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February 25, 2021, 04:35:34 pm

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Author Topic: Psylocke and the Oni - > (Open to any!)  (Read 668 times)

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Offline xSanguineTopic starter

Psylocke and the Oni - > (Open to any!)
« on: March 25, 2017, 08:49:03 pm »
Hey there!

My name is Addie and I've been writing for roughly ten years now. For this particular request thread, I'm after a plot
that will revolve around Marvel's Psylocke/Betsy Braddock character. The plot itself if still in its early stages, so that's where you come in!


You, the player, will be writing the Dominant character, I'll be writing Psylocke.
I am accepting only Intermediate and higher skill levels of writing. If writing longer posts (300+ words) isn't your style, then this sadly isn't for you.
You must be willing to write FxF scenarios, containing but not limited to - BDSM, manipulation, slow-breaking and corruption.
Futa will be necessary for the heir aspect.
An absolute minimum of two posts a week. I can't hold onto threads where I only get one post a week.


Hundreds of years ago, a lie was written during the period of the Sengoku Period - the warring states of Japan. While the records say that it was one of battles between men, it was not. It was the forces of the Oni - the Japanese name for demons of the darkworld. The Oni commanded a legion of ninja whom worshiped them. They tore down empires and rendered cities to their will. It was only by the combined forces of the samurai were the Oni forces defeated and Japan saved. The Oni were believed to be destroyed, but the remaining ninja, through their loyalty, sealed what little essence of the Oni Queen that remained into an artifact and disappeared. Centuries passed, the Oni disappeared from history and Japan flourished.

2014, the Queen awoke. She was resurrected by the descendants of the ninja clan whom served the Oni, the ninja order known as The Hand. Centuries of rituals had restored her strength, and the Oni Queen was prepared to wreak vengeance upon the land that had desecrated her rule. But The Hand was dealt a crushing blow by the mutant ninja known as Psylocke and her ronin companion Wolverine. Reeling from this defeat, the Hand's numbers were reduced, and they could not mount any further offensives.

But that was not what the Queen had in mind. Her gaze had become focused on Psylocke. A mutant with incredible powers and deadly skill. For all the millennia that the Queen had existed, she had always been alone. Always without a lover. This mutant would be an end to that. She would see that Psylocke be seduced into her web, and then bear her Oni children. Psylocke would become her warrior.

This is all open to plotting, naturally.

If you are interested, please Private Message me!
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