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Author Topic: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird  (Read 1073 times)

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Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:48:00 am »
I normally do not go into pure fandoms.  More than willing to use setting other authors had created, but usually like to write original characters.  This is one itch/craving however I have wanted to write with someone for a bit now since in a previous group game my character had a chemistry with Supergirl and the game ended before we got to explore it more.  Looking to find someone out there willing to take a leap with me and explore this out.  My On and Offs are in my signature block, as are links to some of my writing projects with others here on E!, on going and once which have ended in one form or another.  So feel free to read them both and see if we might be a good fit for one another as far as writing.

As for the pitch, again want my character to team up with Supergirl, but not in the normal fashion.  I want Supergirl to be depowered.  How was this does?  Gold Kryponite piercings into her body which cannot be extracted without risking serious injury to her, possible death.  A revenge thing done against her and Superman.  Kara however is not taking this lying down and still has the need to fight, to help people, only now she has to pick up a whole new type of fighting style since she is no longer the girl of steel.  So she adopts the Flamebird identity, and on the side she has been training in mixed material arts.  It is how Kara will run into my character Chris (see below).  From there we will build up the bond between the two of them as they find out who was behind robbing Kara of her powers, if she was just the test subject, and how to restore them and get the Gold K out of her system and body.    Looking forward to hearing from someone on this.

Chris Knight aka Tempest
Name: Chris Knight
Hero Callsign: Tempest
Origin: Magic
Former Occupation: Captain, United States Air Force, Security Forces
Current Occupation:  Owner, Security Consultant, and Investigator for Knight Security in Metropolis
Age: 28
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210
Sexuality: Mainly heterosexual, but is not homophobic
Residence: Outskirts of Metropolis
On's: Bondage, discipline, Shibari, orgasm denial, Dominat, prolonged teasing (see Player On & Offs in signature block)
Off's: Body fluids, vore, scat, non-con, permanent disfigurement or injury (see Player On & Offs signature block)

Chris Knight: Chris is ruggedly handsome, and if he cleaned up he could easily been seen on GQ. Chris is a bit dense about his looks, and kind of gives it a careless neglect, and does not understand how he gets the attention that he does when he walks into a room.  His hair is longer than in his days in the Air Force, but it is not a long unkempt mass either.  At times he is sporting the stubble, and his normally off duty wear of t-shirts and jean don't show the powerful physique to much detail, still even baggy clothing can't hide that Chris is an extremely fit man that keeps himself in shape.

As Tempest, Chris dresses up like a ninja, for lack of better terms.  His attire is beta-cloth treated that is both tear and ballistic resistant.  It will stop most small arms fire, but military grade or armor piercing rounds will penetrate the costume.  The costume is black to better aid him to fade into the shadows.  He has a full face mask that stops before the bridge of his nose.  With his powers, Tempest is able to reinforce parts of his costume, but he needs more than a seconds warning to do so.  With it he has made the gloves and boots of the outfit far more resilient so as to strike harder with his hands and feet, and with enough warning cause a fifty caliber round to ricochet, but that is only if he has time.  Also doing so to the full outfit turns the costume fairly inflexible and difficult to move in.

Chris is the man everyone wants at their back.  Dependable.  He can flirt at times, but he rarely takes it beyond that.  He makes the first move, and if there is interest, great, if not, he doesn't make waves, as you never know who you are going to need a favor from.  Chris is principled, but his code of honor seems to have his own handbook, so it is hard to say what cause he will champion, but when he does, it is as fierce as any have ever seen.  This personality spills over well into his costumed persona and there is not much separation between the two save that as Tempest he is a bit freer to act and use the powers that he cannot used when out of costume.

Powers and Skills
Air Manipulation: Tempest can manipulate the movement of air about him to perform a number of stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date when he calls upon the Spirits of Air to assist him.
  • With concentration and enough space he can lift and hold aloft in the air mass equaling to one ton in weight.  The heavier the object, the more space he needs to create a wind stream to lift.  For the full ton of weight he would need an area roughly twenty meters cubed in open space.  To generate a wind stream  to hold hold a person of average weight and height aloft, about one meter cubed area of space is all he needs.
  • If he has at least one meter cubed of space about him, Tempest can generate a wind stream that can grant him the power of flight.   How fast he can go depends on how much space he has about him.  In the crowded confines of a city, speeds of up to 150 mph are possible.  Up in open air where the wind stream exists, Tempest has been able to push himself to 450 mph unassisted, faster if he gets a tail wind behind him.   Flight is not a quiet or stealth like ability for Tempest.  When he is using it, it generates as much sound and noise as a class one tornado does, and the wake the follows behind him is the same speed, so flying 150 mph down an alleyway will stir up its fair share of garbage and debris behind him.
  • Force Bolts in the form of spheres of extremely dense and low pressure air that can hit with enough force to knock an average sized man back twenty yards.  Non-lethal in most cases but can hit with enough force to dent reinforced steel up to two inches thick.  Tempest's force spheres have a range of 200 yards with no obstruction.
  • By channeling the Air Spirits through him, it is possible for Tempest to increase his speed and reaction time by a factor of twenty.  This does not mean his body is immune to the consequences of his increased speed.   Striking a person as this speed would likely shatter the bones in his hand unless some precautions were made.  Tempest is extremely cautious when using this power, especially when he is unable to channel another elemental spirit to offset the consequences of his actions while moving at such an accelerated speed.
Earth Manipulation: Tempest can manipulate the movement of earth about him and more importantly, draw from the strength of the very bones of the earth about him.  From his interaction and channeling the spirits of the earth, he is able to perform a number of stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date when he calls upon the Spirits of Earth to assist him.  Note that Tempest must be in contact with the Earth in some form to be able to draw upon these powers.  While he can use them say on the 35th floor of a tall building, their effect would be diminished as a result.   He us unable to channel earth spirits at all while in flight.
  • Tempest can cause an area up to twenty meters cube of earth to shift and move.  He has used this ability to pull boulders from under the earth and fling them at enemies or constructs up to twenty meters away.  This is a fair disruptive and destructive power, and is picked up as a 2.5 seismic event on the Richter scale and as such rarely employs this within the confines of a city unless a person's life is at stake.
  • Tempest can draw upon the strength of the world to change his body to be able to withstand the stress that comes with having superhuman strength, and can lift up to ten tons when he draws upon the earth.  Tempest will never employ super human strength against a normal human opponent unless there was a life at stake.  He often uses this ability in combination with the ability accelerate his speed against meta-human opponents.  This ability coupled with his martial arts skills makes Tempest a deadly opponent in combat against meta-humans.
  • Tempest can draw upon the spirits of the earth to enhance the tensile strength of his skin, or the costume he wears.  He can either confine this to small areas, say hands and feet, or his limbs, or his torso, or to his full body.  Note that his natural flexibility goes down the more he draws upon it.  He can make his body as dense and hard as granite blocks, but he would be immobile and unable to move if he did so.
Water Manipulation: Tempest can manipulate the movement of water about him and more importantly.  From his interaction and channeling the spirits of the water, he is able to perform a number of stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date when he calls upon the spirits of water to assist him.  Note that Tempest must be within 200 meters of a body of water in order to channel the spirits of water, and their effect or intensity is diminished when confronted with effects that would cause water to dissipate at an unnatural rate, such as extreme heat.  Also the volume of water is important, and he would need a source at least one meter cubed in volume to gain the spirit strength needed to use his abilities to full effect.
  • Move and manipulate into shapes or physical constructs of water up to twenty meters cubed in volume.  Also this gives him the ability to move up to speeds of one hundred and twenty mph, if there was enough open water before him.  Tempest has been able to use this ability to stop freighter sized ships in their tracks and stave in their hulls.  Military ships up to the size of a Destroyer class are vulnerable in the open water.  The maximum range that Tempest can manipulate water and the constructs is 200 yards.
  • With at least one meter cubed volume of water present, he can form objects that have a solid tensile strength in his hands.  He normally forms some form of martial arts weapon, such as a weighted chain, nunchucks, or katana blade.  The more water present, the stronger he can make these items.  He can make weapons that have up to a three meter reach if he so desires.  This is one of Tempest's more deadlier abilities due to his skill with martial arts weaponry.
  • Since the human body is mostly water, Tempest, with a sufficient source of clean water, can heal even life threatening injuries.   Without water he can seal minor wounds and cuts, but it does test his endurance to do so and does much better when water is present.  He is unable to regenerate new limbs or tissue on a large scale, he can however reattach severed limbs with the skill of a combat surgeon, enough to save the limb and stabilize the patient till he can see more advanced medical treatment.  Prolonged use of this ability will tax his strength and leave him unable to call upon other spirits till he had had sufficient time to recover, four to six hours of sleep.   He will only push himself in the field with this ability only if an innocent or friend's life is at stake.

Talents and Skills
  • Highly skilled martial artist with first degree black belt in traditional Karate and Jujitsu
  • Marksman with traditional military firearms and rifles
  • Highly skilled with Martial Arts weapons
  • Highly skilled with Katana
  • Highly knowledgeable in Law Enforcement
  • Highly knowledgeable with detective work and evidence gathering methodology
  • Highly knowledgeable with modern security systems
  • Knowledgeable with Asian mystical lore
  • Knowledgeable in United States Air Force lore, tactics, and protocol

Limitations and Weaknesses: 
  • Other than what has already been stated in his powers, to date Chris can only channel the spirits he calls upon for two hours of continuous use, up to six hours if he is calling upon the spirits off and on during that time period.  After that he needs at least four hours of rest to recover.  Pushing himself can lead to issues as migraine head headaches, partial blindness, and unconsciousness for several hours if he pushes himself, as well as the loss of his ability to channel elemental spirit energy for a full twenty-four hours.
  • Chris is unable to channel fire elemental spirits and are the bane to his ability to channel water spirits
  • Chris needs at least one meter cubed of space to be able to connect to the spirits of that element.  As such if he were in a confined space of less than one meter cubed of air, he could not channel air elemental energy enough to use his abilities with that spirit, just as if he did not have a solid connection to at least one meter cubed of earth he could not call upon those spirits.
  • For one hour a day every other day, Chris must meditate and commune with the spirits.  In order to access his abilities, he must have earth and water present with him when he communes with the spirit world or he will not be able to access his abilities with those spirits.  If he does not commune with the spirits at least once every forty-eight hours then he cannot call upon the spirits to channel his abilities.

Chris came from a military background, his father having been an F-16 pilot of war veteran.   It is no surprise that Chris ended up at the Air Force Academy, having excelled in sports and school.   He was a member of their football team, running back, and it is in no small part to his efforts and skill that the Falcons enjoyed the best three years of football in recent history.    Football success did not translate well to academic success.   While no slouch, Chris was exposed to a whole new class of intelligence.   He managed a 3.2 GPA, but that was not enough to get him a pilot slot, that and there was something about his blood work that caused him to be declared commissionable only.

Chris tried his senior year to get into Combat Control, one of the special forces branches of the Air Force, but again, he fell short, his blood work causing medical professionals to declare him not medically qualified for the training.   As a result, Chris decided upon Security Forces as he career field and to work with specialists at both Kessler and Brooks Air Force Base to get to the bottom of the anomalies in his physiology. Chris's second assignment found himself stationed in Japan, which was a dream come true as Chris was always fascinated with the culture, and thought this was his chance to train with masters of martial arts and melee weapons that has always held his interest.   It was during this training that Chris met Kia.

Kia was a student of Master Yoshida, and the two would find themselves paired up against one another during training, their skills very similar to one another.  This of course led to a relationship outside the dojo, and soon Kia and Chris were dating.  It was one of their dates that would change Chris forever.  Kia had taken Chris to one of her family's ancient holdings deep within the center of Japan.   There they took the week and camped and explored every single room and cave the ruins had to offer.   In one chamber, they came across an old amulet.  Chris tried to give it to Kia, but she insisted that it was meant for a samurai, one of the house retainers and body guard, and she felt that it matched Chris more than her.

After a week of wearing this amulet, Chris began to have dreams, premonitions, and changes.   He had a deep sense that Kia was in danger.   Chris tried to share this with her, but she at first laughed it off, then she began to get angry when Chris kept insisting.   She broke off their relationship after that, and no more than a day after that, she was kidnapped by a faction of Yakuza.   They wanted to use her as leverage to get their legitimate company award government contracts Kia's father held.

During this time, Chris tried to get time off from his duties to look for her, but his requests were denied, a large inspection coming up and they needed him on base.  He still could not shake off the feeling, and that night was the night the dreams became clear and vivid.    The amulet that he had taken was of an ancient and mystical origin, that Chris had bonded with the spirit of Tenpesuto, Tempest, the Storm Samurai, the old protector of Clan Akada.   The spirit opened Chris mind and showed him the power that was now at his fingertips.

Chris used this new found power of the Tenpesuto to track down Kia.   There he fought against the Yakuza, killing some, maiming others.   He rescued Kia, but at great cost.    She now feared him, and wanted nothing to Chris anymore.  Because she was the heir to Clam Akada, her dismissal broke the gaes on the amulet.   The spirit was gone, but the power and the abilities of Tempest still belonged to Chris.   He was free to make his own choices.  His actions to date had some serious consequences, and spelled the end of his career in the Air Force.   Chris waited till the end of his tour and his commitment, and then moved back stateside, looking to put his new abilities to use and to find a new balance his life needed..

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2017, 08:07:15 pm »
Giving this a bump.  Also not shackled to Kara being with Tempest.  If you have an idea about Super-Girl, pitch it to me.   I do want to explore the idea of her being depowered and thus vulnerable, but as my wife has said many times, I am easy and thus open to discussion/negotiations.

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2017, 12:44:04 am »
Giving this plot another bump to see if there is any one out there interested. I am open for negotiation so if you have ideas of your own I would love to listen to them.

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2017, 02:58:30 am »
Looking to give this a go as despite the heavily implied smut and lemon in the plot hook, this can also be a profound story about a woman of power who lost it all, subjected to one of the more horrible acts of violence against a woman, and from it all rebuilds herself and does not let the fact she is human and a victim of rape define her.  Again looking for dedicated writers who at the same time want to write and have fun and believe they can work with my writing style.

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #4 on: September 19, 2017, 08:50:02 pm »
Going to give this a bump and again I am open to negotiation on the level of smut.  The important details about this story is something horrific beyond imagination to one of worlds Iconic heroes and she had to find a different way and a different skill set to claim herself.  It is that journey and character development I am looking for.   I am open to any and all questions.

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #5 on: November 25, 2017, 02:01:46 am »
Again still looking to write this plot.  Once more my intention with this story is not necessarily the smut but the character growth of Kara as she is forced to deal with being human and vulnerable and reclaiming herself.

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Re: Original DCU Character looking for Kara Zor-El as Flamebird
« Reply #6 on: January 27, 2018, 05:18:55 am »
Bumping once more