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June 25, 2022, 12:34:51 am

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Author Topic: Pretty toes obsession (F for F, excessive foot fetish related scene)  (Read 747 times)

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Hello there,

Currently I'm looking for female character (either played by male or female player) to play a scene mostly focusing on lesbian foot fetish. While foot fetishism is usually linked to bdsm related games there is no such requirement here while I'm absolutely not against harder kinks, up to you. The actual scene is to be created together with the partner, the only must to be involved kinks are lesbian foot fetish, excessively detailed descriptions and attractive female characters.

I can play either romance based, consensual, reluctant or 100% nonconsensual scenario.

Pairings are negotiable, just a few examples:
*mother & daughter
*sister & sister
*girlfriend & girlfriend
*boss & employee
*prostitute & client
*sith & jedi
*vampire & hunter

I'm ready to play either on E as forum or using emails/shared documents.

Feel free to PM me if interested.

I would like the following kinks included in this game. Nothing else is required although since I'm practically limitless you can come up with anything, I'm likely say yes to them.

MUST kinks

My games are more collaborative writings then just simple role plays, but there is one point where I don't care about possible readers. I'm a visual type and I adore details. Very small, very long, very specific details. Describe me everything, give me tiny details, give me an almost movie like feeling when you are writing about anything kinky. In exchange I give you the same. Details.

*Foot fetish
Sexual attraction to human feet and toes (human, and only human, no paws), the mentioned body parts' sight, smell effect the similar way like a non-fetishist reacts to the sight of a favorable human genitalia. I love feet, veins, arches, balls, slender ankles, and mostly toes and toenails. Foot fetish is sexual fetish therefore includes activities like: foot worship (hand - massage, mouth/tongue - lick and suck), foot jobs (toes on cocks, toes in pussy and/or in anus), visual foot shows (toes' dance, showing off in sexy shoes etc.), foot design (pedicures, sexy painted toenails).

Linked to foot fetish, I adore sexy toenails, proportioned size, covering the top of the toe, pampered, maybe tastefully long, painted, provocative.

*Story and characters
Though they seem to be different topics but in fact they are just a slightly different reflections of the same need. I like to play stories. Stories with plot, twists, background, logic, with adventure, with romance, with bad ends but with loops, machinations and lies, intrigues and conspiracies. Something interesting and exciting. And all these become possible only if the story is based on well created, rich, unique characters, based on original and nicely prepared PCs (Player characters.) and NPCs (Non-player characters. Side characters.). I love multiple characters in stories, I love them having personality, likes and dislikes, goals and fears, backgrounds and history. And finally the story, the actions and reactions are coming from the characters, if the persons involved are well-done that the story and plot is guaranteed.

APPRECIATED (but not required) kinks

*Hand (female) fetish
Female hands are the most precious creations of every world. Shapely wrists, silky skin, slender long fingers, pampered and sexy, probably provocative long nails, painted or natural, but sexually attractive. Caresses, petting, charming dance of lovely digits, sensual or rough handjobs. All a miracle. Female hands are lovely and deserved to be adored.

Linked to hand fetish, I obsessed by sexy, long, charming, pampered, painted, pointed, oval, blue, red, silver, black, purple, french fingernails. Preferably real, but sometimes fake goes too.


Dirty Talking
Extreme Humiliation
Heavy/Extreme Bondage
Intelligent Partners
Multiple Characters
Plot Twists
Roleplay Perspective - Third Person
Sexy/Slutty clothing
Story Driven
Throat Penetration (foot/hand gagging)

Offline LauraEhmanTopic starter

  • One flaring dark soul.
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  • Join Date: Dec 2010
  • Gender: Female
  • I'm sick but creative, a nerd who's sensual.
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Re: Pretty toes obsession (F for F, excessive foot fetish related scene)
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2017, 11:08:00 am »
Time to bump this, still and always ready to play something like this.