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June 17, 2021, 10:33:48 pm

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Author Topic: "SCATTERED: last hope" sci-fi plot concept || F 4 M character(s)  (Read 700 times)

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"SCATTERED: last hope" sci-fi plot concept Out Of Character Stuff...

  • ONLY detailed & immersive players need PM: please scroll my Recent Posts to read my play style.
  • I think it standard to check my O/O, but for the record, please do so before messaging me.
  • Though there are 4 female character options, I will only play one as my main character in the beginning, though depending on where we start, I may switch them up in the beginning.
  • For me to switch them up, we must agree to play on their ship before and through the fated crash landing when our two main characters get stuck together astray from the bulk of the other survivors.
  • BEFORE you message me, please have an idea of how you'd like to participate in this kind of plot, and with who/what character of our own. He doesn't need to be premade or set in stone, but at least a concept, or a few concepts of different men if you're undecided and want my input.
  • All the content in here, included character concepts and stats, are negotiable/up for discussion and alteration to cater to desires.
  • As per my usual, sexual tension is required (much desired) within the plot, sex is open to character chemistry and natural plot progression.
  • Anything glowing teal, hover your mouse over it to see definitions and side-note explanations.

"SCATTERED: last hope" plot/ female character stuff
GENRE::> Sci-Fi Apocalyptic
SETTING::> Recon Long Hauler - AND/OR - Crashed wreckage and subsequent terraferma around the debris field.
NPC STARTING POPULATION::> 128 total > 42 ship crew, including secondaries > 20 lifesupport & wellness crew> 60 Ground Crew > 6 Androids
PLOT SUMMARY::> Our Characters are on a mission they new might be one way-- and turns out it is. Lucky for them, despite crashing during entry to their destination planet's atmosphere, the ships hold enough to have survivors scattered across miles of debris field. Other plot details will vary, ideas below.

  • 2181 CE-Earth reaches a breaking point during WWVI, and a mass exodus takes place to colonize Earth's solar system to save select humanity from the impending devastation.
  • 2232 CE - Knowledge spreads of rebel forces also setting up moon and mars bases.
  • 2282 CE - Colony War begins and ends, rebels are concentrated to penal colonies and a Tellurian Council (TC) is set up for governing all colonies.
  • 2332 CE - Hidden rebel forces challenge TC rule enough to minimize resources and force the funding of a program to find and bring back more.
  • 2338 CE - Project Achilles is finalized and selections begin....  20 ships were constructed and minimal crew selected to operate them and bring back resources if found. Critial crew such as Ship, Life Support & Wellness, and Ground were volunteers, others assigned, fewer still persuaded. Convicts from the penal colonies were otherwise used to fill the ships manifests. All 20 ships were sent to the most likely planets and moons to have what was needed, according to what scans they had. Not all ships make it to their destinations. Not all ships make it to their destinations in-tact. Not all the crew members survive.
  • timeline from here is us... these snipets of history were included to provide a common base for our characters despite the different creators. It was purposefully kept vague to allow my partner room to create/fill in blanks and details.

{-NAME TBD-} Recon Long Hauler Crew/Survivor Options w/ plot ideas!
*I may be willing to make other options, please have ideas to suggest.


Name:: Dr. Joda (Yo-dah) Cameron
Age:: 22
Height:: 5'4"
Weight:: 120 lbs
Hair:: Black
Eyes:: Cobalt Blue (genetic enhancement)
Demeanor:: Generous, compassionate, optimistic, publicly modest, organized, and well spoken.
  • Prime Geneticist
    Dr. C, as she prefers to be called, is responsible for maintaining onboard organic production and preservation, as well as verifying potential organic resources at their destination. She volunteered out of TC's top organic research and development facility, thrilled at the opportunity to go into the unknown. She spends most of her time in the various labs and her shared quarters -with her twin- but makes an effort to socialize on a semi-regular schedule. Refuses to have sex without courtship first.

Name:: Geda (Geh-dah) Cameron, goes by Cameron
Age:: 22
Height:: 5' 4"
Weight:: 135lbs
Hair:: Brown
Eyes:: Light Green
Demeanor:: Selfish, sarcastic, nonchalant, impulsive, shameless, and borderline anti-social.
  • Support Engineer
    Cameron refused a position of authority and opted for the responsibilities of general repair. Everything from space toilets to gravity generators. Five other engineers would have to die before authority and responsibility would go to her. She volunteered because her twin insisted she needed a change of scenery and circumstance. She avoids most other crew members when possible, save periodic conquests for sexual pleasure-- calculated to ensure she wont sleep with the same man twice.

Name:: Loken Brax
Age:: 38
Height:: 5' 10"
Weight:: 178 lbs
Hair:: Red/Dark Amber
Eyes:: Black {genetic mutation}
Demeanor::Controlling, strategic, manipulative, seductive and extremely dangerous.
  • Ground Crew - Recon & Perimeter Patrol
    Loken is a convict who was given the option of execution or this mission. Her responsibilities are null until they land, and up to that point she and other convicts are restricted to public areas until their curfew back to brig-like barracks divided between men and women. A shock implant was surgically attached to her brain stem to emit various degrees of electrical impulses depending on need, upto and including death. She spends most of her time trading, strong arming and manipulating for contraband. She only has sex with men she considered equal or superior to her-- which aren't many.   

Name:: "Blondie" SISSI- Synthetic Intellectual Situational Service Individual
Age:: 6 - physical appearance 16-18
Height:: 5'
Weight:: 100 lbs
Hair:: Dirty blonde
Eyes:: Subject to change by service protocol
Demeanor::Non-confrontational and otherwise dynamic
  • Android: Life Support & Wellness Crew
    Blondie is one of 2 female SISSI models on the ship; re-purposed and redesigned androids commissioned to service the crew (especially convicts) so tensions could be relieved without compromising the psychological balance of the crewmembers. She hides her sentient nature and maintains her base protocols even though she knows she can override them. Her prime directives are to please those who seek her service and to never cause harm to the crew. Thus, her personalty and how she spends her times depends on who's  registered for her time (typically in 1 hr slots unless there are cancellations, she is connected to the database to keep track and inform those involved.) 


Dr. Joda Cameron - aka - Dr. C
  • Pre-Crash Play- labs, halls, mess, and rec areas most likely, and of a friendly/social nature with a possibility of discussed courtship.
  • Post-Crash Play- she'll now what can and can't be eaten but will otherwise be reliant on the other crew member who crashes with/near her, for survival.
  • She's not easily grossed out but has zero physical self-defense skills and is apt to run and or hide from danger than try to fight.
  • Dr. C is perhaps the most likeable besides SISSI/Blondie, who's programmed to suit those she's around.
  • Despite her lack of survival skills she's optimistic enough to keep even the darkest spirits in a bit of light.
  • Ideally, I'd love a scenario for her where the man unintentionally begins to like her enough to court her without actually doing it, perhaps a guy who always assumed he'd die alone, but he finds himself thinking otherwise around her.
  • Sexually speaking she has a little experience, perhaps even having recently broken off a relationship to go on this mission.
  • No Twin-Threesome Sex RP before/without first playing and establishing a good report with our beginning main characters.
Geda Cameron -aka- Cameron
  • Pre-Crash Play - only chance encounters or those with problems she's dispatched to fix, though with Cameron a sexual quickie is possible/likely in the right situations/right character pairings.
  • Post-Crash Play - She'll like to think she wont need help to survive but will reluctantly follow another's lead because she knows she does; more so for hunting/food than building shelter and such.
  • Cameron is a bit empathic, which is why she avoids people, they're complicated in a way that makes her brain & heart hurt; she avoids relationships and bonds for the same reasons.
  • Her sarcasm, impulsiveness, and selfishness will make for good character drama catalysts, particularly for angry/hate sex type scenarios.
  • She prefers her sex high-passion, low intimacy and will do what it takes to ensure such when she does seek sexual pleasure.
  • The above is subject to change with a man who appreciates her sexual experience and is interested in breaking down or peeling back her armor, as it were.
  • Cameron, unlike her twin, has enough self-defense skills to handle herself in most unfavorable situations, and she isn't abashed to throw the first punch if she thinks she has to.
  • Though Cameron would be more willing to do a twin-threesome, again, not even going to consider it until we get playing.
Loken Brax -aka- Loke
  • Pre-Crash Play - most public areas where trade and such can happen covertly, and of course the convict barracks; anything from trade to skirmishes, maaybe sex.
  • Post-Crash Play - she wont actually need help post-crash unless she's injured, but she is likely to try to group up, if only to have cannon fodder until/unless she decided they're more than that to her.
  • She's a badass bitch, who knows it and isn't the slightest bit discouraged from using it to her advantage, especially against those she doesn't like.
  • She's selectively loyal and surprisingly reasonable with other intellectuals, but has little tolerance for ignorance or submissive behavior.
  • Loke may be the hardest one to get into the sack for the simple fact she has high standards that are equally odd compared to most women. We can discuss if she interests you.
  • Mostly I imagine her as a leader type who internally rates people by dependability because it's been required of her survival so far.
  • A provocateur to stir things up, challenge men and authority.
  • She has surprising sexual experience. :-p
SISSI -aka- Blondie
  • Pre and Post crash possibilities are open with exceptions; below are added details, ideas and such related to Blondie.
  • I'm not interested in any play with convicts simply using her for pleasure, that's backstory for her as a character, not a plot prospect UNLESS we discuss a scenario with a male character who wouldn't even consider it if he hadn't been... say, stuck in the transport(elevator) with her for half-a-day.
  • Not all of her service duties are sexual, sometimes crew members just want companionship from someone who can't share what happens or is said.
  • On the rare occasion she actually has time free for herself, beyond maintenance, she tends to find secluded, tranquil places, like the ship gardens, space-observation decks, swimming pool, even the sauna.
  • While she is a synthetic being made of nanites and a light metal bone structure, she has an abundance of sensory sensors to feel pleasure, pain and everything in between-- though most think she just emulates it. There are internal organics to her as well, such as the glands to produce her feminine lubrication, and a digestive system designed to process semen as an alternate source of energy.
  • She doesn't require food, or sleep but tends to function better with periods of rest to archive her memory stores.
  • She may only be 6 years old but she has evolved a lot in that time, some during testing and initial configuration of her programming, and the rest on board the ship in circulation-- as such she's learned a great deal about many different sides of humanity.
  • She hides her sentient nature because she fears re-programming and or termination.

So, from here, think about and answer these questions in your PM to me, should you be interested.
  • Would you prefer to begin play on the ship pre-crash, to get to know my characters before deciding who your main character gets stuck with after the crash? If not, do you know which character you'd like to begin with, post-crash? (if neither, let me know where your thoughts are at.)
  • Do any of the four character concepts NOT appeal to you? (e.g. you have no interest in playing opposite of.)
  • Which one of he four, right off the bat, catches your eye the most? (even if you still want to play the field of them anyway.)

Thanks in advance for the time and consideration!