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Author Topic: Like Putty in the Hand? [Transformation. FxAny]  (Read 1214 times)

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Like Putty in the Hand? [Transformation. FxAny]
« on: February 16, 2017, 02:39:25 pm »
Where 50 Shades meets Frankenstein's Monster...

Note: I am opening this roleplay up to writers of any gender, so long as they are willing to write from a female perspective.

The Basics
  • A writing partner who identifies as female
  • Weekly posts
  • Common courtesy
  • Good grammar
  • A reasonable level of commitment
  • NC:Exotic Rating

  • Dirty, Broken, Love
  • Obsession
  • Slave/Master. Trust rather than Safe Words
  • Near Sci-fi themes
  • Transformation
  • Post-humanism

The Quick and Dirty
The future is now. While we sit in front of our computers pretending to have sex, other people are building custom CRISPRs in their garages, altering lines of genetic code like you or I might alter a hem line, and doing, well, no one knows what they are doing…

For one billionaire-genius, hacking the perfect teacup poodle isn’t good enough. She has already conquered the world of biogenetics. She has already done much to reverse the aging process, and is about to turn the corner on some of the most dangerous diseases humankind has ever faced.

But that is not enough. She wants to build a living, breathing monument to her own genius.

How will she accomplish this?

Using the magic of biogenetics, she is going to turn him into her.

All she needs is a willing subject...

Thickening the Plot
In this RP, you will play the billionaire. She is the Steve Jobs/Henry Ford/Thomas Edison of her profession. When the White House has a question about biogenetics, she is the one they call. She’s been on the cover of Time. She regularly gives TED talks.

But there is another side to her. A darker side. A side she has very carefully concealed from the public eye.

Control is the running theme of her life. All her lovers past (she is an attractive and charismatic woman) have either submitted to her will or been driven out by it.

She is secretly the leader of a group of billionaires who operate a château similar to the one from Story of O. This club, for lack of a better term, meets to discuss the current state of their collective hobby and parade their latest acquisitions on their arms. No one is more admired than her.

But she can do better. She can always do better...

And whom will she play opposite of?

My character starts off as a much younger male. He is brilliant, but like many brilliant, technology-minded males, finds the opposite sex as frustrating as they are fascinating. He has spent the majority of his life avoiding women. Beyond a couple of awkward sexual encounters in high school and the brief foray onto the internet for masturbatory purposes, he has had little contact with them.

Women are, for all intents and purposes, a separate species.

But this is not to suggest that he is effeminate. He isn't confused about his sexuality, he just doesn't know how to interface with women on any but the most surface level. He is confident in his own considerable intellect and abilities. He is just...incomplete.

Recently, YC has hired MC as an intern. He will be working side-by-side with her on some off-the-books projects of hers. Pet projects, if you will.

He is beside himself. This is literally the chance of a lifetime. But beyond the career and accomplishment perks that come with learning from the brightest mind in his field, is the fact that he has fantasized about her since he first bloomed into puberty. On his wall hangs her poster. He has masturbated to that picture more than once, because even though she is entering her 50s, she looks (and for all biological purposes is) no older than 25.

What he doesn't know is that she is aware of all of this.

Whence the Drama?
What makes this transformation RP different from the thousand others that have come before?
Glad you asked.

In many, if not most, transformation tales, the transforming partner is either helpless to resist the changes they are experiencing, or are willing from the start. That is not the case here. At any time, MC can simply walk away, and both characters know it.

At the heart of YC's motivation is ambition and charisma. She is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. She knows that to get what she wants more than intelligence is required. She must be able to manipulate people. Not necessarily in a conniving, Machiavellian way (though she is not beyond that), but by subtly convincing them that what she wants is what they want.

It is no different with MC. He isn't her first attempt, but the clock is ticking. He may be the last.

It is one thing to make a person her slave out of desire for sexual pleasure and intimacy. Most men would kneel before her for the chance to enter her bed. But she is asking for so much more. She must convince him to surrender all that he is. Literally, his manhood. His cock. His balls. Everything that he is she must convince him to willingly put in her hands so that she can remake him in her image, into the perfect female.

And for him?

He has idolized her since he was twelve. How far will he go for her affection? Does she really love him? And is that enough? Will she discard him for some new toy? And can he live with what he has become if she does?

As I envision it (and that is subject to change, see below), the story will progress something like this:

Light domination/control (getting him used to control by altering his wardrobe/hairstyle ect)--> Seduction---> Hard domination (making him her slave) ---> Feminization/Emasculation (strapons, anyone?) ---> Escalating Physical Transformation.

In the end, if she plays her hand well, not only will he submit fully to her, he will assist in the research that enables the transformation! MC has become the living embodiment of YC's vision. She can hang her on her arm and show her off, not only to her secret society, but to the world!

Completely Malleable
These ideas are not set in stone. I am merely seeding the imagination. We can go in other, more extravagant directions if you like.
Perhaps, instead of the ideal woman, YC creates the world’s first kitsune?

Or, instead of taking his cock, she keeps it, gives him a vagina (so she can penetrate and thus dominate him), making him the first and only futanari?

Share your ideas!

The Next Step
If this idea intrigues you, and you match the requirements above, please PM me to continue the discussion.
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Re: Like Putty in the Hand? [Transformation. FxF]
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2017, 03:20:32 pm »
Monthly bump.

Offline wigglebiscuitTopic starter

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Re: Like Putty in the Hand? [Transformation. FxAny]
« Reply #2 on: April 03, 2017, 11:51:05 am »
Changed the gender requirements of the writing partner.