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Author Topic: Witches, Demons, Queens and Darkness. (M for F)  (Read 777 times)

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Witches, Demons, Queens and Darkness. (M for F)
« on: January 10, 2017, 10:53:14 PM »
Hello, thank you for your attention! I'll jump right into it and say that this is a request thread for Dark Fantasy with specific regards to the theme of corruption. This mainly falls into the category of "Fallen Heroes," and the "The Heroes journey to the darkside," with my character mainly being the victim of such schemes. I mainly stick to a medieval setting, sometimes with high-fantasy where magic is well known and races are numerous; and other times in low-fantasy where magic would be very rare and it would be mostly dominated by humans.

As the title suggest I am a huge fan of powerful female characters. Characters that have power and are in positions of authority, whether it be a Queen who rules an entire kingdom, or a witch that wants to expand her knowledge in magic, it is something I find very attractive. Naturally, confidence and maturity is something that is crucial if I were to play with someone in this role as I find both qualities super attractive in characters and am at my most comfortable playing with this type. I tend to play younger characters and have a huge interest in younger/older dynamics. Of course, everything within forum guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me.

Anyways, onto the roles and plots.

Witch x Knight
Succubus x Knight
Priestess x Knight
Queen x Prince
Vampiress x Noble
Vampiress x Peasant​


The Prince that was Promised: In the kingdom of Aldenium, where magic was seen as dark and terrible an aging King Aevius grew ill from a fatal poisoning. Without any heir the kingdom was quickly falling into turmoil. Civil war was on the horizon and distant relatives all moved In a state of panic, his wife Queen Octavia turned to a hedge witch that was hidden deep within the woods for help. In exchange for saving the Kings life, the witch asked for a favour that could never be refused. Without hesitation the Queen agreed and soon her husband was saved from his illness. The kingdom was saved, and Aevius saw many more winters.

It would be some time before the witch returned, but it would be when Aevius' firstborn child was delivered into the world. The witch came, and without hesitation made her demand. The Queen refused to give her son and begged that the witch would be stopped. Knights died, and the witch lost her patience. She took the prince and vanished into the shadows. To the public the child was believed to have been stillborn. Queen Octavia would have been believed to have died in childbirth.

Many years passed, and the prince was raised within an orphanage. The witch had no interest in raising the child, but watched over him from afar, knowing that he was the key for her ascension to power. The story begins upon their first meeting...

Breaking the White Knights: The Order of Astraea was in service to the gods. The order was established to keep the peace within the lands, to protect the royal family and uphold the laws that were written by the hands of gods. The rank of Paladin was the highest honour a knight could attain, yet it was a long arduous journey that many were not worthy of. My character has been shortlisted as one of the most promising initiates that joined The Order when he was a child. Your character, an ancient sorceress of legend has taken a great interest in his promising career yet for all the wrong reasons. Where others see a bastion of hope, the Sorceress sees his potential for destruction. The Sorceress has long since planned to turn the promising recruit towards the path she desires; that of a Dark Knight.

Trapped Within: A group of adventurers took a shortcut through the Maeroth forest. The forest is known for inhabiting twisted creatures and legends say that few who enter ever return. It doesn't take long for a large mist to settle in, and soon the path is lost. The forest is quiet at first, but soon things become grim when the group begins to turn on each other. It soon becomes quite clear that there are other forces at work. (This can go a number of ways, and is probably the most open plot I have right now.)

If you have any interest in playing the plots, the roles or even any questions please PM me. Have a nice evening.

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Re: Witches, Demons, Queens and Darkness. (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2017, 07:23:07 AM »