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December 12, 2017, 04:09:55 AM

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Author Topic: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]  (Read 782 times)

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Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]
« on: January 28, 2017, 03:04:00 PM »
Please don't post here, PM me instead! ♪

Kodi's Boys:
Characters & Plots

Hey, you made it! Call me Kodi. Nice to have you here.
I'm assuming since you're here, you saw the title,
and know that I play primarily MxM pairings, as in, men who love other men.
If that's your kinda thing, great! Let's have some fun!

You'll need to take a look at my Ons & Offs to get an idea of what I'm into, how I write, and see if you think we might be compatible partners!

  • I don't have any preference for what gender my partner identifies as IRL. I'm comfortable playing with anyone as long as our brains mesh well.
  • I vary between illustrations and photographs for my characters. I can type out descriptions for you if you prefer that, though. Just let me know.
  • I am a full-time working student so my posting frequency is what I like to call "relaxed," aha. You'll probably get a handful of replies in a week from me.
  • I'm wordy and detail-oriented. I don't have a preference for post sizes, but I'm looking for engaging and articulate responses that get me excited to reply, and I strive to provide my partners with the same level of quality in my posts.
  • Don't bump our threads or 'poke' me to reply. I am honest and up-front (and not just a bunch of talk) and I WILL let you know if I'm no longer interested in a story or if I'm having a particularly difficult time getting replies out.
  • My games are not strictly first-come-first-served. I won't start something up just because you've asked. I'm always appreciative of the interest, but what I really like to see is proactivity. Send me a PM to talk about which plot/character you're interested in, (or any of yours that you might want me to check out) and any ideas you might have for your potential additions to the game (a little about how you'd like to play your character, anything that pops into your mind) and we can talk about the possibilities!
  • As for my position preference with characters, I play basically everything under the sun. The majority of my characters switch, and are comfortable on top or bottom but I do have a very select few who strictly prefer being dominant or submissive in their relationships.
  • If you have any questions, don't be shy! Feel free to send me a PM, I'm always up to chat.


General Pairings & Settings + Fandoms
Available Characters
Plots & Game Ideas


[ I am currently selectively open for games! ]


Sealskin with Cerevan
Destined to be Bound with Cheshure
Notes in Amateur Vampirism with pdragon

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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 03:49:22 PM »
Pairings & Settings
Pretty much just a general list of pairings and situations that I'm willing to play.
Keep in mind these are just jumping-off points. Above all else, I'm looking for plot and story line to go along with them!

  • Pirate x Non-Pirate | Pirate x Pirate | Pirate x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Vampire x Human | Vampire x Vampire | Vampire x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Merman x Human |  Merman x Pirate
  • Orc x Human | Orc x Elf | Orc x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Elf x Human | Elf x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Android/Humanoid AI x Human
  • Human x  General Fantasy/Supernatural Nonhuman/Humanoid
  • Royalty/Knight x Serf/Peasant/Attendant/Slave | Royalty x Royalty (between kingdoms/countries)
  • Master x Slave
  • Boss x Employee
  • Teacher/Professor x Student (Preferably college/university)
  • More to come...

All of these can range between more realistic to magical / supernatural / fantasy.
  • Modern day: slice-of-life, college/university, in the working world, situational, etc.
  • Historical: pirate age, Greco-Roman, medieval, ancient Egyptian, Ice Age/prehistoric, etc.
  • Futuristic: science fiction, outer-space, apocalyptic/survivalist, etc.
  • Fantasy: alternate universes, DnD/LotR-esque etc.

I'm weird about fandoms in that I want to play alternate universe original characters ONLY and there are only a select few that I'd be interested in, but here goes anyway!
All of these pairings are up to discussion, feel free to suggest any if you have a specific idea in mind.
  • Pokémon : Trainer x Trainer | Gijinka x Gijinka | Trainer x Gijinka
  • Digimon : Tamer x Tamer | Tamer x Humanoid Digimon
  • Harry Potter / Wizarding World : Wizard x Wizard | Wizard x Muggle | Wizard x Squib
  • Dragon's Dogma : Arisen x Pawn | Pawn x Pawn
  • Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth
  • Elder Scrolls universe (Oblivion & Skyrim only)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender universe (Preferably pre-LoK)
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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2017, 07:48:16 PM »
Available Characters
Characters of mine who aren't a part of any specific plot yet, all in varying stages of development. Looking to adopt?

Genre(s): High Fantasy / Possibly Steampunk?
Yiska [ee-skuh]
Species/Race: Harpy
Age: 19
Sexual preference: Power bottom/switch
Yiska's Reference

Bio: As a rare species of harpy known as a bloodlion, Yiska's race is prized by poachers and black market buyers for their feathers, horns, hooves, and especially valuable gemstones embedded in their foreheads, all of which are supposedly believed to cure certain bodily ailments and bring good luck to their possessor. With their nests built high on sheer cliffs over a turbulent ocean, as well as their dangerously violent and combative nature, bloodlions prove themselves to be incredibly difficult and hazardous to even approach, much less capture or kill.
In addition to his endangered species, Yiska is especially rare in that he is an anomaly among harpies. While most of his kin tend to be hermaphroditic, Yiska was born with only one set of genitalia: the wrong set. As a male he is the lowest-ranking harpy in his clan, considered an abomination by his sisters who often seek to drive him out, or kill him. By his own mettle and voracious fighting spirit he has survived - sometimes only barely - but as he grows older and is considered more of a threat to the old laws of his clan, it is becoming clearer that his time with his sisters is drawing to an end: whether by leaving the only home he's ever known, or death.
Yiska has been forced to fight tooth and nail for his life countless times among his sisters for the last nineteen years, and while it has taught him to fight as well as defend himself, he is growing ever fearful of his life. His prideful bullheadedness earns him no respect or respite from the often merciless attacks from the others, though he knows being cowardly and compliant would only make them hate him even more. He is spirited and willful, longing to earn his place in the nest, as well as naturally fearful of the world outside of it, which makes the thought of leaving his home one filled with anxiety and uncertainty. In this respect and others, he is unsure of himself and often translates his insecurities into self-preserving angry outbursts.

Ideas? Mm! Going along the lines of Yiska's harpy clan constantly trying to beat the shit outta him, I was considering an idea in which he might be ganged up on and rendered unconscious, or too injured to stop himself from either 1) falling down from the cliffs and into the ocean below where your character might find him, whether from a boat or after having washed up on a shoreline some distance away, or 2) falling into the forest above their cliffs. Either way, Yiska retains several injuries, possibly a broken bone or two, aaand... well, that's basically all I have, so we'd definitely need to discuss it. Or we can go a completely different way with it, like maybe your character is a poacher who attacks the harpies? Or a biologist wanting to study them? Something else entirely? ... Really it depends a lot on the character you'd like to play, haha.

Genre(s): Historical (1862 - 1890's USA) / Possible Elements of Supernatural to Fantasy
Wesley McClellan
Species/Race: Human / Caucasian
Age: 25
Preference: Top, Dominant
Wesley Reference

Bio: Wesley McClellan is the middle son in a family of seven, born and raised on a small farm in rural Massachussets. At 25 he's considered to be getting a little old to be without a wife - or even a prospect of one - and the topic is one he tends to do his best to dodge. While he grew up understanding the values of hard work and self-reliance, he has always been considered a bit wild in nature. Impulsive and stubborn as a mule, he rarely lets go of an idea when he's gotten a hold of one, which means failure is never an option. At times he lets his emotions get the best of him, and has been described as 'intense' in more than a few instances, but despite bouts of hotheadedness and over-excitement, he is a compassionate and empathetic man who struggles with finding his own place in the world. No one is particularly surprised, then, when he announces quite suddenly that he'll be leaving to take part in the mass cultivation of the widely undeveloped American west, abandoning everything he's known in order to stake out a piece of land for himself in the isolated mountainous wilderness across the country.

Ideas? My only stipulation for this one is that it take place in the USA between 1862 and 1890 (the time when the Homestead Act was enacted and boomed, think an 'Oregon Trail' kind of thing) and we can either play it as realistically as we want, or I'm open to the idea of this involving some type of supernatural or fantasy elements, which we can discuss. I'm not a stickler on playing exact accuracy of the time period, just as long as it's generally believable. As for your character, the ball's in your court! Even though Wes will be homesteading in a remote area, perhaps there's a town a few miles out, or a general goods store set up somewhere, or a creature/being in the woods?

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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 06:09:00 PM »
Plots & Game Ideas
The good stuff.

Fresh out! More soon.  ;)
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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2017, 08:31:22 PM »
Updated 11/10!
  • Cleaned up and reworked the thread a lil bit~
  • Added revised "Notes in Amateur Vampirism" plot. Taken!
  • Hoping to get more up this weekend, maybe! Hit me up with your ideas too, if you like!

I still have five weeks left in this semester what am I doing adding more plots

Stay warm y'all ★
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