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Author Topic: My Plot Depository (M for F chars) Craving: Married Couple's Plaything  (Read 3097 times)

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Offline MathimTopic starter

I wanted to revamp my request thread, clean things up, make things a little more organized and cut down on the clutter. I'll be dividing each post by categories as much as possible, and trimming down on plot descriptions wherever possible. If you're interested, just let me know which plot or plots you're most interested in, any ideas you might have on how to alter them to your taste, or if you don't want to try anything I have listed here but you think based on what I did write, I might like what you propose. Just be sure to PM me rather than posting here, please!

A couple of notes for ease and simplicity, I'll just paste them here for reference and use subsequent posts for plots and themes and whatnot, since those won't always be too prone to changes and this stuff might.

*If I ever post a pic or a link (which will be under Spoiler tags), just go ahead and assume it's NSFW from the beginning so it's safer for you
*Most ideas will be formatted to where it will be possible (or sometimes required) to include a pregnancy, and it is always preferred that this be agreed upon to be an eventual outcome regardless, so it will always help if you're open to that, and if not, please mention it right away so I know what alterations might need to be made if we are to pursue a story.
*I can't do IMs anymore but I am willing to RP through PM or threads, although I'm too paranoid about privacy and security to do email RPs. Sorry if that's inconvenient but it can't be helped. I have recently opened a Discord account, so if you're interested in using that, we can try that out.
*I do get writer's block or have erratic shifts in my interest level so if I ever go more than 3 days without replying to you in an OOC message or in the game, don't be shy about asking if I'm still into it, a poke might just be what it takes to get me back on track. Conversely, if I don't get a response in about a week from you and I haven't heard anything about why or how much longer it will be before I can expect anything, I do tend to lose interest even if you have every intention of coming back to it. So just make an effort to keep me posted on delays and such, and we should be able to sustain a game despite setbacks.
*If we are playing canon characters in a game, I'm not too big a stickler on following their personality very closely, so don't feel pressured by that kind of thing. If you want to firmly remain in character on those occasions, on the other hand, I'm more than willing to follow your lead.
*As I'm getting older I'm finding myself wanting to play younger characters so don't be surprised if I turn down a plot proposal if my character is supposed to be the senior and yours the junior. I do like me some older women regardless of my character's ages, though.
*Body shape is not generally a concern but I find that it's rarer to find players willing to play larger women so just know that it's of greater interest to me at the moment and for the foreseeable future that I'd like to play opposite a curvier or even outright BBW female character as often as possible.
*I'm not going to berate you for having bad spelling and grammar as long as I can understand what you're saying without having to read it more than twice. That said, please try to put effort into it if you're going to collaborate with me, I like a challenge and someone who can push me to write a great deal and put some serious imagination into it is ideal, and to have a partner who can match my usual skill level is rare and very much more worthwhile.

All right then, plots and ideas will follow, maybe having a title, maybe not, so just indicate in your PM title that you're interested and use the actual content section of the message to list any titles or descriptions of the ones you want to discuss.


Currently most desperately craving a Borrowers-inspired game. I'd like most for it to be a male Borrower/female human game where the female human, by whatever means, is shrunken to the size of a Borrower so she can pursue a relationship with her Borrower friend. I'd kind of like for it to start out where they are both children and she stumbles upon him by accident during the night and, despite him being apprehensive about being discovered, they gradually build up a friendship, while we take our time developing this kinship. Then when the fun with that has been exhausted, we can fast-forward a decade or so to them entering adulthood where their feelings are more than simple friendship by then, so that anything sexual is postponed until they're at the appropriate age. We can discuss whether her becoming small is consensual, and whether it becomes either permanent without her realizing it, or at least irreversible under the current circumstances, creating a conflict since she might not be ready to entirely give up her normal life yet.

Also seem to have lost a partner for my adult-oriented, living board game style RP in the vein of Jumanji with incest-focused relationships (harem-style) as the main point. Would really, really like to continue the existing one if at all possible but if not wouldn't mind starting a new one with different family structure or possibly an entirely different type of thing like a game played in a college dorm so nobody's actually related if incest is not a preferred theme.
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Offline MathimTopic starter

Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2017, 11:41:16 PM »
I think I'll start with fandoms, those are usually the most frequently preferred ones anyway. Not necessarily in any particular order, but they range from video games, movies, TV, anime, comics, etc.

Multi-Platform Franchises


I won't be so presumptuous as to ask who doesn't love these, or at least some of them, but I can't seem to really think of too many I'm that wild about, but I do want to at least say I'm willing to be creative with some of these. Maybe some Aladdin/Jasmine, Ariel/Eric, Belle/Beast, and a few other things that aren't coming to mind (Pixar films also welcome here.)

I do have a few ideas for variations on the mentioned pairings/stories.
-Ariel's wish is granted by a benevolent wizard, a friend of Triton's who convinces the king to allow Ariel to quench her curious thirst and live among the humans to see if they are indeed as bad as he believes, thus making her give up that dream, and Ariel is allowed to join the wizard's traveling carnival with legs, and her voice, and hopefully meet that prince of her dreams, only things might not go so well this time around since she'll be considered a Gypsy sort, traveling around with nomads, singing during the day, and being part of a sideshow at night, as her mermaid self to be gawked at, since she has to pull her weight if she wants to be able to have legs during the day...
-Belle breaks the curse on the beast, only it doesn't do what she expects. Shrek-style, it transforms her into a female version of the sort of beast he has become, and all the servants are turned into the normal human-shape and human-size forms, but still with obvious features like that of the objects they were turned into. So while they mostly got everything they wanted, things are still pretty strange in that castle, but Belle and Beast still love one another, and nothing's going to stop them from having a normal marriage, and consummating it on their wedding night. And the litter of baby beasts that will come along surely won't be too much for their many servants to handle...

Or we can do an integration-style story along the lines of The 10th Kingdom, only using an entirely original set of characters and scenario, but with the same basic premise of a fairy tale world spilling over into ours and drawing a normal girl who is mysteriously somehow connected to it into the fairy tale world where she meets a rogue-ish but brave hero and love interest.

I wouldn't mind doing something like Enchanted, where a princess or other well-known character is magically whisked away to our world and has a fish-out-of-water experience, where only a native to the modern, non-magic world can help her adjust. I actually had the idea of one such guy running some kind of halfway house for multiple refugee fairy tale princesses and the like, as if it's been a duty his family has served for a long time, and while it's against their family's sworn duty, one of the ladies does take a shine to him and a romance develops. Possibly a love triangle or harem situation, if many of the girls feel an attachment to him after losing their princes and having no other trustworthy man to latch onto, or feel gratitude for. Canon characters or otherwise would work for this, or you could use the same names of characters and just interpret their personalities and/or histories in your own way.

Ella Enchanted (I know it's not their original story and the movie is nothing like the book!) had a fun concept I wouldn't mind exploring. We could do a variation of a similar curse, or have her be part of a group of girls with similar curses and how they try to form a relationship with their dream guy wherein true love can blossom and break their curse.

DC and Marvel - Comics, TV, Movies and Video Games

I love most of these things, but let me at least outline some of the more familiar and favorite aspects so we can see if there's common ground.

The DC Animated Universe (Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Justice League/Unlimited) is the continuity and version of the characters I'm most familiar with. Really want to try a game based on the JLU episode wherein Black Canary and Huntress are infiltrating the fight club where the other female heroines are being mind-controlled to put on exhibition fights. What if things took on an even darker turn and they ended up losing?

Another idea involves Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn being their evil dynamic duo, and Batman and Batgirl, possibly even Catwoman, all converge on them as Ivy is developing some experimental chemical gas and it gets released during the fight, engulfing all of them and making them uncontrollably lustful, even the usually composed Batman. In the aftermath, all women involved find themselves pregnant and not only is that a huge problem in and of itself, but if they test the DNA they can potentially find out who their bat-baby-daddy is under his mask.

Young Justice is probably the next-best animated DC offering, no specific plots or pairings, I'm an open book with these. Make me an offer.

I'm not a great fan of the overall CW channel DC shows but I do love the Flash and I'd be very willing to play pairings from that show, possibly some crossover with Thea Queen, maybe, or better yet, Supergirl.

Now for Marvel. I love the MCU but there aren't a lot of pairings I'm that interested in playing other than Thor/Sif or perhaps Sif/almost anyone or Black Widow/dominant male (probably Cap preferred here, or maybe tag-teaming with Falcon) and maybe Scarlet Witch in a similar role as Black Widow above. Gamora might also be an option. Valkyrie would be a hot option now after Ragnarok, and I'd be okay pairing her with Thor, Loki or Banner/Hulk, or Cap if she was sent to Earth. Or Doctor Strange, even.

Both the Ultimate Spider-Man comics (if you want a more serious game) prior to the death of Peter Parker and emergence of Miles Morales in the case of the comics, or up to the end of season 3 of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series (Web Warriors), are definitely viable options. The main idea I have for the latter is Peter and White Tiger/Ava Ayala becoming a couple, in secret or otherwise, and letting their animalistic natures run wild when they're together and have free time to get romantic and/or frisky. Maybe it causes some embarrassment if they start fucking in an air vent for privacy and get stuck, or it causes disruptions on the team if they're getting it on when they're supposed to be focusing on a mission briefing or something. Here's some NSFW inspiration:
Alternatively we can use an original creation of mine inspired by the series, the White Spider, a mysterious female (think of her costume as a color-swapped Venom, where it's all white and the spider emblem is black) who turns out to be Peter and Ava's daughter from the future, who finds her father's younger self very attractive and is from a future era where that whole incest thing isn't really a social taboo at all anymore, although it might have certain consequences about her being born if Peter and Ava haven't yet gotten together and their future daughter's arrival might drive them apart even more. OR, a dimension-hop courtesy of the Siege Perilous could transport Peter to an alternate universe where he's been a real casanova and just about every female he's come across has gotten a taste of him, and he's got an entire harem of daughters who inherited his powers, like Dagger, Squirrel Girl, She-Hulk, etc., and in this world they're all his age and have the same fascination with him their mothers did. And given that they're packing both his powers and their mothers', he's at a disadvantage if he wants to say 'no'!

If you've managed to get your hands on some of the Spider-Girl comics, with Mayday Parker, I'm also very open to a game with her and a male partner character of our mutual choosing. I could see this one being more plot-oriented and dramatic than sexual as I really like how it's written and the characterizations, even though she is still amazingly sexy in and out of costume. Would not say no to a scenario where, during her brief trip back in time where she meets her father, if they hooked up for whatever reason.

Any other ideas you want to run past me, feel free, just don't expect me to be completely familiar with everything you might be including, I'm very limited in my knowledge of the history of the comics in both franchises.

I have a few picture inspirations that I would love to bring to life with words, so take a look if you're safe to see things that are EXTREMELY NSFW and find out if they are something you might be intrigued by:

Video Games

Final Fantasy

-I love Tifa from FFVII, almost anything involving her being exploited in some way would be a dream come true but the main idea I have is her being blackmailed into serving as Shinra's milk maid, in that her breasts are made to lactate and she walks around the Shinra building serving up her swollen breasts on a circular tray for the workers to get a drink from her, enduring ass-pinchings, and bathroom blowjobs and other such demeaning tasks in exchange for her friends' lives being spared.

-Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 is much hotter than her old conservative Summoner identity from the first game and a hentai doujin I've seen has inspired me with this idea. The perverted Brother and the other male Gullwings have tampered with Yuna's Dressphere and made it so she loses control over which ones she becomes, and a few unconventional ones are added to her rotation (stripper, prostitute, etc.), as well as a few race-changes like becoming a sensual blue Ronso female, or even a clumsy and awkward Hypello. And just like her Songstress Dressphere, she might not be able to control the impulses left behind by whoever inhabited the designs that went into them.


This one is massive. I don't mind doing human-transformed-into-Pokemon characters, Pokemorph characters, or human characters and Pokemon characters in just about any combination of the aforementioned as the pairing. Egg-laying is for all intents and purposes mandatory here for virtually all scenarios, just to get that out in the open (although I'd agree to live births instead as long as the result is the same.)

There are too many small plots to be bothered listing, there are numerous you can ask about if you don't have any of your own to suggest or if you're not interested in or don't believe you're capable of committing to the one I'm about to describe which has proved to be quite daunting:

A young trainer comes across a very out-of-the-way, hidden, private spa for the wealthy who want to be able to copulate and indulge in all other manner of perversions with their Pokemon. What she doesn't know is that the Pokemon were tired of this abuse and the Psychic ones rebelled and took over the minds of all the humans there, spending the months since that coup impregnating the females and getting their population up as much as they could to maintain and expand control, turning the tables on their masters and putting on a pretense that things are, at least relative to how normal the place was before, going just fine.
Deciding to have some fun with this naive outsider who showed up unexpectedly, they puppet out one of the females who is close to her age as a representative and offer her a membership, possibly even a job, in exchange for her silence about the location of such a scandalous place. Tempting her inside and letting her have a taste of the sexual side of Pokemon training, they see how far they can get her to go with the various perverted experiments they've conducted, and once she finds out the truth, perhaps losing control of her mind and becoming yet another of their puppets and baby factories, until they find another someone new to invite in. Variations and additions are always welcome but I do have a lot of ideas for the layout of the facility, the types of Pokemon used and a few of the events and such that will take place so hopefully those will prove agreeable if you want to try this story out.

-Another plot based around another manga/anime would have a trainer who, whilst in the midst of their journey, come upon a cursed spring and upon taking a bath in it in the moonlight, takes on the body of a Pokemon. While this allows her to speak to her Pokemon and understand them as if they're speaking English, it diminishes their respect for her as a trainer while she's in that form and even leads them to, if she's the only available female and they're horny enough, use her for comfort. Like the story this is based on, namely Ranma 1/2, however, this transformation of hers is temporary and warm water will reverse the transformation, although she still retains perfect understanding of Pokemon speech even while human afterward. But the touch of cold water (enough to fill a cup, at least) turns her back into a random Pokemon. Unsure of how to return to civilization with this secret and its risks, she may change her entire life's outlook on what she wants to accomplish, both as a trainer and just as a human in general.
-I have a plot I came up with unrelated to this but it would probably be compatible with the Pokemon universe. A man is either born with or develops the strange power to see the 'true' form of female Pokemon, whether as merely superficial ears/tail and cosplay-ish, to full-on Pokemorph and anything in between. Wild Pokemon can't talk and are merely sexually aggressive needing to be tamed, while his own Pokemon are much more friendly and affectionate, and can even talk. If you'd rather this not be Pokemon related, see "A Gift or a Curse?" in the non-human plots section.


I'm in love with Piper from Fallout 4. I'd really like to do a scenario where after the adventure is over in a way that fosters peace throughout the Commonwealth, the Lone Survivor and Piper are married and she's expecting their first child together. He is now the Mayor of Diamond City and has expanded its borders to protect and shelter even more settlers as well as beefing up caravan security for trade with other settlements. She's still her investigative reporter self but he worries about her now that she's showing her pregnancy even though she's strident about things being no different than before. Maybe she's right...or maybe history repeats itself?

Mass Effect

I've only played (most of) the first game and while I haven't gotten a huge amount of exposure to the universe and mythos, I do have an idea involving a human and Asari, where the Asari has far more human genes than usual and has a resulting lifespan closer to that of a human. Possibly it could be a relationship between a human and his half-Asari daughter.

Legend of Zelda

I started playing Breath of the Wild not long ago and I'm loving it. I'm so into how geeky Zelda is, so if someone could play that version of her, the eccentric scientist who tried to make Link eat a frog to see what would happen, that would be an awesome pairing. I would also be happy for a Link x Gerudo woman pairing, especially if we played out the dynamics of how hard it is to have a relationship when he would be forbidden from living in the city with her or even doing business there (I'd actually prefer an appropriately aged Riju as the female here). Other than that, the Zora girl Mipha would be an acceptable pairing. Bonus points if the Gerudo woman is especially very beefy compared to Link.

Recent inspiration for a Zelda/Link pairing found via this cover page of a doujin (NSFW):
Actually, upon playing the game more, I'm curious to try a giantess/human pairing, so I would also like to do a Great Fairy/Link combo if you're game for something like that. They're extremely grope-y with Link when they're upgrading his clothing so I'd like to see what happens with the parts of them that have remained hidden beneath the water...or how one of her nipples would be the size of his entire head.

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

I know this isn't the only game in the series but this is the one that really got me wanting to add this to my list. There are a lot of cute girls in this series and given its Middle Eastern aesthetic, I think a harem theme would work well here. If everyone could be aged up to an agreeable degree, I think a greater villain than has been faced before could force Shantae, her bird-training friend Skye, and even femme fatale pirate queen Risky Boots into serving him. Shantae's transformation powers would make how she tends to him very interesting, to say the least. Maybe if those were forced upon Skye, Risky Boots and others, with some unpleasantness and discomfort as a form of intentional cruelty could be used just to show he means business.



Guillermo Del Toro does a good job with things and I was impressed with how well this Netflix series was portrayed. Obviously the characters would need to be aged up, so I'm thinking they're in their Senior year and ready to graduate. Claire and Jim have gotten very, VERY close now, and we can invent a new threat for them to face while they're dealing with how serious their relationship has gotten. I am open to other pairings if you want to suggest one.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love this show, wish it had gotten another televised season. Hate Angel though, couldn't even get six episodes into its first season, he's just an awful character IMO. So don't ask about anything involving him. Most other ideas you might want to throw at me are probably amenable, though.

Spike and Buffy is a fascinating relationship, I wouldn't mind experimenting with it in alternate universe style where she and he might hook up in season 2 when they first met. Bonus points if you were willing to play Drusilla too, and have the relationship be a menage a trois.

Anya and Xander is my favorite pairing, but only if you could manage to play Anya in-character and as accurate as possible to the show. Her quirky personality is just so hilariously appealing, it just wouldn't do not to have it played as realistic as can be.

Might be willing to try a Xander/Dawn (age 17+) thing after the end of the show where Anya's dead and Xander's alone and with just the one eye. I figure their maturity levels would make them a goofy, funny couple.

There is also the possibility of a Giles/Jenny pairing if we set it in an alternate timeline where either Jenny survived her run-in with Angelus or if Willow's magic blossomed early and she resurrected Jenny.

Once Upon a Time

Believe it or not, I'm not a fan of Rumplestiltskin like everyone else seems to be, so playing him is not what I'm looking for here (unless you have a REALLY good plot). There's really only one idea I've got that I really want to play around with even through season 5, and it revolves around Ruby/Red and the (original character) son of Hades, who can shape-shift into a Cerberus, meaning her becoming a werewolf won't endanger him, making them kindred spirits. They might meet sooner than season five when she returns and Hades is first met, or not, but that's open to discussion.

If you don't want to stick to canon as far as orientation is concerned, I would be open to doing a Mulan/OC or possibly Mulan/character of your choice game as long as it's a hetero pairing (it wouldn't be unimaginable for her to, in her desperation to no longer suffer from her unrequited love of Aurora, take a potion that makes her attracted to men so she would no longer be able to feel attracted to Aurora and have all the fish in the sea available to seek a new love). I kind of want to see her being a casual resident of Storybrooke from before the curse was broken so she can have a secondary identity rather than having avoided the curse so she can have a creative alternative identity, like maybe the local martial arts instructor or something, possibly even something terribly girly and out-of-character designed to humiliate her former identity.

Teen Wolf

I probably need to re-watch season 4 and start on season 5 but I'm really fond of the show and would be willing to do a number of different pairings, favorite being Scott x Kira, but open to OCs as well, in fact one of my ideas revolves around one. Ask about it if you are curious, he's a hunter from the Argent family, something like a black sheep and disowned, but he's Chris' half-brother from Girard and a different mother.

True Blood

Yeah, yeah, sue me. Jessica's hot as hell. I'm not really that into most of the other women on the show except maybe some of the fairies, so if not Jessica, make me an offer.


What if Katya never came to visit Archer during date night with Lana and left her vagina in his sink? Another pregnancy for Lana, this time not doing it in a lab? I haven't seen season 8 yet or how their relationship changes or doesn't change so don't spoil anything, please.

Beetlejuice (the 1990's cartoon series)

I'm just gonna come out and say it...I didn't care for the movie Beetlejuice. But I LOVED the cartoon based around it when I was younger. I recently found out it was released on DVD and bought it, and it rekindled my fondness for the crazy (even compared to the source material) concept of the show and I would love to have an adult take on it.

The dynamic between Beetlejuice and Lydia being so radically different, them being the best of friends and not romantically involved (whether by force or otherwise), was more appealing than the movie but I'm thinking if we have a more grown-up Lydia than the middle school version from the show, then their escapades through the 'Neitherworld' could have more sexy potential. I doubt anyone on here is as intimately familiar with the show as I am but I'd love to explore the idea of a twisted afterlife-y parallel dimension where almost every turn of phrase will manifest in reality somehow, like saying someone deserves a 'pat on the back' makes a crude Irish hand-puppet-like imp pop up out of their shoulder and encourage them to indulge in their baser desires.

Z Nation

Of all the things that came out of The Asylum, this is one that charmed my heart. It's like the remedy to the slow boredom of Walking Dead. I'm open to suggestions for pairings but I like 10K and Citizen Z best for my character, and I'm open to them paired with just about anyone.


Harry Potter (I've read all the books several time and honestly hate the movies, but I know people are more likely to have seen the movies than read the books, in case you're wondering why I put this here)

This is like Pokemon in that there's just so much that can be done with it. I am a bit more fond of the scenarios wherein the popular females end up in non-con or extremely abusive situations, such as being enchanted so as to become shorter, their noses elongated and other such cosmetic changes as to make them resemble house-elves and force them to serve dark wizard families both physically and sexually.

Or two common house or different house rivals can challenge one another with various dares and tasks that will either humiliate them if failed or entitle them to a request from the challenger if they succeed. This escalates more and more and can have extremely broad results, but one of the basic ideas is that at least one of them is an Animagus and can create a bit of havoc while in their disguise.

One idea that came to me recently was, two rivals have a duel in private and sling back and forth spells that happen to transform their bodies in various ways, or affect their hormones in various ways, and being punished by having those changed attributes frozen in place for a set amount of time, which leads to them having some very interesting interactions.

Also a fun idea would be to take the Tom Riddle diary concept and turn it into something more sexy. What if a female student left such a diary behind and wants to come back to life, and uses a hapless female student in the modern era to start restoring herself, re-writing the consciousness of the poor victim girl so she can control her actions and live vicariously through her until she replaces her entirely? Turning her from a good girl who followed the rules and never got to experience life before her tragic end, and deciding now to flaunt the rules and do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, knowing she isn't the one who'll pay the consequences? Or just have it be the standard Tom Riddle story, only he's more interested in making whoever finds the diary (Hermione this time?) become more sexually aggressive, so that it results in a pregnancy that will be how he gets reborn. Lots of possibilities with this particular idea.

I'm also curious to try something involving an entire Muggle family becoming enslaved by a wizarding family, such that these people who never knew magic existed, and whose youngest family member was not so fortunate as to be born with the gift of magic, find themselves being whisked from the home they knew into the dreary home of a Malfoy-esque (or the actual Malfoys, depending on your taste) pureblood family that wishes to use them as substitutes for their house elves. If they attempt to leave the house, some magic curse befalls them and while not fatal, it will severely discourage them from trying again. Disobedience comes with magic-based punishments and they are simply constantly demeaned as inferior for not possessing the gifts. And much as they want to protect their youngest, who is the same age as as the 6th year/7th year son of the wizarding family, from being taken advantage of physically, it can't be done. The best they can hope for is that she can somehow soften the heart of the bigoted young man and perhaps liberate them from their bonds, even if it mean she stays behind when the rest of her family is let go.

I'll do primarily romantic-based pairings too (even if it starts out as non-con or abusive, it's always open to turning into softening and loving) but it would need a good story and I'm not in possession of any ready-made ones just now.

I've just seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected to (since with no books of established canon to have read, there was no chance to be disappointed that the movie isn't as good as the book since...there is no book.) I came to find Newt to be less of a protagonist and more an engine to drive the plot, while the rest of the cast (well, most of them) were real CHARACTERS. In particular I enjoyed Jacob Kowalski and Queenie Goldstein's relationship and would really like to do a game centered around their hypothetical future, in the form of their teenage daughter becoming caught up in the events started by the first film. Whether they have to keep their marriage a secret due to Jacob's being a Nomaj, or if they're living on the outskirts of magic society because of their choices and their daughter has had to lead a sheltered, but not Obscurus-attracting, life, or if they simply decided to move to Europe where relationships with Muggles is more acceptable and their daughter can have a normal wizarding life and attend a school where being half-blood is nothing to be ashamed of.

The Mummy trilogy (Brendan Fraser era).

A friend on here wanted to take the idea to another stage with the young couple at the end of Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and have the daughter of Alex O'Connell and his girlfriend being the next generation of the family to unearth and be burdened with stopping another mad Mummy. Whether this is a South American Incan god-king, or possibly something as exotic as a resurrected Atlantean emperor (of Greco-Roman myth), we can negotiate, but I definitely want to keep this as much in the canon of the films as possible and continue the O'Connell bloodline.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Who wouldn't want to spend some time in someone else's body, especially if they're someone we could never hope to be? Although being trapped in a deadly jungle with limited lives and video game strengths and weaknesses is a bit of a pill to swallow. But if you're much more muscular or lithe than you are in reality, surely some enjoyment can be had that can't be elsewhere. It's just up to the players to make the most of it while they're trying to find their way out of Jumanji...or will they decide they'd rather stay?

Celebrities (in general, not an actual movie but just the people who act in them):

Not necessarily related to any series or franchise, there are just some actresses that I'm very interested in and would very much like to have a game centered around. Usually this will involve them having fallen from grace, or having alternate versions of them from different worlds where they either aren't famous or have some other major difference, brought to the world where they are and having a difficult time believing an alternate version of themselves is so successful, perhaps even trying to take their place and usurp them (or just having a group sex event with different versions of herself getting it on together.)


Pet Shop of Horrors (Manga):

Love this series. Love it. Read it through in its entirety 3 times so far. I'm not sure how well I could play Count D (would not be my preference, to be honest) as a main character but I could certainly see playing him as a side character while I play a main character as either a customer or one of the prospective pets. Make me an offer for a scenario or we can brainstorm one from scratch together.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer (Anime):

Saw this on Netflix, thought it was cute, would like to try something with the same premise or within the same universe with the same characters.

Fairy Tail (manga):

I know it's full of deus ex machinas and plot armor, but I really enjoy the characters and frequent ecchi-ness of it. My favorite pairing is Gray and Juvia but there's almost no combination I'm opposed to if it involves the primary cast. Make me an offer. Would also be greatly interested in a grown-up Wendy x (Male Character TBD) pairing.

The Cat Returns (Hayao Miyazaki - Anime movie)

Studio Ghibli's offerings are kind of hit-or-miss for me but I like roughly half of them pretty well, though this is the only one I'd want to base a game around (unless you proposed a very intriguing scenario in one of the other films). Mainly a scenario in which Haru is unable to escape the Cat Kingdom in time and remains a cat forever (with characters being appropriately aged-up as needed). Does she accept the King's proposal so she can at least be a Queen while there? Does Baron indulge her in the crush she has on him out of guilt for failing her? Does the Prince take pity on her and either take her as his bride instead of Yuki, or perhaps make brides of both of them? Or none of the above and we wing it?

Ranma 1/2 (Manga only)(
The anime just isn't good at all so I'd like to avoid any bits from that unless they mirror the manga. I never liked the pairings the author seemed to favor except for Shampoo x Mousse so if I had to pick, I'd prefer a Ranma x Ukyo pairing while Ryoga and Akane are able to get together the way Ryoga wants and Akane deserves since he'd be good to her and Ranma's just an emotional basket case around her.

Maybe we let more of the cast get cursed by the Jusenkyo springs? Or travel into the future and meet some of their adult selves and their future children and let shenanigans ensue. There's lots of possibilities here.

Now for some more obscure stuff on various mediums (or at least they seem to be pretty esoteric, in my experience):

-Netflix mermaid shows (H2O: Just Add Water, Mako Mermaids, others). Magic, were-mermaids, trying to live a normal life despite one's secret, these are a bit of a guilty pleasure but a pretty fun idea that would be pretty interesting to play out.

-The Borrowers. Just a story about those tiny people hiding in houses and carving out an existence by nicking full-sized people's junk or other belongings. Whether the human shrinks down to their size or one of them becomes human-sized, I want to try something like this quite urgently.

-Mr. Right (2015 film). I really, really love this movie and would love to do something with Martha and Francis after the end of the movie with their new life together, globetrotting and avoiding assassins and government agents. Especially if Martha's dealing with a pregnancy in the midst of it.

-Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (the 2016 movie, not the old series). They're hot, goofy and clever. Prefer Dyna Girl for a partner. Could do hero/hero or villain/hero depending on relationship dynamic.

I'll add more later as new series-based things crop up on my radar.

There are also some purely erotic series that I'm a big fan of and would like to play around with if you're also familiar with them.

World of Smudge is one of them. Overly top-heavy women and ridiculously well-endowed males, explicit sound effects and parodies of both celebrities, other series and simple conventions in general, this one is delightfully unique. You can find quite a few of their stories on this NSFW site here (including a Tomb Raider one I'd love you forever if we could emulate):
Superheroine Central is another one. Susan Steel, Ms. Americana, and other top-heavy adventurers, spies and superheroines from various stories in this library are very attractive but with their priorities regarding their duties and their own sexual desires being extremely skewed, not to mention their own moral quibbles when it comes to the safety of their comrades and their own immediate sexual satisfaction being questionable. There are quite a few stories that can be found on the same NSFW site here:
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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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These will be plots primarily revolving around incestuous or potentially incestuous relationships, whether or not the supernatural or fantasy elements are involved. I'll use a second blank post after this in case I need more room, and use that same pattern for the other blanket themes I'll be using to divide plots up by categories as best I can.

My Mother the Pornstar

He's grown up raised by his single mother. They've never been in any kind of financial trouble, quite far from it in spite of her not having a high school diploma or college degree. She just seemed to spend a lot of time out of town working while he grew up, but she was always there when he needed her. Now that he's close to graduating high school and is discovering internet porn (his mother had tried very hard to keep that kind of thing hidden from him, only letting him sneak magazines and such) he's made a shocking discovery: His mother is a rather popular pornographic actress, and has been doing so for the better part of two decades, perhaps even longer. That's how she's been supporting them with no education and no job training all this time, from before he was even born through today.

What's even more shocking is that he can't help but watch videos of her doing just about every sort of genre, catering to every fetish (including quite a few pregnant fetish videos, which strangely turn him on more than any of the others, knowing it's himself growing inside her in those videos), appearing in more videos than most competition from girls ten years younger than her per year, and he's started to become addicted to pleasuring himself to the footage of his barely-legal to today's hot MILF mother, and thanks his lucky stars that none of their neighbors or anyone at school has seemed to notice that his mother and her notorious stage identity are one and the same. He even subscribes to an erotic chat forum under an assumed name that features her in the bedroom next door to his while they're both at home, where she can be seen performing stripteases and other things on the side for a little extra cash.

One day, however, his mother just happens to catch him in the act of masturbating to one of her performances and is horrified and embarrassed. She knows her son had been somewhat socially awkward and uncomfortable around women since he grew up with little if any male influence, and wonders if it's her fault because of all of this. He tries to convince her not to blame herself and that he's not ashamed of her for what she did to provide for him and keep them together as a family instead of giving him up for adoption. He admits that he loves her, but as more than just a mother. She can't accept that, but having never had anyone but him in her life for so long, wonders if they really can share something taboo and each get something they've been missing out of it. Her, craving an emotionally available partner who genuinely cares about her for more than just her body, and he wanting a woman to teach him about physical pleasures who isn't shy about her body and cares about making him happy; is it a match made in heaven or in hell?

Don't Tell Mom

It's his 21st birthday. His friends spared no expense in throwing him the craziest party and before he knows it, in rolls a cake where the stripper is supposed to pop out of it. He's excited and aroused as hell by it, but to his dismay the girl that pops out is...his sister! (Or cousin, it's open for debate) And she's only 17, too young to be doing this legally, but nobody seems to know that or care if they did. He can't tell any of his friends, of course, it would be embarrassing beyond belief for him and her, not to mention the legal repercussions at stake! Not only that, but she popped out of the cake blindfolded and is wearing a 'sexy puppy' outfit, complete with collar, leash, ears, and paw gloves (there is room for negotiation as long as it's a completely demeaning cosplay theme). She's walking around on all fours, patting down the crotches of each guy in the room, looking for the birthday boy to give a special 'lick' to. He sits there, the only one not on his feet, waiting silently for her to discover him as he contemplates the alternatives. Running away would brand him a pussy for life. Saying something would give him away and humiliate both him and his sister. Doing nothing would...well, if she never found out, he might be able to live with it. She'd just have to keep that blindfold on! Sure enough, she finds her way up to him, unzips him with only her teeth (making him feel disturbed at how good at this sort of thing she seems to be) and proceeds to give him the best BJ he's ever had. Thankful that it doesn't last very long, he is horrified when she takes off her blindfold and, saying her rehearsed line at the moment she detects he's about to blow his load, "Master, please frost your birthday treat!"

From here, things are open to discussion. Does she react with horror at getting a face-full of spunk from her dear brother? Does she do her best to maintain the farce in order to avoid humiliating herself and her brother in front of the others? Is this something she had planned all along and did it because she secretly wanted her brother in the worst of ways and couldn't think of any better way to drop this bombshell? This can go many different ways.

You Always Hurt the Ones Closest to You

He's never had a very close relationship with his father. It was common to hear that he'd married some other woman and divorced within a ridiculously short amount of time. But he somehow never missed his sizeable child support payments, keeping his son comfortable. When his son became a teenager, he'd send the young man odd gifts, ones encouraging him to explore sexuality without fear or reservation. It wasn't very effective but it did plant seeds in his son's mind. When his son finally became an adult, and the child support dried up, the son wasn't so prepared to make his way in the world. But his father offered him a deal: He could live in a very nice home owned by his father if he agreed to take upon himself a task. That task being, take the live-in female servant there and turn her into a sex slave who couldn't live without his dick. Somehow that managed to appeal to the son, and he set about experimenting with training the young woman to be his whore, addicted to his cock and loyal to a fault to all of his most perverted whims. Having sent off a recording of her obeying his most humiliating commands and with a positively indicated pregnancy test, his father replies with a congratulatory message, including this disturbing revelation: "You did a great job on your little sister."

What now? Does this news change things or is he going to proceed as before? Especially when a delivery arrives a few days later, a large dog crate containing his blindfolded, bound mother, having apparently received a similarly abusive training regimen and desperately asking to be fucked...

Son (In-Law) of a Witch

Her mom's a witch. She's one too, but they hide it from regular people. In fact, her mother has hidden her away too well and she hasn't gotten much social exposure at all into adulthood. But now she wants to go to college and be 'normal'. Reluctantly her mother allows it, with the provision she be careful and not use any magic.

Naturally the world isn't quite so easy to adjust to if you've got the power to change things. She ends up slyly using magic to drive off a group of bullies tormenting a student and she is immediately drawn to him, feeling he is a kindred spirit, somewhat shy and reserved but with a kind soul. Her lack of experience in this way leads her to be a little too hasty in escalating their relationship and inside of a week she gets pregnant.

Mommy dearest is of course quite perturbed but is determined to make things work out, putting her potential son-in-law through some very intimate tests, sometimes by herself, and sometimes with her daughter accompanying her and teaching her how to really make a relationship fulfilling and long-lasting. And she's powerful enough that neither of them can say 'no'...

'Robin' Hood Can be a Girl's Name Too

A scientist/inventor has discovered a means of traveling through time but it is still highly experimental. His daughter vanishes one day, and he suspects she may have used it without him knowing, but he has no way of knowing when she traveled to or how to find her. He tries to keep the thing a secret from his slightly younger son while he attempts to bring his daughter home, but of course his inquisitive children share that curiosity and upon finding out his sister must have traveled back in time, the son feels a certain connection and guesses at the time where his sister traveled back to. He finds himself in medieval England, in Robin Hood days. Knowing the character is merely a fiction, he is surprised when he comes across someone claiming to be Robin Hood stuck in a net trap. Freeing the fictional hero, they are almost immediately set upon being set upon by the Sheriff of Nottingham and some soldiers, when they are rescued by a mob of masked and well-coordinated Merry Men proving that the one he saved really was Robin Hood! They make off to their hideout in Sherwood and while he's dressed curiously, they don't seem that surprised, as if they've seen that sort of thing before. Even more surprising, they are revealed to all be women! After making him swear an oath of loyalty to the Merry 'Men', he is allowed to get acquainted with the legend 'himself'...or so he thought.

To his great surprise, Robin knows of the future he comes from. And Robin is in fact, just like the rest of the band, a young woman, though she is still wearing a face covering. She eventually reveals that she has also traveled back in time, meaning he's found his sister and that she didn't recognize him after several years apart and him growing up a bit more than she remembered. She tells him about her admiration for stories like this, and since Robin Hood had always been a fictional character who didn't really exist in spite of the stories, so when the opportunity presented itself, she decided to travel back in time and become the legend herself, and make it real...even though she isn't quite as flawless as the legend told, having gotten caught even after so many years of doing this. Things become slightly awkward when they had both felt an immediate attraction before they realized they were siblings. And since no one knows their secret in that time, and considering they did not grow up together for quite a few years, they have to ask themselves if there is any reason not to find comfort in one another, considering the lack of anyone truly capable of understanding them to form a meaningful relationship with.

Mama's Boys

She's proud of her son, in spite of his somewhat withdrawn social nature, his unusual habits and perhaps even his underachieving way of preparing for his future. Oh, who is she kidding? She's worried about him and doesn't know what to do to help him. She confides in her social circle and hears about a way that might give her boy a kick in the pants to be more social, ambitious, and proactive.

She goes to an agency that allows mothers to interact with their sons in such a way that their sons won't actually realize it's their mother's doing, and try to instill better habits in them before it's too late. What this involves, however, is rather extraordinary.

The mother is led through a fancy parlor and into a back room that one might mistake for a hair salon, only the women there are not wearing hair drying helmets, but some sort of very high-tech device around their heads. The hostess introduces the mother to a very attractive young woman around her son's age, who looks like she would rather be anywhere but there. "You will, on a temporary basis, inhabit the mind of this young lady who has been given a long sentence for a very unsavory crime and has elected to forego time in prison by lending her body to our project, assisting women in your sort of situation. You will be able to interact with your son in whichever way you wish, whether that is to flirt or be romantic to help boost his self-confidence, or try to develop a relationship with him so that he might listen to you in a way he never would to his mother." the hostess explains. This service is free, a result of psychological experimentation and still experimental, and because the young women 'volunteers' have done things that would otherwise have them locked away for years, there is little limit to how long a mother can use their body for while hers is left behind and cared for, though one would hope she can accomplish what she's trying to in a few days, a week at most...

Ten minutes later, the mother is walking out of there in the body of a drop-dead gorgeous young woman and is prowling around for her son, hoping to become his 'girlfriend' and use that little bit of trickery to get him on a better path in life so he will hopefully use his intelligence the way he ought to, and put more effort into making friends and even a real girlfriend of his own. But she doesn't count on that young woman's own hormones being able to influence her, and her natural love for her son, and desire to help him experience all the things she's afraid he never will, makes it impossible to stop at just holding hands...

Daddy's Not-So-Little, Amazon Warrior Girl

They're off on an expedition to an uncharted area of jungle. Bad weather destroys their boat and he washes up on shore, presumably the only survivor. Only the jungle doesn't look quite like he remembers from before, and he comes across, or is found, by a group of extremely tall, very beefy Amazons. They take him back to their village and he learns that while there are males in the jungle, they are more feral and reclusive and difficult to find and mate with, hence he is considered a rare commodity and the women hold a contest to fight over mating rights with him. He is unable to escape, not just because they won't let him leave, but because the jungle is full of dangerous monsters he's never seen before and can't possibly defend against without the Amazons. Surrendering to this new life, he teaches them about medicine and other modern discoveries that they were unaware of, and fathers a child with his 'wife', a little girl who, initially, appears normal. But as she grows up, she takes after her mother much more, and is taller than her father after just barely entering puberty, quickly beefing up like the rest of them, where there is obvious muscle but also a great deal of fat so that even if they were part of modern society, they wouldn't be considered models of prime body condition. He just happens to be very attracted to that sort of body type, and is disappointed that no matter how much monster meat he eats, it never seems to build any muscle in his own body, making him as feeble compared to them as always.

Given that his daughter is the heir to her mother's mating rights, and since the male who seeded her mother is still around, when she comes of age, it's time for daddy to give his 'little' girl that special gift. But because he raised her, she's not as aggressive and unwilling to listen as the rest of the Amazons, and really wants to make her daddy happy, especially if it means discovering many new ways to feel good. After all, the jungle offers all kinds of different tools to do some very kinky things.

Jumanji XXX

This is inspired by the hentai anime "Sexual Pursuit". Check it out if you're able, it's really cute.

The gist is, a lonely but very loving mother and her nerdy but sweet son end up spending a boring night at home alone and she humors him by agreeing to play a board game he found with him. It's a little strange, where rolls of the dice cause random 'truth or dare' style commands to appear for them to perform, only...they can't physically refuse them. At first it's easy little things, so they don't really notice; "Say 'I love you' to that person", or "give that person a hug". But as their turns go on, they find themselves shedding clothing, kissing in inappropriate places, and touching each other's sexual parts. By then, it's too late, and they end up having a lot of sex, all different sorts, but as the game finally ends they find themselves feeling closer than ever rather than ashamed and dirty.

But this can go any number of ways; maybe it's the sister rather than the mom? Or both of them with the son/brother? Or just multiple sisters and no parents? Or father-daughter? Or father-aunt-daughter? Or son and two aunts? Any combination, really, I'm into trying out new things. But as long as the underlying theme remains the same (an innocent little game becoming something sinister), we can take it in any direction we want; romantic, strengthening of family bonds, or revealing hidden perversions and resentments between them. Possibly a mixing of family and non-blood related people depending on the environment (but the primary draw to the idea is that it's incest since that adds a new dimension to the non-con taboo nature).

-Alternatively the venue can change and this can be relocated to a college dorm or other adult environment where none of the participants are blood-related or necessarily even know each other. Maybe it's at a party or after-party. Maybe it's at a comic convention where everyone's already in sexy cosplay. There's lots of potential for this (but the incest one is preferred.)

Not My Idea of a Threesome

She said she had a surprise for her boyfriend. But he had to let her tie him to the bed and blindfold him. He was reluctant to give up that control, but she sounded excited, so it had to be something good and worth going outside his comfort zone. So with him naked, arms tied to the bed rails and a blindfold he can't see a single sliver of light through, he feels his girlfriend climb onto the bed with him and start stroking him off, then licking the head. Something strange then feels like the bed had sunk even further, like there's more weight on it...and then a second tongue begins licking his cock. He gasps in amazement-his girlfriend has invited another mystery lady to become a menage a trois, one of his fantasies he never would have asked her to do. Now she, without prompting, did just that!

The two of them take him around the world, first sucking and stroking him until he blows the heaviest load that they eagerly lap up, both loudly making out with one another as they do so, and then finally take turns straddling him until he blows a load inside one of them, he's not actually sure which with the blindfold on. Panting, and eager to meet the mystery lady, he remains tied but his girlfriend removes his blindfold, at which time he sees the third party in their little orgy...and it's his sister. She's smiling brightly, his cum dripping out of her pussy, and she crawls over and kisses his stunned, speechless face. She then makes out again with his girlfriend. It turns out the girlfriend is bisexual and is in love with both siblings, and can't possibly choose between she wants them both. His sister is absolutely delighted with the arrangement, to his shock, and the fact that they are siblings actually appeals greatly to the girlfriend. Can he get over his hangup in order to enjoy what otherwise promises to be an amazingly unique sex life?
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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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Incest Plots - Continued

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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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These plots are going to be primarily based around transformations of the female character's body, and/or the male's body when they have both started out as 'normal'. Whether the mechanism is sci-fi or magic/fantasy, these transformations will tend to be physically impossible under normal circumstances, and maybe resemble or be inspired by existing fandom properties but these plots will be distinct since actual fandoms have their own section. The actual type of transformations may or may not be specified in the plot descriptions; if they are not, that usually means they are negotiable.

Porn-Girl Begins

She's desperate to get into acting but never so much as got a part in a school play. She hears about a casting call through the grapevine and actually gets the lead role; it's nothing special, just a very low-budget sort of Buffy the Vampire Slayer knockoff with a costumed hero motif. The costume is a bit embarrassing but hey, at least it's not porn. Or is it? She finds out that while her parts are the 'serious' portion of the web series' story, the majority of it is look-alike girls dressing up in the same costume and having sex with the male characters. One doesn't have to look to hard to see those girls aren't actually her, and the casting names are all different, but she still feels humiliated. Circumstances force her to keep it up, however, both for financial and other considerations. She does feel at least a bit better that the casting director never once proposed that she take part in the actual porn scenes, though she wonders if it's because they didn't consider her attractive enough.

As the series becomes a success and the budget increases, they start doing more action scenes and stunts, and she's up on an artificial building to do a dive into a giant airbag; there's no wires or anything but it's supposedly safe. That is, until the shoddy workmanship on the building set collapses and she falls into it rather than away from it, which would almost certainly kill her; she does black out after a blow to the head.

When she awakens she is in an alley, not the studio where the filming was taking place. Not a hospital, not her apartment, nowhere one would expect to wake up after such an accident. She's still wearing that ridiculous costume, feels firmer, stronger, like it's actually armored and not just cheap swimsuit fabric. Her plastic gadget belt is much heavier and the tools of her character's trade are more metallic, and some actually do what they're supposed to do in that fictional universe. Is this a dream? No, she's still in quite a bit of pain anyway but she can also pinch herself and it's not waking her up. A hallucination? It's quite vivid for something like that. And...strangest of all...when she needs to push a heavy dumpster out of her way to get out of the alley, it slides away incredibly easily. Her character is supposed to have enhanced strength, of that same sort. In fact, she's bustier, her muscles very firm and toned, her skin much clearer and smoother, her hair flawless...

Not knowing how she has literally transformed into her fictional counterpart and entered into the fictional world in which she resides, recognizing landmarks and businesses that don't actually exist as she wanders down the street wondering what the hell is going on. Before she can ask anyone for help, a robbery happens right behind her and as the criminals come at her, she instinctively employs her skills and gadgets and stops them in their tracks. The grateful store owners seem to know exactly who she is and are acting as though this is just the way things have always been, with her as the city's vigilante beacon of hope. She does get an ominous comment that all of her most sinister and powerful rogues she's put away have pulled off a massive jailbreak and are now roaming free and looking for a bit of revenge. They also remind her of what happened last time she ran afoul of one of them, and how they managed to overpower her, aggressively molest and rape her, and release footage of it all over the web. And that wasn't the first time it had happened, at least not with that particular villain. Sometimes she'd be accompanied by one or more other female hostages during these sexual conquests, but she'd always bounce back and overcome them in the end.

It looks like her staying out of the sexual side of her role is no longer an option, at least until she can figure out how to get back to the real world, if she can. In the meantime she learns to function both as her secret identity during the day, and her superheroine duties at night. This leaves room for her alter ego to be just about anything in her day-to-day life. Also, maybe she has to recruit a sidekick to help out, only he's going to want some special incentive to keep putting his neck on the line for her. But at least it's better than letting a supervillain have their way with her, or maybe sometimes it isn't.

I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want

Down-on-his-luck young guy wondering why life throws so much misery into his path goes down to the beach, alone, to listen to the ocean and look up at the stars. Lying down on the beach in the dark isn't exactly the best thing to do then, as a big wave washes over him and something hard conks him on the forehead. When his head stops splitting he realizes the thing that hit him was a very beautiful, ornate vase. It has a lid, though, almost like a bottle, but there's nothing in it.

He takes it home to get it cleaned up and decides to give it to his mother as a birthday gift. But after rubbing and wiping it off the lid pops off and expels a whole roomful of brightly colored smoke. Is it anthrax, or some other terrorist secret weapon? No! The smoke gathers and solidifies into a girl who looks like she might have stepped out of a modern movie adaptation version of I Dream of Jeannie!

His first wish, not surprisingly, is for sex. But not just that-he wants her to be his sexual slave for all eternity. This effectively gives him infinite wishes without having to use his other two official wishes - as long as any further requests or commands revolve around sex in some way. Even if she is freed from the lamp, the wish still binds her to him forever. Can they learn to get along in spite of his selfish wish? If he tried to romance her too, will she return his affection? If she surprises both of them by getting pregnant, what will that do to their relationship?

Crafting the Perfect Mate

This one would be best served by you actually taking a gander at these pics first to get a feel for what I'm looking for. They aren't nude pics but they're hosted on an adult site so it would be best to consider them NSFW before you click.

In a nutshell, a woman in a menial labor capacity is either remotely or directly affected by a transformation spell and becomes the pet of the human or nonhuman male main character, whether she's made into an organic animal or, as in the first pic, partially artificial like a rubber squeaky toy or with other strange characteristics. Maybe she's allowed to go home at night and assume a normal life while she's not working, but she is compelled or coerced to keep returning despite what that entails.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Inspired in part by Drag Me to Hell, a somewhat ruthless businesswoman is sent out to the boondocks to foreclose on a failing farm and after denying all pleas to extend their mortgage, they incur the wrath of the resident(s) and before they can make it back to their car, she begins to swell up so much she literally bursts out of their clothes. Unable to stand on two legs now that her hands and feet are hooves, she tries desperately to get away despite her very heavy body. A look in a puddle shows that her nose has become that of a pig's and a pair of pointed pig ears are poking up out of her hair.
Since she had come there to condemn the farm, she is now an instrument of reviving it. She can be milked almost endlessly to produce high-quality dairy products to sell, her waste is the most potent fertilizer in the world, and she can be impregnated and give birth to piglets which can also be sold for profit. Will her servitude ever end, if she learns her lesson or develops feelings for the farmer exploiting her?

She's a Real Animal in the Bedroom

The world has become totally overpopulated, following a mysterious disease that has killed off all land animals. The governments of the world are overwhelmed but then come upon a solution that not only helps control the population, but also to make up for losing all their pets and livestock. Raids are conducted by SWAT teams all over the world, randomly timed and located, wherein people are tazered or tranquilized and captured. Those who are captured are then regarded as having died, for they are never going to be seen again, at least...not as human beings. They are taken to labs where a number of things occur. They are selected, based on body type, to be molded into a certain type of animal. Some become dogs, cats, or other sorts of domestic animals while others become sheep or cows and are used as livestock for wool and milk production. But they are not really animals. The process is unique and rather simple.

Cloned animal ears and tails are attached to their bodies and are controlled by their nervous systems. Animals like cows need to be given drugs to stimulate milk production an sheep need to be given drugs to grow more hair. Otherwise, they look completely human. But they are also given brain surgery to remove their memories and lower their intelligence, so that they are unaware of ever having been human, and can completely become animals. They are then given furry paw or hoof gloves and knee-high boots to protect their skin, as they can now only walk on all fours. After the process is complete they are then sold as pets or livestock and never go back to a normal life.

A special situation has occurred. One such animal, a girl, was captured and altered. But through a processing error, she was only half-way altered; they did not alter her mind at all. She has the tail and ears and other treatments, but still remembers everything, and can speak and walk like a normal person. She keeps quiet and pretends to be a dumb animal to save her sanity, and is sold to a pet shop. She thinks she might be okay if she is sold to a nice master. But the one who comes in and buys her is a boy she spurned back in high school-one who is eager to take out the frustration she put him through on her, now that she is in no position to resist. At home, she reveals her secret to him, and begs for mercy. He decides that, if she will do everything he commands without question, he won't alert the authorities and have her fully altered. But it might be more merciful if she was given the brain alteration, with the amount of vengeful things he's going to inflict on her...

She Really Loves Her Pets

Her pet cat has been with her through thick and thin ever since she was a child. Now she's college-age and life is her oyster. A vacation to a foreign country after high school got her in touch with some interesting artifacts at a marketplace and, thinking it's just a laugh, uses what she bought to try and become even closer to her beloved pet. Interestingly, it transforms her into a cat herself! Since the effect is only supposed to last from dusk to dawn, she decides to enjoy herself, having a conversation with her companion in what she perceives as her native language. Feeling a bit more animalistic than she bargained for, they end up having a bit of frisky fun. Waking up human again in the morning, she decides that this little secret isn't just something to use once, and has many more fun adventures turning into various animals. She might even invite some friends along, or use the effect in reverse to turn a trusted animal human for a day.

Prisoner In Her Own Body

She was the most powerful, wicked sorceress the world had ever known. Armies fell before her, continents worshiped the ground she walked upon (when she bothered walking, flying was so easy for her). She took everything for granted and considered herself a goddess, and humans to be pitiful and hardly even worth enslaving. So when her reign came to a crashing halt, needless to say, she took it rather badly. Somehow or another, a magic-ensnaring force is employed to overwhelm her and strip her of the magic she had so relied upon for everything. Not only that, but to ensure she would never again return to power, she was subjected to a ritual to transfer her consciousness into a new, weaker, younger body not adept at spellcasting, and also banishing her to a realm where magic was either entirely absent or vastly diminished and more or less forgotten entirely.

She awakens from this punishment in the body of a teenage girl in the modern world, with memories of an entirely different life alongside her existing memories; she exists now as a moody, average student in high school and has zero lingering magic. With no choice but to act according to her new situation, she forces herself to go through the motions and pass her classes, obey her parents and teachers, and prepare for life as one of the lowly humans she once viewed as worthless. She's not remotely interested in social interactions but one particular boy in school is very friendly and persistent. Knowing she'll get into unwanted trouble for hurting him, she can't resort to that to get him to go away. That is, until she finds out he has a collection of graphic novels that are a story exactly like what had just happened to her. Wondering if he can help her try to figure out how to get back what she lost, she plays along, until it seems that the series has been cancelled. But he's been writing some fan fiction and illustrating it very similarly to the way the graphic novels looked, and somehow or another, what he's written seems to reflect future events with startling accuracy. Intrigued by this, she sticks with him, hoping this will lead to her regaining her power, but all the while losing her detached attitude, and allowing herself to experience feelings she's never had before. Will she change her ambition and embrace this new life, even though she's on the path to becoming her old self?

Her Favorite Toys

Her grandfather passed away recently and he left everything to her, his house, his possessions, and his old toy shop. She loved spending time there when she was a little girl, the toys were so beautifully crafted and granddad was never shy about playing with her even if it was with girly dolls and such. She feels very nostalgic about her childhood pastime, dollhouses, the smell of the attic where the toys were kept at home and the shop when she helped him on weekends. He always used to read her stories about magic and fairies and the like, and never once told her that they were just stories, he seemed to be convinced they were real. There was even a 'shoemaker and the elves' sort of secret he used to confide in her, that he always said was the reason his toys were crafted, painted and made to last so much better than anyone else's. She didn't believe it when she started to grow into her teen years but she still remembered it fondly.

She went up into the attic after moving into her grandfather's house to see what was being stored up there and found her old playroom up there completely unchanged from the last time she visited so many years ago. Her favorite puppets, ballerina dolls, a nutcracker brigade, a wind-up carousel, it was like she was a little girl again. But everything was so dusty...she started to wipe things up, but that just kicked the dust up in the air. There was so much of it...more than there should be for what she was wiping off. It was making her dizzy. The carousel started spinning, which just made the effect worse...but wait, she never touched it, how could it be moving on its own...?

She fainted, and upon waking, found herself staring at the ceiling of the attic that now appeared miles away. She sat up on the stiff floorboards and was staring at the leg of a chair that towered over her. She had shrunk! She was now the size of one of her dolls. How had this happened? This was exactly like something that had happened in one of her grandfather's stories. But that couldn't be real! Was she dreaming? No, that pinch she gave herself hurt! She heard something moving...she was not alone. But what could it be? She had been alone in the house and the only other things there were...her old toys. "It's her!" a voice called out excitedly. "She's back! She's finally back!" there was some clapping and giggling.

She turned to find a small group of her special favorites moving about as if they were as alive as she was. "We missed you!" they rushed over excitedly and, despite her apprehension, hugged her and welcomed her back. Would they be able to answer her questions about how any of this was happening or possible? Would they be able to tell her how to return to normal? Would she give in to her curiosity about exploring the world from this new perspective? And, given the faces and bodies of her toys now appeared more human, would she be able to avoid the temptation of giving in to her childhood infatuation with a certain toy soldier or other?
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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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Transformation Plots - Continued

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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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These plots are different than transformation in that, characters' base forms or appearances are already going to be non-human, whether that means simple bestiality (which will only ever be male animal on human female) or anthropomorphic pairings whether both partners are anthropomorphic animals (fantasy creatures or normal) or one is a human and the partner is an anthro; humanoid or other kinds of aliens are also included. This also encapsulates plots where things like virtual realities are utilized, or dimensions are crossed in whatever means that takes the form of, or if it simply takes place in a fictional universe at the start.

A Gift or a Curse?

If he were to tell you that he has sex with animals, that wouldn't be entirely accurate; this man's family has an odd magical gift the males are born with, where any female animal the size of a mouse or larger appears to them as a human-sized woman with certain features of that animal (this can range from full-body furry anthros to just the neko ear and tail thing), and will also feel that way to the touch even though nobody who sees the animal will see anything different from what they normally see; even if he's being groped and licked by these animal-women, others see nothing more than him interacting with it the way he would if they were just normal animals. Even if in reality he's naked and shagging the living daylights out of a poodle, they'll merely see him petting it and taking it for a walk. The thing is, these female animals are extremely affectionate towards this family's men, frequently culminating in sexual encounters and making it rather difficult to develop relationships with human females. Is there a woman out there who can bring him back to his own kind, or is he destined to just enjoy this awkward life of his with no connections, yet no consequences? Also, if you like, sometimes older female animals he's had relations with will bring around their teenage-appearing daughters who share a certain resemblance to him...but that's just a coincidence, right?  ;)
-I suppose this could potentially be used as a Pokemon plot. I'll leave a note in the Pokemon plots to check on this one.

So That's Where Other Were-Animals Come From!

She's a European girl (nationality/accent of your choice) whose father is a geneticist. They're experimenting on a strange creature they found dead out in the wild, what would have been called a werewolf if they believed in such things. Any number of experiments were conducted, taking samples and injecting them into other animals to see the effects of the enzymes and such. Upon observing no detectable changes in a cat, he brings one home and not long after, it bites his dear daughter. The bite wound heals instantly, however, and she doesn't mention it for whatever reason.The next full moon, she is horrified to find her body changing shape and her mind being clouded by a primal instinct. Now a full-fledged werecat, she hides this secret desperately, but luckily is able to eventually learn to control it. Strong emotions (anger, fear) can trigger partial transformations; her eyes may take on a yellow cat-like hue or her nails sharpen, she may even hiss and bare her teeth menacingly out of instinct, but she goes to great pains to conceal this. She also manages to gain control over her actions during full moons (which are impossible to resist transforming during), simply wandering the woods nearby due to irresistible insomnia, though she never seems tired when she does wake up the next morning after having fallen asleep for what would have to be no more than two hours.

For one reason or another, her father is transferred to a job in the States, and by happenstance their new hometown is the home of an American boy bitten by a werewolf during a camping trip during his youth. They would be about the same age during her arrival, and both in their senior year of high school. They haven't met, don't even have any of the same classes, but they both share a heightened sense of hearing and smell and can both tell immediately that there's someone else out there like them. Before they can do anything about it, the full moon is upon them and, unexpectedly, their instincts overwhelm their carefully honed ability to maintain self-control and they rush out into the night. She awakens to find herself stark nude, on the forest floor with his still-sleeping body next to hers. What's more, her lower body is smeared with the evidence of her lost virginity, and she starts feeling the pain of the experience once she fully realizes what happened.

He awakens and is apologetic, wanting to be as helpful, kind and sympathetic as possible given their circumstances even if their first impression was horrible and he was not any more in control of himself than she was. Despite their alter egos being drawn to each other in a non-violent way, something about having both their conscious minds and instincts working together creates tension and sometimes even animosity. Despite having no one but each other who can understand them, it seems the deck was stacked against them becoming friends, let alone more than that. But he's not the sort to give up, and is a far more predatory animal than she is, after all. So if she doesn't want him to give in to his instincts and unleash the beast within, she'll have to play nice and encourage his good self to always be front and center. Besides, they can run around together while transformed and play together in ways no one else could, no longer alone in the wild. And she might just be carrying a little remnant of their first night together in her womb...

Generosity Spared the Cat

College-age girl shoots down nerdy, ugly guy who wants to woo her. Big mistake. The creepy little guy has also been practicing occult magics and in retaliation for her public rejection, turns her into a cat! Her life now ruined, the poor creature wanders the streets terrified, hungry, and cold. The few weeks after are nothing short of a nightmare, running from predators or just horny male cats wanting a piece of her tail, unable to find food or a safe, warm place to sleep. Thoroughly miserable, she nearly gives up one rainy night in a deepening puddle she doesn't quite have the strength to pull herself out of from hunger. She passes out for what she believes will be the last time, but...

Awakening to the dawn's light with a sensation of total body warmth, and with the smell of cooked fish overwhelming her, she finds herself inside what looks like a very well-furnished mansion. A plate of fish and a saucer of rich cream have been set out for her which she ravenously devours, wondering what sort of person rescues such a poor creature and treats them to such luxury. It's only then that she sees her savior walk into what she assumes is his bedroom: her favorite author of the last half-decade, and even more handsome than his book jackets! What cruel irony, to be rescued by him and yet be unable to do anything about her long-time crush on him. But she resolves to be a devoted and affectionate pet to him, for what it's worth.

Things go a little bit south when he begins dating another woman, and being a cat, the girl is able to spy on her without suspicion and realizes the woman is nothing but a gold-digger and has to be exposed. Fortunately, being a cat doesn't lower her intelligence and the girl is able to open up emails and whatnot to help her master see what kind of fraud the gold-digging bitch really is, and helps rid his life of her. This doesn't go over so well and sends the author into depression, with his faithful cat as his only companion. Feeling so terrible about his hurt feelings, and feeling so in love with him at this point, she begins licking his face. Sadly, he cuddles her, telling her she's his only friend in the world, and kisses her little pink kitty nose. And then he screams in fright when she transforms into a woman right before his eyes and is now lying on top of him with her full weight.

Love may have broken the curse on her at first, but her scorned would-be lover from before intended for her never to be happy, and so the curse can never be completely lifted. She still retains some cat-like characteristics, although the more deeply she and her lover feel for each other, the more human she appears on the outside, but the more her cat-brain and instincts begin to take over. It makes it difficult for them to balance this with giving her just the right amount of her intelligence without her reverting to being too cat-like in appearance. What's more, he begins to experience some changes of his own, as if the curse were sexually transmitted to him as well, giving him certain dog-like habits and instincts, and occasionally changing his penis to that of one with the shape of a dog's, capable of knotting inside her. While this makes it impossible for them to be with anybody else, it isn't the most ideal relationship they were hoping for. But can they make it work?

They're Just Like Us

Genetic engineering breakthroughs have made animals nearly human in appearance but for some defining characteristics (pigs with pig noses and curly tails, other animals mostly just ears, tails, and maybe some stripe or spot patterns depending on species.) Top-heavy cow women are milked on farms in far more hands-on ways than simply with auto-milkers. No male animals are generally needed since it is now possible to successfully breed new animals with human sperm, and it is quite normal for farmers to inseminate their livestock manually rather than using fertility labs or machines.

Enter a city girl who is forced to go and live with her father and brother on their farm. She's not used to this lifestyle nor the particulars and how they differ from the old days before animals looked this way. She's ashamed of how attracted she is to a young dog-boy who she finds out is actually her brother's 'son' with their sheepdog that has been retired. Her father and brother try to get her to change her tune about her attitude on these matters, not least of all because they are in desperate need of a victory at the next harvest fair which can get them enough prizes and reputation to help keep the farm afloat. This involves cosmetically altering her to look like she's just another one of their cows, training her to follow the same commands they would need to for winning competitions, and of course taking on a big bull for the final breeding portion of the contest. Being given the same sort of drugs to make her breasts swell and lactate, learning to eat unpleasant-tasting food made to resemble what cowgirls actually eat so that she can pretend she's really a cow in every way, and overcoming any shame she might feel being paraded around naked with a cowbell around her neck in front of hundreds of strangers.

Planet of the Rapes

An astronaut traveling at the speed of light returns to Earth after an undetermined amount of time due to the temporal effects of faster-than-light travel. He finds that human civilization no longer exists on Earth and that it is a dark and polluted world, which has become something like the Atlantic City of the universe. Perverted aliens have casinos and strip clubs all over the planet, and he is captured and brought to one. It seems that humans were wiped out and replaced with genetically modified versions of them that are hybrids of other Earth species. These hybrids are exclusively female and all perform as strippers or waitresses in the clubs. By sheer luck, he is the last remaining human and his DNA is needed for impregnating the female humanoids and keeping their populations up. As such, he is 'employed' at the clubs as a manager of the stage dancers, and is encouraged to mate with them as often as possible. Although his feelings are mixed regarding the situation, he decides not to let extinction get him down and enjoy himself, developing feelings for one or a few of the girls who seem a lot more fond of him than their big, ugly alien masters. You will ideally play multiple characters, but if you wish to choose your favorite mythical female creature as a romantic interest rather than just sexual, we can use that the most frequently and have a relationship develop.

With a Stroke of His Pen(is)

She's a closet pervert, seriously depraved in some ways and just can't seem to ever bring herself to admit this to any of the boyfriends she's had, always going unfulfilled in her sex life. Until she meets him. The shy, nerdy guy who's always doodling away in that sketch pad of his, or on his tablet or whatever else he has on him at the time. One day as she walks past him and happens to glance fleetingly at one of his drawings and sees an amazingly high-quality illustration of the most perverted scenario she's ever seen. Out of nowhere, she decides to sit down beside him, compliment him on his work, and ask him what his background is; does he do this for fun or is he one of those guys who makes a living doing that sort of thing, does he ever use real-life models to base characters on, does he write stories to go with them, etc. He's not exactly the most attractive guy in the world, but she doesn't have to feel shy about asking what sort of things he's into sexually and sharing the same thing from her own vault. The sex is quite enjoyable and she's feeling more fulfilled than ever before, and becomes open to pictures and film of her (and him at times) being recorded of their various play.

Only there's a strange phenomenon that occurs now that they're together. Before they hooked up he had pretty bad writer's block and couldn't come up with scenarios to go along with his illustrations. But once he had her to inspire him, he came up with ideas galore. The thing is...those scenarios come to life. And she gets sucked into them. Literally. She finds herself on the pages of his doujins and in the role(s) of various girls and creature-girls throughout them, getting fucked every which way whether she wants it or not. She always wakes up back in reality at some point, but when she tries to tell him, of course he doesn't believe her. Can she manage her love for him and the bizarre alternate reality he's inadvertently created with her at its epicenter?

ErotiCube (based on the trilogy of cult sci-fi horror films)

A woman wakes up in a cold white room, almost like a hospital room but without any medical devices and no one else around. She does not know where she is or why she's there. She does not even remember who she is. There is only a mirror, the bed, her hospital gown and a door. Opening it reveals a thick darkness on the other side. There is nowhere else to go. She has no choice-she steps through.

She then finds herself not surrounded by darkness that had filled the doorway before she walked through. Instead she is inside a mansion, and without having had the time nor access to any other clothing, is fully dressed up as a rather slutty-style maid. Her skin is darker, her hair is a different color from when she was in the hospital room as well. A handsome man, revealed to be the mansion's owner greets her and proceeds to bend her over and pork her after pulling up her skirt. He is extremely strong and she cannot resist without being easily restrained and her face pushed into a pillow on a bed or couch to keep her from crying out too loud. In spite of the lack of consent, he is rather gentle and talented as he thrusts into her. Once he has had his fun he leaves through one of the only three doors in the entire 'mansion', and the one she had entered here through now seems to have vanished. Upon opening them, each of the new three doors has the same darkness within. She chooses one at random and finds herself in a futuristic jumpsuit on board a spacecraft. A tentacled alien is there and restrains her, holding her body aloft as it violates every one of her holes, pumping gallons of jizz into every orifice. The entire creature dissolves into goo once it has finished with her. There are now three metallic sliding doors for her to choose from aboard this otherwise empty spacecraft. Once again, the doors do not show her where she will be going next other than the mysterious darkness, leaving her to choose randomly once again.

She realizes that each door takes her to a different sort of sexual fantasy. But why? How? If she is wounded in one new place, passing through a door heals her. She never seems to have the same body twice in a row, and sometimes finds herself inhabiting the body of a different species altogether, whether an animal or a mystical creature like a mermaid; sometimes she'll be human but in various odd conditions like covered head to toe in tattoos, or extremely young, or rather old, or approaching middle-age and so far pregnant she's ready to pop any moment. Why is this happening? Can she ever escape? The only way to find out is to continue, passing through doors until she finds her way out of this maze of sexual fantasies.

The twist is, she's a contestant in an erotic game show in the future wherein participants are put in this VR simulator and wiped of their memories so they don't know they're racing each other through a gauntlet of various doors to see if they can be the first one to escape. There is a particular sequence of doors that will get them out of the game and into victory, but they don't know it. They all have the same odds, and every time they pick a correct door, a little more of their memories return, gradually making it easier to remember the sequence of doors that will liberate them. But until the random chance to pick the first correct one smiles upon a contestant, they're simply going to enjoy whatever is in store for them, every scenario being a submission from viewers and with almost limitless possibilities.

Holiday Surprise

It would seem that fat is not without a sense of humor. People who live selfish lives do get what's coming to them, whether or not that life is over before that happens. She's someone who worked in an industry where children's dreams and beliefs were routinely exploited. Out driving one dark night, she happens to hit something with her car and gets out to see what it was. Amazingly, it's the Easter Bunny. Not a guy in a costume, but the real deal. Its last act is to break an egg on her, something she doesn't understand but the next day, realizes he was passing on his legacy to her to ensure his duties were not going to go unfulfilled.

She wakes up in the morning with fur in places she doesn't normally have it, rabbit ears poking up out of her head, a different-shaped nose and small whiskers, and a craving for raw vegetables. Visited next by representatives of other children's figments of folklore (Tooth Fairy, Sandman, etc.), she's told that, like them, she was unlucky enough to be made to give retribution for their selfish lives by filling these roles. Only they're not the kid-friendly versions people think of when they hear the names; they're dark, dirty perversions of these ideas. The Sandman uses it for his own brand of autoerotic asphyxiation of those who engage in it, to help them make it somewhat safer and less deadly if he happens to be present when someone is doing that. And as the Easter Bunny, she's got to go around constantly trying to be impregnated so she can lay those colored eggs. Is that something she can escape, or get used to?

SUCK-ubus Sisters

He's just a normal guy...or so he thought. Strangely, every girl he's ever tried to get close to has fallen victim to some sort of misfortune, making any lasting relationships impossible. He's never understood why this is, until one day when a girl he's never met before comes along and boldly starts putting moves on him. Only, he sees some odd features on her that nobody else around them seems to notice. Like that tail that looks a little too real to be plastic...and those yellow eyes that can't just be fake contact lenses.

Turns out, she's a demoness...and his half-sister. He himself is half-demon, and the last living male heir to their family's legacy. Meaning, he's now got every female demon with a drop of their father's blood in them wanting to court him and become the mother of the next generation of their family, which in demon circles, is quite prestigious. Only, that would involve shedding his humanity and he's not sure he wants to do that! But they're all going to do everything they can to make sure he has no choice but to pick one of them.

I Cum in Peace

A humanoid alien from a seemingly advanced race has crash-landed on earth. His ship is destroyed and his body nearly torn up. His memory is hazy and very incomplete, but he is alive. Though not for long given his condition.

Enter the heroine of the story-a nerdy college student. The only girl who doesn't have something to do on a Friday night, staying at home in the dorms staring out the window distractedly as she tries to figure out what to write an article on for the school newspaper. A flaming meteor catches her eye (the alien's ship) and she goes out into the wooded creek area behind the school where it lands. Her discovery is far more than she bargained for.

The alien somehow manages to speak English, and begs for her help. She can't resist her maternal nature, and obliges. The alien begins to adapt instantly, morphing into what looks a lot like a very fit, handsome male version of herself. She manages to help him into her dorm and get him cleaned up and fed. The story of a lifetime, there in her home, and yet she can't bring herself to start writing all about it. Or calling the police. Or telling anyone. Is it because she, too, feels all alone in the world? Or is her heart just too big to want to bring any more harm to this innocent, cute, and slightly naive visitor? And the fact that he looks great out of clothing (which he doesn't care for wearing) doesn't hurt her desire to keep him around, either...can this romance work? Especially with him becoming increasingly curious and excited about his new 'appendage' that he's never had before?

Sex Kitten? More Like Sex Tigress!

A man returning from a vacation decides to buy one last souvenir from Chinatown before returning home. An exotic pet shop catches his eye and once inside, something else catches his eye: A beautiful white tiger cub. Realizing such a thing is illegal, he is conflicted about wanting to report it and wanting to cuddle the gorgeous thing. The owner is more than happy to let the cub go as long as it has a good home, and although the situation is very suspicious, the man is allowed to take the cub home free of charge. While pondering what to do about his new pet since she's liable to get bigger and uncontrollable soon, he comes upon a startling secret when he gets her home.

The cub, at certain moments, transforms for short periods of time into the shape of a beautiful young woman, who could be the equivalent of an early or middle teenager. The more often she transforms, the longer it seems to last, and after a few days she's looking more like a full-grown woman; and she's very affectionate toward her master. He learns from experiments that whenever he shows kindness to the cub, that triggers her transformations. Deciding that was the reason the old man gave her away for free and why he wanted to be sure she'd have a good home, he continues to care for her, helping her learn to speak, how to act like a human, and of course, how to mate like one. With her hair the same color and pattern as the cub's fur, and eyes of the same orange-yellow hue, she can't be passed off as human and must remain inside the house or in the backyard, so her master must give her lots of attention to keep her from getting lonely. Things only escalate from there when she becomes pregnant, with neither of them knowing just what kinds of things she'll give birth to.

She Looks Just Like Her Mother

He thought he was done for. After getting swept out to sea while surfing and cutting his leg, he didn't know how much time he had clinging to a rock before the sharks got him. But instead of the sharp teeth he expected, the gentle grip of a warm hand was what he felt upon his bloody leg. A mermaid had happened upon him, and with some bizarre and unexplained effect, heals his wound instantly. She bids him to enter the water, and as he clings to her as she swims him powerfully to shore, the sharks seem to instinctively stay away from them, ensuring their safe passage. As they lay upon the warm sandy shores in the moonlight, they are overwhelmed by emotion and make love. He awakens in the morning to find her gone. Heartbroken, he returns every day for the next six months, until he finally at last meets her once again at sunset. She crawls up onto the sand, seemingly hurt, and he rushes over to her. But she's not hurt...she's very heavily pregnant. He stands back as she waves him away, and gives birth to a human baby girl. Apparently she cannot take such a child with her, being unsuited to living in the water without a tail, and urges him to take their child with him where it can survive.

He raises her lovingly, alone, by the seaside as a coast guard and she grows up with immense fascination about the sea, although he never tells her the truth about her mother. But it's not exactly easy; her hair, while originally looking merely platinum blonde, eventually tinted more of a seafoam green without dye, much like her mother. Her irises were larger in her eyes, and limpid ocean blue. She could also hold her breath for an incredibly long time, which only increased as she got older. She also never seemed to grow hair on her legs, and wondered if any other mermaid features she might have inherited from her mother may start to manifest in adulthood. He is faced with the unavoidable decision to finally reveal her origin, but also has a strange series of interactions with her that seem to indicate that there is something special within him that her mother could not resist, and that attraction was also inherited by their daughter...
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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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Non-Human Inclusive Plots - Continued

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Re: Ideas and current cravings (M seeking F characters)
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I don't have a more specific category than this other than that these plots are going to be the most hardcore, the most extreme and explicit ones I will list. Things like toilet play, forms of pain (piercing, branding) that I don't normally engage in, bondage and exhibition that go above and beyond the norm, use of special sex devices or fictional technologies with the same or similar purposes, straight bestiality and other themes I don't seem to recollect at the moment that would merit a special warning in most of the other sections for those particular stories that would include these ideas.

St. Margareta's Academy

This is actually based on a Japanese erotic doujin comic, and while it does primarily revolve around pretty severe and often comically impossible body modification/transformation, I think the most extreme themes imaginable are the more prevalent category of the story of this one. The most creative sexual tortures (tempering pain with pleasure) and devices employed for these purposes are on display here, courtesy of the artist Algolagnia. You can usually find a fair amount of English translated stories on there (even some of series like Naruto, but with the same inventive scenarios as St. Margareta's Academy). If you just enter that artist's name into the search on you can probably find dozens of stories in a language you can understand, and even if not, it's so graphic it's pretty easy to tell what's happening. I should mention that because Japan's consent age is lower than most, some of the characters depicted in the source material are not of Elliquiy legal age (hence my hesitation to put the link to any of them here directly), but for our purposes, no one is supposed to be any younger than 17 in whatever story we write.

The summary is, the female population is so inflated that a great deal of them are becoming superfluous in society and so the implementation of the St. Margareta's Academy program puts random classes of young women through rigorous training programs of both mental and physical transformation for the purposes of making them into publicly available sex slaves, effectively taking away their human rights and thus creating an environment in which rape and violence are at record lows because the only 'victims' have no claim to any right to press charges or resist in any way. What stage of the training the girl(s) are in, whether I play a teacher, male student or other person in a position to take advantage of them, that can all be negotiated.

Oh, You Dog, You!

A woman is disgusted when she comes across a woman-on-dog video clip on the net. But she can't get it out of her head. No matter how wrong she thinks it is, she finds herself increasingly curious about the idea and wanting to at least talk to someone who knows about it. She comes across such a chat room and speaks to someone who say he trains dogs expressly for that purpose, although the only market for such things is typically overseas. He lives not too terribly far from her and invites her to have a 'free sample' if she wants, and if she agrees to follow certain rules of discretion while she's there. Unable to resist, she heads down there for a long weekend.

She meets some of his best dogs, learns some of his training methods and of course, tries her first taste of that forbidden love. And she loves it. It's so primal and the animals are so affectionate, she can't believe how much she enjoys it. He then tells her she can enjoy it for as long as she wants-he's just videotaped and recorded everything she just did and plans to blackmail her if she doesn't do as he says. He wants to keep her there and train her, as a dog. Leashes, a little costume and a toy tail to insert into her anally. Does she have a choice? Is she perhaps excited to become one of the creatures she has come to love so much? Will she eventually stop caring if he's going to show the world her uncensored video, and stay there because she wants to?

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Extreme Content Plots - Continued

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Finally, the last section, normal human on human interactions, whether romantic or non-con but without the extreme content previously addressed. This doesn't mean these will be free of sci-fi or fantasy, but those kind of things won't focus on what happens to the characters' bodies, and can take place in fictional worlds, time periods other than the present, alternate universes, etc. It'll be pretty labor-intensive to organize the most ordinary slice-of-life stories and more out-there ideas for those wanting a bit more bang for their imaginary buck, so they'll be in no particular type of order, just whatever comes to mind.

I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

Nothing too complex, it's just a married woman giving into temptation; she just happens to be the more liberal person in her marriage compared to her more conservative husband, and does the ultimate act of betrayal by taking on a black lover behind hubby's back. It's more than just a simple affair, so much of her life has to change, so many things she's never tried before become her active bucket list, and she's constantly at risk of being seen in public in outfits that would humiliate her husband if he ever found out, or being seen with her interracial hunk with his hands where only her husband's are supposed to be...

My Ears Are Sizzling

A young-ish male teacher overhears a conversation between two of his female students unbeknownst to them, where one of them is describing in unbelievably graphic detail what kinds of things she wants to do to the teacher sexually, something he cannot possibly ignore or un-hear. The young student is aghast when she turns around and sees him right there after having also mentioned her panties are soaking wet thinking about him just before turning around. What are they going to do about this revelation?

Not Just a Trophy Wife

A man is invited to the estate of a wealthy man for whatever reason (business, old friends, whatever) and is seduced by the maid. Not just seduced, but they do some incredibly kinky things, things he's never done before and frankly, he's rather fond of her now having finally tried them. But later on he sees her on the arms of the wealthy man of the house; she's actually his wife. She just has a fetish for cosplay roleplaying a slutty, submissive maid, and despite being wed to a reportedly very jealous man, is not going to let a good thing slip through her fingers, blackmailing her new lover into continuing the affair, or she'll reveal the infidelity immediately. So it's either get caught now, or risk getting caught later. At least in the meantime, the sex is unbelievable.

Screwing Her Way Back to the Top

An actress that was once on top of the world is in decline. Serious decline, like her last three films have bombed at the box office, her investment prospects have tanked, and one night, in a drunken despair, she gets into a car wreck and legal fees and the scandal eat up the last of her savings. The only part in a film she can get is a biopic on a pornstar. Unfortunately, they insist she gets some real-world method acting experience and she has to star in an amateur porno. Worse yet, after such a degrading experience, she finds out the biopic project has been cancelled, so she's done all that for nothing. Though, her porn video has exploded on the net, and she's getting lucrative offers from every direction to do more. Is it worth it, though? Should she let that co-star she admittedly has a lot in common with and has actually enjoyed performing with into her heart, and not just her body? But with debt collectors hounding her, she may not have a choice...and who knows, maybe all this exposure can lead her back to her spotlight? After all, any publicity is good publicity...

Sleeping Her Way to the Top

Everyone in that expensive private boarding school knows she's the best dancer, the best singer, the best actress in the whole bloody school, hell, the whole bloody state. Things are going even better for her now that their old theater teacher has retired and a professional thespian from a prestigious European traveling theatre troupe has graciously agreed to a one-year teaching position. He promises on day one to select the most talented person in the school a position in their theatre troupe upon the end of the school year. The opportunity of a lifetime, to be sure, that will make some aspiring actor or actress' resume shine. And she would kill to have it.

She tries to wow him with her natural talents but he criticizes her more harshly than any student ever dared, and seems to be ignoring her constantly no matter how hard she tries. It's driving her mad until she decides to confront him directly about why he's ignoring her obvious gifts and asks just what she has to do to get him to give her at least a fair chance. He explains that there are just some things about theater that can't be taught in school and she is clueless about them. She demands he teach her what he means, and begins some private lessons with him, repaying the favor with something she knows will guarantee she'll be chosen even if she doesn't learn anything at all. Things become complicated, of course, when they develop feelings for one another, and especially when she starts feeling ill in the mornings a few weeks later...

When the Student Becomes the Master

She was only a freshman when it happened-a horrible sexual experience at the hands of her favorite teacher. She was too afraid to tell anyone and it continued, until she couldn't get enough of her teacher's dominance, bondage and rough sexual touches. It wasn't until one of the other girls he had gotten his hands on spoke up that she and the others were finally free. Physically, at least.

The entire ordeal seriously altered her psyche, to the point where she absolutely craved that sort of thing, but she was too horrified to let anyone know about it or to find out. So she restrained herself, not making any close friends and simply finishing school as quickly as possible. And what did she become? A teacher herself, of course. For a prestigious boarding school, no less, full of snobby rich teenagers and in a place where no one knew about her and her scandalous past.

But one student does know her secret. But he won't tell fact he wants to help her. If she wants a master to dominate her, he'll give her exactly what she wants. And she can never say a word against him, because he's not quite 18 yet and she'll be in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out...but how can she deny that being under the heel of a dominant master, getting fucked silly and ordered to pleasure him in any way he asks, is exactly what she has been wanting for years, and can now finally have?

My Best Friend's Son

An older woman (a recent divorcee, or perhaps someone on a cold streak after several years following a divorce), whether via overt or subtle seduction/flirtation, becomes the lover of the son of her across-the-street neighbor (and best friend). If possible it would be a nice change of pace to be a Latina MILF, or an African-American MILF, or some other member of a group that would be considered a person of color, to be paired with the Caucasian son of their best friend. There would likely be an element of low self-esteem due to physical fitness (she can be as curvy or plump as you like). If it wouldn't offend if we do go the interracial route, there could also be a sentiment (if only limited to the town that they're living in) that she couldn't "do better" than her husband (who was of the same ethnicity as her ) and catch the eye of the predominantly white male population of their town. My character would be a college dropout living at home with his mom until he figures out what to do with his life, but he's very fit and makes a living allowance by doing yard work around the neighborhood. Since her divorce, this lonely MILF next door has been living on alimony and has ownership of the house (after her husband was caught cheating on her and lost big to the prenup) so she has some money to burn on helping the young man she watched grow up for a few years, and can't help but feel enormously attracted to him, in spite of the fact that it's her best friend's son. Such a thing should be unthinkable-until he reciprocates her awkward attempts to flirt while he tends to her yard. She finds out that in spite of his good looks and fitness, he's relatively sexually inexperienced. How fortunate that he's got an older, much more experienced woman available to teach him about all the things he has been missing out on. I would also like to throw in an unexpected pregnancy at some point, and also a lot of sneaking around, trying to avoid anyone (especially his mother) finding out about their affair. The pregnancy part is negotiable, but the sneaking around is part of the appeal of this particular scene so it has to stay.

-A slight (but specific) variation on this plot is one involving the MILF next door being very self-conscious about her weight and wanting desperately to lose it so she can hope to attract her best friend/neighbor's son, and so she takes to doing certain exercises and drinking certain beverages. Unbeknownst to her, he's actually quite taken with her just as she is, or maybe even wants her to put on a little more weight to suit his taste, and so he sabotages her efforts in secret by stealing her clothes and replacing the tags so she thinks they don't fit her when they should according to the size on the tags, and adds sugar and other weight-increasing things to her food and drink so she can secretly be ingesting far more calories than she believes. When she starts seeing no results, or worse, weight gain, she becomes distraught, and in a fit, tries to put on a pair of jeans far too small for her while he's outside mowing her lawn. She falls on her ass, shaking the house and causing him to notice, and her pants have split wide open, with her weeping in frustration just as he walks into the room and sees her there in nothing but her bra and panties. She can't bring herself to say anything, but she doesn't need to; he drops to his knees, crawls over to her, and wipes her tears away, kissing her. He moves down slowly, removing her bra, teasing her nipples, before moving down and removing her panties, going down on her in a way her ex-husband never did. She manages to murmur something about 'must be dreaming', but he snaps her out of that when he enters her and consummates their unexpected relationship.

Forced Without Force

A male and female who work in the same office haven't become overly familiar with one another but he desperately wants her. Somehow or another, he hatches an incredibly elaborate plot to ensure that she's put in a position where there is literally nothing else she can do but turn to him for comfort and give in to the temptation of having him be the only one available and in a very compromising situation.

A company retreat is what he uses. Intentionally setting her up in one particular home in the mountain woods near a lake where it's much more prone to flooding, losing power and terrible phone service, he hopes to strand her in a place where there would be no way to keep warm very reliably, the rain would make it impossible to go outside, it would always be too dark to even do any reading, and of course no internet or television or even radio to keep entertained. What's more, he will pretend that he was accidentally also assigned to that same home for the retreat even though it's supposed to be either one-person or same-sex lodging. Then with the two of them trapped in there, the roads making rescue impossible, the stormy winds making it impossible to get a helicopter and too many rocks in the water for even a boat to get close, and sheer cliffs and only deep, muddy roads, she'll have no choice but to get to know him, deeply, intimately, and in such close quarters, with the likely necessity to rely on each other's body heat to keep warm, and his opportunity to pick apart the problems she has with her current boyfriend, it's all but inevitable that she'll give in to him. Repeatedly. In ways she might not even do it with her boyfriend.
If there could be an interracial component to this, that would be the closest to the way I had originally envisioned this.

Don't You Know How to Knock?!

She's a valedictorian in the making, and an aspiring champion of women's rights. Her idol is the principal of her high school, who was basically exactly the way she was back in her high school days. But one day when she decides to drop in on her role model and give that female principal some good news concerning something the principal had been working on for years and had only just now been made successful, she opens the door and sees...her twin brother balls-deep inside the principal's pussy, as the principal is bent over the desk, wearing a plastic pig's nose, blouse open and her massive breasts flopping from her brother's thrusts, a ball gag in her mouth, and eyes wide with horror at seeing her favorite student witnessing this secret shame. "Oh...did I forget to lock the door?" her brother smiles innocently, hoping this might just be a dream. So...what are they going to make of this development?
This can go in lots of directions, but this setup would have to stay more or less the same. There can be incest, a threesome relationship, or the students may not actually be siblings (cousins possibly, or step-siblings or half-siblings). Also would really prefer if the students were Caucasian and the principal is African-American.

Tragic Silence

This is a very dramatic idea I had. I wasn't sure I was in the mood to put it in here but every little bit of interest helps.

She's close to graduating high school, not quite 18 yet but mature. Her family is very well-to-do and she's home from private school visiting her parents. Only it's the last time she sees them, as some armed men break into the house and start shooting up the place, Scarface style. The horrifying few minutes before she watches her father gunned down and hears her mother's last screams from downstairs reveal that her family has extreme mob dealings keeping them in money, and the bill for their dirty deeds has come due. She manages to escape out a window undetected and climbs onto the back of a partially-filled produce delivery truck hoping that nobody's seen her. She knows how this all goes with all the movies she's seen; if she ever shows her face again where anyone can find her, they'll track her down and finish the job, or worse. She stays in the truck for hours, not sure how far she's traveled or where she ends up when she finally crawls out. She has nothing on her, no wallet, ID, phone, just a school uniform, minus even her shoes. Before she can change her mind and get back on the truck, it drives away and leaves her stranded at a farm literally in the middle of nowhere. It's started raining hard, thunder and lightning the only light as the sun has set. She walks the nearly quarter-mile to the front door of the farmhouse, sobbing, freezing, soaked to the bones and hoping someone will be home, as the lights are all off.

She bangs on the door, covered in mud up to her knees, preparing to sleep on the porch in her wet clothes sticking to her skin if she has to, but the door opens. A man who almost reminds her of her father stands before her, his eyes somehow as sad and lost as hers, and all they can do is stare into each other's, in silence, as if something beyond words was connecting them, two otherwise total strangers. He blinks, and takes her by the hand, leading her inside. She doesn't move for the fireplace to warm herself, nor shed any of her wet clothes; she just hugs him, tightly, and sobs softly into his chest. He rests his cheek atop her damp hair and nuzzles her gently. Once more their eyes meet, and there's just something too familiar about the turmoil she is experiencing, and what she senses he himself is going through, as if their very souls are communicating. The weather turns even less friendly and the fire goes out. The one small light he had on goes out too; the power's out. With no way to warm her up, he brings her to a bedroom and helps her get her drenched school jacket off. She just stands there, letting him do the work. He unbuttons her blouse. She spreads her arms, allowing him to remove it from her. He unfastens her skirt, and rolls it down her legs, wiping away the mud as he peels off her kneesocks.

He lifts the covers on the bed, allowing her to climb in where she can at least slowly let her own body heat accumulate. But she takes him by the hand before he can walk away. She tugs him toward her as she sits on the edge of the bed. Does she not want to be alone? he wonders. But then she unfastens one of the buttons on his overalls and runs her smooth palm over his bare chest before unfastening the other button. She lays back on the bed, but leaves the covers pulled back. He joins her, realizing now that his head is swimming. It feels like an hour has passed between opening the door and this moment. The look on her face reveals that she must be thinking the same thing. She embraces him tightly once more as they lay together, and they each close their eyes, while whatever strange instinct driving them continues to work through the night.

The next morning she awakens to bright sunlight flowing through the window. She feels unexpectedly refreshed, though a little sore. Her companion is not there in bed with her, though evidence of his previous presence remains when she pulls the covers off and looks down at herself. She had been a virgin just a few hours ago...and she hadn't even felt it when she lost it. She manages to smile in spite of everything, having never expected things to happen in this way. She wanders out of the bedroom looking for him. She sees him through the kitchen window out in the yard toiling. She finds a thin, plain dress he must have left out for her and puts it on, exiting the house barefoot despite him having boots on out there. She walks toward him, not waving her arms or anything to get his attention, she just knows that he's aware of her presence without even having to turn around.

He stops working when she reaches him. She hugs him again, taking in a big whiff of him, that unfamiliar but rugged scent alluring in a way she would not have believed. They kiss. Still no words. There's just something preventing them from doing so, from either of them taking that first step. She looks a bit embarrassed, running a hand over her muff, and he smiles, nodding. They kiss again and she goes back to the house without him. She searches the kitchen and begins to cook. He returns after she's finished and they eat together. Still silent. Still feeling each other through their stares. Days, weeks, blend together in this way. She's been there long enough, however, to piece together from photographs that he's recently lost both a wife and child, though she's not clear exactly what happened. His loss, her loss...she understands now. Somehow their mutual despair brought them together, however long the odds were. Finally the silence breaks; her morning greeting to him, doesn't consist of a hug and some kissing. Instead she takes both of his hands in hers and tells him, placing them on her stomach...that he's going to be a father again.

Mama Mi-aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh~

She's in her 30's or 40's, maybe she's a failed actress, possibly having gained some weight and looking MILFy without actually having any kids. At any rate, she's got a bit of disposable income to burn and in spite of any status she might have held, nobody's really interested in her anymore, not even as a dating prospect. So she decides to hire a live-in person to play the role of her 'son'. She's apparently got a huge mommy fetish and wants to experience parenthood and live out a sexual fantasy all in one.

Someone responds to this odd request, and engages in improvised dialogue as though he's her son, at various ages, dresses up in various outfits of a boy at different ages, nurses on her breasts frequently that she induces lactation on with drugs, and if he ever does anything that merits punishment, the penalty is sex; she regards his penis as the 'father' when she tells it what he's done as she sucks it, and scolds him as she rides him telling him to 'just wait til his father comes home'. Eventually she takes this particular quirk further and says she wants to make him a little brother or sister; is he ready to commit to that level?

A Royal Pain

She's a princess, the medieval sort. There's magic, of course, dragons, brave knights, all that...but since she's a princess and under heavy guard, she's never been allowed to see any of this for herself, cooped up in her parents' castle until she's of marriageable age and they find a political target to marry her off to, so there's never been any love there, even from the nursemaids who are closest to her.

An attack forces her and others to flee from the castle, and into the woods as night falls, and while she doesn't know it, one of the court wizards casts a spell to protect her by sending her to another world, another time...

She awakens at a modern day Renaissance fair, and at first mistakes it for something that belongs in her era, until it's over and people start changing their clothes and walk back to the parking lot with their cars. She's met a very friendly boy and was quite taken with him, as he helped her experience things she never got to do herself back in her room at the castle, and he just thinks she's 'in the spirit' of the thing by pretending she's a princess and to be ignorant about things, but he soon realizes she is a real fish out of water, though he doesn't know that she's authentic medieval royalty. He takes pity on her and lets her stay with him, unsure of what else to do with her, feeling too afraid of leaving her in the care of mental health people if she has no ID and he has no actual relation to her to justify his continued presence in her life.

A little research, however, starts getting him to wonder if she might really be who she claims to be. Still, she's there now, and needs to adjust to modern life. Which would be difficult with no documentation, but he supports her in spite of all the trouble she causes with her ignorance and naivete. She does feel grateful and terribly guilty about causing so many problems, and wants to be able to thank him properly, but...she doesn't have anything she can do or possess anything she can give him. And of course, the way she was brought up, it wouldn't be proper to use her body as a means of giving him a gift and helping him relieve all the stress she's added to his life. And he's too much of a gentleman to bring it up despite being very attracted to her, and knowing she feels the same way. What will it take for her to overcome this hurdle in enabling them to make something more of their relationship?

-A variation on this could be, the two of them simply hook up out of necessity, with her assuming the role of traditional housewife and mother, but she gradually accommodates to the modern world and rejects this limitation to her life, feeling that if she was being spared, she owes it to herself to really live and be free from such a restrictive sort of identity. It would then be up to her husband to either take charge and be more forceful and dominant to get her to acknowledge her place and be grateful for it, or embrace her newly empowered personality and indulge her in some of the less vanilla things they have so far been doing.

What Goes Around Cums Around

Bullies suck. A particular group of bullies has been tormenting this guy for years and he despises them for it. Thankfully it's almost time to graduate and he'll never have to see any of them again. But before he goes, he confronts them, tells them he hopes their lives are as miserable from that moment on as his has been because of them. They of course laugh and tease him, then throw him in the pool with all his clothes on; this last bit was the idea of the female of the bully group, a smart and pretty but very bitchy girl who enjoys picking on their target.

He'd never know it, but his wish came true. After that day, not a single one of those bullies went off to college as planned. They all turned heavily to drugs and crime, and all but the female landed themselves in prison. She wasn't much better off. Over the years, she cut off ties with her family (or rather, they cut off theirs with her, having seen her unrepentant and terrible behavior) which she was never able to give them a reason why...she didn't appear to understand or know it herself, she just couldn't help herself from making all these horrible decisions. She went on, getting into stripping, whoring, porn, drug addiction...completely miserable existence, just as the guy she bullied had wished upon her.

They meet up by chance years after graduation. He hardy recognizes her but she recognizes him. She apologizes, sincerely, and he forgives her. She then gasps; it's like a veil being lifted off of her, and she has control of her life back. Has this whole ordeal been a curse, and her contrition been the key to breaking it? Oh, but she's homeless, penniless and has a criminal record. She can't go back to school or get a job...will he be willing to do more than just forgive her, and help her get her life back on track after getting her reputation so badly tarnished? Will they have enough common ground to make a relationship possible?

Tomboy Toppled

She's a tomboy, super competitive, acts and dresses like one of the guys, hates losing and holds massive grudges, couldn't care less about girly stuff, and is into all the kinds of things guys are, comic books, violent video games, so when she finds herself champion of one of her favorite MMO's, she lords it over everyone, in real life and in the virtual world, relishing her superiority. All that is challenged, however, when an up-and-coming stranger makes some pretty strong remarks about her, not her character in the game, but her personally. Not wanting to lose face, she accepts any challenge he wants to level at her, and is willing to put just about anything on the line to get the chance to publicly humiliate a little troll and cement her rule. She's overconfident, however, and loses a match against him. He's merciful, and just asks that he get a picture of her real-life self rather than just her avatar. She capitulates, since it's just between the two of them. He tells her she's quite pretty and wouldn't mind asking her out on a date. She's not into that kind of thing, at least not until she's ready to settle down, but he challenges her to another match and puts up something she really wants (like a rare collectible) to entice her to risk it again. She once again agrees to the same terms as before, where he gets to name his prize if she loses, acting like too much of a careless guy, as if 'thinking with her dick' and not being very judicious.

She loses again, and humiliatingly so. He asks for his prize, which is for her to escort him to a comic convention. Thinking that won't be so bad, as she loves those things anyway, she meets up with him and finds out that he wants her to come with him in a terribly demeaning, sexy costume, which also involves her walking on all fours with a leash and collar on her neck. Furious but unwilling to go back on her word, she does it, face red, not looking up and hoping nobody recognizes her. But as time goes on, she starts to feel tingly, aroused, as if doing something so humiliating, so demeaning to women, is actually a turn-on for her and she never realized it. So when the convention is over and they return to his hotel room, he notices the change in her demeanor and asks if she'd be willing to let him have a real 'prize' for being so relatively lax on his demands which could have been for literally anything, twice. Experimenting with further degradation during intercourse, she realizes she thrives on that sort of treatment, but could never live that down if anybody she knew found out. So he stays with her, being the only one who knows, and giving her the sex life she didn't realize she was secretly craving. More public humiliation, skimpy cosplay outfits, sex a littler rougher than would usually be preferred by most people, it drives her wild. Can she maintain her public face or will her secret masochist side win out?

Age Before Beauty

He's just starting out on his own now that he's graduated, pretty smart but inexperienced in relationships and sex. He takes a yoga class that's free and realizes why; the teacher is a much older woman, and though her age is clear, she's still in incredible shape and really knows what she's doing. She makes eye contact with him specifically a number of times, and he never tries to awkwardly break it off. They start up a conversation after it's over and end up agreeing to have dinner together. Things move rather fast but he feels excited to experience something so far beyond the expected norm, and she's thrilled to have the attention of someone not her own age and in the prime of his life to give her some of what she's still craving. Is he going to be able to maintain a long-term with a relationship with not just a MILF, but a GILF? Or if not her, might he attract the eyes of some of her peers who've heard about him and his willingness to go above and beyond what most guys his age would?

Best Friends Share Everything

They've been the best of friends for the longest time, two girls having gone through elementary, middle and high schools, and even went to the same college. One of them has a boyfriend, great guy, the other friend totally approves of him being her bestie's guy, and they've never had a situation where they've had any jealousy over him come between them. But then, the other friend doesn't have a guy of her own, which makes her luckier friend, since they're still young and college is supposed to be a time for experimentation, she suggests that the two of them share him. He's a little nervous about the changing dynamic but is also excited about the prospect of having threesomes, but how far can they go without becoming emotionally involved and threatening to destabilize his relationship with his girlfriend? What if she becomes the one who finds herself single if her boyfriend and best friend start feeling like they'd rather be together instead?
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Human-Focused Plots - Continued

Why Can't All Boys Be Like Him?

He's a model student, a bit nerdy but still handsome if not athletic. Three of his MILF-y teachers are very proud of him and very good friendships with him, but each of them is feeling lonely and unfulfilled in their romantic and sexual lives, and being good friends themselves, come up with a devious plan. Their inappropriate crush subsequently finds himself drinking a roofied beverage and wakes up to find himself blindfolded, gagged, and his arms and legs bound to what feels like an otherwise comfy bed. He hears three women's voices, whispering so as to not be recognized, and while they tell him he's not in any danger, they are going to be using him for some fun. He can tell he's naked from the waist down and after some very sensual touches, can't help but get very erect in spite of the situation. They are rather impressed by his size and take quite a bit of time teasing it, rubbing long fingernails all over it, licking it with the tips of their tongues, or even running their teeth along it.

He's released in the same manner as he was captured, with several pictures of himself on his phone and a message that if he tells anyone what happened, that copies of those pictures are ready to be sent out from theirs as well. Not knowing what to make of it, he ends up confiding in his teachers, and they take the opportunity to help convince him that he's got nothing to be ashamed of, and that he's quite the fetching young man who should be interacting with girls more. They even offer to give him some advice and practice if he wants, and while he has his suspicions, he takes them up on it, wanting to experience more of that incredible pleasure from wherever he can find it.

Reversing Stereotypes

She's a bodybuilder either by trade or by hobby, and while she likes her body being very thick and muscular, she hasn't met a guy who isn't put off by that. Even internet dating doesn't seem to be paying off. It's a bit discouraging, and around town she knows people talk about her in mocking tones. She gets an opportunity to teach a slightly younger man, either as a personal trainer or as a gym teacher, and decides to start throwing her weight around, making him get far more up-close and personal than would be necessary under the pretense of showing him the proper 'techniques', but he's such a lightweight and doesn't seem to be improving no matter how much time they spend together, and in spite of how most people would feel uncomfortable and not return or ask for a different teacher, he returns, reliably, every time. She isn't sure if it's because he does like her and just doesn't know how to proceed, or if he's too afraid to make her angry by saying he's uncomfortable. She decides to push things to their limit and has them both do very intense hot yoga, in an environment where she is justified in wearing the slinkiest of bikinis and he's wearing a speedo that would make it impossible for him to hide his arousal. Her plan works, and he's stiff as a board the moment he sees her sitting in that sauna glistening with sweat and with her nipples almost visible through that top, legs spread and bottoms dripping with moisture. Without a word, they have an uncomfortably slippery and hot fuck in the heat, and she realizes what a forceful and dominant lover he is and, despite her own personality, finds herself enjoying being on the bottom. It's quite a contrast, him being so scrawny and half a foot shorter than her, and yet she is the one who submits in the bedroom. But she's perfectly happy having some arm candy to show off around town as a middle finger to everyone who mocked her, even if it's rather ironic how their relationship dynamic differs from how they'd expect behind closed doors.

Secret Admirer

She's a teacher, either at a boarding school or ordinary public school. Still relatively young, she's somewhat reserved in her romantic life and just can't seem to find the right guy. One day she gets a gift package delivered; candy and flowers, and a note saying they're from a secret admirer. She just happens to be a sucker for that kind of thing and, rather than getting creeped out, is flattered and hopes to receive more such things before her mystery lover reveals himself. Only, it remains a game where he stays hidden, always sending gifts anonymously, at least until he knows she's ready for the truth, whatever it may be, where she aches for him so much that she won't say no even after she finds out it's the last person she would expect, or even accept, if she knew.

All the while, he starts sending her things to tempt her. The chocolates spiked with aphrodisiac, a teddy bear covered in pheromones that will further drive her wild, and then a set of skimpy lingerie that she can't resist putting on, even though it just makes her all the more desperate for a good romp in the bedroom. So when he sends her a lovely custom glass dildo, she doesn't even think about it, she just uses it. Then he sends her a vibrator. Then a butt plug. Then a ball gag. Then some light nipple clamps. Then a whip. She just gets progressively more aroused and curious until she can't stand it anymore and has to know who he is. She leaves a note for him, begging him to show himself to her. So when class is over and the students empty out, and he's the last one left, he puts both hands on her desk, leans in, winks, and whispers something only he could know about if he was the one sending her those gifts. He asks her if she's wearing the butt plug to work. Shaken but mesmerized by finally finding out who was giving her such a fantastic few weeks, she nods. He asks if she has the vibrator tucked in her pants. She nods. He turns it on with a remote he has that also controls it. She gasps, groaning, and he stops it. He gets right in front of her, no desk separating them this time, and asks her to kiss him, not demanding it, but wanting her to decide. She does. And the rest is history...
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Ideas & Cravings (M seeking F chars) Craving: Adult Jumanji/Age Diff/Other New
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Update 1/13

Got yet another new idea, not necessarily craving it more than anything else in particular but wanted to put them out there for any new takers:

Her Boyfriend's Grandfather/His Girlfriend's Grandmother

A) ((This one involves multiple relationship taboos, namely age, race, social status, and others.)) She's a high school senior meeting her boyfriend's family at their home for the first time. They are an interracial couple, with his family being African-American and very dark-skinned and her family being European, all very light, redheaded and freckled; her family is also one of privilege, while his has seldom had two pennies to rub together or males who haven't spent time in prison until this most recent generation. They haven't gotten intimate yet but she's very excited to and wants to make it exciting for him for their first time. Mistakenly believing he's taking a shower there one day when everyone else is supposed to be out, she sneaks into the bathroom naked to surprise him with some foreplay and wraps her arms around him in the steamy shower, stroking him off and fondling his balls from behind as she kisses and licks his back and neck, only to find out that when he turns's his grandfather. Shocked beyond belief, she is even more aghast at the girth of his cock and how well-defined he is at his advanced age. Caught up in the heat of the moment, she can't help herself and strokes and even sucks his cock, and they then take it to the next level with her losing her virginity to him. Deciding they need to keep this quiet, but eager to continue this relationship, she feigns having found religion which makes her boyfriend dump her, while his grandfather takes a job as a janitor at their high school so they can be near each other and have secret sex on campus as frequently as they like.

B) He's visiting his girlfriend's home as he often does, and while his girlfriend is doing something that requires her attention and for him to just wait for her to finish, he meets whom he thinks is her mother, a woman of advanced age but who is still quite beautiful and who does a lot of working out and yoga, wearing tight yoga pants and a sports bra as she does so in the living room, stretching in ridiculously enticing positions due to not knowing she's got a witness there (or does she?)

She flirts with him while his girlfriend is still occupied and offers to show him how to do some of those moves despite his reluctance and surprise surprise, he gets hard. She doesn't tease him, just tells him he needs a real woman for a partner who has experience and knows how to really please a fit young man, unlike his immature girlfriend, and they begin to make out, just barely avoiding being caught once the girlfriend returns from her task. Unable to get the older woman out of his mind, he's conflicted about how to manage his relationship and yet get her 'mother' out of his system. But upon discussing his meeting, his girlfriend surprises him with the news that it wasn't her mother he had met, it was her grandmother. How does a woman of such another age and generation still look that good, and act so flirtatiously with a younger man she just met? He's intrigued by her even more now, and wants to take her up on her offer, but doesn't want to lose or hurt his girlfriend. Can he manage juggling both? Her grandmother certainly doesn't seem to mind sharing him or keeping quiet about it, but does demand that he listen to her when she wants something in exchange for letting him have his cake and eat it too.

The Stepford Students

Her family's just moved to a new town. Her parents work as wedding planners and this town is just an absolute gold mine of matrimony; it seems that an overwhelming number of young couples are getting married just out of high school, so that means big business. It also means she doesn't get much attention from either parent but she's an independent young woman, so no big deal. She makes friends at school easily enough, but most of them just suddenly seem to vanish from her circle, either avoiding her and her other friends, or joining activities they seemed to have no interest in before or outright disliked previously. The school is also stratified; half of the entire grounds is off-limits unless a person is classified as a certain rank, and it always seems to be that the students who experienced a sudden inexplicable change in personality are the ones who have advanced to that higher rank. Feeling something is off, she frequently tries to figure out what is going on, spying through the windows, asking a lot of questions, hitting a lot of dead ends. Her parents don't care, her friends discourage her from poking around out of a sense of fear. Only her charming, compassionate (subject of your choice) teacher seems to understand, and admits that even he doesn't know, but that it's probably not important and that she would be best to drop it out of concern for her studies.

This is where things will require brainstorming. What exactly is the conspiracy? How is it being implemented? This is intended to be a teacher/student romance at heart but with a thriller/mystery twist. This will be far more story-oriented than smut but if the conspiracy involves sexual training in some way, that wouldn't be something I would object to.

'Clean Sweep'

He's a successful guy who just happened to get lucky in the right place at the right time and now wants for nothing. A beautiful trophy wife, a fantastically large and luxurious house, and a live-in maid that, in the right outfit and makeup and hair, would give the wife a run for her money. She also sees how poorly the wife treats her husband, asking for so much and giving virtually nothing in return, putting on as shallow of a performance as a spouse as possible without doing anything quite enough to merit a divorce, and constantly blaming the maid for as many problems as she can get away with to boot. Unfortunately for the greedy gold-digging wife, the maid finds a way to switch bodies with her, effectively taking over her life. Such a shallow bitch doesn't really have much of a complex personality so the maid is able to mimic her quite well most of the time, including in her methods of harassing her former 'self' and assigning grueling, cruel tasks out of the blue. Though there are some things the husband finds a tad strange at times, as his 'wife' is far more affectionate, less demanding, with fewer impulsive desires and a thriftier attitude about extravagance, not to mention their rather vanilla sex life is now far kinkier, more experimental, and overall just fantastic, and while she was adamant against having children before, she's now eager to bear him as many as he wants. With his real wife's mind stuck in the body of their lowly maid, she finds herself paralyzed with fear to try and convince her husband since she would be thought to sound insane and be dismissed and then well and truly be fucked.

This can go a number of ways. Is this the story of the hard-working and deserving maid getting her justice over a snobby, abusive bitch who in turn gets her just desserts? Or is it a redemption story of the stuck-up wife learning some humility, becoming a better person, and realizing she really does love her husband and not just his money? Or maybe the 'new wife' shows some mercy to the poor maid and lets her join the happy couple in the bedroom just to feel any hint of an emotional connection. After all, the husband feels perfectly comfortable now admitting to his wife that he finds the exotic maid attractive.

'Time-Order Brides'

A business venture started by the sort of socially awkward, nerdy genius that lesser nerds wish they had the talent of, who invents a means of time travel that allows him to extract certain figures from different periods of history and bring them into the present. The caveat is, these people cannot be anyone of any historical significance, and have to be extracted from within a short time before they would have died (which in their case, being before modern medicine, would have been in their late teens to early twenties given the life expectancy in the past). So what does this time traveling entrepreneur do? He goes into business rescuing women from all over the world throughout history and delivering them into the present in order to save their lives, but also arrange for them to be cared for by lonely men who want to make them their brides. Just how orientated these women become to the modern world before being delivered to their new caretakers-come-husbands is up for discussion but it really is intended to be a fish-out-of-water story of cute, awkward, slowly building romance. It can also take a dark turn if desired, with an open door to the woman being rescued from an abusive situation and put into a friendlier one.

Stretch Me Out - Wait, Not Like That!

I'm thinking of a more teenage sort of Elastigirl or superheroine with similar powers who either is forced to perform at the whim of some villain or other, or perhaps is not doing so well financially out of costume and so is desperate enough to work in porn to pay her bills, using her stretchiness to do things other girls can't, such as (and these will get extreme depending on your viewpoint so take that as fair warning if these oddities may squick you out) letting her nostrils and sinuses be fucked either one at a time or double-teamed, possibly also while her mouth and throat are used for blowjobs; same thing goes for one or both ears, letting her brain get tickled as it is thumped against by their dicks; having her nipples opened wide for similar play as the aforementioned; and letting her other 'standard' holes be stretched to accommodate either more dicks than normally humanly possible or just impossibly large objects.

No idea what actually triggered this weird craving but the image just popped into my head of a nasal fucking, so now I want to see that played out.


This one, on the other hand, I'm actually very much craving. It will require playing two characters simultaneously so be aware of that.

"Married Couple's Plaything"

A married couple, in their mid-30's probably, have a teenage acquaintance. Maybe it's the daughter of a friend or neighbor, maybe one or both of them are teachers and she's one of their favorite students. In any case, she's got a major crush on the both of them and, one days, goes to great lengths to demonstrate how badly she wants to be a part of their relationship. At first uncertain how to feel about that, her heartfelt words and tender emotions overwhelm them and they eventually welcome her into their bedroom, using her friskiness and eagerness to experiment as a catalyst to try things they never would have in their otherwise very vanilla sex life.

I would like for this to culminate in both the wife and the teenager becoming pregnant at roughly the same time and the sort of drama that may create.