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Author Topic: Little Pot of Plots  (Read 1186 times)

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Little Pot of Plots
« on: March 07, 2017, 06:27:29 am »

I’m Bea and this is my idea forum. If you see anything you like on here feel free to pm me as this forum is just to store and present potential ideas.

Post One
i)Brief introduction to me
iii)Character Types

Post Two
i)Plots and Ideas

i)I am a 23-year-old female from the UK so my language use will be British and certain words may mean different things to you and me so be aware of this when writing with me. Most of my 'modern' settings will be based on what I know to be normal in the UK. Educational environments and systems here, as an example, differ to other countries and this will need to be worked around but is no huge problem. I am also at university so please keep in mind that I will only post as and when I am able and can physically summon the brainpower but more on that below. Please do not request images or personal details from me as the answer will always be no.

ii)I'm relatively new to erotic writing but I'm quickly learning and will do my best to adapt to each partners writing tastes. I've already discovered that some like descriptive, slightly comedic "hot, throbbing love rod" styles and others like it more realistic and straight forward. I prefer the latter, just saying. I can't confidently say what my kinks are yet as I said I’m new to this (such a naïve little bunny) but if you think you can patiently introduce something new to me and dirty my fluffy white tail then we’re bound to make a good writing pair.

When it comes to writing, I expect a standard level of competency at the very least. Spelling errors and typos should be limited mistakes. I don't appreciate one-liners and prefer two paragraphs per post at the very least, that being said if I only have so much to say I will not fluff it up with unnecessary bollocks just to reach a specific word count so I respect that you may do the same. My posting frequency is usually once a week at the least but don't hold me to it. I get very busy and mentally worn out over assignments so there will be lapses where I can't post for another week, as long as you don't mind a slow-paced writing buddy we'll be okay.
When it comes to writing I want a plot to work around, not just pointless smut! Character development and a good story are key things to me regardless of the sexual content. I am also a strong believer of building sexual tension to the point we're both squirming! I'm looking for a nice balance but I don't mind smut taking up a larger percentage of the story as long as there's a good reason and it compliments the story. Describing sex over and over can get pretty boring.

iii) When it comes to playing characters I lean towards playing females as it's easier to empathise and although I have played as males in the past it's never quite the same. I like playing opposite dominant tempered males but that does not mean I play submissive females, in fact quite the opposite.  If someone is going to dominate something, it best be worth dominating and therefore I cannot fathom the appeal some find in a mentally submissive character. Most of my characters in the past have been witty, feisty, independent and/or mentally strong and defiant and I do not intend to break that tradition.

When it comes to the male characters I play opposite, keep it realistic and don't fall into one of two extremes. The first is a stone cold, thoughtless, few words guy who lacks all emotion. Boring! Huge yawn. Worst character to play opposite ever. If you're going for a hardcore sociopath or similar, try to remember that a lack of empathy doesn't mean they're a robot. The second trap is the supposedly dominant/aggressive yet oh so soppy, couldn't swat a fly guy who whispers sweet nothings and says you're my world, I love you to the girl they just met...NO! Unless you are successfully portraying an obsessive stalker who has finally come into contact with his obsession I beg you not to fall into this trap. Please!

Any ideas presented below can be flexible if you want to go darker or lighter with them. Some ideas may progress naturally darker as we grow more comfortable with each other and our characters but that bridge can be crossed as and when it is relevant.

I do recommend checking my on/off page for a general overview but I prefer for us to discuss sexual preferences and content by pm as I may be willing to do something outside of my comfort zone with the right person for the right story.
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Re: Little Pot of Plots
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 04:49:24 am »
General ideas and thoughts
Colour Key
New Content

When it comes to simple pairings I'm open to suggestions. If it involves incest I will only commit to "brother x sister" or "cousin x cousin"

Seizing Ethy
Primary Genre: Psychological, Sexual, Modern World

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

It’s a dark world and this story has an even darker theme. A college girl in her second year of studies (18) searches for an appropriate place to study as her college is bustling with bodies. Venturing over into the joint university, she manages to find a secluded area to revise her upcoming exams but finds a little more than she was initially searching for.

A mature university student approaches her casually. The college girl is eventually asked whether she is looking to make a little extra money. After already admitting she was looking to attend university, she is offered a choice. If she participated in a short video with her doing something simple to satisfy an audience with particular fetishes she would receive a cash payment. Freaked out by the unexpected and evidently perverted nature of the request she goes to decline but thinks better of it and accepts. A friend had done something similar in the past, mushing her feet into a cake on webcam for some weirdo with a fetish and had earned some cash. If it was something simple like that, she was happy to oblige for a little extra money, she hadn’t a huge amount of sexual experience but that didn’t apply in these situations.

Asked to attend a music studio in the university at a later date she complies. On the date, they meet and he hands her a bag and tells her the outfit inside is part of the fetish. She discovers it is a bunny costume of sorts and rolls her eyes at the sheer embarrassment ahead of her. Putting it on underneath her clothes she proceeds to follow the guy down into a secluded music department. He opens the door to the chosen studio for her. She enters and the door closes abruptly behind her. The studio is dim, to begin with aside from a red light above her head and in the far corner to signal they were recording but when her eyes adjust her blood runs cold. What must be a sofa bed had been pulled out and dressed but that wasn’t the issue. There’s no cake, no simple fetish instruments and no instructions but under the red light on the opposite wall there’s a tall, muscular male stood naked with a wolf mask on.

When she screams no one will hear her in a soundproof music studio.

The Plot: The college girl is either purposely tricked or mistaken for another girl the mature student was supposed to meet in that study area that day. The university unknowingly has a group of individuals who are abusing the facilities to create top quality porn videos for the internet and what better place to find hot, young actors/actresses then a university where everyone’s in debt and usually open to a bit of fun.

The college girl is a part of a predator vs prey/ dark vs light fetish scene hence the bunny costume vs the wolf-man. Despite her pleas the video goes ahead [whatever that contains] and the audience absolutely LOVE IT. The real terror is like a shot of heroin to their porn addictions and they demand more and are willing to pay. With the potential wave of funding the group could earn off the back of this one girl will they let her go, apologise and find a willing participate who could pretend or will they delve into a dark genre of videos where true innocence gets soiled.

The plot would centre around the college student getting sucked into this underground group within the university, we can make the group as light or dark as we want and they could be receiving further funding from dodgy characters making them all a little trapped/coerced. Wolf-man would be a university student and the other main character and the plot would centre around him and her in various ways.
It’s a pretty open idea and still needs to be fleshed out with a partner but if this takes your fancy I think it’d be a relatively interesting story. Definitely psychological so those looking for a mere brainless one shot best look elsewhere. It’s based on a dream I had…or should we say nightmare? Don’t ask me how or why I can’t even remember watching/ reading anything that could have contributed to it.

One Location:
Hills college which is attached to Hillsbury University. Students from the college are welcome to venture into the university to use limited facilities such as the library, study areas and onsite restaurants.

Masks: Bunny vs Wolf

Tags: Let’s just say this is open to discussion…I’m happy to push my boundaries in this one but I need to know what kind of partner I’ve baited first. My boundaries and your boundaries may be galaxies apart] Psychological and physical.

This idea is being played out with, 0  , player(s).

Serial Sweetheart
Primary Genre: Psychological Thriller, Modern World

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a story I’ve written the first draft for but I’m quite eager to play out a similar plot on here.

If someone could avenge you, would you want them to?
Mara took justice into her own hands a long time ago. A honey trap for cheaters of the law!
The general public were the lambs, these monsters were the wolves and she was the farmer. The law enforcement were the fences, but sometimes fences failed and that's when Mara came into play. A second line of defence because when the fences failed, she wasn't prepared to leave the lambs to slaughter.

The female main [Mara] is a vigilante of sorts and takes it upon herself to punish those that the law does not/cannot. She investigates and once she has enough information, she puts the chosen victim down. Although she is essentially a serial killer, Mara doesn’t like to think of herself in that way and justifies her hobby as a public service. Is she suppressing a secret dark delight in killing? Maybe.

The male main [?] is a serial killer and his chosen victims? Other serial killers/criminals. He is a predator of predators, top of the food chain and relishes in that knowledge. Imagine his delight when he finally manages to track down Mara, his serial sweetheart. She is the only thing that has ever come close to what he is and our male main is in two minds. Is he looking at a potential partner or the greatest prey he’s encountered yet?

School girls were his favourite.

The girl selected this particular night walked along in a tantalising manner. Her young, still girlishly narrow hips swayed, her bare legs took steady strides and her breasts jostled noticeably within her snug top. She had visibly smooth, golden skin and long locks of silky hair. His fingers itched at the very sight of her and his groin pulsed uncomfortably.

There was an unnatural humidity this week for the south east of England and it left everyone's skin hot and irritable, everyone anticipated a storm on the horizon. For the moment though, youths were out scantily clad enjoying the unexpected heat just like the young girl who looked to be on her way back from an evening at the beach.

It was getting dark, but the street lights weren't scheduled to turn on for another 45 minutes. Plenty of time for sinister acts to take place. Plenty of time for a murder...

A cool breeze began to settle in when he started to follow her. Until now his presence had been unknown, but he had to make his move, watching a victim was satisfying for only so long. From the shadows his dark form appeared, shadowing her steps, 20 feet away, wait no, now only 10 feet away. It's now that she realises she is possibly being followed. Frightened and aware, she darted across the road and noticeably freaked out when he followed her. Her strides are quick and panicky, she is obviously uncertain about whether she should run or fight.

He was used to this. The fight or flight instinct that all humans had bottled up inside, none of the girls realised that in the end, it didn't matter what they did. They all ended up broken on the floor. Always.

She sped up as they both approached an alleyway in between two buildings. He pounced and dragged her by the hair into the darkness. She squirmed but didn’t cry out, instead she tried to fight him off but she is young and weak. He pushed her against a wall and eagerly ripped the front of her top down to reveal an abundance of breast. Parts of his body heated up in excitement. He hushed her desperate bid to resist.

"Why are you doing this?! Please stop! I won't tell anyone!" She cried out mascara smearing underneath her eyes.

He fastened a hand around her mouth and squeezed. Her eyes are wide and frightened. They always beg, always cry like they're the first and always say no one will ever know.

"Shut up." He snapped viciously. "You're not the first and you won't be the last you little slut. Now hold still like a good little girl and maybe I'll get it over with quick."

He looked down to unfasten his shorts when a hand grabbed him by the hair and tugged back hard. He looked in surprise to see the girl staring back at him with fierce, narrowed eyes. He heard the unmistakable sound of a pen-knife being flicked into action in-between them and he tried to pull away but the hand on his hair is like a clamp. He doesn’t move his hands and instead glances down at the knife between them.

All she needed was confirmation that he was the guy she'd been looking for, a lecherous rapist who'd been attacking young secondary school girls and blinding them so that they couldn't pick him out of a line up. They were victims with no way of convicting the monster that wrecked their lives. He'd even beaten the last few girls leaving them for dead, growing evermore violent. Now he was the victim. A different kind of victim. The kind who deserved to pay for things with their life.

"You raped and beat my cousin" she whispered huskily, as tears streamed down her cheeks. Her expression was wild. Glancing down at his trousers she did her best to control her crying and gestured down. "Carry on."

She wanted to give the bastard a taste of his own medicine before she put the lights out. He seemed to catch on. By sheer luck, she avoided a swipe for her weapon and swung the knife deep into his stomach and then pulled it out to stab him again in the chest feeling the steel grate against ribs. He pulled himself away and she let him go. He swung around wildly clutching his chest and stomach as blood seeped out wetting his t-shirt. He yelled a few indistinguishable things. Lurching left he fell into a pile of black bin bags and stayed there. She followed him and proceeded to puncture his body again and again horrified that he might get up again if she didn’t.

A few minutes on the girl stood breathless and trembling. Her throat burned with the unbearable grief she'd suffered thanks to the lowlife lying in the garbage. Her chest heaved and her hands shook as reality settled in and her adrenaline levels peaked.
She'd just killed a man and now she had to clear up.

__  __  __

Mara leant back into her sofa and sighed. Thinking back to her first killing she couldn't fathom how she managed to avoid detection. A huge amount of luck no doubt.  Her cousin had slipped into a coma and passed not long after the murder, Mara liked to think she knew she’d been avenged.

Glancing around her living room absently Mara mused over how things had changed since then. After the murder, she unsurprisingly went off the rails and spent a good few years invested in drunken antics with her friends. She finished college with lousy A-levels and was generally considered a messed up disappointment who never bothered to move past the death of her cousin. She was still considered a normal albeit dysfunctional teenager.

Mara grinned to herself and ran a hand through her hair. If only that last part were true. They had no idea just how deep the rabbit hole went with her.

This idea is being played out with, 1  , player(s).

Sharp Tooth
Primary Genre: Fantasy

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


In a world that is both beautiful and savage, we find ourselves on the sands. A rocky/ desert terrain that separates the Kingdom of Ore and a dark fortress carved into the mountain terrain opposite.
The Kingdom of Ore is home to the last of the humans. The dark fortress opposite is home to the Sharp tooth (can rename) a humanoid species that has devoured many human lives! Tonight, the Sharp Tooth are waging an attack on the Kingdom, the last attack and the humans must throw up their last defence and pray they are successful.

Brief Storyline...

...will involve a high-class lady from the kingdom being apprehended in the midst of war by a sharp tooth storming the palace and taken back to the fortress. There they will battle against one another in day to day life as opposites! There will be threats from other males, jealous females and the worry of getting turned into lunch! (Not Vore) The two species view one another as inferior and in all honestly know little fact about one another, only propaganda from each side.

Species/ Character Info

Sharp Tooth: The females are dominant in their species and grow bigger and stronger than the males (like hyenas) however, there are a few males who are considered ‘Alphas’ they grow bigger and stronger than the females and are true specimens.  Many females admire and want to mate with them due to their superior genes (normally, males would need to beg and perform demeaning tasks to gain the attention of females) These superior males tend to have a lacklustre approach to females of their own kind who are stocky and strong. This results in them searching elsewhere for potential partners and mates. They yearn for small and feminine (although they don’t realise it until they come in contact with it??)

Appearance wise: It’s flexible. They are relatively human in appearance but I imagined them having sharper teeth, red eyes (symbol of bloodlust and feral nature) and strong physiques. (Nothing freaky ay) They are carnivores but only turned their appetites to humans due to war.

Human: Just your standard humans struggling to survive in a world that has outgrown them. Over last few centuries new aggressive species have appeared, magic has begun to domineer the land and the humans can't keep up. Picked off gradually for food, breeding (they have great genes), magical diseases and war the only large human population (known of) is the Kingdom of Ore. Humans of Ore are currently warring with the Sharp Tooths (over what, tbd) and they are losing. They look down on the Sharp Tooths, thinking them wild beasts and savages that live in caves and know no spoken language, only physicality. In reality, they live in a fortress, have knowledge of the human tongue and aren't as savage as believed.

Appearance wise: Normal humans. Females are on average smaller than males. Those that have survived this far are more resilient to the world around them.

Tags: This is in NO WAY VORE of any kind! I do not want my character to be eaten! It’s just a layer to the story to create discord and tension. Biting and threatening to eat on occasion is acceptable but that’s all. This does include Non/Con but hoping they come to an understanding. Looking for someone to play dominant male. I'm open to playing a fiery, defiant female.

This idea is being played out with, 0  , player(s).

Young Witch x Demon
Primary Genre: Fantasy, Lil Horror

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Setting/ Plot

A young witch is tricked by her dark, jealous aunt into playing a dangerous magical game. Like Jumanji, landing on different spaces invokes different cards. The card our young Witch draws towards the end of the game invokes a mini game. A deadly one. Hide and seek! It transports her to the dark realm, a dimension between worlds where monsters, sinners and high demons reside. She must find her game piece in this vast land in order to return home and win the game!

Witches are highly magical and are one of only a few creatures capable of bearing the children of Demons. It is rare for one to fall into the dark realm and her presence there is like a beacon. Captured by a High Demon ( High is the equivalent of Prince) she is claimed by him and he wards off other demons who are eager to have her.

He is breath-taking in appearance, demons often look wicked lovely to the eye but beneath the glamour they are monsters. The only way to return home is to find her game piece but will she even get a chance now she has captured the gaze of such a possessive monster and worse, what does he intend to do with her.

An extra idea is that a group of High Demons long ago dropped various games into the human world for a spot of fun. The games were deadly challenges that evoked portals either bringing the Demons to the human world or sending the humans to the Demon world. It was something meant to quell their boredom. Centuries on, one game falls into the hands of a Dark witch who tricks her young, niece into playing in an attempt to get rid of her. Of course, the game sends her to the Demon realm as part of a mini challenge and when it does, the girls game piece appears in front of the Demon who dropped the game into the world, to begin with. It alerts him that the game is on, but he has no idea that his player is something so desirable.

Tags: Open to discussion. Looking for someone to play the male demon (Check my On/Offs)

This idea is being played out with, 1  , player(s).

The Wolf that Screamed
Primary Genre: Werewolf

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A young girl just before her sixteenth birthday discovers she is a werewolf and not only that but the daughter of the deceased Alphas of an entire pack. Moved away from her human life into the werewolf community she is plunged into a new world of supernatural politics and general craziness.

Years on our heroine has recently turned eighteen. She is getting to grips with her new life and her duties as the Alpha. That is until she is called into a meeting by the council. There is where she is informed that she must shortly select a mate or else suffer grave consequences.

Female Alpha’s who are not mated shortly after their first shift, will fall into a heat. This will be sensed by males for miles around particularly strong males. They warn her that if she doesn’t find someone and put her pride behind her she might come up against dangerous individuals from outside the community. Rebellious to her council’s warnings she tries to brush off the issue but soon realises the severity of the situation as males around her become more intense and her body weakens from the excursion the heat brings upon her making her gradually more defenceless.

Is it already too late? A dangerous young Alpha from an opposing pack senses her and recognises an opportunity to gain control of a pack that could rival his own.

This idea is being played out with, 1  , player(s).

Archaic Treasures
Primary Genres: Fantasy, Potential Harem-style, Non-Con/Con etc.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Three or Four young men are on an expedition, dreamy and high on the anticipation of finding something new and undiscovered. They come across an exotic, tropical island that is overgrown and treacherous. (Whether purposely or there's a storm) They uncover an ancient tribe living there, an all-female society! Seeing an opportunity to make big, big bucks the men must first integrate into the tribe in order to fully understand what they're dealing with.

The Tribe

They will have stone homes with cots made from wood and bedding made from the soft fluff of an exotic palm tree, alongside tables, chairs and clay pots/ bowls but no cutlery. There's a temple behind a waterful adorned with expensive stones, crystals etc. For fresh water, there is a drinking well but the water is strangely sweet. Food consists of exotic fruits and wild game.


You will play the male characters (preferably) I'm happy for you to decide as long as there's an agreeable mix of personalities.  Perhaps one who is interested in the historical aspects of the voyage. Another who is interested in hunting exotic game. Perhaps one who is interested in making money/ a name for himself?

Four main female characters, who are joint leaders of the tribe. They are the pride and joy of the tribe and each has a special quality. The tribe does have trained warriors led by 'Dove' who happens to be a seven-foot-tall woman with a huge amount of strength. They live peacefully and happily without a care in the world.

(I'm happy to roleplay this with a female partner and we take two male character and two female characters each. The rest will be secondary characters that will be female so we'll both be at ease. No futas)


The tribe once guarded the fountain of youth and consisted of both men and women, but a sickness struck the tribe and they decided after much death and suffering to drink the sacred water not heeding the curse of eternal life. The magical water not only bestowed eternal youth and restored health but gave some of the tribe members 'gifts', seven women to be exact. The men of the tribe eventually felt threatened and strove to control the gifted women, a battle broke out and three of the women were killed alongside all of the men. The tribe became solely female and remained in an everlasting state.

Tags Fantasy, Potential Harem-style, Non-Con/Con, potential for conflict and battles, kidnapping etc.

This idea is being played out with, 0  , player(s).

Priestess and the Ruffian
Primary Genre: Fantasy, Furry?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This idea is loosely based around a priestess of a temple and her protector/guard. High up in some sacred mountains is a beautiful temple dedicated to the worship of a god of some sort/form that requires a celibate priestess. I plan for her to be preferably human (though with potential magic/holy power) and her protector charged with her safety to be some form of part man/part animal. I envision him being quite aggressive, rough around the edges, so perhaps he arrived at the temple injured and was healed there and due to the naive, forgiving mentality of those living in the temple he was offered a place to stay and a role in the temple. I was thinking there could be a little romance blossoming between the two, though a few issues such as their race difference and her celibacy (maybe she loses power if she has sex). It can be discussed and explored. The main thing I'm getting at is a forbidden, maybe slightly taboo relationship between a pure priestess and a ruffian. The image I provided is just an example but something close is desired.

This idea is being played out with, 0  , player(s).
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Re: Little Pot of Plots
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2017, 01:03:27 pm »
Recently added Seizing Ethy, Serial Sweetheart, Archaic Treasures and Priestess and the Ruffian.