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Heyo. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry if this isn't as fancy as some other's but I hope it gives ya the info you need.

General Info
Who I Play: I generally play males but I can double up as girls and/or futa
What I play: Generally either M//M M//F or M//Futa
Where I Play: Either through Private Messages or Email. I refuse to play via IMs. I'm the 'Do a couple replies on an RP, then hop off to play some games for a bit and then come back'.
Be Patient: With my mental issues as well as my work schedule, I may not have alot of time to reply every single day. So PATIENCE is key with me.
Post Lengths: I'll be honest. I try not to keep myself within a strict minimum. About four or five sentences are enough for me. But this heavily depends on the RP. If it's a simple slice of life then it'll be short. But if it's something like a fantasy setting and such then they'll be longer. Talk with me on this. I'm pretty flexible. Though I personally think Five Paragraph per post for one character is asinine as all hell
Character Descriptions: I REFUSE to use pictures of real people. Sorry it's just kinda weird for me and for most of my ideas it wouldn't fit. I prefer either written descriptions or drawn pics. UPDATE: depending on the RP idea, if you yourself wanna use a Real Photo then that's fine. HOWEVER if that photo happens to be something that looks like it was ripped from some poor person's Facebook page then I am dropping that shit instantly.

Sexy Fun Fun Times
These are the basic kinks I like when it comes to more adult oriented Roleplays. I'll probably get around to doing an F-list but I'm too lazy to sift through all of the kink lists.

FUN SMUT:. I define Fun Smut as something liiiiiike... Maybe Sibling A catches Sibling B masturbating and decides to help them... or just random hook ups. Or "Alright look the treasure is right there... you. We need you to distract the dragon while we snag it. Godspeed soldier" and commence getting a hole full of dragon cum (or ogre, or tentacle, whatever's in a dungeon usually). However that isn't to say I don't like SOME darker stuff.

Excessive Semen: This is a favorite of mine. The surprise of almost a gallon of cum right after getting fucked silly. Or maybe something like someone sucking an 'average-ish' cock only to wind up getting a massive explosion of jizz. Or just having an ungodly amount of stamina and keep pumping and dumping away.[/b][/i]

FemBoys: Whether I play them or my partner plays them... FemBoy traps are best

Trashy Vanilla Romance: Shut up. I love cute things alright?

Fucked Silly: Or Ahegao or whatever you wanna call it. Basically someone getting fucked hard enough that they lose all sense of self.

Tittyfucking/Assjobs : i just really like the visual of a meaty dick sliding between a juicy pair of butt cheeks or tits

Sex Toys : Definitely a fun one to use

Throat fucking: Basically the act of fucking a throat like a pussy.

Milfs: Doesn't have to be incest related... I just like mature women. Whether it be a Teacher, a Neighbor, Boss or maybe something involving super heroes or something?

Thick Girls (or boys) : Are Best Girls (or boys). Nothing wrong with slim fashion model types but girls with some thickness are divine. Now I don't mean obese or anything like that.

Anal: Fucking, Fisting, Rimming... i'm down for it all just no scat

Incest: Generally I do bro x sis, mother x son, or cousins. I don't really enjoy playing as dads or uncles in incest RPs unless we're doing multiple characters

Harems: The one that drives alot of peeps away, but this is one I really like to do and with the right person can be pretty fun. I have a few plot ideas for this so just lemme know if you're interested. NOTE: I can also play a harem of dudes (or a mixture of genders) for ya if ya like ^_^

Reward Sex: "Sure i'll let you hit this buuuuuuut you need to beat up that luchadore in your next fight got it?"

Group Sex: Be it Gangbangs, orgies or what have you. The more the merrier

Public Play: Fucking in an alleyway, empty class room, changing rooms and all the nice stuff.

After Sex: We had our fun... so let's cuddle, maybe clean up a bit... I don't know why I just find this stuff cute as fuck

Furries: Not really a kink or fetish but I do enjoy these from time to time.

Giant Dicks: On both men and futas. Anything to make a character's stomach bulge and give them a good stretching.

Monsters: Let's get creative!!! Monsters are always fun to make and play as.

Anime Cliche': I'll admit, i'm a massive weeb. I especially like anime style fight scenes (calling out attack names and the whole like) <~<

Turn Offs
Abuse for Pleasure: As in "When he beat me to a bloody pulp and choked me, I felt so alive and came instantly".
Toilet Play
FULL ON RAPE: I'm sorry but I cannot fathom why people love to RP this out. Also because it's happened in the past, don't try and sway me over because literally the conversation will be like the Zip It scenes from Austin Powers.
Super Grim Dark: Now i'm all for RPs having darker moments but not everything needs to be depressing all the time.

Actual RP stuff will be in the next post



Elf/Human Warrior
Halfling/Human or Orc
Villainess/Super Hero
Older Woman/Younger man
Fighting Rival/Fighting Rival

Pics I want someone else to play
Not super required but if any of these give you ideas for characters than hit me up

Roleplay Ideas

Fandom-ish Ideas
Bowser and Peach: I'm on bit of a Switch high right now, so I have bit of a craving involving Bowser and Peach.
Essentially I kind of want to play out a secret relationship between the two, why else would Peach always wind up kidnapped? Maybe she gets off on that stuff? But while Mario is out busting his ass trying ot save her, the princess and Bowser are off having some Couple Time along with some messy smutty fun.

Caught between Gotham's two heroes: This is a DC Next Gen thing. Essentially, the son of Bruce Wayne has taken up the mantle of Batman. However his younger brother has built his own identity as a super hero, using a bizarre ability to change his arms. YC is an old childhood friend (reporter, maybe the new Catwoman, Batgirl, whatevs) who always winds up in the middle of one of the new heroes exploits. However problems arise when the new Batman becomes a bit territorial and wants to stop his brother's heroics. So... whose side you on?

Overwatch: I wanna double up as Canons and Ocs. Ask me about this one.

Original Plots

Panda Fighter: I've been... kinda wanting to do an Anthro deal and would love to play as this guy. He's of age but is kinda of small but is an extremely gifted martial artist.

Hentai Fantasy: "But wait Totes, isn't Hentai already fantas-" Shush. Essentially this is the more goofy side that you often see in hentai doujins. Where Sex is pretty wild and can be used to solve most problems. From fucking an Incubus to the point where even he's absolutely trained, using your body to pay for a night in an inn, battling a lich king while his tentacles ravage your party members, etc etc. Basically think of it like a super smutty adventure time type deal.

After School Sex Club: At first glance, Midvale high looks like your average highschool. They have their usual clubs and teams. Chess, History, Drama, Soccer, Football, Basketball. But have you heard of the 'Relaxation club?' It's a secret club that's only heard about in whispers. So you decide to do a little digging and learn of a club meet up happening late at night in the gymnasium. However when you arrive, it's a full on Orgy between students and even faculty members. So... how will you handle this?

Polyamory: I've always been interested in this relationship dynamic. Multiple people in basically one big cuddle puddle. This one could be played straight fluffy, smutty or even dramatic (like maybe one person isn't really all that into the idea but the other wants it).

My Girlfriend has a Penis: I read a cute doujin awhile back about a couple where one was a Futanari. I'd love to play out the relationship of a man and his futanari girlfriend/wife. I can play either.

Good Ol' Incest: I kinda wanna play out an entire family scenario. Like for some reason it's family tradition for Incest to exist. SO mom and pops are fine with their kids (16 AND UP) having sex with them and with eachother.

The Slut Wants Out: YC is generally a reserved individual. While they don't do it often, the only few times they've had sex it was okay-ish. However after years of watching porn, she's developed a desire to be more open sexually and in her words 'become a slut'. So she enlists the help of MC, a good friend, to help her out. The deal is that during certain times of the day they have a 'training' session that often involves toys, rampant sex and so on. This idea is meant to have a bit of build up. Starting from basic stuff like anal training and maybe a public fucking and then build it's way towards more depraved acts like being a public cum dump, or hosting a large gangbang.

Are Orcs all Bad?: There's a ton of stereotypes put on Orcs. They're savage, violent creatures. They have no mercy and will kidnap and brutally rape every woman they see. While there is credibility to some of these stereotypes, there is the one that occasionally breaks those. MC Is an Orc who is training in the art of the sword. He's not part of a warband and compared to many Orcs, he has bit of a noble side. So what happens when he winds up having to care for a terrified Elf woman?

Queen's Decree: After years of hard work YC, a princess, has officially become the queen of her kingdom. Being a free spirit, instead of having a king she's brought together some of the kingdom's strongest warriors to be part of her little reverse harem.

The Up and Comer!: A little something for the ones who like Bara daddies. Essentially your character lands a job as a promoter/handler/manager for an up and coming wrestler whose inherited the title and mask of a legendary fighter. Though he may be dopey, maybe you can find a way to motivate him to win matches.

Not your Typical Summer Job: MC is a bit strapped for cash during the summer vacation but gets a pretty good offer. An old family friend has decided to bring him into their home for the summer to help out with the family business. Thinking it has to do with the man's job as an electrician, it turns out they do a side business making porn involving The Hot Wife and Plucky Daughter

I'll Protect You: This one is a bit darker and involves more story than smut. From a young age YC was trained to protect MC, the heir of a powerful crime family, at all costs. Skilled with the blade, you can cut down regular men with ease. However the world becomes ravaged with a deadly plague turning regular people into blood thirsty monsters. Will you still be able to carry out your mission when humanity is at it's last legs?

Blessing and a Curse: My character is blessed/cursed with an abnormally large penis. Thicker than his arm, longer a 2 liter bottle of soda, one would think life would be rad. However it's been nothing but misery for him. It's hard to go out in public and trying to hide his monster, and finding a woman willing to take it has been more than a challenge. YC could be a friend/neighbor/classmate/etc who learns of MC's abnormality and being a fan large insertions, brings him under her wing to try and 'tame' the monster cock.

Super Heroes: I'm always down for a Super Hero themed RP. While i prefer to play as OCs, i'm more than fine with doubling up with a canon character. NOW whether I can play that character super accurately is up for debate. And while not exactly required, there is a type of hero I like to play as. The Tokusatsu Style hero: 


Modified it... sorta-ish and will continue to modify throughout the day