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Started by Loonyhog, March 13, 2017, 12:33:25 AM

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I'd normally put this among my other ideas, but, I felt this needed a thread of it's own. I had read this Korean comic called Sweet Guy, hence the title.
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In short without you having to read it, It is about a guy who after an accident learns he has the power, through physical contact to bring good feelings, in sick people it makes them well, in well people things get physical and even sexual. I'm playing an awkward nerd who's life gets interesting from his new found power. I am looking for a person to drive the story since all effects and effected are purely YCs's. Don't get me wrong, I'll be doing more than just reacting. Your main can possibly be a woman who has had frequent headaches for an unknown reason, MC's power helps her. Things can be hashed out so we don't run 100% parallel to the comic.

The Guy I will play.
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As most nerdy guys Spencer loves to spend time and money on video games, manga, and the like. One day he buys some fit gear trying to get into shape, mostly on a whim that normally wouldn't pan out, it malfunctions giving him the above ability. He meets new women, his power causing all sorts of strange situations. His first was almost forced but soon he gets into it.

I expect a lot of different types of situations, even a few things out of a comfort zone of a nerd. But, there are a few things;

-MC isn't using his power to dominate anyone long term.
-No Scat, Water sports. It is kinda my turn off.
-Every sexual act in context. He's a nerd with very little sexual knowledge (though I have quite a bit) He wouldn't go full bondage or dominance straight away. It is all based in consent, even if driven through intense pleasure.
-On that note, he is a gentle soul, he may slip up in a situation, perhaps as a light payback or something, but, he is mostly just a softy.
-I do want more than the sex, though it is the main gimmick here. I love engaging stories and mental conflict.
-I do mostly thread play, but, if you don't mind the clunky Yahoo Messenger I wouldn't mind going back and forth on that.
-My schedule is difficult to follow, mainly lacking consistency. I will post when I can, once per day if anything. Days off even a rousing back and forth.
-I have read all that is out thus far. Feel free to message me if interested.

Anyway, I hope It makes sense, if anything I hope you enjoy the comic.