A suggestion concerning questions asked of prospective members

Started by Zeitgeist, December 23, 2008, 09:21:39 PM

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I would suggest that questions relating to a person's religion, spirituality and thoughts on government be discouraged.

Unless I'm horribly mistaken, one's beliefs or thoughts on these subjects have nothing to do with Elliquiy. The one combined Politics/Religion message board being only one sliver of the multitude of things Elliquiy has to offer.

It's a small step in the very wrong direction that could, if abused, lead to biased selection.

My opinion, and merely a suggestion.

Thank you.


Was there a particular question you found unsettling or offensive?


I would only suggest, if it is not already, that such questions be discouraged. Even asked under the most benign of intentions, I believe could lead to abuses or the perception of abuse.


There are plenty of questions asked of new applicants that have nothing to do with Elliquiy :)  Religion and politics can make for interesting discussions, if people can approach them in the understanding that a difference of opinion is not necessarily a personal attack.
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Personally, I think that the way a person handles questions that could be considered controversial says a lot for the maturity (or lack thereof), so I'd hate to seen them discouraged.  It's not like members grill anyone about their political associations or religious choices :)
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