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June 24, 2022, 05:47:35 pm

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Author Topic: Desirous`s Ideas.  (Read 1000 times)

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Desirous`s Ideas.
« on: February 23, 2017, 01:54:21 pm »
Hello everyone!

I have been craving to write a few stories and if any one of the following ideas interests you please do drop in a pm so we could discuss the same in detail  :-)

Hunter getting hunted - Thirty years ago Natasha Toussaint had been a happy woman. Oh, the times had certainly been hard and society still fairly rough on a woman of her sort but at that time in her life nothing could have stripped away the utter joy that had lived in her free born soul. As one half of a strong Alpha pairing, she had looked after many and felt the love and devotion of those she called hers surrounding her, bolstering her strength until her very body had practically sang with power. Beside her had walked a man of immeasurable strength, a leader like none other before him who shone with grace and humility even while he shouldered the hefty duty of protecting so many. The two had been in love, an Alpha pair in truth with a mating bond so strong none dared face them, for one would always back the other.

For 10 years they had lived in secret, staying away from the hubs of society and their judging eyes and venturing into cities only as necessary. Her kind had always been persecuted and hunted down but these days they were smarter. They left outsiders alone and kept to themselves but unfortunately, as Natasha had come to learn, peace was not something meant to last. It was fragile and temporary, so very temporary.

And so it came, the end of peace. Or perhaps more correctly it had been the beginning of hell. Her personal hell. The hunter's moon rose and they spread out, leaving only suffering and death in their wake. It was Natasha's kind they called monsters and demons yet their hands were stained with so much more blood as they sought to weed out those they judged to be evil and corrupt. Too many of her pack were hunted down like animals, and though she felt each death as though she lived it herself she fought to remain strong for her mate.

Finally they could take no more. They planned to leave, to move, to disappear into the wilderness beyond the abilities of even the hunters but they were betrayed in a way that none could heal from. Those arrogant, war mongering humans had shattered her life, her very heart and soul, with one cowardly act and Natasha had held her lover's cooling body and vowed then and there that she would have her revenge.

The hunter, the one who had stolen her love from her, would never know peace. His life was hers and she would see him broken and on his knees before she ripped his still beating heart from his chest.

Times Are Changing  - Another shade of lipstick, the traces of perfume that wasn't her own clinging to her husband's shirt once again. Marissa had lost count of how many times such shirts had been washed without saying a single word, pretending that everything was alright. Her marriage with Hank turning into something that wasn't even close to a marriage any longer, two people living very separate lives while sharing a roof. It hadn't always been like this, they had been so young, in love and not thinking about the future completely. Six years later and they were both now three years away from being thirty, suddenly wondering about every step, every single action that one has taken within their life to end up at the point where they currently stood. Had Hank been the right choice, or had she simply settled due to being so young and hopeful, unwilling to see anyone else.

Could Marissa continue to stand silently by, watching what has been going on for year if not more; that while may continue to happen for years to come. All of the late nights, the tears shed in private; along with the hopes and dreams that never came to pass, wishing to build and actual life, to have children and grow old with someone that she actually loved. Did Hank actually still love her, if he did he wouldn't be cheating on her on a daily basis, making her feel as if she were next to nothing; would he? For sometime the woman had been thinking; why not doing what he has been doing to her for, make him feel as she had for years now. To Marissa that was the true test, if she could be with another person, without feeling remorse or even a slight bit of regret then it was time to end her marriage. Close the door, begin again with lessons learned and new outlook upon life.  While she loved her Hank still, she couldn't live a lie any longer, for their world was not shining and perfect; even with all of the material wealth they had gained.

Another evening was spend waiting for him to return home from work, knowing good and well that Hank would slip in late as she slept. Perhaps the feeling of being trapped in a cage would have been lessened if only her job hadn't been left to passive a man who claimed that her skill set wasn't as good she believed them to be. Back upon those events Marissa thought while sitting in the living room, taking a break from the book being read. Something needed to change before she completely lost what little bit was left of herself before turning into a shadow.

His Obsession - Years of slaving away in Law school got me here." Maggie laughed lightly, taking her hot water and dipping the Earl Grey breakfast teabag into the steam. Marguerite Davis had been with the firm for a little over two weeks. Most of her co-workers were wonderful and she loved to chat with the assistants and develop of comarcomaderine with her fellow employees

Working at this prestigious firm was one that made her preen with pride. It was a high profile firm but also handled a lot of pro-bono work for several charities and poverty cases. Her first case, which she sat in a second chair, was defending a mother of three in a custody case against her alcoholic ex-husband. She was so happy that she was able to not only win her sole custody but make the man pay child support as well. The partners were beginning to notice that she could handle a stressful case and began having her go over more briefs.

Winking to secretary who was making coffee, Maggie moved out of the break room and towards her own office. She was in a small little corner room but she loved her four walls and a door. Decorating it with prints of the countries she longed to visit, many came to ask if she was the artistic eye behind the photos. Too many bills and necessities made her keep pushing back her trips. She was only twenty-five; there was plenty of time for her to see the world and date for that matter.

School had been her main priority when her classmates were wishing to date and mate. She was a pretty girl, or she had been told. Her long red and blond waves were always slicked back tightly for work. She wore minimal make-up on her fair and flawless complexion and not perfumes or fragrant lotions. Her body was a curvaceous form of womanly softness but hidden under boxy and little tapered clothing. She had donned sensible heels and wore glasses for reading since she had spent many hours going over case files which hid her violet colored eyes. At home, she was a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, even had a good array of sweats of various lengths and colors.

Sighing, she looked at her emails and began sifting through the numerous different case responses and numerous meetings with possible clients. There was a memo that she had been CC'd on in regards to one of the partners returning from a trip. She had met a good deal of the bigger players in the company but their partner was gone while she had interviewed. His assistant said he was kind of a hardass so she worried a bit.

"I do not know about you, but I think we have all earned a drink. A cocktail at Fifty's at 7:00pm. I am planning on getting hammered so we shall have cabs on call." She asked one of the girls who was all for it. Why not, it was a Friday and many of the single women were down a bit of unwinding. She sent a email to everyone and yet, she had unknowingly sent one to the hardass senior partner.

Taboo Love -  Ariana Parker usually did not rush straight home. Her plans that morning had not included doing so but now that classes were over for the day and the guy she'd been seeing had turned out to be a big douche she'd simply opted to head home to chill out before someone inevitably called her to hit up some party or other. As a cheerleader her social life was rarely lacking and even when one guy turned out to be a drag there were always plenty of others waiting and willing to step in and take their place. It was kind of flattering but also kind of tiring. She'd been doing the whole dating thing since she'd turned 13 and honestly not one guy had managed to be decent for any length of time. She really didn't understand why but even if they were good guys she'd invariably get bored or somehow dissatisfied.

Parking the new black Dodge Charger she'd talked her daddy into buying her next to her brother's car, she climbed out and shut the door. She retrieved her backpack from the trunk then headed inside, happy to know that her brother was home. Though the two of course had their own lives, Bradley was without a doubt her very best friend. He wasn't much older than her so the two had grown up to be rather close which made it easy for Ari to go to her brother for just about anything. Admittedly the idea of indulging in some ice cream and curling up in her big brother's lap seemed just about perfect considering the way her day had gone.

Making her way into the house, Ari didn't bother to stop off in the kitchen. Instead she headed up first to her room to drop of her stuff and kick off her shoes. She'd had cheer practice and had showered afterward so her only thought was tracking down Bradley. He wasn't in the home gym they had or the entertainment room, so that just left his room if he hadn't gone back out for a run or with friends or something. Stopping at his door, Ari tapped at the door only proceeding to open it when she got no reply. Shuffling in she immediately heard the sound of the shower and figured she'd just crash on her brother's bed and wait for him to come out. She pushed his door closed then crossed the room to climb up on his bed. One of his pillows was taken up to cuddle to her chest while she waited and her eyes drifted slowly closed.

Power Games - Deirdre Kaufman sat on the kitchen counter in her party dress, a brief cornflower blue number, and sipped a glass of water, clearing her head from the wine she and her husband had at dinner.

"It's a shame we had to go out to dinner with your parents instead of heading out to Paddles," she said, crunching a piece of ice. They'd only been to the local S&M club a few times since it had opened up downtown, and it was a lot of fun, but they inevitably ended up arguing about who would play which role. The fact that she and her husband both had kick-ass, take-charge attitudes was almost always an asset, but when it came to bedroom play, neither of them wanted to volunteer to sub, though they always enjoyed it when they did.

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