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Author Topic: Nathan Malreaux, The Return: M L4 F  (Read 1017 times)

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Nathan Malreaux, The Return: M L4 F
« on: February 17, 2017, 02:21:14 am »
Nathan Malreaux

You have entered this thread, which indicates a beginning interest. Let me encourage it.

I have most recently updated my Roleplay Preferences, so please refer to that if you want to see how interacting with me will play out. For those who just want it Quick and Dirty, I have provided a few good pointers below.

  • I am a Dominant. I want to grab your hair at the nape of your neck and twist, so that your knees bend and hit the floor.
  • I am as Straight as they get. I have no issues with the LGBTQ community, in fact finding nearly every single acquaintance from that camp to be among the pleasant and enjoyable company I know. But for me to think and imagine and write out sexual activity in any other way just does not work for me.
  • I am into Dark themes. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Science Fantasy are great mediums, but not something I'm locked into. As long as it is Dark and Red in Tooth and Claw, I should be happy.
  • I am an Imaginative and Free-Thinking individual. If you are boring, typical, or the usual fare I will not be interested. If your content is below par, looks like mid-school dribble, or reeks of Text-Speech, I will not be interested. Stimulate my senses. Drive it up. Take Risks. I will not disappoint.
  • I am probably the easiest Co-Writer anyone could want, after all my Preferences are said and done. Within those constraints, I am open to just about any storyline, dynamic, or situation we can hash out together in PM. Communicate with me fully, express your doubts and concerns, and I will work with you. Do not be intimidated, for I am very easy to work with. And I am Easy, but that's just a general rule for me.

Now for the Juicy Bits.
What I am currently desiring are Four different kinds of plots. I am not going to be entertaining any more then these at any time, and that is subject to change without warning. I may go down to just Two. However, if this does not scare you off, then below is the list of Plots I am personally drawn towards, from Top to Bottom being my Favorite to Least Fav, but not by much considering.

  • ROMANTIC REVENGE (Taken): a couple that seemed perfect on the outside explodes when the girl runs away, leaving a note explaining all the lies and "guilt" she had been hiding from her fiance for years, smiling the entire time. The jilted lover is enraged, confused, hurt, and in a giant mess of emotions, with no way to constructively express himself. Skip ahead a few years, and in some new situation (TBD) the two ex-lovers meet again. This time however, there will be no quick easy escape. Someone has been preparing...(yes I am aware this seems to be a Modern Romance, something I have not expressed interest in. This has actually happened to me recently, and I'm desiring a write-out purge of my feelings. It won't be Modern Earth Romance, and it will follow my Preferences.)
  • STAR WARS (Taken): You will always get me with Star Wars. You will Really snag me if you say Old Republic and Master/Apprentice-D/s in the same breath. ... yeah, that's about all I need to say about that.
  • SCI-FI FANTASY HOMEBREW (Needing Replacement): Star Wars may seem like Sci-Fi Fantasy in it's own way, but I am thinking more of Shadowrun, with High Fantasy. Aside from the usual darkness for our brand of interest?...I love: Rape or forced violent sexual content. Kidnapping in particular, even if it doesn't turn sexual, slavery, victimization, sexual objectification (not degrading, more possessive-of-you), ropes and chains and pain and pleasure and blood, and that's the very tip of that iceberg. Species and history, evolved into Modern-, or Futuristic-level technology that has merged up with the metaphysics of Magic. This would be a complete work up from the bottom with anyone that wants to co-op on it.
  • THE MASTER (Open and NEW): Inspired by BBC's Doctor Who, but it will be a flip-bit, focusing on the Doctor's arch-nemesis the Master. Since we are talking about the whole of Time and Space, and the only thing limiting us is our imagination, one could only imagine the kind of mayhem and wanton madness the Master could get himself into if he had managed to grab the Mark 40 TARDIS... not to mention the companions, actual fandom or original bios are fine. I could even see this being a long-term, multi-cast thread, with companions coming on and off the 'show' as we go. As cheesy and cheery the Doctor's show would be, dark and bacchanalian would be the theme. The Master rules the Universe, all will bow and submit or die to sound of the drums.... .... .... .... .... .... .... ....

Aside from those, I am honestly up for a great many different things. But First Come, First Served, if you are personally approved. If not, you make a vacancy for the next in line.

Viscount Nathan Malreaux
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Re: Nathan Malreaux, The Return: M L4 F
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 05:37:37 pm »
edit: New Plot! THE MASTER

excited about this one, guys.... .... .... .... .... ....

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