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December 03, 2020, 04:10:51 AM

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Author Topic: House of Cards-inspired Political Intrigue (M for Anyone)  (Read 493 times)

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House of Cards-inspired Political Intrigue (M for Anyone)
« on: March 01, 2017, 09:23:07 PM »
Something I have very much wanted to try for ages, but never quite figured out how best to request it, is a House of Cards-style modern political intrigue story with somebody here on E.

Beyond that, mind you, I don't have much by way of ideas or details beyond the request that anybody who's interested in trying this with me should have some idea of the inner machinations of the politics of wherever we decide to set the story (I'm relatively sure I could write about American, British or Irish politics convincingly xD).

On the other hand I'd also be extremely interested in designing a fictional political system for a fictional or futuristic country in which to set the game in.

What the actual plot involves, also, I don't know and am open to suggestion. This is largely plot-focused and the only reason I posted it on this forum instead of Non-Adult Roleplay is so as to not rule out sex entirely, but that would very much be a minor incidental occurrence, and by no means the thrust (get it?) of the story.

It's primarily the setting and the characters and the ambition and the complexity of the political system I wanna' explore, in whatever form that ultimately takes :)

I've a handful of vaguely defined ideas I thought I'd throw out to see if they interest anybody :)

US Congress
A young sophomore Senator who, so far, has made a point to avoid having to dirty her hands with dealing outright with lobbyists against her conscience, is forced into an ugly situation by her party's Congressional leadership where she's forced to reach out and save her career by working across the aisle to undermine her party's leadership, as well as being forced to work for lobbyists.

The deeper idea behind this when I thought it up was concerning a young Democratic Congresswoman from Massachusetts who - while far from a Berniecrat - was nonetheless suspicious and distrustful of her party's leadership. Set during the incumbency of a Democratic President, party leadership begins leaning on this young Congresswoman for a vote she cast outside of party lines, and threatens her with pushing the DNC's PACs in her district to support a primary rival come the next election, to force her out. Desperation breeds a certain talent for politicking in the otherwise spotless Representative, and she starts to work to undermine her own party leadership by reaching out across the floor to sabotage the President's legacy bill, leaning on her boyfriend (the newly elected young leader of the Congressional Black Caucus), and working at last with lobbyists to try fight tooth and nail to keep her seat.

...For reasons that should be obvious, for the sake of making this story a political thriller in the vein of House of Cards, in this magical mystery parallel universe there is no Donald Trump in the White House :P That would make for an interesting setting, sure, but not the one I'd ever envisioned when I had this idea xD
British House of Commons / Monarchy
Set in a sort of alternate near-future where Her Majesty the Queen has passed on, leaving her crown to a young Prince of Wales who is intent on pushing the boundaries of the Constitutional Monarchy as far as he can bend it. With most of the world frozen at the prospect of Brexit, Donald Trump and the growing boldness of Russia, nobody stops to question the fact that the British Monarchy is steadily expanding its powers again over the parliamentarian process. This isn't necessarily dark or menacing in nature - the new King is far from a tyrant; he, like many of his fellow Britons, has simply lost faith in Parliament to act alone and is attempting to reassert control as a constitutional "executive branch" over Parliament My exact idea for a plot is sort of up in the air; a mix, I suppose, of the intrigue and politicking of House of Cards and the high society scheming of The Crown. The protagonists can be from whatever branch - the Parliament, or the Monarchy, and their relationship is up for discussion too.

If you're interested please don't hesitate to PM me and we can set about discussing the setting and our characters and other ideas :D

Thanks for reading!
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Re: House of Cards-inspired Political Intrigue (M for Anyone)
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2017, 10:00:47 AM »
Updated with some plot hooks.