(F) for (M) incest, kidnapping, force

Started by Harleen Quinzel, April 06, 2017, 01:38:24 PM

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Harleen Quinzel

Cat and Michael grew up thick as thieves despite the four year age gap. Their parents were divorced, but they all still lived together. One unhappy dysfunctional family.
Mom was a drunk, Dad was violent, and all they had was each other to keep sane. Or as close to it as they could get.
As they grew older things changed and so did they. Michael began going out more, to strange clubs with strange people who liked to be tied up and hurt. Or so that’s what Cat heard.
The more Michael would go out, the more Cat would leave too, trying to avoid their parents. Often times he would be sent to retrieve her from poor friend choices or bad situations. “How many times do I gotta come after you girl?” he would say.
They went through a lot back then, finding themselves. Finding each other…
Eventually it was made to seem like Michael had some sort of problem, their parents would yell, call him sick.
One night he went out and didn’t come home.
It killed Catherine. He was all she had.
Three weeks passed and they found a ‘body’
three months, she’d found an institution….
six years she found herself going to those same clubs he’d gone to just to feel something. Anything.
And she did.
She felt the leather gag her tongue. She felt the blindfold take her sight, and she felt the ropes stinging into her skin.
Before she knew it she was waking up to a voice that shook her to the core.

“How many time’s  do I gotta come after you, girl…”

[so basically Michael and Cat are siblings. Like most incest stories, growing up there were incidents that led them to become that way. These two didn’t have much experience with one another, in fact im thinking that maybe the fact Michael found attraction in his sister was what drove him to fake his death to get away in a panic. After coming to terms with his inner freak he realizes he doesn’t give a fuck and wants to come back and claim her]
YOU'RE WRONG! MY PUDDIN' DOES LOVE ME! HE DOES! You're the problem! And now you're gonna die and make everything right!

ON and OFF'S

Sand of gaara

Would love to get more details on how you seeing this story unfold, as you mentioned them finding a body but at the end you mention that the brother was the one sexually torturing her.