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October 17, 2021, 01:32:41 am

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Author Topic: (M for F) I want your jokes blue, your prose purple, and your cheeks red  (Read 677 times)

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First off, let's link to the pages about me: Ons and Offs here, and a little bit more here.

I am available for email, Discord, and Google Doc RPs only. I hope to get back into forum RPs soon.

RP IDEAS (in order of want)
Most of these are one on one, but most of them could have additional authors, if something works. Also, if these are jumping off points for roleplays that deviate from the original premise, that's fine too. I love drama and character development!

Requirements: good grammar, satisfactory length of posts (one paragraph minimum, but more as time goes on), lady writers only please.

Go look at my Ons and Offs for starters, I am quite flexible with anything that includes things that turn me on. Three (or more) authors in a scene, but not technically a GM looking for a group game, I like as well.

I'm currently seeking a roleplay in which I am actively or forcefully made submissive and feminized. It could happen in any number of ways: slavery, a normal BDSM relationship, mind control, blackmail, curiosity, etc. I am craving it hard, and the character would probably secretly like it too, once he got over himself. (Feminization, shaving, BDSM, crossdressing, pet play, forced homosexuality, teasing, orgasm denial)

You play the man, I play the woman. We could talk OOCly about each other's assumptions of the opposite sex in our writing, or we can write purposefully bad stereotypes just for a laugh. Any scenario. (Any)

We are friends. Then, in some magical way, one or both of us switch sexes. We have to deal with the fallout of switching. Perhaps the unswitched one wants to help the switched one be the best man/woman they can, maybe both parties are swapped and freaking out. Smut is involved in any case. Gay, futa or intersex is possible, but not required. (Body Transformation and pretty much anything else you want)

We work at a sex club as a couple, performing all manner of sex acts on stage for an audience. Each night would be trying to decide what position to do, how it feels to share our intimate moments with strangers, hiding our jealousy when we are hired for a 'private show', and wondering whether we're really in love.

A twist on a date rape scene; I get drunk at a party. You get me secluded and use the power of suggestion to make me willing. Being drunk, I'm already halfway to doing whatever, your hypnotic suggestions make it easier. I am hypnotized, my prohibitions thrown to the wind. Perhaps one or both of us is married, perhaps I am not attracted to you, but for some reason I would never approach you sober. But now? All bets are off. I want you, but in my state you are the one that's going to have to take the lead. (Alcohol, Hypnotism, Date Rape)

I'm a sucker for a general high fantasy setting, but I do not like specific IPs. I also like fantasy character as long as they experience the same animal desires like we do. Werewolves, elves, halflings, animal races, yes. Vampires, undead, aliens, probably no unless their sex drive is very similar to our own. Dangers from monsters, magical spells meant to imprison you, a curse that must be lifted by a kiss, all good! (Any)

Or the prince, or the sheik, or the billionaire, etc. I am rich and powerful beyond compare, and I am looking for the perfect slave to fulfill my every need. From companion, to chef, to bather, to breeder, to escort, to submissive, to wife, to assistant. I get every ounce of use out of you, but hey, you're getting rich. This is a medium-length RP with a definite end - you have enough money and leave, or you stop taking the money because of something else (love, subspace addiction, etc.) The opposite case - you the billionaire, me the wageslave - is also good. (BDSM, power exchange, slavery, TLC)
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