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April 02, 2023, 07:41:14 am

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Author Topic: The Storyteller (Fallout, post apoc, dark)  (Read 516 times)

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The Storyteller (Fallout, post apoc, dark)
« on: January 14, 2017, 08:19:39 am »


Non con
torture, no mutilation or amputation
dark themes

What I'm looking for:Looking for a dominate or switch male character, I am willing to accept a female character but you'd have to sell me on it. I will be playing a male character and will be playing any NPCs as needed.

What I am not looking for:Female main characters, submissive characters, Futa, humans with animal ears and tails.

General Setting and Content: Fallout 4 AU.

This will NOT be a smut heavy RP. There will be smut but this is a more character drive RP and smut won't be the focus of the RP.

The Plot: Its an AU and doesn't take place during the game and has its own storylines and plots though it can borrow stuff from the game.

The RP will revolve around your character and mine, the Storyteller and the series of event that lead to them traveling together but its more then a simple 'lets travel together'. They should be encountering people and places from their pasts and be pushed into things that challenge them  and their ethics and morals. 

As for my headcanon for the Storyteller........I've been watching ShoddyCasts Fallout series and it got me thinking about certain things. Like how the Storyteller never takes his power armor off. I know its done for comedic reason in the series but the dark part of me took the idea and ran with it.

What if he had been kidnapped? He does spend months at a time wandering the wastelands collecting lore and the like so it wouldn't be too hard for someone to lure him into a trap. I'm thinking who ever it was, had ties with the Institute but either left on their own or was driven out due to the nature of their experiments so they set up shop in some desolate corner of the Commonwealth.

The Storyteller became  the subject of some dark perverse experiment that had his mind downloaded into a cybernetic body and the power armor is part of his body now hence the reason why he can't take it off.

The memories of the events that lead up to what he is now are very cloudy. He can't remember much, just bits and pieces. He can't even remember who kidnapped him so it could become a part of the plot to seek the one(s) responsible.

Its a secret he's kept under-wraps for some time now and its eating at him. He can't tell any one what he is in fear of retribution or worse. He even refuses to let any one get close to him but despite what he is, what he looks like, he's still human and sooner or latter, someone is going to find cracks in his emotional armor and get in.

Its a dark RP idea that could really be built off of