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Author Topic: Come hither and be in awe of the nonsense I conjure. (F roles needed)  (Read 880 times)

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(tl;dr stories and fragments get written earlier, will only start getting into gear February-ish - Earlier possible too, but with a slower post rate)

Let us start off with a fabulous disclaimer! I know, that is indeed the best way to start just about anything! Off to a great start!

You may or may not know me, chances are you do not. I enjoyed writing on this site for quite a while, though the last time I was active must have been about a good 3 to 4 years ago as I tend to do my own thing then get distracted by real life. Until I get the overwhelming desire to start yet again. Though this is clearly the biggest gap I've had since I've written, thus I am probably rather rusty. Fortunately I did mature (you can't prove otherwise) so that might counter-act it a tad.

Plus feel free to contact me already about perhaps your ideas, or to toy around with mine, I do very much enjoy it when people toy and tweak ideas of my own. This will be as true now as it will in the future, so allow me to make the text stand out - I write stories together, I DON'T have exact ideas that need to be followed to the letter - but enough babbling about things you care little about. I have some organising of the mind to do, so I can create some rough ideas if lucky.

I have many a kink and fantasy, but rape and the like are not one of them, sorry to disappoint. Oh and I don't do pictures, you can, but I won't. I'm not good at it, I rather let my fantasy do the work.

I am good at titles #1
Fantasy, magic, awkward silences

The world would be that akin to many a fantasy land. You have the elves, dwarves, Orcs, trolls, ... - each race has their own culture and lands, humans having learned far too much from rabbits being the most plentiful but fragile.  While there are no outrageous wars going on, every race tends to distrust one another quite heavily, but try to live aside one another as best as possible. One race perhaps quite a bit better at keeping a hidden agenda than the other, though no war is at hand, always preparing for one that could come. Not much unlike the Cold War.

Beautiful landscapes and cities in all shapes and sizes, some blending in with their surroundings, others standing out like a sore thumb. You get the gist, as far as your own imagination will take you, little is impossible. A battle between technology and magic, preserving nature and abusing it, ruling in a climate of unity or fear.. it's all a possibility.

The female role will be that of a brilliant mind, a woman so extremely good at magic/inventing/.. that she becomes a sheltered being and has no choice in the matter. Though such a mind does not like to be locked up in a cage, being told what to do, having to question everyone's intentions leaving no room for trust. All the knowledge of the other people, races and wonders merely come from books or word-to-mouth by fellow villagers. Of course a curious mind would not stand by it and wants to find out what the world has to offer on it's own! As such, as escape ensues. An escape from her people, from the cage yet also the safe shelter that provided.

Not soon after, trouble ensues, perhaps she does finally meet members of another race and does something to upset them. Perhaps where she is used to just take what she needed (as long as she got some work done) this habit got her into a nasty conflict with a salesmen.

I leave a lot of room for interpretation in her character, what race or village/town she belongs to and just how caged she really is. Void of any real emotional interaction? Or overly pampered? Perhaps caged by means of threatening her? It's all fair game.

He on the other hand is equally special in it's own right, albeit not considered precious in the least in the name of progress. An adventuring spirit who goes where he pleases, when he pleases and is ridiculously muscled in a world where magic and technology rule above all. A physique usually looked down upon by all but trolls, whom aren't exactly known for their high intellect.

Muscles mean manual labour, manual labour in most cultures either means too dumb to handle technology, or too inept to control even the easiest of magic.

They meet inadvertently, she may or may not accidentally drag him into her problematic conundrum that leaves her in debt to him. Maybe she casts an experimental spell in sheer panic, using him as a way to drain energy, linking the two together. Or perhaps brought up ruthlessly she saw an opportunity to implant a device in him to give him an intense desire to protect her. Hey, maybe she just makes a visual spectacle and fools him into believing her life is now directly connected to his. The idea is that she, being sheltered as she was, realises now that the world is perhaps a bit too dangerous to go on her own and finds the idea of a personal bodyguard very appealing.

The prisoner is now free and cages a free bird. Obvious struggles along the way are bound to occur, but as her adventure with him now in tow they do talk.. eventually. She notices he is perhaps not as idiotic as it seems, finding it fascinating to see someone act first and think later. While on the other end he experiences the same, but only by watching a brilliant mind at work.

Attraction can go all directions and ways, but as far as love-like things are concerned I like a nice build up. Fiery attractions fuelled with just the right amount of hate is always a good thing though.

This is also a good title #2
War, scifi

You might notice by now I like dualities. Things that clash, I'm a big fan of it.

This is perhaps a little out there so bear with me.

In a very distant futures when humans finally decide the universe is a very interesting place, they do what they do best and start colonising just about any planet they can get. Warp-technology allowing them to reach great distances. The colonies evolve in their own ways, develop their own cultures and believes.

In one distant cluster two of these different colonies are engaged in a war. One world controlled by women, the women are genetically far superior to the men on that planet. They take charge, make the big decisions, fight the wars and the men are considered little more than a means to an end. Though reproduction does not require one male and one female persé, to keep society working there are quite helpful for all the little tasks that need to be done.

As such the men on this planet, through years of evolution, have no backbone to speak of, are rather cowardly and their bodies do not exactly inspire fear.

This planet is at odds with one that is very much in tune with what they consider the old ways. Almost fanatical in their belief that males are above the food chain. Just like the men on the female controlled planet, the females on this one are very submissive by nature, do not speak their mind and just do what they are told. With such different believes, they both believe they are to save their gender from the enemy planet.

In one of the many skirmishes, two operatives, one from every civilisation end up on an unknown planet together having crash landed their vehicles in a battle that decimated almost everything and everyone else. With only a few things salvageable from the wreckage, the two are lucky that the planet in itself is capable of hosting human life. The only reason it hasn't yet is due to the war and it being deemed to dangerous to colonise swiftly and efficiently as humans tend to like.

These two operatives meet, the woman having the fortune of still having a weapon that is functional. Expecting her colleagues to come to her rescue soon, she sees an excellent opportunity in holding him captive. Both sides being extremely fanatical in their believes meant that there were barely any prisoners of war to interrogate, so intel on one another was very limited.

The only reason he does not do something drastic, as perhaps taking his own life to secure knowledge that must not be shared, is because he too is convinced his side will arrive soon allowing them to capture her instead.

But as days drag on and help does not come and rations dwindle, survival becomes paramount. As they are being forced to rely on one another, it becomes apparent the two do have a single thing in common. The reason they both excelled at combat and espionage was that they had no desire for romance whatsoever. The reason they had no desire in romance whatsoever if because neither felt any attraction to complete submission. Though these previous unknown feelings of desire, passions, lust and love do rise to surface when the two stubborn 'alphas' keep bumping heads with one another.

Miss, are you alright?
Near future, casual

The settings of this one is nothing too fancy, a world just like ours,  though slightly more advanced concerning it's technology. It takes part in a small town community where everyone knows everywhere, in a school where secrets are extremely hard to hide.

The school in question has a student who used to be a boy, yet now is a girl. A decision made by the person and the parents at a fairly young age when it was learned that the boy felt like he was trapped in the wrong body. With technology in this world being advanced enough to make such a transition not only affordable, but extremely easy, it was a choice made with relative ease. The techniques are so in depth that, unless the person in question would tell others about it, nobody would ever be able to figure out that it had ever occurred. Unfortunately, while in the big cities such a thing is common and hardly a point worth discussing anymore, in the small town she lives the opposite is very much true. Since everyone knows everyone, nobody was left oblivious to the fact the change had happened and in such a small town where religion still holds a place in the world, she was shunned by almost everyone.

Though not directly, as to avoid any political conflict, only in the darkness. Others in the school talking behind her back constantly, being obvious in the fact they were forced to act somewhat kind and not always capable of hiding their disgust. A brainwashed community in which she was stuck for the moment, the parents too oblivious to the ordeal due to her silence. Wealthy parents who were away from home almost all the time, travelling, going to meetings, a ghostly presence at best.

With hardly any true friend to call her own, a lonely existence was left in which only dreams of another more accepting place would keep her sane.

A glimmer of hope she held onto dearly, and which started to grow on a normal school-day much like the others. With the big exception of a new classmate appearing, a boy from the big city joining the school in the middle of the year. A handsome and seemingly charismatic young man who became an instant hit with most of the girls in school, even the guys seemed rather intrigued by his presence. Even she cannot help but be fascinated by him, but for reasons far different than the rest. Being an expert at observing body language and picking out when someone is lying, she can't help but notice that everything he says to the enthusiastic people wanting to get to know him are lies. Greeting them with an empty smile and expertly dismissing any attempt to meet outside of class.

Nonetheless she doesn't dare speak to him, he already gives empty smiles to others whom would soon give away her past. Something she did not want to keep secret but at this time would have liked to, knowing how this place reacted to it.

Though it did not take long before the two would meet, with nobody else around. During lunch break hidden on the rooftop of the building, a favourite place of hers to hide, he would show up gazing at her troubled face, only uttering the words, "Miss, are you alright?"

The story would take off from there, obviously she would be assuming he does not know, begin a rather difficult friendship where they both seem to be hiding something from one another. Perhaps seeing him sharing sincere laughs with her annoys the others, or maybe they begin acting extremely friendly to her just because the "boy from the big city" hangs around her often. It can all play out in many different ways, that's open for discussion, but I think the idea is enough to take it just about anywhere.

I'll keep it short!

The title is not the title for the story. Again, I'm bad with those.

The idea of this one is in a fantasy world, where many races and mystical creatures are present, lives a very strong human man. A man so strong rumours of him are aplenty within all the ranks of all races. Though thus far the stories suggest he lives his life by his lonesome, and having no ties with his Kingdom whatsoever, there are still many concerns about the idea that when he does, they would probably be dominated if his strength was backed up by an entire nation.

That's where your character comes in, you are entirely free what nation you belong to. You are a powerful woman, though lacking in the fame due to the fact that most of your strength is used in secrecy. Your objective is one you could not decline, but are not happy at all to have. You are to recruit to man for your nation, make sure he pledges his allegiance to your nation so together you two can bring internal struggles to an end make sure everybody will fear your combined might. However, the best way according to your superiors is that this is best done through seduction, believing human love is the best emotion to exploit, knowing that once a human falls in love they will be easily blinded to everything else.

As a warrior this quest disgusts you and you would much rather end his life, eradicating the pawn being a far more appeasing plan than seducing him. But, the biggest issue is first finding him and that means following the rumours, because if there is one thing that is a constant in the tales is that this man does not like to remain put. Making the idea of luring him with her charms to do exactly that in her nation seem ridiculous.

Of course, the two do meet and he is not at all as she expected. While the tales speak of a perverted, powerful and crazy man, he is actually not very different from her. A warrior who only respects strength, always looking to improve and find someone stronger so he is able to set himself a goal to do just that. Again, you can pick just about whatever you like, demon? Angel? Orc? Elf? Go nuts, hell, you can be from a particular human kingdom too which desperately wants to conquer as much as possible. A lot is open for discussion here, so send me a PM if you're interested and discuss we shall!

The fake bodyguard
Modern, Crime

A daughter of the head of the yakuza leads a boring life, wherever she goes she is usually followed. When she isn't those around her are fully aware who's daughter she is, whatever place she's in she's always treated with forced kindness and respect. Her father is insistent that she gets a bodyguard to follow her around during her leisure activities and even stationed outside of university. Being spoiled and extremely bored, plus having the same rebellious tendencies as her father, she makes sure that every bodyguard that is assigned to her quits or is removed from her presence. She doesn't want to be followed, she wants to just live her own life without the constant interference from big burly men afraid of her because of what might happen if they do something wrong. Nevertheless her father is insistent, with her being abroad studying, there is no way he is going to let her by herself.

As such for her it has become a source of entertainment to see how long her bodyguards last, always capable of getting rid of them with ease. Not only that, but teacher, fellow students alike are all easily manipulated into doing what she wants. A rare few that actually do not know who she is, she acts normal to, using that to feel what a normal life would be like.

After yet another bodyguard disappearing after she threatened him with something, her father finally has had enough. Normally he only employed people of his organisation, Japanese men under his command he could trust completely, but this time around he has had enough with his daughter's antics. Knowing all too well what she is doing, he decides to hire a mercenary as bodyguard instead. A man known for completing any job given to him, as long as you deliver the right amount of money. Someone who comes highly recommended by everyone who has employed him before. A man that could handle his rebellious daughter and anything that would try to harm her.

This man suddenly pops up in her life, catching her off-guard to see that her father has hired someone from outside his close-knit group. Though the slight curiosity is not enough to lead her astray, this man would be dealt with just like the rest to leave her alone in her life abroad.

Of course, this man is a big unknown, and though he keeps up appearances when anyone else is around, he is not afraid of her father or what he is capable of in the slightest. In fact, the only reason he took on this job was because he was extremely bored and rather than playing a babysitter, he is merely there to have some fun.

That's the premise of the story, two dominant people trying to push the other in submission. Both becoming slowly infatuated by one another, attracted to each other's strength of character, a temptation increased for both considering the taboo surrounding a Yakuza daughter together with a foreign man.
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Re: Come hither and be in awe of the nonsense I conjure. (F roles needed)
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2017, 06:53:16 am »
It's almost March! Now I have all the time in the world to start writing again, so again if you have an idea you think I'd be a good fit for let me know. Or if you are interested in one of mine of course, I'll be adding plenty in the future.

Oh and maybe some extra interesting titbits, I do not do pictures. I'm incapable of doing so, I tried before with people who did and only find myself looking for hours for a picture I will never find. I have a vivid imagination and prefer to let that do the work for me, you can still use one, but don't expect me to do so please.

Also Story > Smut is apparently something that you have to tag, so there you go! Also if you think you'd like to do a story with me but don't like the ones I have, have no story of your own but only cravings and are convinced I would be a good fit. Send me a PM, I'm pretty good at making up stories, I only post a minuscule fraction of what I think about to be fair and prevent going too in depth because that eradicates all room for playful changes.
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