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Author Topic: A Hawke Family Christmas  (Read 129 times)

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Offline MorteTopic starter

A Hawke Family Christmas
« on: December 06, 2018, 03:34:10 PM »
A little snapshot I wrote a while back, featuring characters of my own design~


The cold wind swept over the empty field and ran through the incredibly light snowfall with a gentle touch. It washed over, too, the four people currently standing in the cold with a view of the Hawke family manor in the far background. Greyson stood a few meters across from the tall figure of Gilgamesh while Mona and a young boy named Kai were quiet and watching both of them from the sidelines. Greyson was clad in a longcoat the same style his father had as his syndicate uniform with a similarly colored pair of dark grey gloves to shield them from the cold. Below the coat at the knees he was clearly wearing a pair of blue jeans and two black winter-boots that were a tad bit scuffed from previous use. Across from him Gilgamesh was wearing the same black business suit he often wore; although now he sported a dark blue scarf draped over his shoulders and hanging loosely from his body.

"...Why do you want to do this again?"

Grey asked with a sigh, absentmindedly rubbing his hands together as his breath created a fine mist that dispersed into the air in moments. Gilgamesh simply shrugged, his own breath lacking the same fog as any normal person would as he began to reply,

"Tradition, my friend. Or have you forgotten so easily?"

Grey just shot the man a tired look. Of course he remembered the significance of this day beyond simply being Christmas. It was this day, a great many years ago in a vastly different 'place' that he and Gilgamesh met for the first time. Perhaps 'met' was the wrong word, rather is was more 'fought nearly to the death'. Back then Grey was a different person, angry and full of hatred for that which wasn't human. Gilgamesh too was different; still sassy and a pit of a prick but he was much less forgiving to anyone who crossed him. Now, the both of them were wiser and kinder to the world they lived in, even if Gilgamesh could still be a dick and Grey could sometimes be a bit too harsh with certain peoples. The youngest boy, seemingly about six years old with head of silver hair and a pair of brilliant green eyes, tugged the luxurious white fur coat that covered nearly her entire body.

"What's dad and uncle Gilg doing?"

Mona glanced down at the child, her deep crimson locks resting atop the collar and front of her coat, as if the great beast it once was had spilled its blood a second time. Normally piercing and fierce grey eyes softened slightly at the sight of the child, before she extended a hand to softly pat the child's head.

"Being idiots, kid."

Meanwhile Grey's left arm was beginning to glow. Over his coat reddish runes began to appear floating above the fabric, the young man raising that arm until it pointed directly at Gilgamesh. Grey just mumbled a word that may've been 'fine' before a light exploded from his palm. It flew forward with blinding speed and struck Gilgamesh in the chest causing a small explosion. The force of the impact and following explosion threw Gilgamesh back a few feet, though the moment his immaculate leather shoes met the snowy surface of the grass he skid to a halt. Smoke bled off of his body as he straightened up from being hunched over a bit, small fires burning out on his blazer without doing any damage as the being smiled and slid his fingers into his coat pockets.


Greyson was silent for a few moments before his face curled into a small frown. He lifted his other arm to add to the mix, another rune appearing over this one and glowing a bright yellow. From it a bolt of lightning erupted and struck Gilgamesh; however he merely stood there with a soft smile as the electricity crackled throughout his body and diffused into the earth below. Gilgamesh opened his mouth to speak when suddenly a mixture of explosive force struck him directly in his face, his time throwing him much farther back and with considerably more force. His body spun like a ragdoll before he struck the ground and rolled slowly to a stop. Gilgamesh laid there for a few moments before his arms slowly pushed his torso away from the cold ground and as carefully got to his feet. He brushed the snow and errant grass debris from himself before he bent his knees suddenly. The ground beneath him cracked lightly before he vanished in an instant. Meanwhile light golden runs appeared over Grey's legs, both identical and causing that same glow to spread across his form. He moved in a blue, shifting his body to the side with impressive speed as Gilgamesh appeared mid-punch. It sailed past Grey's nose by the thinnest of gaps; Grey's golden orbs meeting Gilgamesh's fierce red ones coupled with his amused smile.

Gilgamesh vanished from sight again, reappearing behind Grey and going for a leg-sweep. Greyson hopped with his own heightened speed to avoid it while aiming both his hands down just in front of him. The electrical explosion they created launched him in an arc through the air while he tucked his legs in to flip. Grey smoothly landed on his feet as through the smoke Gilgamesh shot toward him like a bullet. This time Grey wasn't able to react or move out of the way properly due to the positioning of his body and was forced to take Gilgamesh's fist directly to his gut. Grey let out a deep sound to accompany the air being ejected from his lungs before Gilgamesh used his off-hand to slam an uppercut into Grey's jaw. The force Gilgamesh was capable of was like packing all the power of a bullet train directly into a fist-sized package mailed directly to your body. Thus, naturally, Grey was launched into the air again just as both a greenish run on his ribs and a purplish rune on the back of his neck began to glow while the ones on his legs faded. Gilg bent his knees once more, before launching himself up and just above Grey. He reeled back and was going to slam Grey back into the earth with another vicious punch when he hesitated. Grey's body seemed to shimmer and then through his body blue javelins emerged with incredible velocity. Gilgamesh barely blocked his face with his arms before nine of these javelins struck his body one after the other, breaking on impact and shredding his blazer and shirt with each strike. Grey's body meanwhile broke apart like glass and the real Greyson was just below him, a blue rune on his right shoulder shining as he fell and the illusion vanished. While Gilg was being catapulted further up, Grey's back slammed onto the ground and pain shot through his entire body. Thankfully the rune on his ribs was mitigating and slowly repairing damage so that was nice, but it did nothing for pain or the like.

Grey groaned lightly as he tried to sit up, but his eyes only widened when he looked above him and he rolled to the side. Gilgamesh had descended and struck the ground powerfully with a large 'boom' echoing throughout the area. The shockwave threw Grey away and rolling to the side, but he managed to right himself as the roll slowed down and get back up onto his feet.

"Very good Grey! You've improved; though I don't appreciate your..."

Gilgamesh looked down and gestured to his now ruined blazer and dress shirt, even taking his tie in one hand before it fell to pieces through his fingers.


Greyson laughed lightly himself as he rubbed his neck and stood up, groaning a bit after due to latent pain.

"Heh... Thought you'd like my fashion sense. Guess I was wrong, yeah?"

Gilgamesh tilted his head forward a bit and gave Grey a sour look before they both shrugged and vanished once more.

While these two were busy engaging in combat, Mona and Kai simply watched from the sidelines. Mona was watching every move closely, internally analyzing their fighting styles and the flaws therein as was her habit. Kai, on the other hand, just watched with a mixture of bubbling excitement and fear of being caught in the crossfire. He was still clutching Mona's fur coat with progressively more of his strength with every dodge and blow his father and uncle traded. However, as the conflict before him became more and more intense eventually the child could hardly take it anymore. He turned and began to dash off in the direction of the manor while Mona only looked back at him for a moment before shaking her head slightly. Leave it to Grey to raise such a softie; unlike the boy's sister. Her eyes, just before she turned back to the fight, caught another figure approaching past the running figure of Kai.

"...How appropriate."

Meanwhile, Grey had drawn both of his pistols. Engraved semi-automatic firearms that were the corporeal form of twin spirits, Lux and Nox, currently deflecting kicks and blows being rapidly thrown by Gilgamesh by way of impressive gun-kata. Every block and deflection was punctuated by the loud explosion of a gunshot aimed at Gilgamesh's body. Naturally they deflected off of his skin, but the force they carried was enough to throw him slightly off balance each time. Gilgamesh threw a right, which Grey barely ducked and drove the tip of one pistol into an uppercut and gunshot to Gilg's chin, before rapidly firing both weapons into Gilgamesh's chest. The man took one step back from the attacks, but launched himself forward at Grey, who did the same.

Just before they collided, huge hands slammed into the side of their faces and drove both of them forward and down into the ground.


Desmond's voice roared as twin bolts of lightning carrying immense power all on their own erupted from their bodies and flew into the sky. Desmond raised up afterward and dusted his hands off, wearing a pug ugly red and green Christmas sweater depicting a certain reindeer with a glowing nose, a santa hat, a pair of red slacks, and black boots that looked like they could be from a Santa costume. Below him in the center of now dry grass charred black laid both Gilg and Grey, crackling with residual electricity and silent for the most part. Desmond simply grumbled as Mona moved to stand beside the giant,

"Shall I drag them inside, sir?"

"...No, let'em crawl. 'S what they get for skipping out on lunch to beat the hell out of each other."

The two of them spoke, Desmond's rough voice a huge contrast to Mona's smooth and controlled tone. He turned to walk away first, folding his arms in the cold while Mona watched their bodies. Gilgamesh panted lightly, regaining his breath to say;

"...Not an entirely shocking outcome."

Grey simply groaned both in response to his pain and Gilgamesh's terrible, truly awful pun. Mona just tilted her head and kicked Gilgamesh in the ribs.

The cold wind swept over their charred bodies and continued through the fields...