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May 17, 2022, 05:14:51 am

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Author Topic: A Strange Hall (Urban Magic Mystery, M seeking Any Committed Writer!)  (Read 601 times)

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A Strange Hall
A Mystery, with Magic
Male seeking Nonbinary/Transsexual/Any

Hi All, it's Vanna~

I've got a separate general recruiting thread going, but this particular idea has given me enough inspiration that I am seeking it independently of any other plots; that said, please still see this thread for my Ons and Offs, general writing preferences, and even potential other ideas that may tickle your fancy or inspire a twist on the idea I am about to present. I am particularly craving a nonbinary or transexual partner, but a male or female who are devoted enough could easily sway my fancy- a fair warning, however, that I tend to resort to they/them pronouns for nonbinary individuals due to my personal , so if you have a particular one you usually use, I will likely make a mistake a few times before I recall it.

I am currently looking for a partner to work on a fairly light-hearted 'urban fantasy' mystery story, starring a our protagonists and a smallish cast of side characters that the two of us will play. This being said, I am seeking specifically a partner who is willing to put in as much creative effort in the direction of the story as I am, and is willing (and in a perfect world, excited) to communicate out of character where you would like the story to head and your thoughts on current directions, both for the main story and the characters. I would also like to draw attention to the fact that I am seeking specifically a committed partner, not necessarily a hyper-literate one. My expectations for posting are fairly modest, in my opinion, and can be found below:
  • Post Length: Posts do not need to be long; on average, I am hoping for one paragraph minimum, but up anywhere one to four can be expected from me each post, and would like to see at least a little return of effort.
  • Spelling: I do appreciate good spelling in posts, and will likely not be able to cope with a partner who makes more than one or two mistakes in a post (that's what we have spellcheck for!), but also know that people make mistakes, and that I myself are just as prone to them as others. I often will go back and edit my posts after the fact if I notice spelling mistakes, and encourage my partners to do the same.
  • Grammar: I am an English major, and as such, have little to no regard for the constructs of the English language as they stand. Sentence structure is malleable and meaningless, and the only peeve I really have in the realm of 'Grammar' is truly, awfully run-on sentences.
  • Multiple Characters: I am hoping that our main characters can have a small supporting cast around them that the two of us may need to RP at times; I expect my partner to be willing to write as side characters when the occasion calls for it, as I will be doing the same, and that the brunt of these interactions are not placed on one of us intrinsically.
  • Plot/Smut Ratio: I think this one is my easiest to quantify; ideally, I'm aiming for something like a 80:20 or even 85:15 plot:smut ratio- I am craving a light, fun, flirty (seriously, so goddamn flirty, like, unbelievably flirty) story, but not necessarily am I interested in writing sex scene after sex scene.
  • Post Frequency: I am a bit 'unreliable' when it comes to frequency- some days, I can get the motivation to post as soon as my partner has posted, but other days I find myself at a loss for words. On average, I'd like to treat the actual commitment to this story something along the lines of one post every 6-8 days minimum, but am open to moving more quickly at times, so long as you don't get upset if I have to drop back down to once or so a week until I can get my mojo back.

Essentially, there are two routes that I can see this story going in, or really, more like two places I can see it starting in, and they can be summarized fairly easily: magic exists in this world, but is either a carefully-kept secret from the world at large, or a wide-open concept that has been integrated into our modern world. Regardless of that opening, I am looking for a fairly particular dynamic between our characters, in terms of the overall plot. Your character, in my mind, should likely be a cop, or a fed, or even a private eye, but at least someone in a similar situation; someone with agency, a degree of legal authority, and a code of ethics (even if it's a loose one!). I'm pretty certain that the story could go well with anything from a hard-boiled street cop to an uncertain fledgling Federal Agent, to even a bystander to the magical events that unfold- if you have an idea for your main character that doesn't perfectly match what I've said, that's okay too! The only thing you guarantee by not asking is that the answer will be no!

The general concept, whether magic is secret or public, is relatively the same: your character (ideally being less-than-versed in how magic works) somehow becomes involved in an investigation into a string of crimes which seem to defy logic (how severe the crimes are is up to collective discussion), and in looking into those crimes, your character encounters mine- Wilmot "Wil" Grimalkin. Wil is a witch, and through unfortunate circumstance, is as connected to the crimes as your character; depending on your character's point of view in the matter, Wil may be the first (innocent) suspect in the case, a witness, a victim, or even another cop/etc, but in any situation, he would serve as a sort of 'guide' through the world of magic, but not necessarily is he any more knowledgeable on the case than your character is. Similarly, Wil will likely end up serving as a counter-balance to your character; if you play a more powerful, domineering character, Wil would most likely end up as a bit more soft spoken, while if your character is uncertain, Wil may take on a certain reckless bravado, though I don't mean to say I'll literally just be playing Wil as the opposite of whatever your character is. Wil, as he stands, already has a pretty broad spectrum of emotions, and has the seeds of a lot of personalities waiting to bloom, and he'll show a wider variety of emotions than just 'whatever is best against your character' and more in the line of how someone's personality organically changes in real life, based on who they are spending time with.

Finally, to make things a bit more specific (in my eagerness to write, I certainly have been vague and flexible, possibly too much so at points!), some big themes to expect and strive for to hit this craving are:
  • Magic- I'm talking serious occult stuff, but in a modern day setting! Watch out, I'm super interested in this sort of stuff in real life too, so expect me to be name-dropping grimoires and historic magicians.
  • Mystery- who doesn't love a good whodunnit?
  • Comedy- light hearted approaches to even more macabre matters can be a blast, and that's what I would like; a fair bit of fun, even if the story ends up in darker places.
  • Dialogue- I mean loads of the stuff, and witty is always better!
  • Flirting- Honestly, the reason I like this site is more for being able to tease and flirt sexually than for the overt sex scenes.

Thank you very much for reading, and if you have an interest in this plot, or some variation therein, please, PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I have the chance!

P.S.- While I'm not 100% certain I'm interested in going the route, if there is enough interest in this plot, I may be interested in converting this to a group RP, so let me know how you feel about that too!
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