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Started by traci80, December 22, 2008, 12:07:00 PM

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A Mom is managing her 16 year-old son's acting and modeling career. He's had only minor successes and even those have become fewer and farther between. She's busy trying to keep him a pretty boy. His hair is just so, his skin is silky smooth and he's small for his age. She dreads the day he hits a growth spurt because he doesn't have enough acting talent to stand a chance at landing any worthwhile part. She is trying to get her son to be more willing to do anything with the people that matter. Shes trying to get her son to be a slut.


Hmm, I'll play the boy, this sounds interesting. :)


Very interesting! I'd play the boy...Could you give me further details?


Yes, when you become a member get back to me.


This could be fun - let me know if I'm too late.