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May 12, 2021, 12:22:42 am

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Author Topic: Ideas ~ AidenWhite [Solo Thread]  (Read 835 times)

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Ideas ~ AidenWhite [Solo Thread]
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:42:03 pm »
Roleplay status: Available for one or two

Alright, first things first, please read my O/O. It's like a binding contract that means that you agree with everything that's in it and you will follow it. Thanks!

Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way, on to the fun stuff!

All the plots below can be played with either animated pictures or no pictures (just descriptions of the characters we are using)

Muse: The current status of my muse nowadays is at a normal level if that makes sense. I might feel that spark of inspiration that I usually get when my muse is virile (I chose that word on purpose) but it occurs randomly. Just trust it as much as you trust RNG.


My character is a man who has racked up a large debt with a dangerously violent loanshark. After a severe beating by his cronies, the loanshark said he had 24  hours to pay up or else. 24 hours came and went, and still my character couldn't collect all the money needed. He went to the loanshark to beg for more time, but instead he found out that his debt had already been paid and was handed a note instead. The note said to meet up at one of the fancy restaurants downtown at 8 pm, it was signed by Ms.(Insert your desired name here). With his only suit, he headed to the restaurant and asked for the mysterious lady. He was guided to the VIP section of the restaurant and sat down before the lady herself. She had paid off his debt, but for what reason? She asked then and there that for his repayment to her that she'd have him work as the sole butler in her penthouse. Was that all she wanted? For how long did she want him as a butler? And why him specifically? Surely there were more people in his position.

Plenty to discuss with this plot.

Prince of Darkness

After centuries of slumber pass since he was defeated by a brave warrior, Dracula wakes up again during modern times (Time/Place can be discussed). After nourishing himself with the blood of innocent victims, he learns that things haven't changed much and that money still controls the world. He arrives at the front door of a wealthy billionaires mansion and uses his powers to seduce everyone and brings them under his control. Killing the billionaire after making the proper paperwork, he assumes his spot and takes over his large business and all of his assets. His daughter attends the funeral and Dracula is captivated by her beauty and approaches her, introducing himself as a close business partner of her father. Now at the height of his power again, he desires one thing and one thing only, the daughter of the man he stole from and killed.

Inspired by multiple series I've seen or games I've played with vampires. Powers/weaknesses can be discussed if necessary among other things.


Taming the Reaper

Either my character or your character is the legendary demon who collects the souls of humans. Normally, this demon collects souls when their time comes to be collected, but this time he/she was contracted to go after a human with the reason being hidden from him/her. The demon went to the human world and went the the human's home (the quality of home, which also explains the human's wealth, will be decided via PM along with other things). The demon broke into the house and approached the human, raising his/her blade up above. The blade came down but a shining light came from underneath the human's shirt and it blew back the demon all the way to the wall. Out from the shirt came a necklace, but it wasn't any ordinary necklace; it was crafted by using a special metal and blessed by Solomon, handed down the years to possible successors to his throne. Whoever came into possession of the necklace and whoever was the Reaper of Souls at the time must swear allegiance to the holder. The demon knelt down before the human. Whether the human liked it or not, he/she was the proud new owner of his/her own Reaper.

Pretty self-explanatory I think, but if there are questions feel free to PM!



I play a character who just lives his life day by day, not really into the strange and unknown. But one day he stumbles upon a strange urn in his attic wrapped up in strange seals. He opens it in order to see what is inside but to his confusion, there was nothing. Instead a cold chill went through his body and he thought it was just the wind outside somehow getting inside. He goes to bed and the next morning he wakes up to find a woman floating over him, a ghost?! Shocked, he gets sloppily dressed and runs away to his workplace (or school or whatever we decide). Though it turns out that she followed him all the way over there. He is the only one who can see her and, to his surprise, the only one who can touch her as if she were a physical being. He was being haunted by a woman that no one else can see but he can touch! Was this a curse, or a blessing in disguise?

Just a strange idea I was inspired by recently. I think this could be fun to play around with.


Holy Hell

My character wakes up in the middle of a grassy field, confused. Why is he confused? Well, he was supposed to be dead; he was killed by demons. Or so he thought before he woke up. He was a member of a Hero clan whose job was to exterminate demons, however the one they fought was out of their league. In order to save the lives of his remaining comrades, he traded his own life to kill the demon. Suddenly, a woman appeared before him and kissed him on the lips. Shocked and even more confused, he wanted answers. She told him that she was a demon and that she was responsible for reviving him. My character gets up quickly, on guard. She laughs and tells him that he had nothing to worry about and asked him if he even wanted to kill his own kind. His confusion level was at maximum, he asked what she meant by that and she responded plainly: "Simple. The only way to revive you was to make you into a demon." So he had become that which he strived to exterminate, what would his clan members think?! He couldn't return and yet he didn't belong. A demon with a hero's powers, everyone would be after him. Thus, the interesting story begins between the female demon and the former hero.

Inspired by various anime, books, and short stories.


Sudden Responsibility

What I want from this story is a normal person suddenly being thrust into a massive amount of responsibility out of nowhere. Now, this can be a modern plot or it can take place in the past.

Lots to discuss with this

Craving a medieval RP, something with knights or even vikings would be cool

Craving something with quite a bit of drama as well. I'm being vague because honestly a lot could fit here, don't be afraid to come to me with ideas. I'm not too rough.

Aaaand, that's all I have for now (and to be honest, between you and me, probably for a long time [stuck to this promise, took me nearly a year to update!]). UPDATE: Probably should update this more often, but I tend to find other people's ideas and then work with them on those than work on my own.

If I haven't made it clear by now, here: All the above plots are MxF, nothing is written in stone, and feel free to PM with additional ideas!

Also! If you want a solo with me in general, it doesn't have to be any of these plots! You might be thinking, "What? Then why the hell did you make this thread in the first place if I don't have to choose from them?" And I'd respond with... Good question. But in all seriousness, if you have something you want to work with me or if you had a similar plot in mind with different twists, I'm more than happy to combine my ideas with your own. Discussion and communication, if you read my O/O, are very important to me.

Any pairings that aren't explicitly denied by my O/O I am willing to entertain.

Such pairings include:

King x Princess of an opposing nation
Knight x Princess
Knight x Queen
Soldier x POW
Soldier x another Soldier, opposing or same nation (MxF)
Boss x Subordinate
Same occupation, rival companies
Classmates in college

Anything else can be discussed via PMs
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Re: Ideas ~ AidenWhite [Solo Thread]
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2018, 09:00:50 pm »
I've never bumped this thread before, figured it'd be a good idea to do so.

Craving a medieval RP, something with knights or even vikings would be cool

Craving something with quite a bit of drama as well. I'm being vague because honestly a lot could fit here, don't be afraid to come to me with ideas. I'm not too rough.

Also craving a RP where two strong minded individuals are forced to see who is stronger/better, but both of them eventually wanting to submit to the other. An image that strikes my mind is a strong man kneeling down and kissing the hand of a woman or a strong woman succumbing to the pleasures that remind her that she is a woman (if that makes sense).