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Started by Airindel, December 20, 2008, 03:04:04 PM

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John grew up in a harsh environment in the southern states, born and raised in a poor family with his education being minimal. As a child he worked the fields picking cotton, taking odd jobs that he could scavenger to help feed his family, played with his siblings and went to church like all good Christians. His Mama, he was close to, but not so much to his Pa who had a wicked temper. Abuse, John endured and for many years he dreamed of escaping his life by means of death, yet the army drafted him for the Korean war when he was eighteen years old, and freedom was gained by means of another hell.

Somewhere in the mind of John there was another being, another personality, someone who would protect John in the direst of circumstances, and it was this other being, the entity in John's mind who would not allow John to die....but he allowed John to kill.

In 1953, when the war ended, nowhere was home for John except that farmhouse where he grew up. Never had he wanted to go home again, but something made him and no recollection did John have of killing his Pa. All the circumstantial evidence, however, drowned him in guilt, and indeed, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers.

John went to prison as well as the man, that other being in John's mind. One protected the other...and one day after serving five years of hard labour in a shit house prison, new evidence came into light of the case, and John was released.

No where was home for John, and he ended up in a sleepy little town with $15 in his pocket....

Judy Clark, on divorcing her husband who was a no good smooth talking man, abusive both emotionally and physically, was abandoned by her family. No divorcee was going to ruin the good Christian reputation of her family, and so with no support, she struggled to make ends meet and provide for her two young children.

With money borrowed from the bank, the manager having a fancy for her, and the small inheritance that her grandfather provided her with, Judy bought an old house that needed to be renovated yet no man to help her with that or the chores. She relied heavily on the kindness of neighbours to babysit the young ones, or drag them to the small diner where she waited on tables until her shift was over.

One summer morning while Judy was hanging up laundry, she met John who entered her backyard seeking her. He heard that she needed a handyman while he was eating at the diner, informed Judy of that, yet she could not afford to pay him. As she was about to shoo him off of her property, John mentioned that he'd accept pay for his work by means of room and board provided for him by her...

Judy chewed on her bottom lip while thinking of the proposition.

John seemed nice, and there was a certain charm about his aura, a politeness, and in knowing it was a reasonable offer, Judy couldn't refuse him. Her children needed a proper home to live in.

As a friendship blossoms between them, both Judy and John are revisited by their sordid pasts, and it would haunt them, and change their lives for better and for worse.


1. I'm looking for a writer to play John (his name can be changed), preferably a male who can portray a dominant yet gentle man with a multiple personality disorder
2. I'm looking to build the past life of both John and Judy together prior to starting the story, working out the other personality for John, physical appearances of the characters, and some key elements to the story for a guideline
3. That my writing partner will not be afraid to delve into the google monster and do some research if required
4. That the game, more than likely, will have a slower posting rate since life does not let me post every day, and sometimes I just have no inspiration to write on a particular day.
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