A Sub Puppy's Thread! seeking Goddess. Sacrifice Academy AND Picture Library!

Started by PrincelyPup, February 02, 2017, 02:54:31 AM

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Hey there!!  So I've been on a bit of a hiatus and I'm finally trying to come back and get into writing.... A lot!! Every day if at all possible!! So I've been wracking my brain for some good story ideas and I finally got one!!!

To start with I want you to know a little bit about me and my preferences and the like. Well, for starters I am a sub. Straight up, from the tip of my trail to the points of my ears I am totally a subby puppy. Now, that doesn't mean that I am just some boring sex toy that will just mindlessly react and beg for your big cock to plunder my tight little holes constantly. Though I do quite enjoy getting used like a toy from time to time. I am a deep, intricate, nuanced, completed human being. I have thoughts, feelings, limits, desires, cravings, addictions, fears, memories both good and horribly painful. I play myself in a way, a real character with a real story and a real heart. Although I crave being tired down and am addicted to smothering my face into a big musky pair of balls, and maybe I like to get pinned down and pounded in public without any warning or giving any consent, okay?? ...... Where was i going with this?....... OH YEAH!!
It doesn't mean that I am not hilarious, fun, sexy, creative, dramatic, interesting and a complete blast to write with and hang out with!! I have a million creative sexy ideas and just need a wonderful friend to come and explore them with me.

I actually very much enjoy discussing and panning the Rp. I enjoy having a real sort of friendship and relationship with my writing partners. Nothing crazy of course, but if your having a tough day, come talk to me. If you saw something super hot online or read it in a manga or book, please tell me all about it and we can figure out a way to scratch that dirty little itch! If you crave something secret and dark and your not sure if anyone will ever love your again if you even mentioned that you might be interested in trying it, please.... Keep it to yourself asshole!
Lol! I'm just kidding. Please come and talk to me about it and we can figure it out. If simmering is getting boring and your need some spice to keep interested then, the spices will be added! Hell, if your really just not feeling it or we took things in a direction that didn't feel natural and you don't want to continue that's fine! Just let's at least try to be nice and stay friends and maybe even just try something new, similar or totally different.

My point is, if we are compatible enough to give it a shot then we might as well see if we can be friends and maybe be open to trying new things in the future for however long we start friends. Okay? Oh... And don't be a dick to me if you can help it please.

Anyways, now we get into the fun bits!! Kinks!!!!
I'm super into: 
Size Difference
Casual Sexuality
Forced Clothes wearing
Rimming both giving and receiving
Very Kinky D/s Romance
Collar and leash
Puppy play
Anal / Oral. training
Force and Non-Con
Tummy Bulge

Also please see my K list for complete list. Please check it out!

I really don't like:
Cruelty for cruelty sake
Blood and gore
Hard core

Most everything else is a possible up for grabs!

My characters are usually very curvy, very effeminate boys. I do not mean cunt boys, i do not mean male herms, i do not mean trans. Not that i have anything against any of those gender  identifications, i just don't personally resonate with them. I am a boy, who could very easily pass off as a very young very sexy girl with big juicy thighs, wide curvy hips and an ass that is more then just a handful and is practically an entertainment system in and of itself because of how sexy it is when it ripples and jiggles when it's played with and boy to i love getting played with!! Hehe. I do have a huge thing for Furries but in all honesty they aren't a requirement and in fact I often get cravings for normal human or humanoid pairings, or maybe even mixed pairings, hell sometimes I go as far as human/feral pairings! It's not a huge thing. However, I don't really enjoy playing females very often. Unless the story AND partner are really something special, I tend to sick with my femboy self. Currently the closest image that I can find that matches my true inner Fursona is that cute little pup in my profile picture.

However there us one very important difference. I have neon teal highlights instead of pink around the dark blue violet fur. Which includes, all markings around the white underbelly and heart shaped ass pattern, my cute boopable heart shaped nose, my eyes, my ears, and my adorable curly cue tail.

Also, if I am playing I basically enjoy the exact same body type and if possible wouldn't mind keeping the tail and ears and being a neko but it isn't  necessary. They are just very effective at communicating certain nonverbal emotions and making me feel just a bit more cute.

For my partner, I will just kind of outline my ideal but please understand that this is just what I am attracted to, not the only thing that I will partner with. I'll also drop a bunch of examples in the image section at the end. Kind of like a little reward for getting through my big ass thread!

So, for my partner. For starters I absolutely love size difference so if it is at all possible I would love if you were one to several feet taller then me and wider then me. I love being cute and small maybe even carry-able. I love curvy Futa...  Like older maybe even MILF like body but healthy and a bit buff too. Anything from very curvy to target athletic and buff is good to me depending on the artist. I don't like hulk status or when the muscles start to remove any semblance of a female shape. That's kind of where I personally get turned off. I am very attracted to big deep asses and thoroughly enjoy burying my face in them. Boobs are great too but not nearly as important to me personally. I also have a huge think for big balls. Not hyper or anything just big balls that are really big handfuls and maybe the sack is big enough to rest my head of like a pillow. In very into that kind of casual sexuality and if I'm chained to them and it's forced, even better, I really enjoy that kind of degradation and humiliation, just not in a cruel way but more a fun kinky way. For race and species, I guess I am very attracted to red heads for humans? For furry FutaDoms, I am really into a wide variety. Mostly carnivores. My favorites being, in order,

Ummm. Pretty much everything else Lol.

Please don't feel like you need to fulfill all of these favorites or even some of them. Please, for me, making sure my partner is happy and very much into it, and enjoying it is just as important and enjoyable or even more so then enjoying it myself. If you have your own Fursona, then please let's see if we can use that.

Now maybe a little about my relationship/personality preferences. For A Dom I really prefer someone who is possessive, protective, someone who isn't afraid to grab her puppy, pin him to the ground and grind him hard on front a big crowd just to remind him and let everyone else know just who that little hunk of ass belongs to. I love a very kinky Confident Domme, someone with lots of ideas who loves to just play and play not just fuck, maybe even pish and prod and make me submit more and more. However you must be careful that it doesn't slip into cruelty. That is very very important to me. I am an abuse victim and it is something I can't handle well. As long as it is for fun, our fulfillment of urges, or desires, cravings, or what ever the reason as long as it isn't just to hurt me to hurt me kind of cruelty. However I do also enjoy eventually that a romance can blossom and maybe some gentile and tenderness enters into the relationship. Please tie me down and fuck my throat into I pass out and you pump my tiny full of cum for breakfast, then..  Cradle me in your huge arms and carry me to the sofa and gently rub my tummy or stroke my dick while we cuddle and watch cartoons or a movie on the tv for a whole. Be playful and always let me know your the alpha and in your sexy little bitch. Make me impale myself on your huge dick just so we can cuddle and play video games. You know?

This us by far the hardest thing to explain. It is a very fine line between picket fence, boring vanilla romance, cruel  dominatrix who whips the helpless puppy just to hear his screams (huge no no), and then being the perfect possessive, dominant Owner who loves her puppy and yet knows how much he loves to be used like the toy he was born to be. Also I don't expect it to be perfect right from the start! In fact I prefer to start crazy and non con and even cruel, then with my perfect little cute way, I slowly win you over until you really love your little puppy fuck toy.

Does any of that make sense???! I hope so... I am trying really hard here. Oh and if you have really read this far put "your an adorable little puppy aren't you Travis" in your message somewhere.

Also please feel free to just talk to me? I would love to just chat and make friends and see if we can figure it out together. Okay?

Hmmmm. What else? I guess that's mostly it for my preferences


Story idea time!!!!

Okay so my current idea for this is as follows. So we all know about sacrifices and offerings, right? You know, give the outcast slutty bar maid to the dragon to appease it for a few decades! Or throw the sexy girly boy into e volcano to become the plaything of the fire god! Am I right? Seriously, who hasn't played some version of that scenario at least once? Hmmm? Literally everyone? That's what i thought.

Now here's my idea. In this world, every single deity of every single religion is one hundred percent verified real. Yes so every religion is also true and of course each deity and religion gives its followers and devout subjects very different rewards and promises, except in this world it very task and tangible transaction. Of your a king of time, sacrifice a few dozen virgins to Mars and let him do what he wants with then and he will suddenly bless your forges to create unbreakable magical weapons. If your a scholar and really need that ancient missing knowledge to finally increase your magical prowess, just fine a rare tome, or buy a  sacrificial virgin to Athena or Hecate and suddenly your library just got bigger. Maybe you really need your wife bright back from the dead, sacrifice to hades, Kali, Or any of the other thousand rulers of hell and bingo!! Maybe you wish to be imbued with the insanity and power of the elder ones themselves, simple sent a lovely sacrifice gift basket to cthulu and boom your sprouting tentacles and driving your neighbors into eldritch horror and insanity in no time!!

So how does this work and how is this possible?? Well for starters a millennia ago mount Olympus formerly thought to be the home of only the Greek and Roman gods, actually turns out to be the pathway between the many realms of heaven and the mortal coil. Them a coalition of thousand of minor, kind of pathetic, deities and demigods formed a pact and opened the the pearly gates to Olympus preeminently before following out the very mount Olympus herself and turning it into an insane labyrinth and fortress. Where they hatched a plan to finally get the power and favor they deserved.

There in those magical and holy caverns they formed the Sacrifice Academy. The universal hub where all sacrifices are sent to be trained or prepared to be given to the deity they were destined to go to. Every village across the globe receives emissarys of the academy and every single city, village, town, country and metropolis donates as many young men and women to their sovereign deity or pantheon, depending on their religion dictates the frequency and the substance of the donations. For the rich and powerful, they of course offer every kind of device, including their own perfectly in house bred stock of sacrifices. Note you may be thinking what's the deal here? Not every deity wants simple virgin sex toys and not every cruel god wants viscous blood letting either though of course those options. See, the donations from the cities can be for their specific deity or for promise of rewards from the directors of the academy and they are kept on hand for any god who gets a hankering for what ever. Although some of course are sent with very very  specific directions and with very specific regiments to be followed to prorate then for a very  specific deity. Anyways... This is all very collocated. Suffice it to say that there are hundreds of thousands of students at this academy and each one if raised and groomed for their role, rather it's sexual, menial,  gladiatorial,  sacrificial, or heavens know what else. Ever ounce of magics both holy and arcane are used to pretexted the academy and it's precious livestock as well as to change and groom each sacrifice to the specifications of their intended master.

Anyways, basically it is a very unique and interesting idea I had about a world where this is common place. The string could even be modern and see how dystopian or Utopian a  futuristic society might become of they had real powerful help from a wide array of gods and demons to grant them all kinds of wishes. Like one nation might use all its sacrifices to gain a huge impenetrable energy bubble to guard against the arcane nuclear attacks of its rival? Maybe we are still in a fantasy era and the academy is still young. I don't know we can think about it together and it can be different for everyone who wants to try this with me. What ever... That really isn't the point. I'm getting to that now.

The cool part and focus of the Rp would be both the academy and Olympus. My Chaucer would be a sacrifice from who knows where, probably some northern small city of furrys, or maybe he originally was human and one of the requests of the deity he was Pritchard or traded for, decides she wants him to be a cute little husky puppy. Any kind of training and prep can be requested. As far as story goes this also could be like a boarding school like vibe where my character us struggling to come to terms with the futility of his life while struggling under a heavy class schedule and big bullies and stuff. We also can't forget that the goddess might drop in for random visits, to check and test his progress, or just to tease him, or maybe to save his precious behind from a beating from those bullies. Then the second segment would be when he is finally ready to be given to the goddess and the great, awkwardness maybe for both, or the overzealous cruelty of a very very pent up horny deity. Then the really cool part would be the living and intermingling in heaven where every character is a different deity from who knows where! Plus all their sacrifices, rather used as servants, sex toys, maybe even fill blown mates, who knows. It is a really cool unique  and very vet variable setting that just kind of plopped into my mind tonight.

I think that the story could be really awesome and because it is so open and variable it could fit so many different ideas. Maybe we play two lovebirds who met in the academy but one is lent to be bloody sacrificed to some evil blood demon but needs to be ravaged and turned into a slut first, then the other must convince their benevolent deity to help their sacrifice to save their friend or something. Maybe the dominant is the sacrifice to a kind of cute shy little god who has never had anyone to love him before. Maybe the main character is being trained to become a gladiator sacrifice to fight in the eternal arenas of pain and lust to entertain some pantheon of deities and must escape or win their chance at freedom or happiness.

I don't know!!! I think it is pretty cool. Please let me know what you think!! Just don't post here, please message me instead.


Now for some sexy NSFW pictures!!!!
My preference is first,  my profile picture with slight color changes but these are other options and ideas of my body type.

MY Characters!!!
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My favorite animations ever!!!!

Now for my favorite Futa Pics for my Partner characters.


D/s Romance Guide!!

I am always looking for Doms both female and Futa who can be played by any gender player. Though usually it's a lot easier said then done.

Another problem is that it is so hard to communicate what you really love you know? You fill out your k-list, you talk for hours in PMs. Yet still sometimes it just doesn't make sense. This is both a request and a statement to show what i really love. How i love, whom i love, and what i do when i fall in love.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Not my art. But it's the best ever.

This picture is what i would like to use to illustrate how i think and feel about sex. However it isn't necessarily about rimming at all.  Lets get started:

See her body....oh god is it perfect. SO sexy and smooth curvy with enough padding to really fill your hand. THat is both what i love in a partner and at least how i like my own character to be in his thighs and ass. Now look at her arms, They are nice but for my taste they need a good bit more muscle but thats just what i prefer. Look at her balls....mmm tasty!!! Though i wouldn't mind if they were bigger. Her shaft is particularly nice very thick and moist, though i wouldn't mind it a few inches longer, or maybe with a knot at the base. Oh god how her back arches and her curves turn to just a hint of a fold, while her body remains so perfect and rounded. Look at those breasts so big and full so taunt yet soft. Heh and who doesn't love thigh highs am i right? particularly how they compress her juicy thighs and her flesh bunches just a bit. Though for my taste i would prefer if all together she was a good two sizes bigger, not fat just another foot taller so the boy was that much cuter and smaller then her his owner.

Now thats enough of the physical enjoyments. Now lets move on to the real bigger picture.

What is going on here? A couple? Older Futa and much younger boy. See how she kneels there writhing in pleasure while he goes at her ass and lovingly strokes her? What do you think is going on? Passion? Lust? fear? NO....

This is love. True love between a Dom and her sub. She owns him, loves him, cares for him her little pet. Now he is finally getting the opportunity to give back, to service and please her like she can't believe. Look at her face, blushing and moaning while looking back, so impressed and so touched by just how much her boy loves her and not to mention the intense pleasure he is giving her. Now look at him and what he is doing. His eyes are closed blissful and so excited and happy as he does something many people find very unappealing to say the least. See how much he loves it? loves her taste? But more importantly how happy he is to be pleasuring her even in such a dirty way. Not only that, is he touching himself? No... he is using both hands not just to pleasure her shaft, but to hug and worship her ass, to love and pull her against him not ever wanting her to pull away. He looks like he could do that for hours... jsut lovingly stroke her to multiple orgasms while making out with her lovely ass. He loves her so much he probably didn't have to be told to do this...he probably was begging her to do this. To pleasure her...to prove his love. They look so happy. Him servicing her and her receiving his love and cumming hard from it.

Probably after this as a reward she is gonna pin him against a wall and plunge herself into his rump while gripping his throat in one hand and his hip in the other. Thats what he loves. Thats what i love too. This is what a relationship should be lile. A Dom who loves her sub and lets him serve her...then Dominates him and pounds him into submission. She makes him feel so loved and wanted, and sexy when she Dominates him. He probably can't keep his hands off her. She becomes his whole world, all he ever wants is to be in this position or a similar one servicing her, filling her with pleasure. Because being her lover, her Mate, her Pet and slave fills him with so much pleasure he can never repay it all. He doesn't know that when he does things like this she too feels an immeasurable amount of pleasure she feels she can't repay which is why she dominates and pounds him so hard, till he cums five or six times. Its all love....thats what it's all about. Everything else is just an expression and extention of this scene and the massive love in it.

Every relationship has to start somewhere. Maybe he was scared at first, or sad...or too shy to ever submit. So she had to be the bigger one...to start things off. To free him from himself by claiming him as all her own. Maybe kidnap, rape, or buying him from worse people. Then breaking him...into her little slutty pet. Because she wanted him...wanted this for herself...this relationship...for him too. Because she knows him inside what he really needs. She can see it in his eyes. Thats why she breaks his will and tears away all the mislabeled morals, and restraints to free him in his slavery to her. Let him be carefree and happy while she knows whats best and takes care of him like a mother would, so protective and careing. Only then can this relationship be achieved.

This is what i want. This is my permenant Rp request. Everything else is just a new skin, style, interpretation, of this relationship. Sure the players may change, the setting, the species, or positions. But this is what the end goal should be. Rather it's two humans, brother and sister, mother and son, alien and captive, Dragon and sacrifice, Plant Girl and researcher, Goddess and slave, CEO and secratary. A million variations....but this in some form is what i need.

SO if this sounds even a little interesting to you please Pm me. Im open to revision and changes... any sort of extreme. Please come to me and we can brainstorm. If you don't have an idea or are just curious lets chat i have a million of them. Please. Im sad and lonely and i want more friends and lovers to share my dreams with. I promise i am very very very flexible just come give me a chance. Please. I love you all. Thank you for reading.

Part 2!!!! Tongue jobs, ball worship, and public play.

A friend was in an Rp with me and i was doing my characters first ever blow job. He is a young guy... just kidnapped and sort of smuggled through several false adoptions into the hands of his current "owner". So that it would be "legal". SO anyways.... he woke up..rules were set yada yada. She starts to turn him on a lot... then she strips and orders him to pleasure her with his mouth. I decided that he was a bit to scared to dive right in to deep throat so i worked my way up to it. Lots of sexual licking and nuzzling his face into her balls, his mind being driven crazy by the sexy musk filling his nose and mouth. Then worked her over with his tongue... both bathing and worshiping her balls and her huge shaft.

Then her character decided she wanted to throat fuck him. Which is fun but it made me think about this wort of fantasy. He was worshiping her. She was his whole world... just those big balls and that cock, He was drugged on her musk and in a licking trance as we all know puppies can get into which he is one.  An anthro husky. SO this is what i said to my good friend.

Honestly for me.. i think it would be sexier to have a little pup like him,  licking your cock for god knows how long perhaps hours...and have an orgasm that rips your soul into confetti its so amazing. Then to just rush into throat fucking. Not that i mind just for future reference. Think about it...i bet it was pretty fucking sexy to have this new slave boy you just worked so hard to get...having his first sexual encounter with your huge cock and balls... using his little tongue to worship and lick you while he gets high and addicted on your sweaty balls and their musk.... his little moans. Just to see him curled up so tiny between your big thighs... lost in the pleasure of your shaft.. worshiping it and your balls like they are his whole world. Hehe.... then imagine doing it out in public... his eyes glazed almost drugged looking as he worships your shaft for an hour in the middle of a crowd or on a park bench kneeling between your legs. Ignoring the rest of the world because all there is to him is your shaft and balls. So entranced...someone could come by and sit right next to you and he wouldn't even flinch... or have someone scream fire and he would just lick harder....to have your shaft and balls be his whole world for as long as you want. Watch him kneel there in a trance his head turning back and forth as he laps at your shaft dragging his tongue around and around, then moving up and lapping at the underside of your cock head, only to sink back down and start from the bottom again sucking and nipping at your balls and working his way back up.

Hows that for a fucking sexy wet dream right there? lol


Hello once again my lovelies!

I have another idea this time inspired by this two part unfinished story by Simplified on Ink Bunny. It is based in a furry world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures of all shapes and sizes, in rather a steampunk or Maritime Era world. Furries in general are rather openly sexual so sexual acts will be a very big part of the story. The main point of the first plot would be My character a new boy toy the captain purchases or kidnaps and enslaves and their relationship as she grows fond of him...or even in love. Their relationship as it starts out as reluctant or timid slave, being broken and her being cruel as usual until slowly his utter devotion and limitless affection for her even though she was cruel to him starts to soften her heart. Probably around the time she notices he is more afraid of screwing up because it would displease her and make her not like him, then the actual punishment itself. He would probably be the first creature to ever actually honestly say "I love you" To her. So anyways onto the stories that the Rp would be based on. No we will not be using the exact characters or names in this story. I would very much prefer that the captain be made a Futa instead of a female but i might try it with a female as well. This is only to give you a taste of the world and the character. Her son wouldn't be in the Rp..unless perhaps you alter Him to be a Futa as well. Also the Crew i was hoping could be made Futa but maybe one or two females as well. Sorry....i am a femboy who knows what he likes. Hehe! Hopefully the relationship or at least the affection and devotion she has for her son would be placed on my character her new toy. Also the incest would not be needed at all unless wanted, like i said i wasn't super interested in having him in the game at all.

Furry and incest warning!

Part 1
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Lady of the Sea

The keys jingled as they hit the lock of the cell door.

“Alright!  Wake up, ya scaly bastard!” shouted the rotund rat guard to the lone prisoner inside.

The monitor lizard fell out of the small bed he’d slept in.  He rubbed his bruised bottom and uttered a few choice words about the guard.  “What is it ya want, guard?  I was ‘avin’ a right good sleep.”

The rat growled, “I got half a min’ to put you right back to sleep fer good, but then I’d lose mah job.  Now geddup, you’re goin’ up for auction!”

The monitor gulped.  “Me, auction?  For stealin’ some old meat, you’re puttin’ me on auction?”

“Thems the rules, I’m afraid.  An’ don’t bother dressin’, the buyers need ta see all ye’ve got ta offer.”

The monitor, a mere grey-scaled male of 18, 6 feet tall with not much muscle looked at his naked body.  “But I ain’t got nothin’ ta offer.”

Elsewhere, the lady pirate, Sharika Marquez was having a more pleasant morning.  With two fingers on her left paw, she held her pussy open while her right paw held the leash of her current sex toy, a 18 yr-old chipmunk female.  “Yeah, that’s a girl.  Let Mama know how much you appreciate her, Baby.”  She baby-talked the chipmunk.

The chipmunk happily serviced her mistress.  The mongoose always showed love to her most obedient slaves.
Just as she felt her peak rising, the door to her cabin opened and disturbed the erotic scene.  She growled at the intruder, but calmed when she saw who it was.

A mongoose male of 20 years entered, “Excuse me, my lady captain, you had asked me to tell when we’ve reached port.”

Sharika politely pushed the chipmunk from her loins then stood up.  “Good boy.”  She patted the young male’s exposed scrotum and made him groan.  She pushed the chipmunk in his strong arms.  “There’s your reward, my child.”  She laughed before she left to get dressed.

The male, her own son, Tariq, eagerly accepted his reward, throwing the teenaged slave back onto the bed then shoving his cock in the young female’s twat.

Sharika came back in time to see her son unload his potent cum in her thin belly.  Sharika hugged him from behind, cradled his balls as their contents spilled.  “Get dressed, Tariq, Mommy’s taking you shopping.”

He pumped another couple jets in the small female before addressing his mother.  “Ay, Captain.”  He wiped himself then stepped out, cock swinging like a sausage in a market.

Sharika and her son walked through the city they’d just arrived at, Trenova.  It was a typical port town, though what they were looking for was something not so typical.

She had been to this particular location in the past, the slave trade delivered well for her here.  She stopped by a local bar to find someone.  She spotted a male jerboa with a peg for his left foot.  “Rufio, how’s the leg?”  She joked with the old man.

He laughed with a nearly toothless mouth.  “In a poil of lion shit som’ere, I’m sure.”  A server, a bat several times too young for him, gave a beer to the jerboa only to retrieve a callous grab of her breasts as reward.  “Ah, youth.  So ye’ve brought along a new boy toy, Ms. Marquez?”

Sharika smiled and patted Tariq.  “No, Rufio, this is my son.”

The jerboa stuttered, “A s- a son?!  Wow, I never knew you had it in ya.”

“I did so have it in me, twenty years and nine months ago.”  She joked.

He gasped.  “Twenty years ago?  Damn.  To think Ah could’ve been dat lucky when we used to fuck, girl.”  He drank his beer.  “So who got the lucky shot?”

Sharika sighed, “I don’t exactly know, but I’d happily cut his balls for knocking me up if I found him.”

He whistled.  “Well it’s nice seein’ motherhood ain’t changed your outlook.”

The mongoose captain laughed.  “I was still nursing this boy when I took supplies off some rich fucker’s yacht.”

“Sounds like ya.  So yer in fer the slave auction today?”

“As always, I’d lost a few here and there this past year.  One girl got herself pregnant, one of my boys got the HIV, another drowned.  So I have just my youngest girl, Ara to entertain myself and Tariq in our private quarters.”

“Man, sounds rough.  Well I hope ya get somethin’ good.  It was nice seein’ ya agin.”

She nodded, “Nice to see you too, don’t die before I get back you old fart.”

He laughed,  “I’m not makin’ any promises.”

The monitor tripped as he was pushed roughly out onto the dusty auction grounds.  The rat led the young lizard by the loose skin of his neck to a circle in the Trenovian Square which served as the stage.

The rat kicked the lizard hard, “Geddap! Make yerself look good!”

The 18 year-old lizard had a hard enough time standing after having sprained his ankle just now and this corpulent rat expected him to flaunt for the crowd?

A few people had stopped to look at the nude male standing in the auction circle.

The monitor gulped then tried flexing his arms. Not very impressive to look at, he was still quite skinny from having eaten so little.  He could feel his stomach growling for some meat.  He shook his head and began to whip his tail.  It lashed left and right.  Some people seemed impressed but no one was stopping to bid.

The rat growled, “Hurry up!  I ain’t got all day!  If nobody ain’t picked ya by noon, you’re goin’ back in th’ cell!  No rations!”

The tall gray lizard held his gut at the thought of yet another night without food.  He snorted through his nostrils and began to dance, hopeful this would show how fit he was.

Sharika and her son had entered the square at this moment.

The lizard saw her, the large saber she had sheathed on her waist, the fierce look in her eyes.  The tall male standing next to her, towered her by almost two feet yet he could still see which of the pair commanded more respect.

The lizard picked up his routine and performed an impressive handstand which showed off his full nude form.

Sharika saw him, his lithe body, tight, almost feminine despite his height.  She admired the bulge in his reptilian slit when he performed his handstand.  She tapped Tariq then began to walk in the lizard’s direction.

The monitor slowed his performance as the female mongoose stepped up to him, over the barrier and into the buyer’s circle.

She looked at the rat guard.

The rat shrugged, “If ya wish to test him first, Miss, it’s two gold pieces.”

She opened the money bag she had tied to her waist and carelessly flicked two gold coins in the rat’s face.

He caught them, showing a quicker response time than his weight would belie.

Sharika placed a paw on the tall lizard’s chest and lightly pushed him to test his equilibrium.

The monitor caught that and held his ground, puffing his chest up.

She frowned at that and promptly slapped him.  She looked at the rat.  “Shame on you, I’d expect you to have a more in-shape specimen up here.  Your master has always provided fine slaves for my crew.”

The rat shrugged, “If you’re referrin’ ta Hubert, dat ol’ ferret that run th’ prison here, he’s nourishin’ worms these days.  His faygeleh nephew ‘as been runnin’ it since then.”

Sharika nodded, “Hmm, I have been away a long time.”  She pushed on the lizard’s chest again.

This time, with a red mark on his cheek, the monitor let the lady push him back.

She smiled this time.  “Good, you’re a fast learner.  What’s your name?”  She placed a claw directly on his chin, careful not to harm the merchandise before she bought it.

The lizard looked directly in her wild green eyes.  “I am Geoffrey.”

“Geoff?  Geffy…”  She grinned, “Make yourself erect for me.”

The lizard would blush if reptiles could, but he still felt that same level of embarrassment.  He was naked in public already, not his first time, he’ll admit, he’d done things he wasn’t too proud of as a homeless vagrant.  He moved one scaly paw down to his slit then began to rub himself around bulging pink lips which vaguely resembled a female’s slit.

Both mother and son watched as a crowd began to form behind them.

Geoff shivered from the sheer humiliation of it.  After rubbing himself enough, his hemipenes each poked their heads out of his slit.  He started to stroke over them, making them extend more until he had them both out at their full lengths of 8 inches each.  Both were two inches thick with small barbs gracing the edge around his glans.

Sharika grinned, “Impressive, but do you know how to use them?”

The lizard joked, “Buy me and I could show you, Ma'am.”

She giggled, “Do you hear that, Tariq?  He already called me mistress, do I like that word, my son?”

Tariq promptly stepped around his mother and grabbed the lizard by his throat, “Of course not!  You will address Lady Sharika as either Captain or Mistress, never Ma'am.  She is not some mere whore, lizard.”  He released Geoff and the lizard fell.

Sharika had her arms crossed now.  “Now what do you call me, Slave?”

“Captain or Mistress, I apologize.” He bowed to her.

The lady rolled her eyes then petted him on the head.  “I guess I will take you.  Someone here has to train you if the prisons aren’t up to it anymore.”  She patted the rat guard on his shoulder.  “Take me to your warden and we can discuss his price, good man.”

The rat sighed, “Fine, walk this way.”  They walked away from the auctioning circle with Tariq making sure the lizard kept moving.

Much later, Geoff stumbled as he was led into a tavern by his new master, the Lady Sharika Marquez.  He had to admit, he couldn’t have gone to a more beautiful mistress.

The jerboa was still there in that same seat, noticably more drunk than before.

“Rufio!  You’re still a lazy fucking drunk!”  Sharika growled playfully as she slapped the old rodent’s ass.

He was shaken from his sleep. “What? Who? Oh, milady, you’re back so soon?”  He coughed, “I can only guess then that this fine man next to you is your new plaything.”  He looked at the tall lizard beside her.

She smiled, “Yes, yes, this is Geoffrey.  He has no last name, he claims because he lost his home.  I could hardly care.”

Rufio groaned, “Well, he looks like a fine piece of work.  If you’ll excuse me…”  He got up to leave then promptly fell over.

Sharika casually poked the drunken jerboa with her foot to see if he was still alive.  Unfortunately, he was.  She turned to her son, “Come along, Tariq, we must make it back to the ship.”

Geoff looked around as his new Mistress led him aboard her ship, The Lady of the Sea.  He took special notice to how she had a mostly female crew.

Sharika called out to her crew, “Ladies! At attention!”

Her women all stopped whatever they were doing to see their captain.

She nodded before patting her new slave on his chest.  “Please welcome your newest shipmate, Geoffrey.”

More than a few of Sharika’s girls took the time to notice how handsome he was.  Even some that had lain with her son or had their own slaves on board had an eye for the lizard.

Geoff could not help but feel some pride at being admired by so many women.

Sharika noticed and rubbed his groin to excite him, “You like what you see, Geffy?”

Geoff allowed his twin members to spring free of his slit.  “Mmhm, I like it.”

Then she gripped one of his cocks and squeezed it.  “Well, as of now, they’re all look only, you need to be on here for at least a week before I can trust you with my girls.  And even then, I’ll need to tighten up your slave training so you know your place before you can even touch one of them.”  She stroked his left shaft openly for the girls to see as she told him all of this.

Geoff resisted the urge to thrust but could not resist how warm her grip was around his barbed, throbbing cock.
Sharika winked to her son.

Tariq nodded then grabbed the lizard’s other cock which squirted pre in the mongoose’s paw.

Both mother and son stroked the new slave until with an impassioned snarl, Geoff sprayed twin jets of hot cum.

As the lizard fell to his knees both mongooses licked their paws clean, Sharika enjoyed his flavor slightly more than her son.  “Oh yes, he’ll be a nice addition to our crew.”  She then noticed the erection her son was sporting. 

“And you, pick any of my girls, you’ve earned it.”

Tariq nodded, “With pleasure, Captain.”  He picked a tall, pretty wolfess with a scar on her cheek.  He did not take her to a private area, though.  He promptly dropped his kilt, tore her undergarment, bent her over a barrel then mated her hard from behind.

The wolfess snarled and play-fought with the male who violated her before the rest of the crew.  Her mouse slave who’s leash was attached to her belt watched eagerly as the mongoose took her.  She winked to the teenaged mouse and gestured to the male behind her.

The mouse got her message and he crawled behind his mistress and stuck his muzzle under her union with Tariq.

The mongoose tore the female’s bodice and held her breasts.  His sweaty balls dripped on the young mouse’s face. Tariq enjoyed the freedoms allowed to him by being the captain’s son.

The wolfess soon found her moans muffled as a fellow shipmate, a hyena female shoved her phallus in her face.  The wolf accepted her lover’s offer and sucked the futa-cock even as Tariq's cock spread her.

Tariq grinned and picked the wolfess’ rear up higher then humped faster, loving the feeling of his balls on the mouse slave’s head.

The wolfess howled her climax and squirted warm juices which drenched her mouse slave who rubbed the cum in like it was a precious soap.

Tariq bit her neck and growled harshly as he flooded her womb.  He pulled out then the mouse took the cock in his mouth.  The young pirate stood weary while the mouse drank the rest of his cum.

The hyena stood up and walked over to the mongoose.  “As soon as you’re rested, I need you to scratch my itch next.”

He nodded while the mouse still slurped away.

The mouse stopped when he could taste no more cum then he crawled over to the wolfess.  She saw him.  “Still hungry, Mousey?”

He nodded, a raging boner throbbing between his legs.

She spread her legs and displayed her cream-stuffed pussy.

The mouse buried his muzzle in his mistress’s crotch and lapped up more of that handsome male’s excess cum.

Meanwhile, the hyena had dragged Tariq below deck where she rode his cock on her creaky bunk bed.

While all that happened, Sharika had Ara, the chipmunk girl, take Geoff to her cabin.

The lizard awoke in the mongoose lady’s bed, still naked.  He blinked his eyes several times before he saw a shape sitting on the edge of the bed.

The lady pirate sat naked on her bed, brushing her hair as if she were getting ready to go to sleep.

Geoff felt his hemis rising again when he felt her tail brush over his crotch.  “What?”

Sharika shook her blond hair.  “You’ll sleep with me from now on, Geffy.  And I mean sleep as in sleep, you’re not gonna just dick me whenever you want but when I want it.  You’re also confined to here for your first night, and like all my slaves, you will continue to wear nothing.  My son is always horny, he’ll want to dick with you sometimes, you’ll let him.  I don’t give a fuck whether you’re a fag or not, my son gets what he wants.”  She put her brush down then looked right at him.  “Do I make myself clear?”

Geoff nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

She glared down at him.  “You be a good boy, Geffy.  Mama takes care of good boys.  Do you know what you get for being good?”  She picked up his right hand, slid her rear closer to him then put his hand between her legs, between her motherly folds.

The lizard’s breath caught in his throat when he first felt her warmth.

“Do you feel this?” She began to move her hips so they slid back and forth over his fingers.  Her silky inner walls squeezed and clinched as she used her most valuable weapon to entice her newest play toy.  “This can be yours when you’re a good boy, Geffy.  Do you want more of this?”

He nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

She maintained her evil glare, chilling his soul even while she used his hand to masturbate herself.

He was so entranced he barely noticed when she pressed herself against him.  She allowed him to put his free hand around her back.

When she climaxed, she bit her lip to suppress her shriek.  Blood trickled from her lip.  She laid her naked body on top of Geoff.  “You may hold me while we sleep, but if your cock comes anywhere near me when I don’t want it…  I’ll cut it off.”  With that, she lightly kissed him then laid her head against his neck and closed her eyes.

Geoff lay there with the lady on top of him, her soft, silky fur warmed his cold scales.  Despite what fear she may have placed in him, he still found her very beautiful.  He watched how she slept, so peaceful, nothing like the predator she was while awake.  He felt her soft nipples against his chest, her belly against his belly, her moist pussy just over his slit.  Cautiously, he put his arms around  her and he held her.  He sniffed her fur, her musk was divine.  He ran his nails through her fur and began massaging her shoulder blades.  He hesitated when she made a sound, until he realized it was a hum of pleasure.  She liked what he did.  He gulped when he realized her eyes had opened.

“Don’t stop.  I was starting to like that.”

He gulped then started back up as the mongoose drifted back to sleep.


Part 2
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One More Passenger

Morning came, Geoff felt someone kiss his lips, felt the kiss deepen until his lips parted and his tongue felt another brush over it.  He opened his eyes and no surprise, it was Sharika.

Her wild green eyes brightened into a smile and she turned her head to make the kiss last longer between them.

Not about to question such a passionate, loving kiss, he returned the same amount of effort.

Sharika held his face while she deepened the kiss evermore.

Geoff enjoyed it, he didn’t know what he did to make her this way, but he wouldn’t waste this.

Lips squished, tongues played, saliva swapped, teeth touched; the lizard had kissed many but hadn’t received one this good.  It was only then he realized he was becoming lightheaded from the sudden lack of fresh air.

When she saw the realization in his eyes and felt him start to struggle, she tightened her grip on his shoulders and pressed herself harder on him.

Geoff whimpered now as he fought for air.

Finally, she let him go.  “Good morning.” She wiggled her womanhood over the bulge in his crotch, teasing him endlessly.

The monitor moaned, “Good morning, Mistress.”

Someone knocked on the cabin door.

The lady looked up, “Come in.”

The door opened and a bear maiden in an apron over a bodice walked in with a tray of stewed meat and vegetables. “G’d mornin’, Lady.  I’ve your favorite breakfast made f’r ya.”  She placed the tray on the Lady’s table where she kept her maps and charts.

“Ah, thank you, Clara.” Marquez stood up and brushed down her fur before collecting some food from the tray.

The bear smiled before she noticed the lizard, “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had company, I would have brought more for the both o’ ya.”

Geoff politely waved her off, “Oh no, that’s alright.  I’m not really hungry.”  His stomach growled.

Lady Sharika sat next to him and stuffed some meat in his mouth.  “You’re a bad liar.”

Geoff shivered orgasmically to finally have some real meat and not that gruel they gave him in the prison.

The mongoose giggled at this while she ate some of the meat and vegetables on the plate.

The bear smiled, “Well then, I’ll just leave ya.”  She walked out and Tariq came in next.

The mongoose male kissed his mother’s hand in greeting before swiping some meat.

Sharika cooed as she watched her child, “Did you enjoy yourself yesterday, Tariq?”

Tariq nodded, “Oh yeah, the girls never get enough of me, as soon as I was done with that wolfess… her name escapes me, well Tika got to me after and she had me all night.”  He recalled how full of energy and spunk that hyena was.

His mother laughed, “Tika is always pining for you.”  She reached over and cradled Tariq’s scrotum.  “And Guadalupe is the wolf’s name.”

He groaned as she played with his privates.  “I’ll remember that, Mother.”

As she aroused her son, she spoke with Geoff, “Geffy, how are you about other men?”

The lizard shrugged, “I don’t mind males.  Before I was in prison, I prostituted myself for money so I could eat.  I had some women, but most of the time it was only men that wanted me.  Some of them were sweet, some just wanted a hole to fuck and mine was used quite a bit.”

Sharika smiled, “Good, then this should be no problem for you.”  She gripped her son’s erect penis by the base and held him steady just to show Geoff.

Tariq’s breath caught at how quickly this escalated but this was his mother, he shouldn’t be surprised by anything she did anymore.

Geoff nodded, “Yes, Captain.”  He was almost Tariq’s height so he had to kneel to be at eye level with the mongoose’s glans.  He gripped his master’s son where she’d held him.  “Like this?”

She released her son once Geoff had him.  “My, you are a fast learner,” she giggled.

The lizard’s chest swelled from her appraisal and he eagerly began licking Tariq’s sensitive tip.

The mongoose merely smirked at the cute lizard, “I’m well spent from last night, so don’t be disappointed if I take a while.”

Geoff scoff, “I’ve made cripples cum like studs, I can sure handle you, Mama’s Boy.” He then opened his mouth wider and took Tariq’s nine inches to the root.

Tariq laughed at the lizard’s comment then petted him as he let him to continue his pleasurable work.

Geoff wrapped his long tongue around the cock and played with the musky set which hung below.

Sharika had finished her plate by that point, “Impressive, you’re quite the little cocksucker, Geffy.”

He felt pride in his chest again.  Wanting to make this more exciting, he took his mouth from Tariq’s cock then took his balls in and started sucking while he stroked the length and squeezed the male’s firm buttocks.

Tariq moaned from how talented this new slave was.

Sharika was also impressed, “You’re improvising, Geffy.  Now I know I made a good purchase.”  She crouched behind him and slid a leather collar around his neck while he worked.  She tightened it a bit too hard, made him choke briefly before she adjusted it for his size.  “And now you belong to us.”  She whispered in his ear, “What I say and what Tariq says goes, and while he may be more lenient, if I detect even the slightest rebellion, I will cut something from you, boil it then eat it.”

Geffy gulped from how icy she’d gotten in no time but still worked, only nodding to let her know he understood her threats.

Sharika stood after that, she’d gotten dressed in the time between finishing her plate and finding the collar.  “I’m going out to address the crew, then I’ll be ashore precuring more provisions before we head out.  Tariq, when you’re finished, show Geffy around the ship.”  Then she stepped out while her son climaxed, painting the lizard’s face with his semen.

As soon as he heard the door close, Tariq helped a sticky Geoff to his feet.  He used a rag to clean the lizard while he also lapped up some of his own cum.  When that was done, he kissed Geoff .  “Come on.  Mom wants you to see the ship, I’m gonna show you around.”

Geoff stretched then scratched his belly scales, “Alright, let’s do this then.”

Tariq put his kilt back on.  “This is all I usually wear on the ship.”

Geoff asked, “And what about me?”

Tariq looked back at the lizard, nude except for the collar on his neck. “You’ll only wear what Mom tells you to wear, she likes her slaves naked but sometimes she’ll buy dresses then make you dance like a fool for the girls.”

“She wouldn’t make me wear a dress?”

Tariq nodded, “Oh yes she will, she had her old cabin boy before you wear a dress, she’ll do it to you.  Don’t let whatever affection she’s shown fool you, my mother is more cold-blooded than you.”  He searched under his mother’s bed then took out a bucket full of bones that had been stripped clean.  He picked one small bone.  “Do you see that?”

Geoff nodded.

“That is an ankle bone, some dumb slave thought he could run.  She took the run right out of him.”

Geoff gulped, “So all these are…”

“Bones from slaves she’s punished.  She rarely ever kills a slave, at least not on the first offense.  If you run, she cuts off your foot, if you steal, there’s your hand, if you mouth off, she’ll have your tongue.  And she doesn’t just cut them off, she eats them.  And believe me, this is only for minor offenses, she can do worse.”  He put the bucket down then slid it back under the bed.  “Now get up!  It’s time for your tour.”

Sharika walked through the market, casually looking over the various wares for sale.  As she looked over a silken scarf and compared it to the tunic she wore, she caught sight of a certain old rodent walking around the corner.

The old jerboa had not seen the mongoose, his horny beer-addled mind was set on that pretty bat he’d had his eye on since yesterday.  He was too drunk to score her, but now he would have her begging for his pintel.  His pegleg clunked as he followed his nose.

The bat did not realize she had been followed.  She’d stopped before a meat vendor, her tongue dancing eagerly over her fangs as she gazed over the bloody fresh meat.  She waved a winged hand for the butcher’s attention. 

“Mr. Jobe!”

The old badger stopped cutting the meat he had on his work bench.  “Vivian!  You’re here just in time!”

The young vampire bat perked up, “You have my meat?”

“Aye, I got it, but please try to phrase that better.  My wife would think I was bein’ a cheat.”

She giggled, “I’m sure she knows I wouldn’t try that, you’re old enough to be my dad.”

Jobe chuckled, “Well, a badger wife can never be too sure.”  He wrapped up the meat for Vivian. “There you go, I will just need five gold pieces from ya.”

She gladly took the gold she had earned as a waitress and gave it to the old man.  “Thank you!”

He waved her off as she walked away, “Okay then, I’ll just see ya next time!”

Vivian had made her way through a narrow alley on her way back to the inn when she bumped into someone.  She dropped the meat she’d just bought.  “Oh no!”  She cried in despair before she looked up to see who had been in her way.  Her heart caught in her throat.

Rufio’s toothless grin grew as he looked her over.  “Mmm, even covered in dust ya look quite a sight ta dese old eyes.”

She gulped, recognizing the old rodent that had callously molested her before.  “Um, excuse me… I dropped my…”  She bent down to pick up the organ meats she’d dropped.  She winced when the jerboa stomped his pegleg over that fresh beef liver, smashing it and ruining such a fine organ.

He giggled, “Aw… is the little batty cryin’ f’r her meat?  I c’n give ya all th’ meat ya want, right here.”  He unbuckled his belt and allowed his breaches to fall, exposing an old graying tan furred sheath over a wrinkled scrotum.

She backed away and tripped. “No!”

He was on her in a second, had the girl pressed against the alley wall under the shadows.  He grinned more as he slapped the bat with his growing dick.  “Go on, taste it.”

She groaned but let her tongue out, for three brief seconds, she tasted the foul flavor of a barely washed old prick.  It reminded her of the last time she threw up after she tried her first drink of hard liquor.  She had that same gut feeling even as her mouth was forced open by the jerboa’s glans.


The old rodent flinched when he heard her.  “Sharika…”

She shook her head, “I believe if I had been that young I would have bitten your cock off by now, but then you were always scared of my dad weren’t you?”

Reluctantly, he pulled away from the confused bat.  “Yeah, I never touched ya then ‘cause of yer pa.  But then, I still got ta have ya after the navy ‘anged the old boy din’t I?”

She nodded, “I was a grieving teenager who’d just seen her father die and you took advantage.”

Rufio shrugged.

She unsheathed her blade.  “You never changed…”

He kept his eyes trained on the wall before him.  “Askin’ an old bastard like me ta change is like askin’ the rain to stop.  Get it over with…”  He looked back at her and his heart skipped before her blade pierced his gut.

The mongoose lady held the jerboa as she sawed him open with her saber.

His legs finally failed him and he dropped in a pool of his own blood and waste.  He still wasn’t dead; she wasn’t the type to make death easy.

Sharika stepped casually over the writhing, dying corpse of her old flame then offered a friendly hand to the bat.

Vivian’s snout quivered from the stench before she realized the mongoose was right in front of her.

The mongoose helped the young bat to her feet.  “Are you alright?”

Vivian’s strong sense of smell was overwhelmed by the dead jerboa, “I’m fine…  but he’s stinking awful bad.”

Sharika laughed, “Yeah sorry about that.  Come, we’ll find somewhere cleaner to talk.”

Vivian followed the strange woman before she remembered her meat, “Oh, we’re forgetting my dinner.”

Sharika smiled, “Those are all covered in Rufio’s filth now, I can get you something to eat.”

The bat hesitated but decided she trusted the mongoose.

Tariq had Geoff below deck with him, where most of the female crew slept with their slaves or with each other.

The monitor’s hemis were near constantly showing through his tour as he became the center of attention to the females.  Even though Sharika had made it clear he wasn’t allowed to touch them, they had no problem with touching him.  Now he sat with the wolfess and her mouse slave.  The mouse suckled eagerly on Geoff’s right cock while the wolf stroked his left.

Tariq watched with amusement while Tika rubbed his shoulders.  He leaned back and kissed the hyena.  “I’ll play with you later, Tika.  I’m supposed to be babysitting the new guy.”

She saw Lupe straddling Geoff’s lap, ready to sink herself on him.

Tika quipped, “Looks like ol’ Lupey’s gonna do the sittin’ for ya.”

Tariq sighed and stepped up, “Hey whoa, Lupe, chill.  Mom says no one is supposed to have him until she’s had him first.”

The wolfess growled in frustration, “Aw, but I ain’t never fucked a man with two dicks before.”

He yanked on her bushy wolf tail, “You seemed pretty fine with my one yesterday, Lupe.”

She scoffed, “I was just bein’ nice.  If you weren’t the captain’s pup, I woulda kicked your balls in for pouncin’ me like that.”  She playfully slapped her tail free then sighed, “But yeah, I don’t wan’ Gabby losin’ another digit just ‘cause I couldn’t keep my mitts to myself so...”  She snapped for Gabby, her mouse slave to follow her.  “Good news, you get to warm your dick tonight.”  He clapped eagerly then followed with his skinny tail wagging like a puppy.

Tariq sighed, “Well, Mom should be getting back soon anyway, I should just get you back to her cabin.” He helped Geoff up.  He winked to Tika, “I’ll see you later tonight.”

The hyena blew a kiss to the mongoose.

After putting Geoff to bed in his mother’s cabin, Tariq came out just in time to see Sharika walk up the gangway plank.  Following after her was a young bat girl with wide brown eyes.  The male greeted his mother.  “Ahoy, Captain!  Who’s this shrimp clinging to you now?”

Sharika petted the bat girl, “Tariq, this is Vivian.  Vivian, say hello to my son, Tariq.”

The bat blushed then curtsied to the handsome male, “Pleased to meet you, Tariq.”

Sharika looked to her son, “Take this young thing to my cabin for me, I’ll have Clara bring some food.”  She departed before her son could ask.

Tariq sighed, “Well, Vivian, just follow me.  Is this your first time on a ship?”

The bat shook her head, “Oh no, I came to this port on a boat with my parents.”

He nodded, “Ah and where are they now?”

She frowned, “Mom died and Dad couldn’t take care of me.”

He held her, “I’m sorry to hear that.”

Geoff sat up when the cabin door opened and promptly covered his groin when he saw a teenaged bat walk in.

Tariq held the blushing bat who’d seen more than enough.  “Geoff, this is Vivian, Mom just brought her on board.”

Vivian suddenly felt very worried, “Um, why am I here?”

Tariq could tell she was worried, “If I know my mom, she’s got a good reason.  How did you meet her?”

The bat remembered, “Um, I had just bought some meat… this old mouse with a wooden leg stopped me and he… he wanted me to put his weiner in my mouth.”

Tariq nodded as he pulled up a chair for her to sit.  “Uh-huh and?”

“And she was there… Your mom cut him open and he died.  I saw my mom die from the tuberculosis, but… I’ve never smelled anything so foul.”

The mongoose sat with the lizard.  “How old are you?”

She gulped, “I just turned 18 last week.”

Geoff laughed, “That’s funny, I’m also 18.”

She blushed, “Lizards are big for their age.”

He laughed again, “She’s got me there.”

The door opened and the bear cook walked in.  “Ah, here’s our little guest.”  She smiled sweetly to the little bat.  She put down a plate of stewed beef and potatoes for the girl.

The bat could barely contain herself, she promptly began eating.

Clara hugged herself.  “A girl after my own stomach.”

Sharika walked past the bear then placed a protective arm around the young female.  “How are you now, Vivian?”

The bat beamed, “Oh, I’m doing just fine, Miss Sharika.”

The mongoose lady hugged the girl.  “That’s good.  I would assume seeing an old man’s guts fall to the ground would be a traumatizing thing.”

Vivian shrugged, “My dad worked with dead bodies.  He was the town undertaker but… I haven’t seen him in years.  He left on a boat after my mom died.”

The lady nodded, “I see.”  She stood up then kissed Clara, “You may go back now.”

The bear nodded dutifully, “Ay captain!” then walked out.

Sharika sat with Geoff, “So, I can assume you’ve met my little friend here, Geffy.”

Vivian blushed when she looked at the lizard, “Why is he naked, Miss Sharika?”

The lady, in her bluntest fashion, hugged the monitor lizard and said, “Geoff is my slave.  I purchased him yesterday at the prison auction.  We should have been gone this morning, then I saw how Rufio was treating you.  How long have you been at that tavern?”

“Two months.  I needed gold for food.”

“And how old are you?”

“I’m 18.”

For once the mongoose seemed surprised, “Really?  You seem younger.”

Vivian blushed again, “I  know.  I’ve always been small.  You can’t believe what it was like trying to convince the tavern keeper I wasn’t 12 years old.”

Sharika leaned forward, “Would you like to come with us?”

The bat blinked, “Me?  Go with you?”

She held the bat like she were her daughter, “Do you remember which way your father’s boat went?”

She nodded, “Yes…”

Sharika smiled, “I know what it’s like to grow up with only one parent to watch you, I know your father must have had his reason to leave, I would like to find him for you.”

Vivian smiled with glee then hugged the mongoose lady, “Oh, thank you, Miss Sharika!”



Im looking for a Dominant player male or female to play the wolf family from the movie princesses mononoke. I will be playing a regular non canon feminine boy and I want a Dominant to play the goddess moro the Wolf Goddess, or both her and her two pups. Hopefully they all could be Futa.

As for te story I want to have my character to be claimed by the goddess as an eternal sex pet or mate. Maybe because of his looks or if she is lonely. Perhaps they save him near dying in the Forrest... or he is cursed by a demon! They nurse him back to health and then the fun begins. They heal him and she claims him as her bitch with her big wolf cock. I'm really keeping it just a generalized idea because I enjoy creating with a partner and matching it to them. I would enjoy full feral forms as well as Anthro furry forms if possible but everything is negotiable.

From there its up to you and I to create...lots of fun to be had with other gods and humans. The three wolves and the girl will use him constantly as the story progresses degrading and humiliating him along the way. Or perhaps they start falling for each other. The young feminine boy starting to love the big wolf with her proud eyes, loving the way she would bathe him with her tongue after fucking him so roughly. She maybe with him for the ways he always wants to make her happy. The way he will get on his knees when ever she wants him....


This idea came from an idea I thought up on the spot, the pairing would be alien x human, who plays what can be decided later on. The story would be that a small group (hundreds or thousands) of aliens have come to earth seeking refuge among the humans, their planet consumed by a natural disaster and only this small group has managed to escape from the doomed planet. The aliens have come to live with the humans in peace but the humans fearful and impulsive attempt to detain the aliens and seize their technology. Naturally the aliens fight back to protect themselves and though they are few in number their technology is much more advanced and thus there have been heavy casualties on the humans side, the aliens wish to live in peace but the humans continue to try and defeat them.

The aliens have the technology to completely demolish the humans if they wished to but they continue to seek peace, the higher ups in the aliens society have become discouraged by their losses which are far less than the humans but they have far less. They decide that desperate actions need to be taken in order to decide what must happen, they build 'communities' and then hijack the radios, the televisions, the internet and announce to the entire world that they do not wish to continue this war any longer. The aliens invite the people of earth to come live with them in peace in the 'communities' as a social experiment to see if humans and their kind can live in peace. The humans are granted a safe place to live, food, access to technology they could only dream of, the only requirement is that they are paired with one of the aliens in their homes and they will live together.

There are a lot of ways that this could go, I'm open to suggestions and additions to the roleplay.

Credit to Man of many Kinks for idea.

Basically I was looking for a Futa Dominant to play as the alien that my femboy is assigned to Co-habitate with. My idea was that YC would perhaps send off pheromones that greatly turn on MC. Rather by accident or on purpose, or it could just be YC's sexy figure muscular and tall with good curves that drives my boy crazy. He constantly struggles with his desire to pounce on her and just service her sexy body and submit to her, and the huge moral and political implications if he screws up. Your character would notice this and take it upon herself to let him know exactly what she wants. She would then pounce on him and make him into her little sex pet lover and claim him as her mate with their alien customs

Species are ours to decide, technology style, everything we can figure out together.

Hello My friends!! If you haven't read my previous requests or my O/o's you might want to click the links in my signature!

Announcement!: All of these are just vague ideas...please if you have even a scrap of interest message me and we can figure something out.

So this is a rather interesting i tried many years ago but never really got to enjoy it. The idea is: A boy and his beast friend her probably one or two years older then him or more if that floats your boat. He would be young and feminine very much on the petite side and her preferably taller and a bit bigger, though it really doesn't matter. Anyway, These two would be best friends. Estranged by the rest of their peers, him far to girly and cute for a guy and her too big and tough for a girl. They just found each other one day. Her falling in love with him and him with her. Not that they were ready to reveal that yet... But they became friends at the least her almost taking him in like a little brother in some ways protecting him and caring for him when no one else would. His would be a sad abusive history. So needless to say she would feel that huge protective almost possessive instinct over him almost like an alpha wolf and it's mate. After they met when bullies would attack him she would practically have a sixth sense for his fear sort of thing. Yet he gave her a lot too...he really cared for her, always making her lunch and helping with homework or what ever. He would give her gifts all the time and though he was born into a wealthy family the gifts would be very well thought out and caring. Like making a huge scavenger hunt for her birthday and...dressing her whole room up while she slept for valentines day. That sort of thing. He worshiped her and she loved her little buddy. Then one night after a fun dae they are walking home giggling together in the rain...when a drunk driver swerves and pops the curb. He tries to push her out of the way but she is far stronger and instead throws him like a sac of potatoes out of the way only to get slammed and pinned against a tree or wall by the car, crushing her spine and causing extreme bleeding. Sort of like a sign's moment. She isn't in pain but she is going to die....soon. He tries to crawl to her and he climbs up and kisses her whispering he loves her so much....begging her not to leave him all alone. But she passes away.

Then she would wake up..dead... a ghost looking over her funeral. Everyone is there crying...her whole loving family. Him too... he would collapse on her coffin crying...wailing in agony at her loss. When they try to pull him away he runs off into the woods. Your character would be there following. Following him right to where he sits on a log and pulls out a knife ready to take his own life. You desperate to save your true love would (see below) and save him.

This could happen so many ways! My original and prefered idea would be for her to rather posses a large wolf or black panther, or that her spirit energy rebirths her into a sort of mystical creature type wolf thing. I really wanted to try this out as maybe a beast idea. Her a feral wolf stopping him...Dominating him feeling all these urges and needs and her love for him. She would be able to communicate telepathically but to everyone else she would just be a large wolf. I want her to Dominate him and claim him, to love him and then the RP would really be their relationship as it develops, perhaps non-con at first into very very much a loving consentual D/s relationship. I also wanted her to be a Futa and everything that goes along with that. This Rp would most likely be very heavily kinky but also very plotsome, with their relationship dynamics and perhaps later on a much larger interesting story i have in mind.


If you have better ideas hit me up! Perhaps she deals with a devil and becomes a succubus to come back, or turns into her spirit beast a dragon! Or perhaps aliens come!... Maybe she inhabits the body of his mother???

I DON'T KNOW THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!! These again i say are just my current cravings but i am extremely open to completely different takes and ideas on it!

Thanks for reading!

I guess i have a new idea... not really sure how fleshed out, unique or interesting it is. Ive jist been playing a lot of monster hunter world and was seeing some of the anthro versions of some of the big monsters and. . Yeah. I think it could be pretty hot to be like, one of the little even researchers and having to go around and study monsters. Maybe meeting one of the huge ones like Nier gigante. Being kicked into her cell and having to take care of her, feed her, water her, clean her. She is one of the most powerful and intelligent creatures on the island abs notices how cute and kind He is, even if he is terrified. So when she breaks free and slaughters a few hunters she makes sure to grab him on the way out and fly him back to her nest. Then louts of Rough, maybe eventually romantic, dom, sub, Futa on boy, size difference.... fun. . Stuff happens. Maybe we can figure out more to it, like other creatures getting jealous, a hunter trying to save him, her evolution into an elder dragon, mating season... etc. .. um... hope you like the idea?


Old thread, but my muse is dead. Here is hoping someone out there can help me revive it.