Wonderful and Perfect [M lf F, Light NC, Superheroes]

Started by TheVillain, February 15, 2017, 02:13:28 PM

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"Mr. Wonderful" is something of a bad boy in the world of superheroes. Having given up his civilian identity entirely, the name itself is a clue as he's known for having a bit of a cocky attitude. Also confirmed to be very handsome with peak human strength, peak human agility, peak human stamina, and a superhuman healing speed. Also seems able to heal people by touch in extreme situations. He claims it's not a power, he just knows some meditation and healing techniques he learned in Tibet.

Notorious in superhero circles because while other superheroes tend to show some level of restraint and discretion, Mr. Wonderful happily and proudly uses his status as a superhero to have sex with as many attractive women as he can get to take their clothes off, and he doesn't seem to care about such things as "she's married". Has joked that one of his "heroic duties" is to relieve "sexually unfulfilled women of the burden of involuntary celibacy" and even impregnate women whose "wombs have begged for children for too long, crying out for a hero to fill them". Confirmed to have had hundreds if not thousands of sexual partners, even a string of bastard children, tabloids have nicknamed him Captain Cum Shot for the porn-like attributes his adventures seem to take.

But Mr. Wonderful is hiding some dark secrets. Like how he's lying about his powers. He actually only has one ability, the ability to psychically manipulate biochemistry. And that's just the tip of the surface. Mr. Wonderful has been an active superhero for three years now. Unfortunately, his power and keeping the details of his powers a secret has gone to his head. A year ago he first truly abused his powers when he made a villainess he had just arrested have sex with him. Fortunately for him, he used his biochemistry powers so extensively that she still to this day thinks it was consensual but he knows better. And it was a sexual high unlike anything else he had ever experienced.

A series of rapes has plagued the city over the last year. Women in parks, women in their homes, women in their cars- no attractive woman has proven to be safe. No racial preference, no age preference beyond between the ages of 18 and 40. Known for wearing a dark reflection of Mr. Wonderful's costume, this mysterious rapist calls himself Mr. Perfect. And he's sending letters to Mr. Wonderful to taunt him for not being able to catch him.

He knew he would have to do it again- but he figured it was alright as long as he didn't injure anyone and people could still trust "Mr. Wonderful". So he made his own arch-nemesis, the costume-color inverted "Mr. Perfect". Since then Mr. Perfect has raped about 2 women a week, sending notes to taunt "Mr. Wonderful" about his freedom to cover his tracks. But Mr. Wonderful is hiding that he IS Mr. Perfect, he's developed a new fetish and he has the power to act it out. He doesn't use his powers nearly as extensively as the first time- he finds it even hotter when his victims know he raped them. He just uses his biochemistry abilities to keep them from fighting back too hard and injuring themselves, and to make them enjoy what he does to them. After all, he's not a villain- he's a hero. A hero with an admittedly dark sexual fetish but nobody gets hurt too badly and everyone involved has a few orgasms, so still a hero. Right?

Quote from: InfoLooking for a Light-NC RP set in a world of superheroes. The basic premise is that a popular superhero has secretly fallen to the dark side, and has invented his own arch-nemesis supervillain so that he can use his powers to also take sexual advantage of superheroines/damsels-in-distress/supervillainesses on the sly. Now he has to keep everything a secret or his whole life comes crashing down, not quite realizing that now he's the Bad Guy.

PM if interested.
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