bar, alcohol buzzing strongly in their systems, they both let loose and somehow wound up in a hotel down the street in bed together.  When he woke up the following morning, he panicked, knowing that he was leaving that same day to act on his time with the Marines.  So he left, not wanting to make something harder than it already was.  And it was just like that he walked out of her life.

Two years later he is sent home indefinitely, but he could always be summoned back to the Marines.  But when he returns, his mind is instantly moved back to the mystery girl that he didn’t even know the name of.  But it just so happens that they are introduced to each other from a relative of his.  She works as an artist for his brother’s luxurious tastes, and he has commissioned her to paint murals around the city and sculpt his wife as a centerpiece in the foyer of his house.  So the two see each other quite some time since he chose to stay with his brother.  The sensation they had felt that first night still lingers there, but now she is more cautious, having felt the anger of waking up to nobody in bed with her, but also having his child, and not even knowing his name to give the child his name.  Now the two have to get to know one another and embark on their own adventure of knowing one another and him coming to terms of being a father after being assaulted with the fact of.

Will they make the same mistake again, or will they blossom into something more?  It’s up to us to find out.

Not your average lord
An older man was losing his land. He could do nothing to stop it, the people that where coming to him where just forcing him to sell it off to them. At first he tried to resist them, but they started to burn down his crops, kill off his animals, or threaten his wife. He felt like he was powerless, a worthless man. So he visited the lord of the land, trying to get him to help him out. There were tales in the village that the lord wield dark powers that would be able to help anyone if they offered enough to pay for what they wanted. He was a poor man, and all he had was his land. He thought that he would offer a fourth of it to the lord.

He travelled long to reach his castle, and once he arrived the lord met with him. "Please help me my lord, my land is being taken from me, and I wish for the people to leave me alone. I need my land to be able to live, to support my family. I offer you a fourth of it, that way you can sell it off, or keep it, and I will still be able to live."

The lord looked down at the man, he was not pleased by this offer at all. "Do you think I would use any of my power to help you for some dirt? Get out of my sight, you worthless scum." Guards grabbed the man, and started to drag him out of the room. He yelled, and begged the lord to reconsider. "Please my lord, my wife, my two daughters would die if you don't help..."

The lord turned around, thinking for a moment. "Hold. I will take your eldest daughter. She will come and live here, and clean my estate for me. You will have one less mouth to feed, and your land will be saved."

(Idea from FallenAngelNajdan.  I would  play the eldest daughter to be traded, I am looking for the dark and powerful lord.)

Cry Wolf

They both had grown up in the same Louisianna town.  It was a quiet, go nowhere type of town.  It seemed that if you chose to stay there, you died there.  So it was logical that almost all of the young inhabitants moved on with their lives, leaving the small sleepy town to be ran by the older generations. 

So when a bad situation causes her to return to her family’s home, she is surprised to see him now living next door to the home she just inherited.  What’s even more surprising was that he was one of the most successful people of her graduating class.  (You can choose what he is successful at, politics, business, musician, ect.)  They had always been cordial, and had been competitive in sports, so it was a welcoming surprise.

But once she moved home, odd things started happening.  People started to disappear, some showing up in marshes miles away from the town.  Now it seems that the trouble is stalking people in their very own neighborhood.


These plots are available once again, so I am bumping.