World War II Roleplay (Seeking female partner) (Vanilla, Singles)

Started by Avi, December 20, 2008, 10:09:00 PM

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I am looking for someone to play the female role in a World War II love story.

The story will be set in occupied France, starting in the early morning hours of June 6th, 1944. A young American paratrooper lands far away from his landing zone, and is stranded behind enemy lines.  He stumbles upon a french farmhouse, and falls into the care of a french peasant girl who takes him in and protects him from searching German soldiers, tends to his wounds, etc.  Over time, a romance could begin to develop as the two become close, and the soldier starts to become just as protective of his caretaker as she is of him.

If you're interested, post here, or send me a PM. :)
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i like this one, and ive played one like thiis before in a yahoo room. i think i could give this one justice.


I'm very interested, let me know if you still need someone for this scene. If not, have fun with it. ;)
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Where were you when I was looking for a male character for my WWII idea?   *winks*  Anyway, ditto what RedEve said.   :)
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This game is now happily taken by Valerian, since she seems to have been looking for a male partner to do a World War II game.  Thank you all for your interest.  For future reference, if any of you have other World War II ideas, don't be afraid to look me up, I am a HUGE WWII buff, so I'd be happy to give your ideas a try. :)
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ok, are you famliar with the 3 book series by john birmingham, weapons of choice, designated targets, and final impact. ive read them cover to cover, and id love to play something like that out with you.That,or a roleplay based on the book series the amtrak wars,if your famliar with that.