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Author Topic: pineapples are in my head. ( original & fandom; any x any! )  (Read 1403 times)

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pineapples are in my head. ( original & fandom; any x any! )
« on: March 21, 2017, 12:42:05 pm »
Greetings, Elliquiy! After a very long absence, I am back with a vengeance, so prepare yourselves for the near-incoherent ramblings of someone clearly just out of reach of sanity. Also, ten points to you if you know the song referenced in the title!

I know these are no fun but I find that getting the boring stuff out of the way first helps us all in the end!
- A little about me - I am a registered nurse and I work night shifts. This means at least three 12-hour shifts per week, and I usually pick up more. Therefore, I sometimes have unlimited free time for several days, during which I can be here and reply a billion times in a day. Other days, I may be working a 3-5 day stint and will literally only be working and sleeping. Some days, my depression or some kind of work-related trauma get the better of me, and I want to do nothing but watch reruns of The Office and drink. So I understand not being able to post with any set time limits - all I ask is at least one post per week; however, as I totally get the fact that life happens, just shoot me a message if you're not going to be posting for a long time! I am in no way going to pester you, and I will provide you with the same courtesy should things happen. I want us all to have fun and feel no pressure!
-I tend to like longer posts; I vastly prefer quality over quantity. I don't care about matching lengths - I tend to write a lot and sometimes ramble, and you are in no way "required" to do the same. However, I have to have enough substance to respond to! If I write seven paragraphs and receive a one paragraph reply, then that paragraph better be full of action!
-I've spent the last several years writing on my own and roleplaying here and there on other forums; I have honed my style to a point I very much like now, and it will be very different from what you see of my posts here. Therefore, I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue a roleplay at my own discretion - and, of course, you have the same right! I'll send you a PM if that's the case, and I would hope for the same from you. It's never anything personal; sometimes, two writing styles just don't gel.
-World & character build with me!!! I tend to write better with people when we're friends OOC; I would love a constant or near-constant stream of OOC messages, talking either about the characters, the worlds, the plot, or even just random stuff about our lives! I want us to both be invested in our writing. If we're building an entire world, I want to go in-depth, write out the history, reference that history in the roleplay. I want to know so much about our characters that they feel like friends.
-Bring the humor! Bring the action! A good roleplay isn't one-dimensional in the emotion department. I want to smile, I want to be angry, I want to tear up. That being said, I do tend toward "darker" themes. I love writing in the "extreme" section because it allows a roleplay to grow to whatever lengths we want. I'll very rarely be willing to write in the "light" category,
-Plot > smut. Of course there will be sex, but I want a slow burn - I want it to make sense within the story.
-We won't do the whole god-modding thing. I love fighting and physicality in my RPs, but we just need to make sure to discuss the outcomes OOC!
-As far as any Dom/sub aspects... I prefer everyone to be willing to "switch." Many of my RPs will rely on both sides wishing to be in control. However, if there needs to be an "established" Dom and sub type deal... I'm weird. If I'm writing as a female, I prefer to be a sub. If I'm writing as a male in a M/F relationship, I prefer to be more Dominant. If I'm writing a M/M relationship, I prefer bottom as well.
-If you're willing to write straight-up horror with me, I will love you FOREVER.
-I'd like everyone to be willing (not for every plot, but as a general rule) to play multiple characters/NPCs, and be willing to embrace the concept of character deaths.
-I write in third person. However, I actually love writing in the present tense, as I feel it adds a sort of urgency to any plot. I'm more than willing to do past tense, though!
Anyway! Now that I've written a novel, we'll move on to the fun stuff. Sorry to ramble. I may edit this to be more condensed but I'm so excited about being on Elliquiy again!

These are the fandoms I'd like to write within. This is by no means an exhaustive list! Just feel free to ask if you'd like to write in another fandom. Titles in bold are ones I really love writing in. *Asterisks mean I have plots for these fandoms. In any of these, I am absolutely willing to write either canon characters or original characters!!
Any MCU movies
Disney movies* ( I love twisted fairy tales! )
Cheesy 80s horror movies
Quentin Tarantino's repertoire
John Wick
Star Wars (any!)
Star Trek (somewhat familiar with the original series but more well-versed in the new movies.)
Passengers (I was actually sort of disappointed in this movie overall, and I would love to use this movie to inspire an original plot - or rewrite the actual plot itself!)
Repo! The Genetic Opera
The Lobster (this would be SUCH an interesting universe to write in!!!!!)

BBC Sherlock
Supernatural (I'm not up to date and would rather write around season 5)
The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead* (I'm not caught up on this one either, and would prefer writing as OCs within the universe)
The X-Files!!!
Stranger Things
Doctor Who/Torchwood (not up to date on DW either, would prefer writing during nine/ten's runs)
The Office (these would probably go in non-sexual, just a fun little thing here and there to be silly and try to capture the unique voices!)

HARRY POTTER*********** (seriously please, write HP with me, I want all the pairings, Drarry, Dramione, Ginny/Luna, Wolfstar, I have so many ideas and AUs, I want so badly to try my hand at writing literally all of the characters)
Stephen King's Dark Tower series
Anything by Stephen King basically
ASOIAF/GOT* (I have a separate request thread for ASOIAF, check it out:
I read a lot of books honestly!! Just ask if you have any you want to write about!

SCP Foundation

I'll definitely be adding to these in the future!

In any of these, the genders can be decided when we speak OOC, and even though I'll have them listed as My Character (MC) and Your Character (YC), we can always discuss switching roles. I will leave all the plots fairly open-ended, as I would way rather have an open discussion on plot points than have a set direction. We gotta have that natural flow!

Sky Looks Dead. I REEEEEEEEALLY want to write this one. I'll love you forever!
Inspiration: The Walking Dead, Mad Max, The Stand (Stephen King), basically any post-apocalypse story.
Setting: Deep in swamp land, either Florida or Louisiana.  Modern/Post-apocalypse.
Vibe: Macabre. Bleak. Messy.
Trigger warnings: You know, basically anything associated with post-apocalypse environments.
Plot: Here's where it gets fun. I want to create an apocalypse with you. This will take several pre-story conversations - just a warning. Was it a zombie virus? Did aliens invade? Do we want a Mad Max-esque civilization of warring, obscene tribes? How about a combination of some of these? I do have several specific ideas, but we can discuss those when we talk; I want it to be a give-and-take of ideas, though I'm happy to disclose my ideas as inspiration. My idea here is to have our apocalypse scenario discussed in private first, and then we begin our story after the "event" has occurred - sort of plunge right into it. We will then delve into the "history" of the event in flashbacks during the writing of the story. I will warn you, I want this one to be very lengthy and detailed. We can integrate any sort of sci-fi or any other elements we want, but the majority of this will be in the backwoods/swamplands. On to characters: MC is a female who has lived in the swamps of the South her entire life. She grew up with two brothers and her father, having lost her mother at a young age. She is tough and survival-savvy; she can use a gun and is virtually silent as she walks confidently through the swamps of her home. This tough life has prepared her for the harsh environment that all of humanity now faces. YC... Well, mostly, that's up to you. The idea I had in mind is that YC is traveling, trying to stay alive, and maybe he/she is from the city and not exactly well suited to this new life (and has survived until now due to luck). This isn't to say that he/she doesn't have skills - I want him/her to have a very vital skill that would mean that MC would allow him/her to stay with her instead of killing YC on the spot when YC travels onto her "land." I just love turning tropes on their heads, and a strong female redneck with a buncha big guns and a penchant for cold-hearted killin' just really catches my fancy. Everything is up for discussion, though!

Eyes Killer Cold.
Inspiration: I just finished reading American Psycho (after being a fan of the movie for years), and it awakened bloodlust. Though of course this will be nowhere near as abhorrent as the novel (which is truly disgusting), I have drawn inspiration from Patrick Bateman's image-obsessed conformity in the face of depraved lunacy. As such, I would really prefer this plot to be written in the present tense, as I felt that it suited the tone of the book's absolute disturbance very well.
Setting: New York City (or any other metropolitan city). Modern.
Vibe: Seething. Evil. Urgent. Dark.
Trigger warnings: Honestly, if you're triggered by anything at all, don't pursue this one. I won't include the animal abuse from the novel, but this gets really dark.
Plot: In an environment where all business people look the same, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, and put more stock in where they can get dinner reservations than  brilliant 20-something up-and-comer (MC) begins a promising career at a Wall Street firm. MC quickly enters the social scene, maintaining an image of a well-informed, put together persona. Every waking moment is calculated down to the smallest detail so that no one can see the horror drifting just behind MC's carefully crafted smile. MC's nights are filled with depravity. There is no stopping the red desire that lurks in a heart blackened by insane bloodlust; MC's only hope at a life of normalcy is to indulge those needs under the blanket of darkness to keep the thoughts away during the day. Enter YC. YC's character is largely up to you; he/she can be a fellow employee on Wall Street, a detective, or anything else you desire. MC and YC meet, somehow, and... The rest is up to us. Let's get nasty.

Red Sun Rises.
Inspiration: Bottom of the River, a song by the band Delta Rae; The Witch (film); the Salem witch trials.
Setting: Salem/any Puritan village in the late 1600s.
Vibe: Bleak. Barren. Yearning. Fearful. Dark.
Trigger Warnings: Animal sacrifices, human deaths, possible non-consent.
Plot: MC is a woman who has recently joined the small village just before the beginning of the witch trials. She has kept to herself, but her medicinal remedies to the townspeople's ailments have proven extremely valuable. However, when the rumors of witches and dark magic begin making their rounds, many of the whispers and fingers begin pointing in her direction. She has been careful not to disclose tangible signs of her magic practices, but the villagers are eager to root out any evil they can find in their village; though the only magic MC has practiced has been for the good of the community, they are building up the courage to attack, to melt the flesh from her bones and expunge any sign of their perceived Devil. There are several ways this plot can be played out, and they mostly depend upon your choice for YC. (S)he can be a villager who has slowly fallen in love with MC, and they meet in secret for fear that (s)he will be persecuted by the other townspeople for his/her association with MC. If you want to go a darker route, YC could blackmail MC after witnessing her perform a spell or ritual. (S)he could force MC to perform darker and darker magic for his/her own gains, or force her to perform sexual acts in exchange for protection from the other villagers. (S)he could offer to run away with MC, and MC could teach him/her the forces of magic, how to perform spells, and together they could delve into dark rituals, spiting the people who wished to eradicate them. The possibilities are endless! Life was hard during this time period, and I want our writing to reflect this.

Trembling Tender Little Sigh.
Inspiration: Agnes, a song by my favorite band, Glass Animals.
Setting: This is something we should discuss - this should either be modern or futuristic (it could be fun to world-build with new drugs, etc!).
Vibe: Bleak. Sad. Romantic.
Trigger warnings: Drug use, character death.
Plot: MC is a girl with a hard past. Her life is awash with grey, a haze of powder and smoke and used needles, anything to escape the pain of being fully awake. YC is the boy who's trying to save her. He can see the good that shines through when she's sober, the way she gives her spare dollars to the men begging on the corner, or the way she takes in animals she doesn't have the funds to take care of. He sees the inspiration awake within her, spitting out art so fantastic it should be showcased the world over. He gets her clean, tries to keep her out of her own head. I want this to be an epic, sad romance, tender but rough, sweet but shattered. Twists will abound; I will tell you about the endings if you're interested, but I don't want to give it all away here!

Hold Me Down.
Inspiration: John Wick, Kill Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, etc.
Setting: Any large city. Present day or future.
Vibe: Gritty. Fun. Violent. Spectacular.
Trigger warnings: Just violent in general. Can get into non-con but not necessarily.
Plot: MC and YC are both prolific and talented assassins. MC is tasked with killing the man YC works for, and YC is given the task of killing MC. It could be fun setting this in the future; perhaps they've developed technology which makes disguises nearly perfect - the possibilities are exciting! At any rate, our characters meet, and the rest is up for discussion. I want fighting, pain, brutality, sexual tension, etc. Perhaps YC decides to take MC prisoner and use him/her at YC's discretion against MC's will. Perhaps they were lovers long ago and after fighting, reconcile in passion. Perhaps both characters are being hunted by a third party and have to team up - for now.

Filthy and I Love It.
Inspiration: Honestly? It's a weird story idea I came up with out of nowhere. I've had this character thought up for awhile and the plot just kind of happened.
Vibe: Dark, Dirty, Toxic, Gritty
Trigger Warnings: Death, Violence, Blood, General darkness/toxicity
Plot: MC is a nurse (she's a very fleshed out character but that doesn't matter here). She is also psychic, and can tell how people are going to die by touching their skin with her own. This makes her a huge asset to her hospital; she makes suggestions based on what she sees and the doctors have learned, mostly, to trust her instincts. But this power came from an extreme childhood trauma which ripped her family apart. This has led to her having some mental health problems, along with a pretty bad alcohol abuse issue, which she indulges in after work. YC is a vampire (out of left field, I know). S/he moves from city to city to keep a low profile, but is over a thousand years old, and has grown cold, almost over the edge of sanity after this long life. S/he tries to avoid love, feelings, emotions, but always indulges lust - whether it's for sex or blood. MC has a self-destructive streak, and when they meet at the bar after work, she can tell he's trouble just by looking at him. And of course that's what she wants. And even when YC bites her, takes her to the brink of death, she wants more. It's a better high than the alcohol - the pain, the pleasure, the brushes with death. So begins a really toxic, fucked-up relationship - but will it remain that way? Or can they teach each other to love?

I have SO many more plots in my mind but I'm so exhausted right now that I can't write them out. I also have little nuggets of plots that aren't fully formed, and would love to hash out with someone! Here they are:

I love LOVE to flip tropes on their heads. I'd love to play the hard-boiled female detective who's seen so much shit she drowns herself in alcohol, and you could be the happy-go-lucky man who falls for her despite her inability to open up, despite her night terrors and the whiff of whiskey on her breath.

In the vein of X-files/Supernatural, we could do a team of cops or agents or just civilians who fight against (or with!) the forces of evil.

I love anything fantasy, historically-based, medieval fantasy, futuristic, anything! I am ALWAYS open to others' plots and I can't stress how much I love world-building!

Any plots in which I can write a nurse are welcome. I love my job and writing nurse characters is fun for me since I'm actually knowledgeable about it! I'd love to write a nurse in an apocalypse setting whose knowledge makes her important - or perhaps even a commodity who's basically like a captive or an object to be traded amongst the groups of survivors.

I will update as I find the energy to type more <3

Thank you for reading my novel length post! I hope some people are interested! I don't bite - hard ;)
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Re: pineapples are in my head. ( original & fandom; any x any! )
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2017, 11:05:56 am »
Edit: removed plots "Eyes Killer Cold" and "Trembling Tender Little Sigh," as they are now taken (though I could be convinced to play them with others if new ideas are brought to the table!). Added plot "She Will Be Loved."

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Re: pineapples are in my head. ( original & fandom; any x any! )
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2017, 09:19:51 pm »
Edit: Removed "Red Sun Rises" as it is now taken (though as usual still up to writing variations of it if it's changed enough!). Added plot "Sky Looks Dead." Which I want to write. Badly.

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Re: pineapples are in my head. ( original & fandom; any x any! )
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2019, 04:27:52 am »
Updated once again! A big update this time since it's been so long. Reinstated some plots, took out some old ones, added to / removed from my fandom ideas, updated rules, etc etc etc. Bumping this one as well as it's been months and I'd like to start writing again!