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Author Topic: "FINDERS KEEPERS" - F for M character - sci-fi/futuristic plot  (Read 1003 times)

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Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter

GENRE:: Sci-fi / Futuristic
SETTING:: Negotiable; first thought is Earth but open to another planet in another system entirely! On Earth it would be in South America, along the Andes mountain range.
PAIRING:: My Character, Auz, a female trapped in a time dilation field and Your Character the main male character who finds her, or is among those who find her.

 (This summary is written for an Earth setting but can be used as inspiration for another world setting.)

 For millions of years a cave somwehere along the Andes in South America, and the energy field surrounding it went undetected and undisturbed through advanced shield and cloaking technology... until the power source started dying. The most advanced sensors on Earth (or in Orbit) would be the first to pick up the energy spike as it suddenly blipped into existence, followed by the partial reveal of a seemingly-man-made structure within the mountain and the never-previously recorded cave --because the cloak was the first feature to fail in the power depletion. The time distortion field within the cave entrance and structure would create a blind-bubble effect within (concerning any scans,) preventing any real blueprints of what they'd find or indication if there's life inside. Of course, once a team (or lone investigator) is sent out for covert recon, the lack of cloak would allow observers to see right into the cave and catch sight of what's inside and a better scope of the facility they'd glimpsed. The main prize, initially, was the tech, any and all of it, but seeing what seems to be a frozen(in-time) woman inside, objectives start to change and Your Character has to decide what principals and priorities to follow... Unfortunately, with the shield in tact around the dilation field, looking is all anyone can do until the power drops enough, or the team/investigator finds a way to override the control panel lockout.

► Love the added idea that Your Character has a gene similar to her people, which allows him to activate and use her people's tech-- other than when it's locked which would provide an obstacle he may or may not be able to get around.
► The Cave, I imagine wasn't much of a cave when the facility was built on a small mountain ridge, which over the years, has gotten a lot bigger/taller. I also imagine the cave itself became more of a cave over time as the shield and time dilation field protected the facility, basically kind of swallowing the facility as continents drifted and her small mountain prison became a higher mountain cavern prison. So the field/shield created the cave, over time, limiting Auz's view of the changing world she was exiled from.
► The cloak was advanced enough to mimic real terrain so any outsiders could pass over it without knowing what was there. With the cloak down, there's only the shield separating the time dilation field from the world and vice versa.
► I imagine if the power drops before they figure out how to shut everything down, then when the shield fails, the team or just YC would have the opportunity to investigate the actual time dilation field as it weakens ; which would also change the time difference (explained further, later.) This would be a great place to begin play!

▒ I imagine the below information to be in another language, perhaps an ancient and obscure one, or one considered "alien" to the discoverers. It could be in the control console just outside the time dilation field,  or a data-burst from the console that automatically downloads itself to nearby tech with the storage capacity. In the latter case, it may also have a sub-routine built into the information program, to allow for conversion into the device's main language. Like an unclear warning of what's been found, and the state of the independently shielded power module. ▒

NAMEAuzlyn Niko Oden, a.k.a., The Architect
SENTENCEIndefinite Exile in Temporal Isolation.
TIME SERVED245 million years Earth time, 972,222 years captive time
... and counting
WEIGHT122 lbs
EYE COLORGalactic Black
HAIR COLORRed toned Brown
  • 7,246 counts TDL.
  • 1,023 counts of social subterfuge for purposes of mass manipulation of human behavior.
  • 993 counts of unauthorized building alterations.
  • 984 counts of economic tampering.
  • 637 counts of bio-engineering humanoid forms.
  • 598 counts of anti-council propaganda.
  • 542 counts of destruction of council property.
  • 451 counts of destruction of civilian property.
  • 403 counts of unauthorized surveillance of council personnel.
  • 402 counts of unauthorized distribution of council personnel personal information.
  • 375 counts of unauthorized downloads of classified council records.
  • 375 counts of unauthorized distribution of classified council records.
  • 369 counts of sedition (inciting civilian rebellion against the council.)
  • 134 counts of possessing unregistered technology.
  • 88 counts of unauthorized release of penal persons.
  • 88 counts of aiding and embedding fugitives.
  • 61 counts of conduct unbecoming a citizen.
  • 53 counts of possessing unregistered weapons.
  • 24 counts of council brain-washing.
  • 12 counts of impersonating council personnel.
  • 5 counts as an accessory to the kidnapping of council personnel.
  • 3 counts as an accessory to the blackmail of council personnel.
  • 1 count as an accessory to terrorism against humanity.
CAPTIVE'S LAST STATEMENT No Content-//Deleted from database.//

▒ The listed convictions are those determined by the ones who sentenced her to watch her people leave Earth and Earth move on without her, with new people, who didn't even know she was there. Obviously two sides to every story and this plot is her chance to tell her side, what of it she remembers. Whether the team takes time translating or has it provided for them, it would also let them know the time difference-- 30 seconds to her would be 5.25 days to the outside world, 1 MINUTE for her would be the approximate same as 10.5 DAYS to the outside world. 1 hour to her would be almost 2 years for the outside world. So, in 1 year of her time, 252 years pass outside the bubble. ▒

► So, time dilation weakening would change the ratio of how they see each other on either side of the field, as the times get closer together so to speak, perhaps as a fail-safe to prevent the field from shrinking into areas critical for her survival.
25% weaker might mean 1 minute her time is a little under 9 days Earth time; 50% weaker, 1 minute for her would be 5.25 days; 75% weaker, a little under 3 days; 80% 1 minute would be a little over 1 day Earth time; 90% 1 minute would be about 1 day Earth time; 95% 1 minute her time would be 1/2 a day Earth time; 98% weaker, 1 minute for her would be about 5 hours Earth time; 99% weaker, 1 minute her time = about 3 hours Earth time.
► Use the above time estimates to help you decide what state the field might be in, if you'd prefer this distorted interaction before their actual engagement. Otherwise, just think of it as added perspective if your character has the background and interest to consider what life might have been like for her up to this point.
► If you'd prefer to start at a point where the field fails or they figure out a way to disable it/turn it off, so she's suddenly faced with the team/investigator moving in "real time" I'm ALL for that too!
► I'm open to the idea of the control console allowing them to send her a message, though they'd have to wait her timeframe, to get any kind of reply. :-p This could be discussed as events leading to the starting point of play.

Hopefully I haven't lost you yet! This section is to help give direction to the kinds of male personalities and such, I'd love to play opposite this character, in this kind of plot... and why. ;-) Numbered for convenient reference, not in order of preference. ♥ = favor indicator

  • 1. ♥ Lone Investigator - he cuts down on NPC's beyond backstory and by solo presence, speaks to the superior ability and skill of him as an individual-- or course, it could also simply mean it was his equipment that detected it first and he wanted to check it out for himself. This is especially appealing if he has a similar genetic anomaly as is basic/standard for her own genes, which allow him to use her tech. Simpler, perhaps also the most intimate character type for the plot, regardless of whether he's sent by an organization or of his own drive.
  • 2. Lead/Support Scientist of a Team - the one who may appreciate the time dilation field the most, and it's effect on the rock around it, etc. A unique perspective to remind her there's nothing wrong with someone being in awe of what she considered torture. Not to mention, they could relate on some levels that would elude the other team members, specifically in respect to various scientific principals and so on. I imagine this type of lead man to be a challenge, though not a bad one, just one dependent on the portrayal and personality for compatibility/chemistry. 
  • 3. ♥♥Historian/Anthropologist/Archeologist of a Team- the one who might best understand the torture she's endured and be quickest to put together the profoundness of her punishment in context to her count of crimes. I LOVE cultural exploration so playing a man interested in other cultures is extra bonus for me. xD I imagine him to be the most compassionate toward her plight, regardless of how she may react once confronted by them. He might even be her voice when she fails to communicate well enough. I especially like this kind of main character because Auz would unintentionally bond with him potentially lean to his favor quite rapidly. Arguably highest/easiest chance for romance.
  • 4. ♥Lead/Support Security of a Team- combatively capable men are hot, so, yeah, I dig this role for the lead man. Specifically the contrast of how he conducts himself compared to the other NPC's of his detail, and the heightened ability to read impending danger. I imagine this man to be the one who's first to sense the real danger she presents is her inherent distrust of authority. For him I adore a sort of love-hate relationship that will no doubt come about because she'll see him as a pawn of authority initially and resist accepting his rank/position on the team is just a job, not who he is even if he chose it because of who he is/his tenancies. As security, he may also be the one who has to bind her at some point.. xD 
  • 5. ♥Lead/Support Tech/Communication/Engineer of a Team- the BIGGEST appeal to this type of lead character, is the notion he's hardly interested in her, until he finds out her body is also technology in the form of a synthetic female form with organic nanites that heal her and also prevent her from aging. I like the idea that only in having to interact with her to study the composition of her body and how it interacts and houses her consciousness, does he even begin to find any interest in her as a person. e.g. he prefers technology to people typically. I like the behavior shift of being given the cold shoulder to him trying to be cordial enough for her to cooperate. In the study of her synthetic body, he may also be the best type of character to explore plot-bondage and non-consensual(turned consensual) sexual scenarios and scenes.
  • 6. ♥♥♥Leader/Commander of a Team - the "in charge" control to have lone-investigator level intimacy/engagement with her, obvious bonus. Aside from that I do enjoy the dynamic of NPC influences to help throw plot twists in and create in character tensions, etc. As a man of authority over the team, he would automatically be a person of interest for her, and perhaps a main target for any efforts of coercion to gain total freedom. In the same respect, he may likewise be the hardest for her to get to and get through. Too as leader, he'd be the one who has to decide what they do, from the time they discover the face of the facility and her within the bubble just outside the facility, to the time the shield and field fail/drop and they can engage her in real time. He'll be the one she blames for others executing his orders, and he'll also be the one she respects the most for giving orders that keep her alive and out of potential harms way (like making her capture alive and unharmed a priority over technology salvage.) 

I thought it best to point out the advantages of a team in this plot vs the advantages of a lone investigator:

► We can both play the NPC's of the team, to influence our characters and the choices they have to make.
► We can also choose to make NPC's secondary/supporting characters to explore other character pairing dynamics within the plot.
► A team offers more influential variables for the organization to use/go through to change the commander's issued objectives. So, if not playing the Commander, then the subordinate could face conflicting objectives which is in-character dynamite for drama.
► A Team allows both main characters to garner information about the other's character without direct interaction with them; this is always fun, I think, in challenging/changing perspectives, biases and such.
► With a team, we can conjure a separation scenario where your main character has to face a similar reality she has, such as a team member tampering/experimenting with the devices and briefly turning it back on while our main characters are in the field, maybe reversing things so even at 1%, 1 minute Earth time would be 3 hours in the bubble, so if it took the team even two minutes to fix it, they'd be in the reversed field for 6 hours!

► Things can get extreme this one-on-one, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I love extremes. xD
► He could basically be a whole team rolled into one seasoned/experienced, highly intelligent man who automatically imprints on her psychologically, as the first person she'd interacted with in real-time for hundreds of thousands of years. The profoundness of that moment in solitude, just the two of them, that alone is an advantage I'd love to explore!
► Without a team, he'd be the one calling all the shots and conducting everything himself, which, in a way, could also be a weakness because he's just one man and no doubt against a clock counting down to when he'll be expecting company from someone else detecting the site. It's an "against all odds" kind of suspense you can't quite get with a team in play.
► With one man, we can play the idea of reversing the time bubble as he tries to buy more time, thus trapping himself in it, with her, watching time crawl by on the outside world. (I have no problem taking scenic lead in this kind of turn of events!)
► With one man, particularly investigating of his own accord and resources, there's room for him to be a descendant of her people, who's been living on Earth trying to find her-- though perhaps what he was looking for was different/lost in translation and finding her is a surprise. In this case, he might also have the command code to unlock, disable and otherwise control the devices even if he doesn't realize it at first/it takes him a little time to put the pieces of his knowledge together. Thus, not just fighting time against Earthlings, but perhaps his own people elsewhere in space, who may have a secret order blindly following some archaic ordain to keep her locked up/suffering.
► One investigator allows us force them to confront each other, rather than giving them exits with NPC's. This kind of conflict is great for character and relationship development. So, while one of them may be able to walk away, it may be difficult to stop the other from following, talking or otherwise still influencing the situation/moment/mood.
► One on one gives me the somewhat selfish advantage of a more level playing field so to speak, where she might be able to subdue and bind him upon first encounter, and have control over the situation for a time, a dynamic which would be difficult to do with a team without arranging it OOC (which could be done. :-p)
► A Lone Investigator takes away the ability to gain information from other sources, so it amps up the mystery factor, leaving her to figure him out and question him herself. Which to me is positive potential for deliciously awkward, tense and tauntingly seductive moments any time we want, versus any time we can conjure with strategic NPC placement in a team.
► A single investigator gets to pit his tech, intelligence, skill, and so forth, directly against hers, thus also gaining more singular respect along the way as they go toe to toe in different scenarios over different things. Instantly also making him the singular most important person in her life when the rest of the world comes crashing in on them.

If you can't tell, either way, I'm in!

▒ Regardless of my favor preferences above, I like this idea/character enough to enjoy any of the male leads or even ideas I haven't considered, as long as they include a version of the female character Auz and "separated from the world" captive finding freedom kind of scenario.  ▒

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read through this!!! PLEASE be a detailed, and engaging player if interested in contacting me for this plot. It also may be implied, but in the event it isn't to you, please check my O/O.

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Re: "FINDERS KEEPERS" - F for M character - sci-fi/futuristic plot
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2017, 09:34:27 pm »
Hi, I've been away for a few years from here would love to get back into it, went threw the plot description and holy convictions. If we do play this plot I do see the story going down the him being an historian/archaeologist/scientist rout how ever with slight modification to your story line. Him being obsessed with finding said cavern thinking it hold untold technology when its just a prison for you, following rumours and myths leaving a high ranking position in university/scientific organization/government to become a crazed madman of sort. Possibly leading to (after the finding of the cave) of him seeking revenge or some where on those lines.

Offline Alive Until DeadTopic starter

Re: "FINDERS KEEPERS" - F for M character - sci-fi/futuristic plot
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2017, 08:55:34 pm »
Sorry for the delay, just saw this today and it's been.. a rollercoaster kind of day, particularly this evening. I haven't had a chance to update my page, or this thread, but I'm in discussion for this plot already and just fleshing out opening scene details as time permits.


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