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June 29, 2022, 12:03:13 pm

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Author Topic: Mikochan's Dark Playroom (F looking for M/F)  (Read 816 times)

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Mikochan's Dark Playroom (F looking for M/F)
« on: February 17, 2017, 05:20:34 pm »
Greetings and salutations to you....

Updated with An Unwilling Dancer and Alien Invasion Storyline

I've been on a long break from roleplay. However that is over and done with and I have restored my story thread with updates and cravings and such likes.  Ready for a reboot so here we go.

My On's/Off's-

Basic Cravings
These ideas don't really have a story and just represent ideas that I am interestings in brainstorming a full story with.

F x Undead/Vampire
F x Bug/Insectoid
F or M xTentacles

As a general note, The default stories are FxM but most of them can be gender-flipped to be MxM, unless otherwise noted.  I am interested in both situations.  I usually play the "victim/damsel' in these stories, but that is just my preference.  I am more than willing to play the occasional monster/monster hero, especially in MxM stories.

Here are the longer more fleshed out stories here. They generally would take longer to play out would entail both parties playing multiple people, multiple 'encounters' and plenty of opportunities for fun.

 Castle in the Hills-Horror/Tentacle/Romance
A dark and foreboding estate looms over of the countryside of a forgotten country.  War-torn and poor,  the people of this world have a hard life.  Harder now, that a dark, but misunderstood, spirit has taken up residence in the abandoned estate of a no longer remembered lord.  What the people do not know, is the spirit is actually the long dead lord.  He was falsely accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake for the crimes he supposedly committed.  His spirit returns with vengeance on his mind.  The descendant of the witch-hunter, eager to save his own skin, sacrifices his niece to the spirit, hoping her young flesh satisfies him.  For a time, he is pleased with her, believing her to be the last descendant of the witch hunter who had him murdered.  He has made a deal with hell that if he gives them the flesh of his enemy, they will restore him to life.  However, he begins to have second thoughts about giving her over to the fiends of hell, who will imprison her as a sexual slave for all time.  Finding the girl to be pure soul, he begins to fall in love with her as the time of sacrifice draws near.  And although in the end he does not wish to give her over, regardless of what will happen to him, the contract cannot be broken, and hell claims their prize, chortling that she was not indeed the last descendant after all.  Grief-stricken, he charges into hell after her, hopeful that he can at least, save her, if not himself.

The Phantom Returns-A Victorian Romance, set in the Phantom of the Opera storyline
(This is a strictly FxM storyline)
This story would take place ten years after the events described in The Phantom of the Opera, taking into account of course, the Phantom did not actually die or vanish at the end of the story and has remained quiet.  The story would focus on another young protegee, a girl from a very poor household, albeit a very talented vocalist.  Given her station in life, she has never risen out of the chorus and would remain quietly in the background, if she had not been overheard practicing in Christine's old dressing room, which has not been used since she and her husband left Paris some years ago.  This would naturally catch the Phantom's attention, and perhaps awaken other long forgotten passions.  Hopefully this girl, who is luckily unattached, will be more receptive to his affections.

Theater of Cruelty-a Necrotic/Romance Story

For the right price, you can find anything. In an abandoned theater in a seedy downtown neighborhood, a weekly show of the macabre is presented to those who can afford to attend.  Every week a young girl is kidnapped and sexually tormented for the pleasure of the audience.  Not satisfied with typical fare, these people are paying to see something extraordinary and exotic.  The Ringmaster as in his possession a book of vile spells that can awaken and animate the dead to do his bidding.  Every night, the dead are awakened and ordered to satisfy the lusts of the very-well paying audience by performing various sexual acts upon whatever poor girl has the misfortune of falling into their grasp.  Tonight however, the ritual did not exactly go as planned.  One of the bodies slowly begins to retain sentience and becomes fully aware, of his own former mind...and possibly soul...right in the middle of the performance.  This body belonged to a white sorcerer who had the misfortune of being defeated, killed, and resurrected by the Ringmaster when he tried to stop him.  Although it seems, now he may have a second chance.

Vampire the Masquerade- Rebirth-A VTM, romance story

this is a strictly FxM storyline

The playing of this storyline would require a working knowledge of the Vampire the Masquerade universe from White Wolf gaming.

This is also a very long story, just a warning.  In the dark ages in the countryside of Romania, a young woman is given some copies of Bible passages from wandering missionaries trying to convert the local pagan population to Christianity.  Of the four people in the area who were able to read, only the young girl was receptive to the Word of God and she was entrusted with the text before the missionaries are forced to leave, both being perused by a Pagan Priest who lost a chunk of his flock to their religion, including the woman he planned on taking as his wife.  The girl, quickly becoming a dutiful Christian, not only attracts his attention, but the attention of the ancient Vampire of the Old  Tzimisce clan that lords over this section of the countryside.  Interested in not only the obtaining of the scriptures, but of a true believer as well, he has the girl brought to his castle, narrowly avoiding death at the hands of the Pagan Priest.  Knowing full well that it may take centuries to fully understand and comprehend the sacred text, he embraces her so she can remain at his side as a spiritual adviser, that is if her faith remains after losing her humanity.  It does fortunately, and progressively, her Sire grows more than fond of her.  Sadly, they are separated when the Pagan Priest enlists the assistance of a Vampire Hunter to have both of them eliminated since they have slighted him and caused him to lose face in front of his flock.  While both survive, the girl is accidentally imprisoned in the underground catacombs of the castle and does not awaken from her torpor until the year 1999, when the locked sarcophagus she has been trapped in is accidentally dropped during transport from the basement of the Natural History Museum in New York City.  The girl awakens, hungry, frightened and quite alone in a very strange time and place.  Her Sire still lives and has never forgotten her, although there have been other children and lovers.  He has discovered her location but needs to get to her quickly before the Pagan Priest, now reborn as a demonic Baali Vampire reaches her first. 

Tentacle Noir-A crime-noir story with Lovecraftian Horrors

A quiet waitress in a specialty(sexy) coffee house is performing a routine shift, when suddenly a car roars by the shop and several hooded figures emerge to gun down all two of the patrons currently sharing a cup of exotic tea.  Quickly taking shelter in the back room unnoticed, the ghoul-like men proceed to enter the shop and finish the men off who appear to melt in squirming tentacled blobs before finally dying.  The terrified girl slips out unnoticed once they have gone upstairs to deal with the owner of the shop and escapes into the night.  The killers who are a part of an underground race of sub-humans planned a hit with no living witnesses and with the girl still alive she represents a danger to them since anyone with knowledge of the dark arts can find out what she had seen.  Rather than suffer exposure, a pair of them, working on behalf of a lesser elder god, hired a washed-up alcoholic private eye to find the girl and hand her over.  Bought with promises of riches and power, he manages to 'save' her from a few low-level creatures and earns her trust.  Eventually he lures her back to his place, restrains her and has a little fun with her before he has to turn her in.  Left, vulnerable and alone, she seems lost, but unbeknownst to anyone, a primal beast has been watching her through the eyes of the many stray animals that she had been feeding.  This creature has taken a great liking to the kind girl and will be quite enraged if she is harmed.

The following ideas are a little less fleshed out and have less actual story. They still involve multiple characters and encounters but the stories are a little simpler.

Tina, the monster hunter-Scfi/tentacle monster romance

In a post apocalyptic world, Tina makes her living hunting the various monsters that threaten the local population. On her latest case, she finds herself the target of the affections of a particularly amorous tentacle monster.  She finds herself, willingly returning the affections only to be taken away but less than kindly and lustful creatures.  Is she doomed to be their sex slave, or will her lover save her?

Jungle Peril-Pulp/adventure/Tentacle/peril/romance

Young Jessica travels deep into the jungles of a lost island in search of her missing Father, who had traveled there attempting to discover a lost civilization.  She can only find parts of her Father's notes and uses them to track him and his party deep into the Jungle.  She encounters, lustful plants and flowers that hunger for more than just blood, fiendish spiders with wicked designs on impregnation, a gigantic jellyfish who's sting causes terrible pleasure, and other lustful characters.  A mysterious and strange creature (resembling a muscular troll), has been following her, keeping out of sight and saving her just in the nick of time, as she struggles to find her father.  However, it looks like her Father has unwittingly nearly summoned an ancient and evil god, who hungers for a sacrifice after centuries of slumber.  And it looks like Jessica may just fit the bill, unless her new found guardian can stop him.

Gate of Hell- Vampire/romance/ Demon

A young journalist, enters an abandoned estate in New Orleans, looking to investigate the places history.  The rumors state the place is home to an ancient vampire and even a gate to Hell itself.  Both rumors are true but the vampire is not an evil creature, having taken up the mantle  of undeath to protect the gate and keep it closed.  The girl s arrival had been foretold to him in legend.  She is to either be his eternal love, or the final sacrifice needed to open the gate.

The Worms- Scfi/tentacle/insectoid/romance

A young entomologist finds her garden contains the doorway to an underground cavern that contains a hive of mutating wormlike creatures that have designs on using her body for breeding purposes, unless the Mantis humanoid hybrid who has been watching her, and fallen in love with her can save her.

Little Greenhouse of Horrors-scfi/plant/romance
A college student is lured to her professors greenhouse which is full of genetically altered plant life.  The professor has been slowly mutating himself into a dangerous and deadly plant/human hybrid and wishes to feed upon her, after having his way with her that is.  However, the rest of the plants have other plans for the pretty young girl.  Before the professor enjoys her himself, he allows his children to have their fun with her and the plants have taken quite the liking to her and will not take too kindly to  anyone who harms her

Alien Invasion-SCI-FI/tentacle/romance Note this story features a MxM pairing

Beyond the Stars-Alien/SCI-FI/tentacle/romance
On a distant spacestation, a group of deep space scientists have been drilling into the core of a strange asteroid.  Unbeknownst to them, one of their own is not all he seems to be.  He is actually an alien in disguise, sent by his people to monitor the humans.  His race is unsure of the motives of the humans who have come so dangerously close to their territory, and fear they may become hostile or unpredictable.  Meanwhile, he has been slowly falling in love with one of the young male scientists in the group, despite their differences in race.  He does not know who or what he really is, but shortly before he confesses his affections for him the scientists drill too deep into the asteroid and release an ancient and evil race of parasitic aliens that quickly infect and change the scientists and crew into horrible tentacled beasts with the lust for flesh.  Despite the pleas of his people to flee and leave the humans to their doom, he decides to stay, risking inflection to ensure the safety of his new love.  Although this does mean he will have to shed his human skin, revealing the alien form underneath.  Hopefully, he can get them both  to safety before his race arrives and destroys the station and asteroid to avoid inflection.

The Unwilling Dancer-A Slavery, Monster Love Story
A cruel warlord conquers a small peace-loving country and builds a castle to relocate into. Word reaches him that one of the fairest young women in the country, a fine dancer is still alive in hiding in a country house. He sends his men to collect her with aims on making her one of his concubines. However, she refuses his offer and insulted, he forces her to dance for him. Treating her poorly and pushing her to near exhaustion.  He hopes to break her will so she will submit to his advances.  However, after the girl spits in his face, he tosses her down to one of his many fantastic beasts. However, he may have trouble getting her back from the creature since it has taken quite a shine to her.


I post in paragraphs, but they don't need to be too long, although long posts are good too.

Good grammar is a plus but I won't split hairs over a missing period or two.

I love lots of romance, rescues, monster guys, and a happy ending. I am pretty opened minded to content, with only a few things being a definite no.  As long as the story has a happy ending, pretty much anything goes.

Character pictures are available.

I am open to Forum, Messenger,Email Roleplays.  Ask for my availability

Please send me a message or reply if interested in any of my ideas.  Thank you very much for your time.
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