[M for F] Colonial Marines (Aliens based OC)

Started by badmunkey, January 07, 2017, 06:21:50 PM

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Colonial Marines, the tip of the spear, heavily armed and trained to kill everything. Mobile infantry and the primary striking element of the United Americas Allied Command.

USCM Valkyrie Platoon was the pride of 8th wave feminists across the colonies. Battle hardened and lethally efficient, this all female rifle platoon was a wet dream for the USCM propaganda machine. Pound for pound they were the equal of any mixed gender platoon though many suspected that they were given softer jobs in order to keep them in one piece and generating new female enlistment from the civilian populace.

The USS Fenrir, with a belly full of Valkyries in hypersleep, was enroute to the USM Serpens deep at the edge of the solar system. The Serpens was a sister ship to the USM Auriga, a constitutionally illegal and ultra secret research ship engaged in unethical research into Xenomorph XX121. While the Auriga ended up destroyed over earth after a dramatic containment failure, the Serpens had succeeded in it's brood parasite research program and was ready to escalate to field testing.

After getting out a single mayday, the Serpens has gone dark and the marines are en route to investigate.

They mostly come out at night, mostly

This single player CYOA prompt is OC based around the Aliens setting, bites hard from Alien:Ressurection and features the iconic Xenomorph as the primary antagonist and focus of the non-con. Your character will be one of a squad of ultimate badasses sent to the Serpens to recover the ship from an unidentified threat and return it to Earth space. Simple, right?

The degree of depravity can vary depending on what you're into and how you sell it but the base package offered includes: Non Con, Xenos, Oviposition and thematic, non sexual violence. Kinks are negotiable, adding or subtracting elements, I'm a sucker for an awesome idea if you think you've got one.

I'm looking for partners that are more than just reactive, can work with me to push the story and aren't afraid to get dirty. I'm not a walking encyclopedia of all things Aliens, I'm an enthusiast, I don't expect my partner to know the calibre of a pulse rifle or the chemical composition of Xeno blood. Response preferences are in the two to three paragraph range, juicy and descriptive. I'm not asking for all of your time but if responses are too spaced out, I lose my focus and my interest, preference is at least once a day. This is a CYOA but it's also a two person experience, I'm working to entertain you, please extend me the same courtesy. As usual, please respond via PM if you're interested in talking details or have questions.

Standard partner ghosting expectations being what they are, if you miss your turn this time, this ride will be back again soon enough.