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Author Topic: Kobold in a Modern World (Looking for Human Character)  (Read 1218 times)

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Kobold in a Modern World (Looking for Human Character)
« on: January 10, 2017, 04:34:04 AM »
Decided to modify this request a bit more, and add something. Instead of making a new thread, just bumping this with additional information. See original request information in the hidden if you care to see. Otherwise, check post #2!

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Hey there, folks. I have a real craving to play a kobold character (Pathfinder/D&D 3.0/3.5) and have in a while, but settled a bit on a setting as well and a general plot idea, along with it.

Kobolds are sneaky little bastards and even continued to the modern world. Supernatural creatures are generally unheard of except by the top people who handle them in that most common folks figure it is all just superstition to an extent. The character I want to play can be introduced to the modern world in a few ways. The tribe he/she comes from (Will discuss for what genders the main characters are) is hidden in a massive underground network near a city dump. Why a dump? Easy way to get items that would otherwise be difficult to get. Master trapsmiths and intuitive  creatures able to craft their own devices from thrown away technology, they commonly come up to raise the local area and the dump to get what they wanted.

The two ways I figured the kobold character to be introduced is by either getting caught digging in the dump by the security or waste management officer there, left behind by the group that had come out (They do have a 'weakest gets left behind' mentality), or caught by a local homeowner in a night raid.

Alternatively, it could be that the kobold has found a working device and figured how to gain internet access and kind of covets a laptop, tablet or some other small wifi enabled device. He/She actually started learning to get in contact with humans and learned a bit about then and found a local who had seemed to meet it and its curiosity got the better of it to go and see what would happen if it met with a human.

I kind of like the technologically adept and curious one because otherwise it could be a bit more combative to begin with and if introduced friendly to begin with could cause a quicker transaction to a technology obsessed creature I was thinking of to begin with.

Shoot me a PM if you want to try it, Or just message here, this isn't my main Request thread, just one I REALLY wanted to try and get someone involved with. :D
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Re: Kobold in a Modern World (Looking for Human Character)
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 10:04:01 AM »
I am interest in a kobold! I mean, I did manage to get one going for a fantasy setting, but am still quite interested in one in a modern setting!

Now, by Kobold I mean the D&D 3.5 or Pathfinder kind. Master Trap-smiths, dragon worshipers, All-Speakers and more! The twist, this time, is for a modern game. If people want, we can go just modern, but if people want I can push a Sci-Fi Modern, or futuristic idea to it. I just do want advanced technology to be a thing here due to the entertaining idea in my mind where the kobold in particular gets addicted to, basically, entertainment mediums.

There are a couple ideas I want, either the kobold gets left behind raiding a home, a landfill or store as a way to gain parts for their more technologically advanced traps where they hide. They are normally quite good at cleaning up their messes - being hidden for the most part in the modern world aside from the few crazies that say they are real - as this world is basically an all-human type of world. There may have been fantasy creatures befre, or maybe the kobolds are displaced from another world? We can discuss that in RP.

The second idea is that the particular kobold I play manages to build his/her own computer, managing to figure out how to get it working and connected to the internet and interacting with the non-kobold world. This originally was set up as a way to scam/con some to get supplies for the tribe, but as the one that built it, the PC kobold is in charge of taking care of it, and figuring new ways to use it. He/She manages to, somehow, befriend the opposite of him/her and risks a meeting. Can discuss why it would be such an idea, though the human PC would not be knowledgeable what the kobold really is... If if he/she does know, maybe always threw it off as a joke. ("Oh so it's one of those weird furry peoples, but they're cool" kind of situation.)

Open to any pairing of male/female/other but preference for pairings are as follows: Human/Kobold

The human can be masculine or feminine as a preference as well. If you want to play a girly boy, or butch girl or femme girl or masculine man feel free to work in your preference.

Either way, the ideas for images of the kobold are as follows, since some folks seems they enjoy images as enhancers:

Message me if interested!

Edit: Fixed broken link for male Kobold.
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Re: Kobold in a Modern World (Looking for Human Character)
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2017, 03:59:48 AM »
Bump for the Month.

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Re: Kobold in a Modern World (Looking for Human Character)
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2017, 04:05:17 AM »
Bumping due to previous partner(s) vanishing on me in the RP.