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Author Topic: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]  (Read 1202 times)

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Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]
« on: January 28, 2017, 03:04:00 PM »
Please don't post here, PM me instead! ♪

Kodi's Boys:
Characters & Plots

Hey, you made it! Call me Kodi. Nice to have you here.
I'm assuming since you're here, you saw the title,
and know that I play primarily MxM pairings, as in, men who love other men.
If that's your kinda thing, great! Let's have some fun!

You'll need to take a look at my Ons & Offs to get an idea of what I'm into, how I write, and see if you think we might be compatible partners!

  • I don't have any preference for what gender my partner identifies as IRL. I'm comfortable playing with anyone as long as our brains mesh well.
  • I vary between illustrations and photographs for my characters. I can type out descriptions for you if you prefer that, though. Just let me know.
  • My posting frequency is what I like to call "relaxed." You'll probably get a handful of replies in a week from me.
  • I'm wordy and detail-oriented. I don't have a preference for post sizes, but I'm looking for engaging and articulate responses that get me excited to reply, and I strive to provide my partners with the same level of quality in my posts.
  • Feel free to take a look at my past posts if you want examples of how I write in-game.
  • Don't bump our threads or 'poke' me to reply. I am honest and up-front (and not just a bunch of talk) and I WILL let you know if I'm no longer interested in a story or if I'm having a particularly difficult time getting replies out.
  • My games are not strictly first-come-first-served. I won't start something up just because you've asked. I'm always appreciative of the interest, but what I really like to see is proactivity. Send me a PM to talk about which plot/character you're interested in, (or any of yours that you might want me to check out) and any ideas you might have for your potential additions to the game (a little about how you'd like to play your character, anything that pops into your mind) and we can talk about the possibilities!
  • As for my position preference with characters, I play basically everything under the sun. The majority of my characters switch, and are comfortable on top or bottom but I do have a very select few who strictly prefer being dominant or submissive in their relationships.
  • If you have any questions, don't be shy! Feel free to send me a PM, I'm always up to chat.


General Pairings & Settings + Fandoms
Available Characters
Plots & Game Ideas


[ I am currently SELECTIVELY OPEN to new games! ]
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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2017, 03:49:22 PM »
Pairings & Settings
Pretty much just a general list of pairings and situations that I'm willing to play.
Keep in mind these are just jumping-off points. Above all else, I'm looking for plot and story line to go along with them!

  • Pirate x Non-Pirate | Pirate x Pirate | Pirate x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Vampire x Human | Vampire x Vampire | Vampire x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Merman x Human |  Merman x Pirate
  • Orc x Human | Orc x Elf | Orc x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Elf x Human | Elf x Monster/Nonhuman
  • Android/Humanoid AI x Human
  • Human x  General Fantasy/Supernatural Nonhuman/Humanoid
  • Royalty/Knight x Serf/Peasant/Attendant/Slave | Royalty x Royalty (between kingdoms/countries)
  • Master x Slave
  • Boss x Employee
  • Teacher/Professor x Student (Preferably college/university)
  • More to come...

All of these can range between more realistic to magical / supernatural / fantasy.
  • Modern day: slice-of-life, college/university, in the working world, situational, etc.
  • Historical: pirate age, Greco-Roman, medieval, ancient Egyptian, Ice Age/prehistoric, etc.
  • Futuristic: science fiction, outer-space, apocalyptic/survivalist, etc.
  • Fantasy: alternate universes, DnD/LotR-esque etc.

I'm weird about fandoms in that I want to play original characters ONLY and there are only a select few that I'd be interested in, but here goes anyway!
All of these pairings are up to discussion, feel free to suggest any if you have a specific idea in mind.
  • Pokémon : Trainer x Trainer | Gijinka x Gijinka | Trainer x Gijinka
  • Digimon : Tamer x Tamer | Tamer x Humanoid Digimon
  • Harry Potter / Wizarding World : Wizard x Wizard | Wizard x Muggle | Wizard x Squib
  • Dragon's Dogma : Arisen x Pawn | Pawn x Pawn
  • Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth
  • Elder Scrolls universe (Oblivion & Skyrim only)
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender universe (Preferably pre-LoK)
  • Detroit: Becoming Human : Deviant Android / Human Owner
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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2017, 07:48:16 PM »
Available Characters
Characters of mine who aren't a part of any specific plot yet, all in varying stages of development. Looking to adopt?
Stars indicate how excited I am to play this character (1 star: I want to play him! / 4 stars: For the love of GOD please YES)!
Please brainstorm with me!  :-)

Historical, Fantasy, Supernatural
Wesley the Homesteader

Wesley McClellan
Species: Human
Age: 25
Preference: Top, Dominant

Wesley McClellan is the middle son in a family of seven, born and raised on a small farm in rural Massachusetts. At 25 he's considered to be getting a little old to be without a wife - or even a prospect of one - and the topic is one he tends to do his best to dodge. While he grew up understanding the values of hard work and self-reliance, he has always been considered a bit wild in nature. Impulsive and stubborn as a mule, he rarely lets go of an idea when he's gotten a hold of one, which means failure is never an option. At times he lets his emotions get the best of him, and has been described as 'intense' in more than a few instances, but despite bouts of hotheadedness and over-excitement, he is a compassionate and empathetic man who struggles with finding his own place in the world. No one is particularly surprised, then, when he announces quite suddenly that he'll be leaving to take part in the mass cultivation of the widely undeveloped American west, abandoning everything he's known in order to stake out a piece of land for himself in the isolated mountainous wilderness across the country.

Ideas? My only stipulation for this one is that it take place in the USA between 1862 and 1890 (the time when the Homestead Act was enacted and boomed, think an 'Oregon Trail' kind of thing) and we can either play it as realistically as we want, or I'm open to the idea of this involving some type of supernatural or fantasy elements, which we can discuss. I'm not a stickler on playing exact accuracy of the time period, just as long as it's generally believable. As for your character, the ball's in your court! Even though Wes will be homesteading in a remote area, perhaps there's a town a few miles out, or a general goods store set up somewhere, or a creature/being in the woods?

Available Genres:
Must Be: Historical (1862 - 1890's USA)

Available to Pair With:

Fantasy, Modern-Fantasy
Emerid the Half-Goblin

(click to enlarge)

Emerid Gemcat
Species: Half-Goblin
Age: 23
Preference: Sub, Power bottom

When people think of goblins, their first thought may not be someone quite like Emerid. Contrary to what are widely considered the natural dispositions of goblins - primitive and barbaric nuisances to small villages and travelers, monstrous little thieves and murderers, etc. - Emerid himself is quite well-spoken and carries himself with a rebelliously confident air of sophistication and intelligence. He may be unlike his predecessors in his demeanor (and his pretty face), but Emerid does have one striking similarity: he's obsessed with treasure. Anything that glitters, shines, sparkles, or glimmers - he wants it all. He may be unusually well-educated and worldly for his "upbringing," but his true dream is to be treated like royalty while covered in the finest riches. Of course, this is a pretty lofty goal for a half-goblin in a world that considers him a product of an unholy union, but with a candied tongue and diamond-strong willpower, he's prepared to do just about anything to achieve it.

Available Genres:
High Fantasy

Available To Pair With:
Anyone Who Gives Him Jewelry

Historical, Fantasy
Soldaig the Sharkman

(click to enlarge)

Species: Merman, shark variant
Age: 20
Preference: Top, Dominant

Soldaig is an especially rare and dangerous species of mer, an apex predator who dominates his hard-won territory, a dense kelp forest teeming with all kinds of life isolated far into the expanse of the ocean. At the top of the food chain, all Soldaig has to worry about is other shark mer and, though rare themselves, any humans who might be passing through, but Soldaig is always up for a challenge. With an instinctual lust for blood, Soldaig is - very literally - a maneater, but he enjoys playing with his prey about as much as he does ripping them limb from limb. He's conniving, seductive, and deceptive, so don't imagine getting away with less than a few bites - if you manage to get away with your life at all.

Ideas? I have it in my mind that I'd like to play opposite a pirate for this guy, though I don't really have any solid plot ideas to work with, so really, if you have something you're just itchin' to do that'd work with him, let me know! I would prefer a human for him, though. Also, be prepared for bites, blood, and other violent tendencies when it comes to getting physical with Sol, so stronger stomachs (and maybe a certain level of masochistic inclinations) are advised. 

Available Genres:
Historical Fantasy (pirates?)
High Fantasy

Available To Pair With:

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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ Primarily MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 06:09:00 PM »
Plots & Game Ideas
The meat of it.

Plot Synopsis Format (for easy reading)

Genre: Possible and preferred genres the plot takes place in. They can usually be a mixture of several categories that we can work out if need be.
Pairing: My Character (Italicized) x Your Character
Position preference: Position I prefer to play (bottom/top/switch/etc)
Looking for: Position I’d like my partner to play

This is where the plot goes! :-)

Notes: Any additional thoughts or comments I might have regarding the plot and/or characters.

Character(s) I’ll Play: Pre-planned characters that I have specifically for this game. Sometimes I’ll just have one, other times I’ll have several that could fit the role. Feel free to “choose your fighter,” so to speak, if you like one more than the others or feel they'll suit your ideas and YC best! Otherwise, I'll just choose whichever I prefer to fit your character / plans. Most of these characters are relatively loosely planned out so they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the plot and your character, so don't feel obligated to stick to a particular role or feel that you need to morph your characters to fit them exactly.

The Last Offering

Genre: Modern, Fantasy
Pairing: Monster x Human
Position Preference: Top or Switch
Looking For: Bottom or Switch

MC is an alternate-dimensional monster whose race was once revered as gods by humans long ago. Temples were built over mysterious rifts where, on occasion, passage between these realities was known to become possible, and offerings of all kinds - treasures, crops, livestock, and even people - were routinely left for the ‘gods’ to enjoy. As time passed, however, the traditions were eventually lost to history as the tribes fell victims to colonization and war. Practice turned to story, and story turned to myth and legend. The ancient stone temples were deserted and forgotten for several hundred years... until the day that YC comes across one. When YC accidentally slips and is knocked unconscious while exploring one of these temples, MC mistakes him for a long-overdue offering and transports him through the rift, spiriting him away to an entirely new world filled with monsters, where he now finds himself trapped and under the care of one such beast who has apparently claimed ownership of him.

Notes: As a head’s up, my monster characters are actual monsters, as in, while some of them might have human parts (such as, the nagas are human-esque from the hips up), they don’t have any "full" human form, so basically what you see is what you get. A lot of them will probably have non-human genitalia as well, so be up for that, and some of my "harder" kinks might be a part of this game (oviposition, knotting, etc) so let me know first thing if you're not into that. I’m also willing to make multiples of this plot (using different characters) if enough people are interested and if I feel inclined to!

Character(s) I’ll Play:

Lansa the Naga

(click to enlarge)

Lansa Sabraeleon
Age: 129
Headstrong, arrogant, and infamously bad-tempered, Lansa is the youngest prince of the royal family and though he will likely never ascend the throne, he prefers it as such. After all, this way he has all the benefits of royalty and the least responsibility which often leaves him to his own devices, such as sparring in the fighting pits and chasing after whatever tasty-looking morsels he can find on any given day. Though he is expected to safeguard the ancient, crumbling temple around which the magnificently expansive palace was built, he finds little importance in the duty as the last offering hadn't been left since his grandfather's time, several hundred years ago. Instead, he frequently shirks this charge, eager to find pleasures and excitement elsewhere.
Lansa lives in a beautifully pristine raised palace above a huge expanse of flat wetlands filled with tall grasses and trees as far as the eye can see.

Kiri the Dragonborn

(click to enlarge)

Kiri Rootmaw
Age: 26
True to his dragonborn nature, Kiri is boastful, boisterous, and always ready for a fight, a pint, and pleasurable company (in a perfect world, all in one night.) Skilled in several forms of combat, he is a proud and fierce warrior of his warmongering race that has dominated their homeland for centuries, but for all that he looks and often acts the part, he isn't all tooth and nail. As much as Kiri enjoys brawling, he is also relatively well-read for a soldier, investing what little free time he does have to studying military defensive and offensive strategies. He is unfailingly loyal to his clan, and dedicates his life - very literally - to their protection.
Kiri lives in a well-guarded wooden fortress, home to the large majority of dragonborn, which is nestled in a valley surrounded by a jagged mountain range. 

An Unfortunate Fairytale

Genre: Modern, Fantasy
Pairing: Fairy x Human or Humanoid/Monster
Position Preference: Switch
Looking For: Switch

MC is one of many woodland fairies living in secret from the humans with the use of illusory and alteration magic, but when he makes the terrible mistake of being out in the cold and far from his colony during a sudden freeze, he is no longer protected by the spells that usually render him invisible. He is lucky to be snatched from what would have been certain death by YC, who carries him home to nurse him back to health.  However, when MC regains consciousness, he mistakes YC for a threat and casts a powerful curse on him, shrinking YC down to a fraction of his original size - the same size as a fairy, no bigger than the palm of a hand. Even after the misunderstanding is cleared up, however, MC is unable to undo the curse, too badly affected by the damage the cold had on him. What’s more, his delicate wings have been ravaged by the freeze as well, and are entirely unusable. Their objective becomes clear: in order to reverse the jinx on YC and rejuvenate MC’s wings and magic back to their former glory, the two tiny forced-companions must trek far into the forest to the hidden fairy court, all the while racing against time before the first snow falls.

Notes: Originally I was thinking I’d play opposite a human, but I’m also open to non-human characters to pair up with my pixie boy. Depends on what you’re into!

Character(s) I'll Play:

Finch Dash-heart

Finch Dash-heart
Age: 20
Finch has been known to be called "intense" and "abrasive" on more than one occasion. He is fearless and overeager to prove his capabilities to the court, which often earns him more trouble than it does respect. He's impulsive and impatient but has a strong head for justice and fairness, and though he can be a bit much to handle at times for others (which can sometimes escalate into scuffles with his peers) he means little actual harm - unless it concerns humans. Finch has a deep-seeded hatred for humans, considering them to be the plague of the world and often raves about the injustices of fairies having to live incognito because of them. Despite this darker side of his personality, he has a love of music and a passion for storytelling, two joys he is often indulging in that don't land him with a bloodied nose - well, usually.

Down to Earth

Genre: Futuristic, Sci-Fi
Pairing: Human x Alien
Position Preference: Top or Switch
Looking For: Bottom or Switch

In the year 2265, Earth is a veritable wasteland. Decimated by hundreds of years of extreme deforestation, expansive oil fracking, and human-induced rapid climate change, the planet saw thousands of animal species driven to extinction, and as diseases from airborne contaminants and polluted water cut the human population in half, efforts to recolonize off-planet surged. Natural disasters grew more rampant and more deadly. Earth became so uninhabitable that by the year 2200, planet-wide evacuations were made mandatory and continued residence was made illegal. Instead, humans found new homes on titanic space stations and in specialized colonies on neighboring planets. Eventually, as technology bloomed ever forward, and expansion beyond their ancestral solar system became possible, the human race travelled to new exciting frontiers and Earth became just a story the elderly told - and rarely were they ever happy ones. Earth was designated a “protected sanctuary” with little to no regulation, though its toxic air quality and unpredictably fluctuating climates repelled most venturers - that is, until a small, hardy group of environmentalists arrived with lofty goals of rehabilitating the dying planet. Considered activists-slash-hippies to those off-planet who knew about them and often ridiculed for their overly ambitious goals, these conservationists are few-numbered but strong-willed scientists living within or around tiny communes on a desolate Earth, working hard to create new ways to help restore the planet to its former glory. MC is one such scientist, a botanist living off-site on his own compound, tirelessly experimenting with gene-splicing plants and trees in order to create hardier species able to thrive off the meager environment. He lives a quiet and somewhat lonely life - until he receives an unexpected visitor when YC crash-lands his ship near (or on) his property! Now the two of them must find a way to get YC back home, or else be stranded on an ex-communicated planet forever.

Notes: Oops, this one got a bit long! I want to say first off that I would actually prefer YC to be some kind of alien. We can discuss what that means if you’re interested, but I will consider a human character to play opposite mine as well. I’m interested in playing with issues such as language barriers, custom differences, stuff like that. Maybe MC has never seen YC’s species before, or vice versa? I’d really like to go into more depth with some brainstorming with this one!

Character(s) I’ll Play:

Abram Byapari

Abram Byapari
Age: 32
Since he was sixteen years old, Abram has been working tirelessly in a nearly entirely isolated wasteland, but he revels in his isolation. Having grown up on the colonies of Mars and in a large family, he'd never had much privacy and he'd always hated it. Here, there was space. Big, expansive space as far as the eye could see and not a person in sight. It was heaven. Orangey-brown noxious heaven. Abram had always been a hermit, and not just for himself - for everyone else, too. He isn't what people would call "friendly," and there were only a very select few he would think twice about cussing out at any given moment. He has a short fuse and a crotchety disposition, but that didn't matter when there was no one else around. He has several passions that he devotes himself to: botany - all things green and growing, the subjects of his tireless study and research for sixteen long years in an exhaustive effort to make whatever dent he can in the destruction of the planet he calls his home - and Mother Earth Herself. Abram is deeply spiritual and considers himself attuned to the earth, sympathizing with its pain and struggle to heal. In the mornings he can often be found meditating or "communing" with Mother Earth.

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Re: Kodi's Boys: Characters & Plots [ MxM ⚣ ]
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2018, 10:09:44 PM »
Updated 6/9!

  • It's that time of the month for a bump!
  • Been getting REAL into the game Detroit: Become Human lately, and I've got an itch to play an in-universe Deviant Android x Human story! Hit me up if you're interested ;)

Take care, ya beautiful people ;)