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Author Topic: The Patient: Kiss of Life  (Read 959 times)

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The Patient: Kiss of Life
« on: December 25, 2008, 07:36:22 pm »
The Patient

Powerful hurricane smashes into the Florida coast, destroying homes, flooding streets, and costing millions of dollars of damge repairs.  Not to mention, the hundreds injured from the storm's wrath.  The top hospital of the state of Florida Sun Light Hospital is practically packed with patients and every available doctor and nurse are running their legs off to keep up with the arriving injured.

A young resident doctor is eager to do his part in saving lives and is dedicated to the hospital.  However, his life changes forever when he receives a patient who was found out in the everglades with a head wound.  She is an alluring beauty with a perfect face, skin, hair, and body.  Too perfect to be natural, but there are no signs of implants or injections from comestic surgery.  As for her name and history it is inconclusive as she is in a coma and remains in a coma for the duration of the recovery efforts.  She is given the name of the lost and nameless, Jane Doe.

Six months later, when most of the city is repaired and the storm long forgotten, she wakes up.  She has no memory of her past except in blinding flashes resulting in headaches and she is still weaken from her time asleep.  With no home, and no sign of family claiming her, the doctor arranges for her to stay at the hospital until she is well and is able to get a job. 

However, there is something unusual about Jane other than her etheral beauty.  She has unnatural intuition of people's emotions and thoughts.  She rarely eats solid food, but constantly drinks water.  She stares off into space for hours and often forgets things, like people's names and where things are.  Also, as the doctor and others soon discover. . . .she has a healthy appetite for sex. 

But the most bizarre thing about Jane Doe is that whomever she has sex with, whether its a broken leg or an illness. . . they are cured within 3 hours after having sex with her.

I want to keep this small, but I'll try to find a part for everybody.


This is a strong story base game.  So being a decent writer IS a requirement.  See my ons and offs to see what I am looking for.

If you have good knowledge of how a hospital works and medical experience, you will be welcomed with open arms!  If you don't *like me*, that's alright.  We'll puzzle through it together.

Be open minded.  There is a good chance of female/female sex in this game.  So be prepared to deal with it if it happens.

You are more than welcome to play more than one character.


Jane Doe:  That's me!

Jane Doe's Doctor:  I would like the player to protray him as young, but pretty skill in medicine.

Nurse:  The doctor's assistant and the one who oversees Jane Doe often.  I would prefer her to be female, but I'll take a male nurse.

A few patients:  As for illnesses or injuries, not trying to sound mean, but nothing too extreme.  Jane Doe will seduce these patients and I rather she have sex with a man with a broken leg than a guy who lost all four limbs.  Preferably a guy with a gash on his cheek, than someone who has a disfiguring illness.  Please, check with me before going along with your illnesses and injuries.       

Doctors and nurses:  Again know what kind of doctor you want to play.  A surgeon, radiologist, pediatrician, etc.

Vistors: A variety of visitors coming to visit sicks ones will be welcomed.


If you are interested, post here or PM me.  But be mindful, I'll be checking your previous posts and ons and offs to see if you are good for this story.  Remember, this is more of a story driven game. 

What will NOT be in the game:

Scat, urine, or vomit play!  None at all!  Vomiting is alright if you are playing a patient and they have to throw up, BUT NOT DURING SEX!!!!!

Extreme:  Though this is a hospital centered game, there will be no needle play.  Check with me before you having a character perform something extreme.  I'm pretty open minded, but I will balk at some things, especially cutting off fingers and putting out eyes. 

But I am open to enema as long as a curtain is drawn during the release.

Again, just check with me.
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Re: The Patient *mul, possible F/F*
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2008, 07:38:59 pm »
I wouldn't mind being an, uh, ailing patient :)