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January 18, 2022, 10:42:04 am

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Author Topic: Looking to learn how to romance!  (Read 509 times)

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Looking to learn how to romance!
« on: January 29, 2017, 03:12:44 pm »
I'm once and for all looking to give romance a proper try. If you're not afraid to play with an absolute doofus, then this might be the thread for you!  ;D

I'm looking for:
A large variety of romances, ranging from the youthful and naive romances to the dark and sleazy. Ranging from prehistoric fantasy to modern realism and post apocalyptic scenarios.

I don't care about your stated gender.

I'm personally willing to play either gender myself.

I cannot RP with someone I dislike, so please be well-mannered.

The pairing must be either m/f or f/f. Triangles/multi character stories are also appreciated.

About me:
I don't stick to any particular writing length. If I can bring the same content/quality to the table writing something short and to-the-point, I'll often try to do that.

My reliability on this site is highly varying. I'm a student, so there'll be times where I'm simply too stressed to write at all. I'm also quite sensitive, hence why I demand folks to be well-mannered. It's cheap, and puts a smile on folks faces!

Here's an example of my writing:
I'll leave it up to you to decide how good it is.  :P

For more details, here's my O/O's.

Ideas and musings

The below are a list of sketchy ideas based on the above preferences. Feel free to suggest something else, though, as I wouldn't be surprised if these ideas all suck.

In the depths of the Metro
Inspired by the Metro game series, the surface world as we know it is gone. What lives up there can now best be described as demonic, ruthless and frankly? Downright scary. Scary enough to get the most coldblooded adult to wet their wee little pants. When these dark times approached, most people were incapable of sheltering themselves in neatly made bunkers and survival-domes of various kinds. No, instead, the people went downwards. Down into the metros.

Stations were turned into cities, and guard-posts turned into military outposts for the various regimes of the metro. In the middle of all this, there is us - the miserable few without power. Without light. At times, without food.

Some people settle for this misery. They remain peaceful, friendly, kind, poor and suppressed by the militant locals. Others decide to live. Others shall never give up. Whether they intent to save the world or just themselves, they almost always demand pity and respect all at once.

Now, I've no real clue as to who our characters would be in this mess, but we could be in a soldierXcitizen kinda situation, I'd guess. I also had this vision of two eccentrics trying to throw away their humanity in exchange for whatever quick buck they could attain. Whether it be whoring out to strangers or selling their services for military purposes, they'd stick together through thick and thin. I'm open for ideas, though. Teehee~

The world of the Dreamwalkers
Among the many branches of magic in the world, one branch of magic was extremely controversial - the branch of magic labeled as 'dream magic'. Those who believed in its existence and worse yet, those who thought they were 'dream mages' were frowned upon, scorned and cast aside as con-artists, snake-oil salesmen and at worst, cultists.

Anyone who'd been found out to be among these cultists were outcast to street-corners, park-benches and prisons, their entire livelihood stripped from them as a punishment for spreading misinformation to the people.

It wasn't just a cult though. By submerging their connection to their waking body, these dream-mages, these dream-walkers could spit out their soul from their body, leaving only behind a tiny and seemingly insignificant silver string that leads straight to their body. This was called Astral Projection, allowing them to fly faster and further than that of most birds in the sky.

But the most interesting of their abilities isn't simply their capacity to walk with nothing but their souls - it's the capability to travel to the world of dreams, where spirits born from the emotions of humans wander, along with those who lost their silver string...

Now, my idea here is that the romance could happen between a 'cultist' and a regular person who'd then go through the steps of becoming one of the 'cultists' over time, or between a 'cultist' and a dream-creature. Also, I might rewrite this plot at some point, as I feel the world's setup lost its focus along the way.

More plots to come!

If you've made it this far, I sincerely hope to hear from you. Through PM, though, please. :P