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Author Topic: ≺⟡≻ Decadent Indulgence ≺⟡≻ [F4M - Switches/Doms Welcome - Moderate-Advanced]  (Read 5177 times)

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Offline HecateTopic starter

Goddesses don't speak in whispers.
T h e y   s c r e a m.

≺⟡≻ [ Availability: O P E N * .:::. C L O S E D ] ≺⟡≻
 * Mainly looking to fulfill cravings (see "Fragments" section) *

Hello, and welcome.
Due to my distaste for these intro things and for the sake of brevity I'll just jump to the quick of it and list off a few factoids about me.
  • I'm 30.
  • I'm female.
  • I am located in the US (EST).
  • I have 15+ years roleplay experience.
  • My availability is currently a bit up in the air but I try to respond to ongoing stories at least once a week, at minimum. I'm reachable via Discord nearly all hours, so it is best to contact me there if you haven't received a timely reply from me on E.
  • Despite my blunt nature I'm a friendly sort and like to have conversations and form friendships with my partners.
  • Any questions you may have regarding my kinks can be answered here.

  • Genres & Themes: I like dark stories with Machiavellian characters, complex motives, and shades of gray morals.
    For settings I prefer:
    • Urban fantasy/supernatural (modern vampires, witches, demons, werewolves etc)
    • Gothic horror (modern or classic Victorian era)
    • Select DC/Marvel (with OCs or Canon)
    • Classic & historical fantasy
    • Any combination of the above

  • Post Length: While quality is desirable over quantity, it's also extremely rare for me to write anything less than 600 words and often lean more toward 1000+, so a partner on the same wavelength is optimal.
  • Post Frequency: I don't impose a frequency rate for posts from my partners, however I do ask that if you are a slow poster then just be upfront with me about it. I fully understand real life takes precedence and I myself am a slow poster more often than not. The same applies if you're behind in posts you owe/are running multiple stories. Bonus points if you are the kind of partner that can give me an expected post time/day, but this is certainly not a requirement.
  • Communication: This is crucial for me, and ideally would include the use of off-site messengers (I use Discord exclusively). While PMs on E are fine I dislike how the waiting around for a response slows everything down and the on-site message interface leaves quite a bit to be desired if I'm being perfectly honest. Consistent communication also goes a long way toward building a rapport with my partner and helps to keep me invested in our story. The roleplay itself will still take place on-site.
  • Collaboration: Regardless of the length of the roleplay we are still writing it together and I expect my partner to put in equal effort to move the story along. I refuse to carry the narrative alone.
  • Restrictions & Limitations: You can read more about my limits on my Ons & Offs thread.

≺⟡≻   I've found myself wanting to regain the more impulsive and less controlled aspects of roleplay I remember from my early days. I believe my overly analytical desire to establish a long-term and concrete plot before writing a word has contributed greatly to my interest often waning before I even get to the fun part of a story. That said, I've formulated a plan of attack, so to speak, to upset the rigmarole of my usual approach.

Which is why to you, dear reader, I put forth this proposition. That is, it is my desire that we might begin our stories in the crux of a high tension scene of some sort, so that we might better employ that impulsiveness previously mentioned (think of various films that begin with an action sequence and later backtrack to better introduce characters and answer questions). I can understand how this may be confusing to some, so if my intention is unclear please ask for a better explanation and I will do my best to provide it.

Additionally, I would like to encourage both short term and long term stories, so if you're inspired by any of these prompts but only for a single scene or don't want to be bothered with a prolonged story then please toss me your idea and we can discuss it further.
Click the hider below to view prompts with an established plot in mind
≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ Prompts ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻

≺⟡≻ Remain Nameless ≺⟡≻
(see Notes)

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back
And given half the chance would I take any of it back
It's a fine romance but it's left me so undone
It's always darkest before the dawn

   A young witch finds herself in a bind after she turns to forbidden magic as a means to an end. With her coven locked in an endless feud that had cost her the lives of her family, she was aiming to end it once and for all; by channeling the power of a creature more ancient than humanity itself. All her life she'd been toted as a prodigy, surely the next in line to become Matriarch of her coven, and perhaps it was her bolstered pride - the mother of all sins - that led her to think she was strong enough to keep such a creature under her control....

   He finds her arrogance amusing, her blind lust for vengeance intoxicating, the steady thrum of her barely tapped power intriguing, and her body....deliciously nubile. He does not, however, take lightly to being summoned to serve the petty whims of a mortal. Though he does see a certain merit in aiding her of his own volition, provided she acquiesced to his demands....

Story Elements: Non-con/dub-con, corruption*, rough play, ritual sex*, manipulation/coercion, light power struggle/resistance, dark themes, addiction (to dark magic)*, breeding?* (more as a plot element, less as a kink), light bondage/restraining
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

   I would prefer this as a long-term story with gradual corruption/coercion over a one-shot or short-term story. This prompt is by far my most requested and I am highly selective of the partner I will consider for this story, so please bear that in mind if interested in this story concept. The story elements listed are fully up for discussion and not set in stone, however in the interest of full disclosure, there may definitely be some non-con/dub-con at some point in this story.
Dialogue Prompt

≺⟡≻ The Thrill of the Hunt ≺⟡≻

Wild eyed, he is dressed to the nines
The moon is hanging above him like a halo on fire
Black hands, he’s out there looking for lambs
You better lock up the mansion baby, throw away the key

‘Cause wolves are at the door, don’t let them in cause you know what they came for
Full blown silver tongue, keep one eye open and your hand on the shotgun
Oh what an innocent child, what a beautiful prey
When those wolves come around, you better keep them away

She’s precious, pure as new fallen snow, she’s hanging on every word, 'cause she don’t know what’s in store
He’s got his dirty fingers 'round her pearly white neck
All she wanted was love, he’s going to love her to death.

   He was handsome, charismatic, always sharply dressed; he could easily have his pick of any of the beautiful women falling over themselves to capture his attention. But their transparent desperation and blatant willingness to offer their vulnerable throats to him was unappealing to a man who craved the thrill of the hunt. No, he was far more selective in his choice of prey, and he had his eye on quite the sultry little lamb.

   A young woman discovers she's in for a rude and erotic awakening when she lands in the crosshairs of a notorious and wolfish lothario. He makes his intentions clear from the start; what he thought when he laid eyes on her, his predictions about how she would behave in bed, and all the vividly detailed things he would do to her when, not if, he got her there. Naturally, she was shocked by his unprovoked forwardness, but the titillating words conjured a perverted curiosity she had no idea she was capable of. Despite her curiosity, however, she was adamant about refusing his advances; but his steadfast pursuit and aptly timed acts of torturous seduction would prove a potent aphrodisiac and inevitably begin chipping away at her resolve. Just how long could she resist temptation?

Story Elements: Corruption, rough play, light s/d?, manipulation/coercion, cat & mouse, dirty talk, teasing/slow burn seduction, light power struggle/resistance, light bondage/restraining, exhibitionism
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

   I would like to flesh this out a bit more, particularly the setting/acquaintanceship between the characters to start off. This would be best as a long-term story. The story elements listed are fully up for discussion and not set in stone. Supernatural elements can be added if desired. I'd really like for this to eventually end up changing my character fundamentally.
Dialogue Prompt

≺⟡≻ Seven Devils ≺⟡≻
[Based in 1692, the era of The Salem Witch Trials]
The only solution was to stand and fight
But my body was bruised and I was set alight
Then you came over me like some holy rite
And although I was burning, you were the only light

   The daughter of a wealthy merchant is caught in the crossfire in a feud between her father and his competitors, causing her to be targeted and accused of witchcraft in an attempt to manipulate her father. When he fails to give in to demands she is tried under extreme bias and sentenced to be tortured and burned.

   While imprisoned and traumatized from her numerous torture sessions she is visited by a being claiming to be her salvation and offering her a chance to live. He promises to give her the power she needs to save herself as well as to punish those who wronged her, so long as she gives of her body to complete the covenant.

   Unbeknownst to her, this creature is actually a demon who has tricked her in order to impregnate her. The baby, however, is parasitic and feeds off the corruption of an innocent soul. The demon becomes her companion both to encourage her to follow through with her desires as well as to see his plan to fruition. With the combination of power bestowed upon her, as well as the baby's hunger for blood and darkness, she is driven to enact her darkest fantasies of revenge upon those who had betrayed her, thus fulfilling an unknown ritual of punishment towards designated practitioners of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Story Elements: Dub-con, corruption, rough play, ritual sex, manipulation/coercion, blasphemous/dark themes, breeding, torture/killing (there will be quite a bit of this but I don't mind keeping the gory aspects vague if necessary, and it would only be toward supporting characters)
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

   So I developed this idea as a bit of a lovechild between the movie Se7en and the TV show Salem, if you've seen one or both then great, but knowledge of either media is not necessary. This one can be developed more to taste, if desired, though the plot should remain a significant part of the roleplay throughout. This has very high potential to start off as a bit of a sub/dom relationship that evolves to something else as my character becomes darker and less submissive.
Dialogue Prompt

≺⟡≻ Bedroom Hymns ≺⟡≻
The fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
Until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest
The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound
I hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow'd ground

   They were childhood friends and both grew up within the pack; her the only daughter of the presiding Alphas and among the last vestiges of Pureblooded werewolves in the U.S., and he the orphaned child taken in by the pack as the last remaining descendant of another nearly extinct bloodline (what happened to his parents and how he came to be with the pack will be up to you). Having two Purebloods in a single pack was extremely rare, and so they were intended to be mated when they reached adulthood in an effort to revive the dying bloodlines. Fate intervened, however, when her parents were suddenly killed by an unexpected faction of Hunters when she was only seventeen. Devastated by the loss and hungry for revenge she deserted the pack without warning, striking out on her own as she wrestled with her grief and attempted to track down those that murdered her parents. The pack was shaken by her sudden disappearance, her vacancy leaving a void with no other Purebloods to take the place of Alpha in her stead, save for him.

   Eight years pass and the date of her twenty-fifth birthday was looming ever nearer, bringing with it the sexual maturity of her kind and the nigh insatiable need to mate was growing stronger with each passing day. It was a lust that could not be easily slaked by a simple one-night-stand with some random human (though that did help to take the edge off). She was far too preoccupied, however, with the task that had dragged her across the country to spare much thought to the implications of her lust.

   Over the course of the past eight years she had managed to track down and kill nearly every Hunter that participated in the slaughter of her parents - save one. But when following his trail leads her back to the wilderness of Washington that she once called home she hesitates, unsure if he had somehow caught on to her tracking him and was leading her into a trap, for why else wander into the territory of a pack who would kill you the moment they caught your scent? There was also the matter of possibly having to confront the pack after abandoning them all those years ago. She endeavored to follow him anyways, but keep her distance from the pack's usual stomping grounds, relegating herself to the city of Seattle where her scent was more easily hidden among the onslaught of pollution and humanity.

   What she doesn't know is that same boy from her childhood is now the standing Alpha of the Seattle pack, and it isn't long until she's sighted and he catches wind of her return. Being older than her he had been curbing his own primal desires for some time now, tempering them for a short while with a plaything or two but quickly growing frustrated with the lack of satisfaction that he knew would only come with the full possession of a proper mate; something for which he couldn't seem to compromise on despite his choice of any pack female he desired. Hearing of her return, however, reignites a long dormant fire in his blood, and when he hunts her down to a seedy little motel in the city the idea of a cheery reunion between old friends is the farthest thing from his mind.

Story Elements: Dub-con?, rough play, angry sex, breeding?, possessiveness, bittersweet romance, dirty talk, seduction?, cat & mouse, light bondage/restraining, power struggle/fighting for dominance, primal/instinctive behavior
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

   This features werewolves, obviously, but in this take it's basically Pureblood = born werewolves, Non-Pureblood = turned/bitten. There isn't really a hierarchy that states Purebloods are necessarily of a higher social station than Non-Purebloods, just mainly that those born wolves are all around faster, stronger, more resilient, more primal, and just generally more in tune with their inner beast than those turned (I'm also considering if they are capable of fully controlling when they turn vs. non-PBs who are slave to the cycle of the moon). Since most packs want the strongest wolves to be the Alphas it stands to reason that packs with Purebloods in them typically prefer them as Alphas. They do, however, still entertain the opportunity to challenge for Alpha (which is a fight to either death or exile). Oh, and the pack doesn't live in the city proper, they have a private little drive-through town on some backwoods country road, buried in the wilderness surrounding Mt. Rainier. I do have a fairly fleshed out premise for locations, some side characters, and a couple other elements, but they're all up for discussion.

≺⟡≻ A Dangerous Obsession ≺⟡≻
Baby, I wanna to touch you, I wanna breathe into your well
See, I gotta to hunt you, I gotta to bring you to my hell
Baby, I wanna fuck you, I wanna feel you in my bones
And I'm gonna love you, I'm gonna tear into your soul

   On the surface it seemed like Valerie Carlisle had a fairly normal, almost perfect life. The only child of parents who thought she was the perfect daughter, she was an excellent student and had graduated from high school with a full ride scholarship to one of the nation's leading universities. All that changed towards the end of her first year in college when her boyfriend tragically committed suicide by leaping from a building on the campus. She became distant from her friends while her grades and attendance in classes began to slip. It was recommended she take a break for a semester or transfer to another university but she was afraid of losing her scholarship, so she refused and stuck it out, managing to stabilize her GPA and keep it at the bare minimum required to keep her scholarship for the remainder of the year.

   Things took a turn for the worst when summer break rolled around and instead of going home to stay with her parents she stayed with her best friend in her apartment in the city. Due to encouragement from her friend she began to make a habit of going out to nightclubs, binge drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in anonymous sex. From an exterior perspective it looked like a young girl in mourning exploring her grief with a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior. On the inside, however, Valerie was trying to drown her guilt. Not the very normal survivor's guilt or the guilt that she hadn't recognized her boyfriend's turmoil before it was too late, no, that was what her friends and family projected on her. Her guilt was a different kind that robbed her of sleep and the only way she could manage it was to numb herself to the thoughts and memories of that night; to the knowledge that she had gotten away with murder.

   A year after the incident and Valerie seems to have resumed something resembling a normal life, albeit with some casualties. The summer after that first year lead to her and her parents having a falling out, her excessive partying and change in behavior causing them to worry for her well-being, so when they finally cut her off financially she stopped talking to them. She took a part time job as a waitress and moved in with her best friend that summer, and managed to survive a whole year without betraying her secret to anyone. She had developed her own way of handling the guilt, finding the most fulfilling form of distraction in rough sex with complete strangers. It allowed her to keep herself separate from people, to avoid emotional attachment that might lead to her repeating her mistakes. She was an island and she liked it that way. Unfortunately for Valerie, things were about change.

   Unbeknownst to her, there had been a witness to her murdering her boyfriend, a visiting professor (YC) from another university had been on the campus grounds that night and had seen her on the rooftop before the boy's body had hit the ground. His attendance was not a matter of circumstance either, no, as Valerie had caught his attention one day while walking to class and he was stricken by how closely she resembled a lost lover. He was young for a professor, barely older than the students he taught, but had fallen for an older woman who had died a year earlier. What began as a passing fancy quickly derailed into complete obsession, and soon finding excuses to visit the campus to see her again became a daily habit. He was good at being subtle, experienced even, and made considerable effort not to make contact with her. Not yet, anyways.

   Eventually he'd memorized her class schedule and knew all the routes she took to get to class, and when class was out of session he would follow her to the pizza parlor she visited with friends every Friday night, or to the donut shop on Saturday mornings before exam week where she would get a dozen with chocolate icing for her friends and just one with sprinkles added for herself before she joined them for study group, or even when she met her boyfriend every other Wednesday evening to support his delusions of being a rock star during open mic night at a local bar. He even knew about their secret spot atop the clocktower where that fateful night took place. Of course, he hadn't been close enough to hear or see them, but he knew they were up there and he heard the boy's cries just before he came toppling down. From his viewpoint in the shadows he saw her glance down over the ledge of the building and recognized in her expression a dark satisfaction that spoke to the deepest, darkest part of him that he went to great lengths to conceal. She was a kindred spirit, and he needed to know all there was to know about Valerie Carlisle.

   In the year that followed he watched as she changed, as she contended with the knowledge that there was blood on her hands. He still kept his distance, waiting for the right moment to initiate contact as he simultaneously dug into the details of her past. When he discovered she was adopted and the identity of her birth mother was that of his deceased lover it only further cemented his belief that they were fated to be together. He was far too intelligent to approach her outright, however, as he knew in her current state she was avoiding all manner of emotional connection and he needed to bypass her attempts to insulate herself. He had time, time that he used to expertly move about imaginary pieces on a chessboard in preparation for a very calculated execution. He watched her when she visited the nightclubs, easily blending into the throngs of gyrating people and murky shadows to study her behavior and the type of men she chose to share her bed. Once the new semester began he was able to obtain her list of classes which, with the sudden and untimely death of one of her professors, allowed him to fill the position so he could finally set in motion his plan to secure her trust. However, not all would go according to plan, it seemed.

   He didn't intend for her to see him, for her eyes to find him watching her as they always had; like a wolf on the prowl. In a few days he would start his new position as her professor and she would be within reach but he couldn't stay away, he had to follow her to the nightclub again, to watch her as she swayed on the dance floor and lost herself in the music. And he lost himself in her, feeling like she danced only for him. Until he realized she was, in fact, dancing for him. She was looking directly at him as she moved her body, teasing him with the seductive skim of her hands over her curves, her eyes daring him to come closer, and he could deny his desire for her no longer. They were strangers that night, or at least he was a stranger to her, and he lavished her body with all the adoration that had consumed him since he'd first laid eyes on her. It wasn't until the afterglow subsided he realized the error of his impulsiveness. She was dressed and gone as quickly as she'd come, despite his protests.

   He would spend the rest of the night and the following day berating himself for his lack of control and jeopardizing all of his careful planning, but he still had hope of salvaging what remained. Perhaps the taboo of sleeping with her professor would appeal to her newfound habits of self-destructive behavior and make it that much easier for him to win her trust. After all, now they would share a dirty secret that he could exploit, and nothing earned trust - however tenuous - like a shared secret.

Story Elements: Rough play/angry sex, possessiveness, dark romance, dirty talk, seduction, cat & mouse, light bondage/restraining, power struggle/fighting for dominance, sensation play, exhibitionism, strong elements of mental illness, dark themes, stalking, violence, manipulation, deception, abuse (primarily emotional and psychological), abduction?, and dubious consent? (in specific contexts)
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

   So this story would start with the scene at the end, in the nightclub where they meet (technically) for the first time. Following the one night stand we would continue to the weekday (probably a day or so after their night together) where he walks into the classroom and she recognizes him. As is evidenced in the above premise I would like for the professor to be relatively young, though there will still be an age difference of somewhere around ten years with him in the 30's, perhaps. I would also like him to be extremely intelligent but good at hiding just how intelligent, so as not to appear intimidating.

   For all intents and purposes he should come across to her as benign, highly charismatic, and seductive. Their dalliance will be a reluctant one at first, particularly on her part, but there will definitely be a chemistry there that she cannot deny (due in no small part to his intimate knowledge of her interests and habits). The problems will arise when she either meets another guy and/or her parents come to visit and try to make amends, either of which would be reason enough for her to try to break things off with the professor. Naturally his obsession with her will then come to light, along with his violent tendencies, the truth of his identity, and his knowledge of her own dark secret. This can go any number of ways with him either threatening to harm people she cares about (her best friend, her parents, the potential guy) or threatening to reveal her secret if she leaves him, but that is well on down the road and details can be ironed out as we go.

   Inspiration for the professor is taken from a mixture of influences both fact and fiction, though chiefly among them are high-functioning psychopaths with the primary source for the "obsession = love" dynamic coming from Kilgrave (from Netflix's Jessica Jones).

≺⟡≻ The Blade and The Cowl ≺⟡≻

⟡ The Demon's Head | Talia al Ghul | Assassin ⟡

Batman/DC Comics Universe

My own was banished long ago, but it took the death of hope to let you go

   After the sudden and inexplicable disappearance of Ra's al Ghul his daughter, Talia, has inherited control of his criminal empire and the League of Assassins. While in service as the head of the League she has redirected the objective of the empire, both in the use of her assassins as well as cultivating alternative uses for the many Lazarus Pits Ra's had discovered. Behind closed doors she is orchestrating secret experiments to develop a Lazarus Serum, an advanced healing and anti-aging treatment derived from diluted samples taken from the Lazarus Pits. There's just the matter of eliminating the pesky side-effect of insanity afflicting the human test subjects before making the serum available for purchase to the highest bidder.

   Plot Option A: Ra's disappearance is nothing shy of suspect and when Batman catches wind of it he knows just who to look to. Of course Talia and the detective have a history, so what happens when familiar passions threaten to distract them both from the mission at hand? (Very open to developing this into a more in-depth story)

   Plot Option B: When the sultry and exotic Daughter of the Demon sauntered into Lex Luthor's office with a business proposition he was wary of her true intentions. Her angle was simple; a partnership. In exchange for a cut of the deal he would assist her with funding and resources for the development of the Lazarus Serum, namely subjects to experiment on, scientists that could be trusted to keep quiet, and ultimately lining up prospective buyers. Lex was not foolish enough, however, to believe she had no hidden agenda. He agreed to partner with her, if only until he figured out her true plans, to say nothing of his interest in obtaining further information on this serum alleged to grant superhuman healing abilities.
(This would obviously be pre-President Luthor/Talia taking over LexCorp. This might be best as a one-shot/short story, depending on if you have any ideas to draw out the plot.)

Story Elements: This could go any number of ways, depending on how we approach the narrative.
* - For long-term stories
? - for possible elements

Character's Personality: Detailed in Stats below.

   Firstly, I will say that I don't watch any DCU television shows because I don't particularly like any of them, so I have no interest in incorporating those into a story. Just an FYI, I love playing Talia at any available chance and will happily play her opposite of just about anyone, provided the story is interesting enough (and mostly makes sense), so just PM me your ideas if you have them.
Name: Talia al Ghul
Age: Mid 30's
Aliases: Talia Head, Miranda Tate, Daughter of the Demon, Talia Demon, The Demon's Head, Kali, Tiamat, Medusa, Red Queen, Mother of Skeletons
Skills/Abilities: Genius Level Intellect | Business Management | Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) | Marksmanship | Swordsmanship
   ≺⟡≻   Talia is a regular human with no superpowers. She is in peak physical form, on par with Bruce and other elite heroes from Gotham. Due to her training, Talia is a master of both armed and unarmed combat. Her weapons knowledge extends from simple weapons to advanced modern weapons. She is a master tactician, which has been necessary in her dealings in crime and espionage. These skills transfer well to her being adept at seduction. She has shown exceptional strategic ability, proven by her proficiency in commanding the complex and multi-faceted crime empire established by her father Ra's al Ghul.
Weaknesses: Loyal to a fault | Impulsive | Arrogant | Immensely protective of those she cares for | More vulnerable than she lets on

History: Talia is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, serving as his closest advisor during his time as the leader of the League of Assassins. Though she has often been used as a tool or weapon for her father's schemes she is nevertheless a highly intelligent and capable fighter and strategist in her own right. Her achievements and capabilities were often overlooked by Ra's, seen as less admirable because of her gender. Despite Ra's lack of affection and respect toward Talia she was unfailingly loyal to him, a product of her training within the League since she was a child. Just the same, Ra's never considered Talia to be a worthy heir, thinking of her as simply a means to an end in achieving a male who might inherit his empire. He targeted Batman, considering the world's greatest detective to be the ideal heir to the al Ghul legacy, and commanded Talia to capture his attention. Ra's plan backfired, however, and while Talia was successful at seducing Batman she also found herself attracted to him. As their affection toward one another grew the conflicting nature of their paths would become an increasingly troublesome problem. Talia and Bruce would turn out to be star-crossed lovers, as her loyalty to Ra's and her love of Bruce often found her at odds with herself.
Damian stuff optional
Matters only became more complicated when Talia discovered she was pregnant, and Bruce nearly died trying to protect her. Realizing she would only endanger the man she loved, Talia feigned a miscarriage and ended her tumultuous relationship with Bruce.

Nine years pass and Talia now has a son with hair as black as pitch and icy blue eyes, the spitting image of his father. She has named him Damian. Ra's has seized control of the boy's life, grooming him to be a killer, a leader, and a conquerer. Talia's contact with her own son is limited, and Ra's feels her judgement as a mother and a woman compromises her ability to tolerate what he considers necessary cruelty in training Damian. Talia wanted nothing more than for Damian to receive the love Ra's had never shown her and that she felt incapable of giving him. She also desired for her son to be free of the influence of the League so that he might retain some semblance of the humanity her own father had denied her. Impulsively, she secreted Damian away and took him to the only man she trusted to keep him safe: Bruce Wayne.
^ Work In Progress ^

Click the hider below to view snippets and story fragments that don't yet have a plot fully fleshed out
≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ Fragments ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻ ≺⟡≻

≺⟡≻ The Scarlet Hourglass ≺⟡≻

Jesus is risen, and it's no surprise, even he would martyr his mama to ride to hell between those thighs
The pressure is building at the base of my spine; if I gotta sin to see her again then I'm gonna lie, lie, lie

Availability: OPEN

   A classic black widow tale, a cunning seductress living a life of luxury and murder while somehow evading recognition or capture - until she meets him. He could be a target who turns her little game around on her or a detective/special agent who begins to notice a pattern in a seemingly random and unconnected slew of rich, dead men and is actively hunting her as she closes in on her next victim.
Open to additional ideas.

Potential Story Elements: Non-con/dub-con, rough play, manipulation/coercion, light power struggle/resistance, cat & mouse, light bondage/restraining, eligible for long or short term

≺⟡≻ Athena Engaged ≺⟡≻

I've been waitin', I've been holding out
If you think you have the slightest chance of swallowing me
You should have your doubts

Availability: OPEN

   A vaguely futuristic/low sci-fi era where a super soldier/bio-weapon experiment escapes or goes AWOL and the asset has to be detained, either by her handler or another like herself.

Potential Story Elements: Espionage, power struggle/resistance, cat & mouse, eligible for long or short term

≺⟡≻ The Court of Ravens ≺⟡≻

I watched you take the power in your hands and throw it all away
I knew you would fall down again someday

Availability: OPEN

   He had turned his back on The Court some years ago, he'd left them and the life he'd known behind to pursue a more honorable existence where he need not dwell in the shadows. Now, he must return to them to make a request, and he will find that The Court's new queen is an old friend who is even less inclined to welcome him home than his brethren.

Potential Story Elements: Love/hate relationship, rough play, manipulation/coercion, light power struggle/resistance, eligible for long or short term

≺⟡≻ Curiosity Kills ≺⟡≻

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead....
Availability: OPEN

   "I am a watcher. I watch the cars drive by on the streets below and the stars as they twinkle in the night sky above. I watch seasons unfold as colorful leaves give way to gently falling snow, and then to warm rain and shining sunlight. I watch alley cats slink across rusted wrought iron fire escapes and birds tending to their young in nests built on windowsills. And people too. People are always the most interesting to watch, particularly for a recluse. I had even taken a particular liking to watching the new resident that had moved into a loft across the street. Of course, I wouldn't sit and watch him indefinitely as he went about his day, but often I did find my gaze wandering toward his window in hopes of catching a glimpse of him during one of his towel-clad meanderings through his loft. I would sometimes invent flights of fancy for him, always changing, about his choice of occupation and his hobbies, and when he would be gone for several days I even humored my more adventurous imagination with the notion that he was some manner of operative away on a secret mission. Part of me liked that particular concept and the romance of it, to think that I was the only one who knew of the safe place he called home.

Little did I know everything would change in a single night, with a single glance toward that familiar loft across the way that would shatter my illusion of distance and safety.
You see, nothing quite turns one away from being a watcher like witnessing a brutal murder...."

Potential Story Elements: Cat & mouse, espionage?, non-con/dub-con, rough play, manipulation/coercion, light bondage/restraining, eligible for long or short term
* Story would be written in third-person, this could go a number of ways: is the neighbor the killer? if so, is it self-defense or would he be a ruthless serial killer putting on a show for his newfound audience? or maybe she witnessed him being killed? Were their supernatural elements involved? Let's discuss it and see what happens.

≺⟡≻ The Jewel of the Night ≺⟡≻

All the world's a stage....
Availability: UNAVAILABLE

   "They call her the Jewel of the Night, The Obsidian Diamond, The Lady Nyx, and to see her perform is nothing shy of entirely hypnotic and utterly haunting."

Reviews of the burgeoning enterprise of Le Cirque Sinistre were drawing curious crowds from all around to see many of the advertised oddities and spectacular shows. Chief among them was the beautiful acrobat and fire-dancer known by many names, whose daring ensembles and indescribable performances were reputed to leave audiences in awe. Perhaps a noble takes a liking to The Lady Nyx and seeks to win her favor, solicit her company, or even goes so far as to try and purchase her from her employer? One should tread with caution, however, as the bright colors and marvelous fanfare hide the truth of what lays beyond the curtain, and some might come to find that The Sinister Circus is more than it seems.

Potential Story Elements: Cat & mouse?, mystery, supernatural, non-con/dub-con, rough play, manipulation/coercion, light bondage/restraining, eligible for long or short term
* Period setting, late 19th century.

≺⟡≻ Crown & Collar ≺⟡≻

Halt and heed the siren call that is the silence before the fall.
Availability: OPEN

   In a land and time where the presence of magic has dwindled to fading embers there remain few who possess the natural inclination towards the arcane. In one particular kingdom practitioners have been prosecuted to near extinction, and forced into secrecy they exist on the fringes, often seeking refuge in neighboring lands. They are but one faction among many caught in a feud between warring brothers, each of whom seek to claim the crown. The Bastard Prince is a cunning and ruthless man, his claim to the throne backed by leaders of the new religion, but he seeks more to use their support than follow their gods. Thus, shortly after he claims his victory he requests a final raid to eliminate the remaining heathens, with the proviso that a survivor was to be taken captive and brought to him. It was a calculated move to further secure his rule, for with a sorceress at his side none would challenge him as the new king.

Potential Story Elements: Dub-con, magic/supernatural, some drug use, rough play, manipulation/coercion, light bondage/restraining, possible branding/marking, collaring
* Period setting, low-fantasy medieval (ala Game of Thrones). This concept was harvested from a story that was abandoned but I really enjoyed it and would like to try giving it another go.

≺⟡≻ Cain Academy ≺⟡≻

We never shoot to stun, we're kings of the kill and we're out for blood.
Availability: OPEN

   Cain Academy is a secret institution dedicated to training agents in various forms of espionage and assassination. Senior trainees are appointed an instructor in their final year to prepare for the grueling graduation ceremony, failure of which could cost them their lives. However, one such pairing appear to exhibit more than just combat compatibility, as their forbidden attraction to one another proves to be too much of a temptation for them to deny.

Potential Story Elements: Rough play, high tension/passion, light bondage/restraining, power play, forbidden fraternization, can take place in modern times or maybe even in a futuristic/sci-fi setting, this would probably work best as a one-shot but it's open to expansion if desired.

≺⟡≻ Under a Winter's Moon ≺⟡≻

Can you feel the blood pumping through your veins as your heartbeat changes pace?
Can you hear the wind calling out your name as you're fighting to stay tame?

Availability: TAKEN

   An unsuspecting college student accompanies a group of friends to spend winter break at a cabin in the mountains, but when she sneaks out late at night for fresh air and a quick photo of the full moon over a nearby lake she's attacked by a wolf. When she wakes from the attack she's greeted by a complete stranger, a man who tells her he found her in the woods and the animal that attacked her was no ordinary wolf. An innocent holiday trip to the mountains changes her life forever, and now she must learn to live a double life and try to survive the impending transition.

Potential Story Elements: Supernatural/werewolves, rough/power play, pack hierarchy, heightened libido, sexual tension.

≺⟡≻ A Criminal Affair ≺⟡≻

I am an island, you are the ocean. So close we're touching, completely surrounded.
But I cannot have you, the way that I want to, 'cause I am an island, and you are the ocean.
No, I cannot have you, I cannot have you without drowning.

Availability: OPEN

   As the prized wife of the city's most notorious Don, the beautiful Mirena Marcoli had all a woman could ever want; designer clothes, handbags, shoes, a grand estate, a seemingly bottomless bank account, and no need to contribute anything beyond wifely duties. She had the safety and security she'd longed for all her life, and she'd never thought once to jeopardize that with something as foolish and shallow as an affair - until she met him. He was a charmer, a practiced Lothario, whose pale green eyes whispered wickedly sensual promises from across a crowded room. This night was far from their first meeting or interaction, and unbeknownst to Mirena all of their secretive flirtations would soon culminate into an act of passion that would threaten her very life, and his too, if her husband should discover her misdeeds.

Potential Story Elements: Light to Non-Con, cheating, cat & mouse, possible light exhibitionism/sex at a public location with a chance of getting caught, light coercion, potentially dark (in a long-term context), set in modern or 50's/60's era, can be a one-shot or a long-term story.

≺⟡≻ White As Snow ≺⟡≻

You belong to me, my snow white queen. There's nowhere to run so let's just get it over.
Soon my love, you'll see, you're just like me. Don't scream anymore, my love, 'cause all I want is you.

Availability: OPEN

   A powerful man becomes enamored with a pale beauty and endeavors to make her heart his, by any means necessary.

Potential Story Elements: Dub-con/non-con, coercion, possible step-father x step-daughter, dark fairytale in a modern-to-futuristic setting, this works as allegory in a realistic setting where the "poison apple" can be drugs or a serum, or as a twisted retelling with magical/supernatural elements. It needs more detail to be fully realized, so partners interested in this prompt should come to the table with some ideas to bat around.

≺⟡≻ Struck By Inspiration ≺⟡≻

I see you watching me, eyes on your target. Mixed drinks and smoke rings, it's already started.
Let's roll the dice and we'll both make our moves, playing like lovers do.

Availability: OPEN

   They live in the same apartment building and have crossed paths a handful of times, but that was all it took for her delicate features and brilliant crimson hair to stoke the fires of his artist’s muse. Previously stuck in something of a rut, now he finds he can paint nothing but her. He expects the fixation to be momentary and decides to ride the wave of inspiration with hopes it will carry on into his usual work eventually, until it doesn’t, and before long his flat is filled with numerous paintings of her in various stages of completion. His obsession ventures into the realm of uncomfortable and embarrassing when she suddenly arrives at his door one night in need of assistance and catches a glimpse of a portrait bearing an uncanny resemblance to her. To his surprise, however, she isn’t unsettled by this revelation and instead seems to show a curiosity and interest in his work.

Potential Story Elements: Sexual tension, seduction, obsession, potential supernatural details if we wanted to take the story down a darker route. Open to short or long term.

≺⟡≻ Where Goes the Dire Heart ≺⟡≻

Now there's a darkness deep in me and I keep falling asleep to these wicked dreams.
Can't fight the darkness deep in me, it's where he likes to keep haunting my wicked dreams.

Availability: TAKEN

   She is a skilled witch belonging to the Dhanavar Coven, her kind sworn to protect humans from supernatural predators. Trained as a Huntress, she is among the most deadly and efficient in their ranks and spends her nights hunting and slaying those who would prey upon humanity. Though what started as a routine night would quickly take a turn for the unexpected, as she tracked and confronted a vampire and for the first time ever she hesitated. The creature in her sights was a complete stranger to her, yet somehow she knew his face; she'd seen it in her dreams.

   His kind and other predators like him had been locked in a feud for survival against witches since before his Awakening, and it was this conflict that had claimed the life of his beloved so long ago. When she was taken from him he had razed half of the English countryside in a rage-fueled rampage, drawing the attention of the Hunters to exact his revenge upon them. It was a bloody affair that earned him quite the reputation and a dread-inducing moniker among witches and vampires alike. Alas, his quest for vengeance soured and with the advent of the New World he sought to leave behind the scars and sins of his past and move beyond them. However, when he realized he was being tracked by another Hunter he was more than willing to revisit his old tactics if it came to keeping his head firmly fixed upon his shoulders. Yet when the Huntress confronted him he was stricken, entirely unprepared to see the familiar face of his lost love staring back at him.

Potential Story Elements: Sexual tension, seduction, obsession, blood, combat, magic, love/hate dynamic, forbidden/taboo love affair. Could be set in just about any time period. Open to short or long term.

≺⟡≻ A Dance with Darkness ≺⟡≻
A BtVS & TVD-inspired One-Shot

Got me playing with fire, baby, hand me the lighter
You taste just like danger and chaotic anger

Availability: OPEN

   Against all odds a Slayer and a "humane" Vampire have fallen in love. When the Slayer refuses to acquiesce to the Council's demands that she kill her lover they take matters into their own hands by capturing the Vampire. The Slayer is lead to believe the Vampire is dead as the Council torture and maim him, a long process which is exceptionally more excruciating due to his affliction greatly enhancing the strength of his senses and emotions. Finally, he is forced to "turn off" his humanity to dull the intensity of the pain, and once he has reverted to a sadistic state the Council unleashes him on the Slayer, both to punish her and to illustrate the importance of her killing all vampires indiscriminately. This scene would take place during the Vampire's return, where the Slayer is emotionally compromised by his unexpected appearance, only to realize he is not the same and she is speaking to a part of him she's never known. She is forced to fight him while he takes every opportunity to sadistically taunt and tease her and delights in her emotional turmoil. Their combat quickly devolves with his manipulation and coercion, and soon the fight turns into a bitter love/hate affair.

Potential Story Elements: Sexual tension, manipulation, coercion, seduction, blood, violence/combat, love/hate dynamic, forbidden/taboo love affair, dub-con. Could be set in just about any time period. This concept is primarily envisioned as a one-shot.

You wouldn't necessarily need to be fixated on writing any part of him before he turns off his humanity, unless you chose to include the memory of it with writing him in his current state. In his more volatile form he's sadistic, hedonistic, manipulative, and calculative. The conquest and emotional evisceration of a Slayer would appeal more to him than outright killing her. No bones about it, this is a blatant and shameless rip off of the Buffy & Angel/Angelus dynamic. I've been re-watching both shows and now I wanna write something similar but not exactly the same (obviously toeing towards the darker and more carnal end of the spectrum). I also borrowed some aspects from The Vampire Diaries/The Originals which could be peppered into the lore throughout the story but since it's just a one-shot there's no need to be overly concerned with much depth. This probably isn't going to have a particularly happy ending, but details can be discussed as desired.

^ ^ ^[CRAVING]^ ^ ^

^ Work In Progress ^

Now with all that said, if interested please send me a private message, but bear in mind my openings for new partners are limited so I may be rather selective.

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