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Started by sweets, March 27, 2017, 02:31:47 AM

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Hey all Sweets here looking to take on a few more stories.

Please note currently I am posting somewhat slow due to a new job where I am working over night so have messed up my sleep schedule a bit.

Here are my on's and offs' which are still a work in progress so if you have questions shoot me a PM.

Table of contents

  • Videogame Based Stories
  • Television Show Based Stories
  • Original Settings
  • Picture Inspired Plots/ Settings


Videogame Based Stories

Name: You are but a dog. (Named for the Thalmor Justicar quote.)

Setting: Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Scenario: The Dragonborn had many followers, many loyal friends who follow him into battle without hesitation. One such friend is the Bosmer thief Aralithil, a small spitfire who can shoot a skeever through the eye at one hundred paces blindfolded if her boasting is to be believed. Even if it is just boasting she is by far the best archer that The Dragonborn has ever encountered. Some may find it odd that a Nord and Elf would be so close, but the tow pay that no mind. In each other they have found unwavering loyalty.

This loyalty is put to a true test when Aralithil is captured by the Thalmor. While trying to rescue Esbern from the Ratway the party is ambushed. Aralithil demands that she be left behind to cover the retreat of the Dragonborn and a wounded Esbern. Captured by the Thalmor Aralithil is interrogated to see what Esbern and The Dragonborn have planned.

Pairing: Original Characters. Bosmer Female/ Altmer Male.

Content: Non-con. violence, magic,


Name: Not my War.

Setting: Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Scenario: The Dragonborn, hero of Nordic legend. Eater of Dragon Souls, with the same blood as the Divine Talos. Sounds like a big, muscular, blonde haired, blue eyed native should be swinging a greatsword around. What the world got was a Breton who wandered into an ambush while heading to check out the Mages College. Suddenly caught in in the middle of not only an apocalyptic prophecy and a Civil War things just got way more complicated then she had ever intended.

She keeps her head down mostly avoids getting too wrapped up in the infighting between the Nords. Both sides want her involved though, getting the Dragonborn to publicly side with them would do wonders for the public's opinion. So when assigned to sway her to the side of the Stormcloak/Empire a soldier finds himself caught up in her adventures more than he had originally bargained for.

Pairing: Original Characters. Breton Female/  Male.

Content: Romance, seduction, Civil War, typical violence of Elder Scrolls universe, espionage.


Name: New Vegas Lights

Setting: Fallout New Vegas.

Scenario: The Old World is gone, long forgotten by most who wander the wasteland. It has ghosts that still linger, posters, foods, the skeletons of buildings and cars. If one calls those things ghosts then what is New Vegas? Polished like a gem that had been hidden away, protected as much as something could be from time. It is like nothing else left in the Mojave, a place where if for just a moment things can seem better.

The Courier is not fond of New Vegas, something that seems to shock people. She likes the smaller towns better she explains. It is too crowded here, too loud, too bright. The 38 makes for a good base of operations, everyone can stay there that follows her. Other than that there is not a whole lot that the city has going for it.

Pairing: Original Characters. Female Courier/ Open

Content: Very open to ideas.


Name: In War, Victory. In Peace, Vigilance. In Death, Sacrifice.

Setting: Dragon Age

Scenario: Joining the Grew Wardens after the Blight had seemed the right thing to do. They needed people, skilled people and Ren had nothing left but her sword and shield. Seeking a cause to fill the void left by a dead husband she turned to the Wardens. She had never expected to find love again, never thought that she would meet a man who made her heart swell and her breath stop. Never before did she fear the taint in her blood, or dread when she would hear the call.

Pairing: Original Characters. Grey Warden Female/ Male.

Content: Tragic Romance, impending death, adventure


Television Show Based Stories

Name: Doctor or Vet?

Setting: Grimm

Scenario: Beth is a Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen having learned about Wesen on accident as a simply good samaritan trying to help someone who got mugged. Being brought into that world was a bit of a shock. She tired to operate as normal but found herself dragged into the Wesen world. She had medical knowledge and if someone Woged on accident she did not freak out too much so she slowly became popular to see for the local Wesen community. She kept the secret that she knew what they were and in return they kept it a secret that she knew at all.

Pairing: Original Characters. Female Human / Male Wesen.

Content: Romance, Drama, Modern day setting.

Name: Stupid Cupid

Setting: Supernatural based could be Original

Scenario: Eros God of Love. Running into him was far above Diana's paygrade. Demons she could handle, vampires were no issue, ghosts she could deal with if she had one hand tied behind her back. Gods were a whole different ballpark. She made a call to the Winchesters and explained that she was in over her head. She had stopped some witches who had bound the God in attempts to harness his powers, ever since then he had bit a little stalker like. She was doing her best to avoid detection but he always seemed to find her.

When she meets the Winchesters for help a jealous Eros whisks her away to hs home. Now a prisoner of Cupid Diana can only try to escape before he decides to use one of his arrows and remove her choice in weather or not she wants him.

Pairing: Original Characters. Female Hunter / Cupid the God of Love.

Content: Non-con, modern day, Monster Hunter. (Cupid could look like the Karl Urban Cupis of Xena for extra points.)


Name: S.W.A.K. Sealed with a Kiss

Setting: Supernatural

Scenario: Making a deal with a demon is never a good idea, even with noble intentions. She had done it to save someone that she loved, and some part of him respected that. She had not even tried to bargain for more time, she had been willing to go to hell right then and there that second. It was amusing, almost refreshing. Imagine his surprise when he came to claim her sound and fell right into a Devil's Trap. Clever girl had made friends with hunters, spent her time actually being productive rather than just wait for him to come get her.

Her spirit thrilled him, the chase exhilarated him. She was smart, tough, and unafraid. She did not have to worry about him going back on his end of the deal, her loved one had died in a freak accident even though he had saved them from the cancer. When he finally caught her he decided to have a biy of fun before taking her soul.

Content: Modern day setting, Dark, Non-con, Violence, Demons.


Original Settings

Name: Untested Metal.

Setting: Historical Fantasy

Scenario: The fact that he wanted to be a knight sine he had seen his first tournament was very believable. He had the ideals, the muscle, the armor. He even had his first mission, save one of the Princesses and then be able to marry her. Problem was he was not the best fighter, or tracker, or hunter. So he figured that he would hire someone to help him. All the best Knights had Squires right?

The woman he hires is impressive, would have made for a fine Knight herself if such a place was open for a woman. She was charming, capable, patient. If it were not for the fact that he was going to marry the Princess he would have pursued her. Yet as they travel on he finds himself thinking less and less of the Princess.

Pairing: Original Characters. Would be Kight/ Sellsword

Content: Romance, Fantasy, Quests.


Name: Sea and Sky.

Setting: Fantasy, Mythology

Scenario: She was the daughter of the mighty sea god, a beauty unmatched by any on land. She spent her days playing in the suff, singing and sunning herself on the rocks near the shore. She would rescue sailors whose ships went down on the rocks near the shore. She was happy, under the protection of her Father none dared to harm her.

Until one day when she was stolen away from the Sea. Taken away by a God whose powers rivaled her Father's. The God of the sky and winds had taken her to where the waves could never reach, to his castle far up in the clouds. Smitten with her beauty and kindness, fueled by hatred of a rival God who had a weakness only for his children the God of the Sky took her so that he may make her his own.

Pairing: Original Characters. Demigoddess/ God

Content: Non-con, kidnapping, mythology.


Name: Clockwork Heart. (Open to direction)

Setting: Steampunkish? Fantasy, Magic.

Scenario: Her Father had been a gifted clockmaker, the best ever seen. When she had nearly died due to her weak heart he offered everything he had to his name to the Sorcerer to save her. Moved by how willing the man was to sacrifice everything, even his own life the Sorcerer agreed to save her. A life for a life was required, and a replacement heart. So her Father made her a heart that would never fail her again, one of metal and gears. Knowing it was the last thing that he would ever make he put his heart and soul into it. In the end she was left with beautiful clockwork heart powered by magic and nothing else.

Her father gone, everything he owned and his life taken in payment for he spell that saved her. An odd girl who seemed to be followed by a soft ticing sound begging on the streets.

Pairing: Original Characters. Open to Male character

Content: Open to ideas.


Comic/Superhero Stories

Name: Feed the Croc.

Setting: Arkham. Gotham City

Scenario: Even he was not sure what he wanted from his new doctor. He could smell her fear when they met, she hid it well but she could not hide how it made her smell. Her scent made his mouth water and hunger claw at his insides. Did he want to eat her? He had threatened her with that, more than once. She never even visibly flinched, just continued to talk to him. She would glance at her notes and tuck her hair behind her ear, the long locks surrounded her face like she was a picture in a fine gold frame.

He tried to get a rise out of her often. She had promised to be honest with him if he was honest with her, so he would ask question he thought would embarrass her in front of the guards that were always at her side should he decide to make good on his threat. She would always respond in that calm tone, sometimes she even smiled. It was maddening. He was not human he was a monster and yet she insisted on treating him like he wasn't one. 'The more people treat you like a monster the more you act like one. Trying to prove a point is a rather human behavior.' That was what the Bitch said more than once. Stupid meat Doctor acting like she understood him. He was going to show her what a monster was.

Pairing: Killer Croc and Doctor.

Content: Violence, Non Con, kidnapping.


Inspirations for Partner's Characters.