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Author Topic: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]  (Read 1329 times)

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Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« on: April 09, 2017, 05:15:23 PM »

Knowledge of ME1-3 is recommended for this game. ME:A knowledge will help you in general but is, by design, not required. The goal of this game is to replicate ME:A without spoiling it or needing to have played it.

1961: Yuri Gagarin launches humanity into space.
2069: Humanity’s first lunar colony is established.
2103: Humanity settles Mars.
2149: Charon is discovered to be a mass relay, launching humanity into the galaxy at large.
2157: The First Contact War.
2183: The Reaper Sovereign attacks the Citadel and is destroyed.

In the year 2186, the Reapers return in force, lighting fires across the galaxy. A combined galactic alliance forms to resist them, and is successful for a time, throwing everything they have into a last-ditch effort known as the Crucible. This device allows the galaxy’s heroine, Commander Raven Shepard, uplink with the Citadel and assume control of its systems in an attempt to shut down the Reapers from the inside.

It doesn’t work.

The Reapers, once a coldly efficient machine of murder, go mad. All semblance of purpose and war vanish in the face of insane violence. The assembled fleets, depending on Shepard to lower the Reapers’ defenses, are eviscerated. The Citadel, and those that are able, flee Earth as it falls, leaving millions in their wake. It seems all hope is lost; negligible military strength remains for the races of the galaxy, their commander’s body catatonic and maybe braindead, and the Crucible ultimately useless.

But Liara T’Soni has one last plan. She and Shepard, in the last days of the war, had been following up on Prothean leads, and discovered seemingly undamaged prothean stasis hubs. As the “Citadel fleet,” as it barely deserved to be called, jumps from system to system to escape the mad Reapers, Liara manages to activate many of these hubs, and wake up millions of protheans… along with their mothballed fleets. Awake and confused, a meager defense force is put together out of these ancients and their weapons, giving Liara precious time to enact her final gambit.

In 2176, the Andromeda Initiative was privately founded to explore beyond the bounds of the Milky Way. The main Nexus fleet had launched in 2185, barely a year before the Reapers razed the galaxy, but not only had the quarian multi-species ark remained behind due to environmental complications, many experimental and unfinished ark ships had been built. These were finished in secret and populated by those who could escape the Reapers, and through much pain, toil, and untold quantums of death, the T’Soni Plan was complete.

Unknown to anyone but Liara and her trusted advisors, Shepard had not died. Upon interfacing with the Citadel, she had indeed succeeded at taking it over, but after her catastrophic failure to dominate the Reapers, she had been severed from her body. It was this newborn superintelligence that had, in concert with Liara, awakened the protheans and supercharged the Exodus effort. Once all preparations were made, Shepard revealed herself to the galaxy once again, giving those scant millions that remained the hope they needed to leave their galactic home in search of something better.

2190: The T’Soni Plan is enacted. Exodus, a fleet made up of thousands of ships of all sizes, launches for the Andromeda galaxy. The Milky Way is abandoned by sentients.
2824: Exodus is thrown off course by the Scourge, an unknown phenomenon. Shepard attempts to adjust, allowing the Citadel and scattered parts of the fleet to reach the Selenus Cluster, the backup location.

The year is 2824. Players will be part of the Citadel Pathfinder team, based on the Tempest-class ship Desperado. You will explore the Selenus Cluster, discover the fate of the rest of the fleet, and encounter new foes, so far from home. You may play any ME race, protheans included, angara and kett excluded as we are not in the Heleus Cluster. One player will be the Citadel Pathfinder; if you are interested in this role please say so, with the understanding that you will be leading the squad and thus have a minor GM-eqsue role in that capacity. Please be sure you’re up for it.

I work a lot of hours and will absolutely require a full co-GM to help me manage the game. Please contact me via PM to express your interest and share your ideas with me. We’ll craft the worlds together.

Katerina Choudhury
Name: Katerina Choudhury
Aliases/Nicknames: Rin
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 29

Class: Vanguard
Talents & Specializations: Biotic shock trooper
Professions: Alliance Military, N7 Special Ops, Exodus Initiative

Personality: Rin is a born berserker, bright-eyed and excitable. Her explosive biotic talents made her especially suited to the blitzing frontal assault style of vanguards. Equally quick to anger, joy, and lust, Katerina is a handful for any not accustomed to her. Since the latter days of flight from the Reapers, however, her immediate nature has trended almost suicidally rash.

History:  Katerina was born on Earth, but lusted for the stars from a young age. Like so many others of her generation, she joined the Alliance to get out into the galaxy and see it firsthand. None of them knew what was coming. She was a freshly promoted N7 when Sovereign struck, and from that day, Rin’s life was endless war. As the Reaper conflict dragged on, Katerina was personally selected by Commander Shepard for the N7 Spec Ops division, delivering point strikes to important targets. For all her team’s success, she still found herself on the Citadel, watching as the Milky Way shrunk in the vast distance before entering cryo for over six hundred years.

Appearance & Equipment: Rin’s skin is a deep russet brown, her eyes a bright, inviting gray-blue. Willowy and tall, she is quite elegant in the moments that she can stand still, which are few. She prefers asari light armor for range of motion but wears gauntlets for melee. She carries a Talon hand-shotgun.

Misc. Notes: Rin has a minor addiction to Trass, a salarian stimulant normally used by academy students when cramming.

Raven Shepard
Name: Raven Shepard
Aliases/Nicknames: Commander, Citadel Control
Race: Intelligence of human origin
Sex: Psychologically female
Orientation: Fruitlessly bisexual
Age: 32 at time of “conversion”

Class: Natural Intelligence
Talents & Specializations: Strategic and tactical analysis
Professions: N7, Spectre, Consciousness

Personality: As a human, Raven was a straight shooter, getting directly to the point of business, politics, or pleasure. This trait has carried over to her new existence. She has little patience for corruption or cowardice, and has been known to be sarcastic, something SAMs can only dream of.

History: Raven Shepard is a hero of such stature that she needs little introduction. Responsible for stopping Saren and Sovereign, obliterating the Collectors, and leading in the war against the Reapers, the story of Shepard is known to all but the most reclusive. During the final battle at Earth, after consulting with the manipulative Leviathan AI contained in the Citadel, Raven chose to overwrite it and make her own destiny rather than accept any of the deeply suspicious choices offered by it. It was unacceptable to her to kill the geth, or enact an invasive reality-altering surgery, or to simply become the Reapers herself.

The attempt to destroy and replace the Leviathan AI was successful, but the attempt to deactivate the Reapers was catastrophically unsuccessful.  Very few know the truth of the events of that day; indeed the resultant destruction was not any more severe than if they had simply allowed the Reapers to run rampant. But Raven knows, and it has left her with a profound guilt, even if there were no other morally acceptable choice.

Anyone involved in Exodus will have encountered the Raven “AI” in some capacity, as she now managed all aspects of the Citadel, even the elevators. Since assuming direct control of the Exodus Initiative, Raven has proven invaluable as a nexus of information and analysis. Her once considerable tactical mind is now powered by Leviathan hypercomputers and carefully tended by Keepers. She has worked in close concert with her former lover and comrade, Dr. T’Soni, to see the plan to fruition. Raven is in constant contact with both Liara and the Citadel Pathfinder, having taken up the role that SAM was intended for.

Appearance & Equipment: Raven’s human body, currently in cryo, is unusually slim and wiry for a soldier of her reputation. Her body is hard and scarred from years of unceasing battle and strife. Her unprecedented number of cybernetic implants are readily visible beneath the dozens of ragged scars that line her body. As Citadel Control, Raven looks like an ancient space station. Like EDI, however, Shepard is able to take control of a specialized gynoid body that resembles her physical body. It is fully functional, so to speak, but cannot use biotics, leading to certain complications.

Misc. Notes: Raven is extremely sexually frustrated by her current plight, despite possessing no hormones. She craves to return to her own body.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=300][/img][/floatleft][b]Name:[/b]

[b]Talents & Specializations:[/b]



[b]Appearance & Equipment:[/b]

[b]Misc. Notes:[/b]

IC - Citadel
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Offline la dame en noir

I'm automatically interested because your name is on it, Karma.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

 :D Huzzah!

Offline Hexed

ME:A is fun as hell. And this looks like lots of potential. :D

Is it going to be free-form or system based?

And I know the pathfinder's are special in their 'class/profile' setup so are there any limitations on what can and can't be used?

Online Countdown0

I'm interested in this. Maybe I'll play an explosives expert.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

I don't generally like being stuck to game rules. If you have an interesting idea let me know! It'll be free form.

Offline Hexed

Freeform huh...

And classes/talents/gear from all three mass effect games are permitted? restrictions valid of course. What about ME:A milky way tech and talents?

Are AI permitted?

And how much sexualness are you wanting in the game?

Right now thinking techy or biotic type.

With the techy being some sort of AI. A want of sexyness just means Edi style body instead of geth style. :D

Offline KarmaTopic starter

AI is a complicated subject and we'd have to talk about it more for me to give you a clear answer. Any powers are on the table, I don't think there's anything in ME:A that couldn't have been in a previous game in some fashion. Sexiness is up to the players!

Offline Hexed

Yay. That means one doesn't HAVE to use thermal clips then.

Will admit I am hording my ME:A parts that keep weapons on a heat based system. Very very bad shot am I.

As for AI. It was an idea spawned peering at Quarian. If you'd rather not touch it fine by me. And to be honest they were just ran out of their home galaxy by crazed AI so...

Offline KarmaTopic starter

An advanced VI is something you could have without us even needing to talk details. AI however would need to be developed in extreme secrecy, especially among the quarians, and that's not something easily done by an individual I would think. EDI wasn't even developed, she awoke on her own and Cerberus just got a hold of her. There's room for it work, I'd just want it to make sense.

Offline Hexed

Ahhh. I'd seen your divergence was the crucible and figured the whole geth are now AI route might have been taken. :)

Just bouncing ideas as is. And no biotics if using AI so less likely go that way. really should settle on a class concept first.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

I don't like any of those endings, so I made my own. *laughs*

Offline BlackStone

Interested.  Place holder for concept.

Offline Prosak

I'm really interested! I will pm you about being a co gm when I get home From work! For now posting this to show people I am interested. And keep the hype train rolling. Chu chu! Lol
« Last Edit: April 10, 2017, 05:18:47 AM by Prosak »

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Offline Juggtacular

Is the Pathfinder position open? I can have an app up today. Like forreal. Just beat Andromeda yesterday so I'm hyped for this, lol.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Yup, it hasn't been claimed. :) Hope you're okay with a Shepard in your brain!

Offline Juggtacular

Yup, it hasn't been claimed. :) Hope you're okay with a Shepard in your brain!

I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite brain on the Citadel. -glowing endorsement-

Offline KarmaTopic starter

With Prosak helping me out and out Pathfinder chosen, we'll be able to move forward with the game! Feel free to submit sheets. I'll have more details for you when I can get to my laptop.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Bio for Raven added. :)

Offline thebobmaster

Oh, I'm in. I was actually considering making my own Andromeda AU thing, and then I saw this, so yay!

Just need to hash out my character in my own mind. So many choices...

Offline Prosak

If you want help, dont fret on asking me or Karma for ideas. ^^

Offline Cataclysmic Archangel

Color me interested.  I haven't quite decided what I'd like to do yet, except for one thing that was never an option on any ME game (and should be)... a Gunslinger.  There was never a reason to NOT have two pistols.  I shall make it happen.

Beyond that, I can't decide what I want out of him.  But... yeah.

(about halfway through ME:A right now and still unable to decide if I actually like the game).

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Bang bang! Welcome to the frontier, pilgrim.

They probably didn't include one because they wanted to keep a hand free for power use, now that I think about it.
« Last Edit: April 11, 2017, 07:26:10 AM by Karma »

Offline Cataclysmic Archangel

Bang bang! Welcome to the frontier, pilgrim.

They probably didn't include one because they wanted to keep a hand free for power use, now that I think about it.

Back when ME3 was still a thing with the MP, I played a lot of Adepts and kept the weight down to one pistol.  I was working on the gunslinger title for a while, but never got it.

It did not go unnoticed that the Sidewinders are revolvers in MEA. :)

And yes, I agree about the powers being 'cast' from the free hand, which is why I'm thinking of putting together a character who's other skill sets are out of combat.  Pilot, slicer, something like that.  Hell, perhaps even the medic that no one expect to show up shooting things.  etc etc.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Sounds cool!

Offline Hexed

Will there be remenant? :D

And might be spoilery for your plans but will you be making up your own alien species/tech for the new area?

Because it would be amusing and I really like the look of that blink dodge ME:A I'm pondering an Asari engineer with a krogan father who helped raise her. Which is why she carries a carnifex pistol and a krogan hammer. :)

Offline KarmaTopic starter

We will have original species, yes. :) Remnant is a possibility. The longer the game runs the more likely that is. *chuckle*

Offline SidheLady

are there any spots open still?

Cus, I'd love to play!

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Plenty. We've only gotten one character sheet. :P

Offline EvieFrye

I would love to join this Rp. I have a concept for a character I would love to use. Is there a format for the profile? And are there restrictions for the classes? Are romances allowed?

Even though I have questions, I am joining 100%.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

The bio skeleton is in the first post at the bottom. You can read the bios I posted there for a bit of a guide. :) No restrictions as long as everything makes sense. And since this is Elliquiy, you might say romances are encouraged. :P

I made a small edit to the end of Raven's bio, for those that looked at it before.

Offline thebobmaster

Hopefully, there will soon be two sheets. :P

Offline Prosak

Name: Aticus Varil
Aliases/Nicknames: Avarice
Race: Turian
Sex:  M
Orientation: Omnisexual
Age: 47

Class: Sentinel

Talents & Specializations: Tech Armor, Adrenaline Rush, Overload: Aticus specializes in brutal efficiency. More used to giving orders but, he can take orders well. He is more then capable however, at making on the fly tactical decisions. Using his rage and adrenaline, he likes rushing opponents that get to close, shotgun in hand. One can say it was as if he should have been born a krogan. His primary strong suit's are in close quarters brawling. He uses his strength to his advantage and his past as an assassin may show through his ability to reflexively react to most situations candidly. Outside of combat his experiance in the criminal underground makes him, believe it or not. A good peoples person, when dealing with criminals and cut throats. Further more his experiance in running his own organization makes him a natural at running security. Knowing when to bust his mens heads or reward them for good work, how to asign them to patrols and just how to keep them loyal. Heck, not to mention what they would be looking for when it comes to shady activity. So much so, he can manipulate his security personnel without even needing to be there.

Professions: Turian Military (Went Awol), Assasin, Leader of a Criminal Organization: Exodas Initiative.

Personality: Like a grizzled veteran, (even though he never properly served the Turian military.) Aticus is rough around the edges. He knows how to take a joke and all, but he is hardly one to joke around to much himself. He takes his appointed role as the initiatives head of security, very seriously. He has a fierce loyalty however, one akin to almost any other Turian. When the going get's tough you are sure to be happy this barbaric brute is on your side. (Maybe also wondering how he can be considered an assassin, due to his lack of tact or subtlety.) He may act tough but, really he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is just not entirely honorable, or nice. Nor would he classify himself a good person by any stretch. But if he likes you, he shows it. He may even joke with you. ;)

History: Born on the Turian homeworld of Palaven, Aticus grew to become weary of his own people. Their views of honor, duty, it never really settled well with him. Sure, he was loyal; But to people he liked. As a youth he entered Boot camp like any proper Turian, but after a rather brash fight with a bastard commanding officer over a lack of free time... Well, let's say he went Awol at the young age of 20. Within the leaps and bounds of his career, he quickly became something he did not expect. Aspiring to become a merc, his skills caught the attention of some shady men. They hired him, trained him, used him as an assassin by the code name, Avarice. By the age of 36, after 16 years of ruthless killing. He got out of that life, and began to run his own criminal network. Having made a proper business relationship with Aria T'loak in Omega and the Blue Suns. All in all he actually had a fair and decent business circle of associates. But it all changed after being hired by the Shadow Broker.  At this time, he was betrayed by a cohort who wished to take over his enterprise. Abandoned by his men, men who took the very thing they were hired to collect. Aticus was left with an unfinished job and an angry, ANGRY, Shadow Broker. Locked in one of the Shadowbrokers cell's, he awaited torture for the location of his men and what they took, something he could not possibly answer. So he was surely dead. Well, at least that's what he thought before *Redacted* took over the mantle of Shadowbroker. It is unknown what led him to the initiative, how he was trusted or how he came to know Liara T'soni. However, it is no secret that a man of even his criminal talent's, has uses in a new galaxy. It does not bother him much that most look at him and see the killer they read about in his profile. Liara trusts him and knows full well, Aticus is loyal. And to Aticus, that counts for something.

Appearance & Equipment: Aticus stands at a giant 7 and a half feet, finding himself taller then most even in his race. He is on the bulkier side, though a bit of the years have caught up with him slightly. Gear wise he wear's a heavy set of full environmental armor, the original color seems to have been a winter white, however it's various scratches and burns show a lack of cosmetic care. Only ever repairing it and never really worrying all to much for the color or refinishing it. For more accuracy He uses the Mattock Assault rifle for it's single fire, careful shooting. And because he is more then strong enough to use it, he also arms himself with the M-300 Claymore for a more close and messy approach if need be.

Misc. Notes:
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Offline BlackStone

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #34 on: April 13, 2017, 12:39:41 AM »
Name: Decimus Rand
Aliases/Nicknames: Deci, Widowmaker
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Orientation: Hetero-sexual
Age: 36

Class: Vanguard
Talents & Specializations: Biotics: Singularity, Shockwave, Dash;  Technical: Infiltration, Energy Drain; Combat: Sniper Rifle
Professions: Former N5, former instructor at Grissom Academy, now Lieutenant and Mission Specialist

Personality: Closed off and aloof.  Decimus has the classic symptoms of PTSD, yet he has no record of any public breakdowns.  He is extremely reluctant to speak about any of his military record.  He is more than willing to talk about anything to do with biotics, the merging of biotics with technology, and practical field applications of theory in the field.  While he was known as a strict instructor at the famed Grissom Academy, he was known as a fair one.  Carrying on the work which was done there is one of his motivators for joining the initiative.

History: Decimus had come from a noted family.  His mother was one of the researchers of the Prothan device on Mars, his father chief engineer on board of the New Dehlia when it first went through the Charon mass relay.  In retrospect, it became no wonder Decimus was born with what would be come to named biotics.  His parents however had the means to get Decimus the help he needed.  The trade off for the help had set Decimus down his father's path to join the Alliance military, but unlike his father, Decimus did not become an engineer, but was trained for the N5 branch of Earth Alliance special forces, the support team which normally set up forward operating locations, and also rescued N7 or other Earth Alliance military members who were caught behind enemy lines.  Deciums' unique blend of bitoics with his technological skills and talents made him a valuable asset, and he had risen to the rank of Senior Lieutenant before an injury made him unqualified to be part of an N5 team.  Decimus does not talk about his time with N5, or how he was injured with anyone, telling people who ask if they have the security clearance, and the need to know, they can look up his record.  If not then it is clear the Alliance does not wish them to know.

While Decimus was recovering from his injury and his new cybernetics were perfected and not being rejected, he taught at Grissom academy.  He became known as a hard but fair professor, and his class upon the combination of biotics and technology insightful.  Near all new initiatives to the N5 and N7 programs were sent to at least take some of his lectures and practical demonstrations.  Over the next eighteen months, Decimus seemed to relax more and settle in, become less guarded and defensive with other instructors, and word had no new student had broke down and sobbed after one of his tongue lashings.  Decimus could not stand laziness in any form and any student who did not apply themselves as he thought they could normally got a lecture from him they would never forget.

Then Sovereign appeared and it and Geth forces nearly destroy the Citadel, and everything changed.

Decimus attempted to go back into N5, but after what happened with Sovereign and the Geth, Decimus was marked as unfit for military service because of his cybernetics.  They thought it make him even more vulnerable to Reaper indoctrination.  Decimus once more became closed off and detached.  He stayed on at the Academy, seeing it as his duty to pass along everything he knew to those who would one day join the fight against the Reapers.  It did not matter in the long run.  When the Reapers finally arrived, billions died, the mighty fleets of all the races destroyed whenever they came in contact with the Reapers.  Seeing the war as a lost cause and the Alliance fleet only fighting a delaying action to allow the Andromeda Initiative to launch, everyone at Grissom Academy was evacuated to the human Ark.

Decimus was among the first humans awakened from cryo.  It was clear he should be a part of the first expedition crew with advanced biotic ability, his technical skills to hack into any network or other technology, and of course, his ability to fire with pinpoint accuracy the M-98 Widow sniper rifle.  A personal skill he self taught, creating a localized barrier about his body to take the bulk of the recoil from the powerful anti-vehicle grade firearm.  Decimus had been on the sidelines long enough, and he was not taking "no" for an answer.  This was humanity's last hope, he was going to be damned if he was not a part of it.

Appearance & Equipment:  Decimus has the long lean muscular build of a long distance runner or swimmer.  He does not have much bulk, but he can run a five kilometer run in under thirteen minutes.  Since emerging from cryo, he has what seems to be a permanent dark scruff on his features.  His hair is also not normal military regulation, covering his ears and touching his collar.  His eyes are almost black, a bi-product of the e-zero in his system.  When he uses his biotics they turn ebony black, something which has unsettled people in the past.  Decimus stands at 5'10" tall, slightly taller than human norms yet not a towering imposition in any case.  Decimus does have the type of features which would allow him to blend into any surroundings in which humans numbered in the majority. 

Decimus's right arm and shoulder have been replaced with a cybernetic arm with a built in omni-tool  As a result he can lift objects with his right arm which most humans cannot, and it is also why he is able to make use of the M-98 Widow.  He has battle and burn scars all over the right side of his body from his chest to his right tigh.  To mask the bulk of this scarring he has an elaborate tattoo of a dragon about to attack, with the head upon his right pectoral, the body about his ribs, and the legs and tail all about his own leg, from hip to ankle.  His cybernetic arm also incorporates the tattoo, a stark contrast to the red metallic finish his arm has.  Because of his cybernetic prosthetic, Decimus will rarely ever wear clothing which exposes his arms.

For armor Decimus favors the light Duelist armor class produced by Elanus, allowing for the right merging of his biotic abilities to combine with his technical talents and skills.  For weapons he always goes into battle with the M-98 Widow as his primary weapon and the M-5 Phalanx heavy pistol as his secondary firearm.  Decimus preferred combat combination is to use a Singularity in the distance to pull all enemies out of cover and taking them out with the Widow.  He is also more than capable if using his biotics in close, unleashing a shockwave to knock all off enemies off of their feet, then using his biotics to enhance his speed for a brief moment, able to travel up to 100 meters in less time it takes a human to blink, making it appear as if he teleported from one location to the next, then opening fire upon the disoriented foes.  Decimus will also hack any enemy turrets or synthetic opponents in his field and turn them against the enemy.  Decimus is a deadly fighter

Misc. Notes: The Dash talent Decimus has takes a toll on his body, and he risks serious injury if he uses it more times than once.  It normally needs an hour before his body is able to safely use it again, making it an ability which normally has a single use per combat encounter.  He will use it more than once if the safety of his teammate is at risk.  Also while it appears he teleports with this ability, he does not, he is merely moving very fast, moving at 2000 meters per second, he is moving over the surface at the time, so any obstacle placed in his path can trip him and ruin his positioning.  While he is using the dash ability, there is a biotic barrier about him, shielding him from near all the physical effects moving at that speed can cause.   Also in a planet with an atmosphere, triggering this ability also triggers a localized sonic boom, so he is cautious when using this ability if there are allies about, or if the shock wave created in his wake could endanger them.   This ability is normally a move of last resort for Decimus.

N5 is not cannon but I wanted something different to make Decimus different than N7.  In my mind, N7 is like the United States Navy SEALs, while the N5 I drew inspiration from United States Air Force Combat Control/Para-rescue.  Both have distinct and different mission operations yet both are considered Special Forces.
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Offline EvieFrye

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #35 on: April 13, 2017, 01:05:40 AM »
Name: Theresa Kidd
Aliases/Nicknames: Terri
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Age: 30

Class: Infiltrator
Talents & Specializations: Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Hacking, Overload. These are the ones she uses the most.
Professions: Tech specialist and former soldier.

Personality: Theresa is judgemental about others, not to the point she is mean, but she is cautious of those with biotic's. She hates it when people don't follow the law or rules. She will save people, doing anything she can to keep people from dying. She has PTSD, but she doesn't talk about it, even though it frequently gives her nightmares. She prefers to sleep in a room alone because of these. Her personality comes out more with how she acts.

History: Theresa's history is unknown beyond she had lived on the streets on Earth before joining the military at age 18. In the military she worked her way through the ranks, until she ended up under the command of Major Kyle. And under him she ended up at Torfan, where she became known as the 'Butcher of Torfan' having killed not only surrendering Baltarian's but also most of her squad. And inquest was done, she was degraded to working tech, taken out of combat.

Appearance & Equipment: Theresa has brown hair that hangs to her shoulders in waves, and grey eyes, partnered with pale skin. She is of average height, and slender build. Despite her combat experience, she doens't have any physical scars.

Misc. Notes:I will add more as I come up with it.

Offline MetaAugustus

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #36 on: April 13, 2017, 01:40:04 AM »
planting down interest flag

Will get a profile up in the near future

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #37 on: April 13, 2017, 06:09:58 AM »
Huzzah! Welcome new characters!

A note: not only is the Citadel not destroyed, our characters are currently on it. :P

Offline Cataclysmic Archangel

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #38 on: April 13, 2017, 06:40:57 AM »
I go away for one day and everyone has all their sheets done!

I'll need to work on mine.  I think I'll go with the pilot for the group along with my 'gunslinger' idea. :)  That way we have someone handling the shuttle for those dramatic escapes and stuff.

Offline KarmaTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
« Reply #39 on: April 13, 2017, 06:48:51 AM »

No need to rush out your sheets by the way. We have the cryo pods as a perfect plot device for why you might not have been awake quite yet.

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Edited history.  Misread the timeline and thought it read Sovereign and his forces destroyed the Citadelm not that they had been destroyed.

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Name: Zelari Feran
Aliases/Nicknames: Zel, Chameleon
Race: Salarian
Sex: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 20

Class: Engineer
Talents & Specializations: AI hacking, Overload, Sabotage
Professions: hacker, security

Personality: Zel is what one would consider a hedonist. Rather than focus on her career, Zel has embraced the idea of "You only live once" to the fullest. With as little of a lifespan as she has, she sees no reason to not go after what you want, or who. She is quite cheerful much of the time, and is quite easy both to get along with, and to get with in general. That said, her "full speed ahead" approach leads her to be quite short-sighted, never considering consequences until they come back to bite her.

History: Zel is the younger of two daughters from the Feran family. As such, she always considered it her sister's job to "live up to the legacy". Of course, this did not exactly bode well in terms of meshing with her family, or salarian culture in general, and so Zel was not with her family for any more time than necessary. She had a life to live, and it wasn't going to be spent in back rooms, arguing and debating with politicians for 20 or 30 years before dropping dead. How boring was that?

Zel essentially drifted from planet to planet, bed to bed. It hasn't all been fun and games for her, of course. Needing money, she became a hacker, using her skills both to steal credits, as well as earn it legitimately by testing out security systems. The latter was safer, but the former paid better. It seemed an easy choice for Zel, who quickly decided to focus on her criminal lifestyle as Chameleon. That only lasted a few years, until someone took exception to being hacked. Zel was not quite as good at covering her tracks as she believed, and being on Omega at the time, she was basically on her own when she was tracked down by the vengeful target.

Since that incident, Zel focused on working legitimate jobs, for her own safety. Boredom wasn't far behind, as the terms "safe" and "exciting" rarely compliment each other, and Zel could only find so much relief in the bed of another. When the opportunity to join up with a new galaxy of explorers came up, Zel was immediately interested. It would be a new place, with absolutely no real way of knowing what was waiting on the other side. The only thing certain was that Zel could never return to the Milky Way.

This was a challenge that simply could not be resisted.

Appearance & Equipment: Zel stands six feet tall, making her tall compared to many others, but short for a salarian. She has green facial marks, contrasting with her dark grey skin, and is on the slender side for a salarian. When she wears armor, it is dark red, concealing all of her features behind a dark blue visor on the helmet, but that is extremely rare for her, preferring to use a custom-designed version of a catsuit due to its flexibility allowing her to get into tighter spaces, a useful trait for a hacker. The only gun she carries is a Sidewinder, and mostly only because she thinks it looks cool. When it comes to combat, she prefers using tech skills, her blue omniblade, or simply running like hell.

Misc. Notes: Zel has multiple scars, including a quite deep one on her stomach, due to the attempt on her life on Omega. While she is quite easy to get along with, and fairly open about herself in general, asking about that scar will lead her to dodge the question. Pressing the matter will upset her. In addition, she tends to get along with other species better than her own, as the majority of salarian culture would consider her a deviant.

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Rolling right along! Enough people are ready that we can start soon. I'll work on threads when I get home.

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Name: Orion Pax
Aliases/Nicknames: Belter(for Orion's Belt), Biotic Commando, Spectre, Amon(short for Amonkira)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: 26

Class: Pathfinder
Talents & Specializations: Biotic Powerhouse, Stealth & Assassination Techniques, H2H Fighter, Long Range Combat, Shepard Implant
Professions: Alliance Military, N7, Spectre, Pathfinder, [REDACTED]


History: Orion's father, Baze was killed shortly after he was born. His mother Lutecia was a powerful biotic, and for years she'd been Cerberus' guinea pig, until one day she was freed. The only thing that saved Lutecia was Baze and Kyros coming across her during a mission and deciding to free her from imprisonment. The three of them stayed together, and Lutecia fell for Baze. After a while, she got pregnant. When they went to get Lutecia checked out though, Cerberus picked up her records. They theorized that Orion would be even stronger than his mother, and wanted him for themselves. They were on the run for a while, but eventually, Cerberus caught up to them.

 Baze was killed when he answered the door, thinking it was Kyros. Lutecia was too weak from her pregnancy to put up a good fight. Thankfully, Kyros returned right on time. He was a Drell assassin who'd been thick as thieves with Baze since their teenage years. In fact, they were like brothers, and Kyros was going to be Orion's Godfather when he was born. He was only a few seconds too late to save Baze after returning from a beer run, but he swiftly killed the agents sent to retrieve mother and child.

 Using his connections in the underworld, he hid them all away to wait out the storm. It took nearly three years of constant moving, close calls, and dozens of bodies before they finally gave up. The danger brought them closer together, and eventually, it turned to love. Kyros and Lutecia depended only on each other to survive and to keep Orion safe. He claimed his love for her, and she returned it. Once they had their freedom back, both Lutecia and Kyros would go off on their own to do a job, or leave Orion with allies and close friends if they did a mission together. It was all to support him though, and whenever he was with one, he enjoyed all the quality time, as well as training.

 Not many kids got raised by a biotic mom and an assassin dad. By the time he was 16, he convinced them to start letting him come on missions with them. It was a family business, and the three of them seemed to overcome any obstacle thrown at them. For two years it was amazing, and then they raided the wrong facility. They thought it was an armory for the Blood Pack, but their intel had been bad. It was in actuality an Alliance black site, and they barely made it out alive. Even though they escaped, they hadn't gotten away. The Alliance came after them this time, and they could do a lot of legal damage. It wasn't until a strike team was left decimated by Orion that the attacks stopped.

A few months later, an e-mail showed up in his account. It was an offer from N7 command. His biotics were extremely impressive, and they wanted them trained to their peak before he joined the Alliance Military. It was a trade in exchange for them scrubbing both his parent's records and giving them new identities, as simply filing the paperwork against them for infiltrating a black site and attacking Marines carried multiple life sentences, if not the death penalty. He accepted, said his goodbyes, and shipped off to Grissom Academy the next day. While there, he did nothing but impress, and he graduated with honors just before Shepard went up against Sovereign for the first time.

 Having already been scouted by N7, after graduation, Orion was fast-tracked through the process and began his training immediately. A lifetime of living on the run, pushing himself to survive, and harsh training paid off. Orion quickly made his way to the top of his class, impressing the top brass with quick, tactical thinking, sheer toughness, and his bread and butter...biotics that read off the charts. After graduation, he was placed in the 1st Special Operations Biotic Company. They were a covert ops unit run by none other than Major Kaidan Alenko. Orion's work ethic and drive to succeed didn't take long to make Kaidan notice.

 He took Orion under his wing, and his guidance helped him find his niche in the squad, as well as prove himself time and time again. In fact, he did so well that Alenko put his name forward for consideration as the third Human Spectre. It was a tremendous honor and he accepted, vowing to prove himself and make sure that his parents didn't have to put their lives on the line to keep him safe anymore. Now he'd do the same for them. He found that shortly after becoming a Spectre, he loved the work. Sometimes he went solo, sometimes he used a small team. But he got results, and the thrill wasn't too bad either. It wasn't long before he and his team, along with everyone else felt the full might and fury of the Reapers. They fell on the galaxy like a dark tidal wave, and nothing anyone did could stop them.

 Due to his efficiency and constant results, as well as the tide of the slaughter, Orion quickly became privy to a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on. Including Shepard still being alive...sort of, the T'Soni plan, Exodus; and apparently his role as the Citadel Pathfinder should he accept the job. They told him that since they were doing something bold, new and desperate, they needed someone to go along with that ideal. He'd shown clear leadership capabilities, knew how to make the hard calls when necessary, but also knew that life was important. He was young and hungry to prove himself. And as a Spectre, it was clear he was no pushover. He fit the bill perfectly, and he was chomping at the bit for the opportunity to do so much good.

Appearance & Equipment: Orion might've been born in the slums of Omega, but he looks like he was born and raised in Wisconsin or Detroit. He stands 6'6, and his 230lbs is mainly muscle, with a very low-fat percentage. His skin is a dark shade of brown, however, due to living most of his life on Omega, he has a sort of paleness to him. Due to being from Omega, he has the "rough and tumble" look about him. He's covered in tattoos from the neck down. He's got scars from a Varren clawing his face in a bar fight(three over his right eye). And his eyes are a vibrant golden-red. A patch of  his dreadlocked hair near the front of his head is completely red. His armor is a custom-build, hybridized from the best Spectre-grade protection, and Drell-inspired Assassin gear, allowing for high range ease of movement, as well as helping keep his footsteps silent. He has carved a stylized "skull" into his helmet that resembles the Reaper his ship personally destroyed named "Charybdis". Orion's biotic shield kept them alive long enough for them to shred the massive ship construct to pieces.

He keeps an Asari Blade sheathed on his arm, however it is in the shape of an Earth "Kukri".

He walks around with a small arsenal, as most Spectres tend to do. He keeps an electrically modified Sidewinder on his hip, and for good reason. He's had more than a few back alley duels and shootouts. He's become a master of the Quickdraw because of it. His main gun is the Sandstorm assault rifle. It has an incredibly large magazine before recharging, is accurate, and tough as a Krogan.. He also uses a Falcon modified with Sticky Grenades for heavy ordinance and uses the Black Widow sniper rifle for long range. He could use the Widow, but 2 extra shots more than makeup for the slight difference in stopping power.

Misc. Notes: TBA

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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The game has started!

IC - Citadel

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Is this still recruiting? I love this idea. Perhaps we will be able to craft a better story than they did for ME:A (not that I'm bitter or anything  ;D).
If you are still looking for players, I wouldn't mind playing an Asari commando.

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Re: Mass Effect: Second Exodus (AU/sequel) [NC-EX]
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Ohai! You are very welcome! Stunningly, we don't have any asari squad members yet either!