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Author Topic: Ain't nothing here but us fantasies...  (Read 2335 times)

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Ain't nothing here but us fantasies...
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:56:27 pm »
I don't do a lot of 1x1 games. There's a lot of stress on sex and ... I just find it easier to write in group games. I am open to the idea with a good partner. Apparently my dreams like to give me the best roleplaying ideas. I don't know what I've been doing to get some of these popping up but I guess I can't complain. I think they're great touchpoints for storylines. I'll list a couple here but I'll keep whatever synopsis brief as I can.

Otherwise, I currently have no ideas but you can skim over my fandoms list in my O/O if you want to tickle my fancy. At the moment, I would really love to do something with Noragami, Deadpool or Giovanni Potage from Epithet Erased. I also dig on Zeraora from Pokemon, if you're ok with furries.

Fanservice fantasies (AKA Shit that came out of my dreams)

  • Ouran High School Host Club - Haninozuka
    MxF, romance, obsession, bondage/ownership, food, masturbation, voyeurism

    It's not really a secret that I particularly love short men. Oddly enough though I had never been drawn to Honey before - probably because I'm not into shotacon and he's often shipped with Mori who is the opposite of what I find attractive. But Honey is more than just the role he plays as a cutesy, sweet-eating embodiment of moe. He's also a martial arts master, a serious bad ass who could care less what others think of him and 100% an actual adult... in spite of his stature.

    I guess my subconscious wanted to remind me of that. (Even though I haven't actually watched this show in years.)

    My dream last night..
    The overall feel of my surprisingly erotic dream actually fit the show. It was during the show's timeline - Honey was a senior and Haruhi was in the club. The dream appeared to have a brief prequel where Hani and Mori were hanging out. He was riding on Mori's shoulders and noticed me/my character moving into her new apartment. (No freaking clue why they were there... I'm not rich and was actually a foreign exchange student) He asked who I was and Mori couldn't tell him but I guess his interest was piqued. He stood on the  other side of a fence (apparently standing on something that made him seem somewhat taller) from me and talked to me for a few minutes.

    Flash forward to the time setting of the main part of the dream where I/my character was in that horrid yellow dress that is the Ouran female school uniform. I was bringing in catering items for the Host Club. (Apparently it was a rule of the exchange that I had to participate in a certain number of extracurricular activities in order to get my scholarship so I was in some sort of cooking club) Honey was sitting with a couple other hosts and a few ladies and asked again who I was. This time Kyoya was about and he began answering him before Honey cut him off and burst into his usual childlike glee. He yelled "She's pretty!" all happy-like and ran over to me. It was a sub-plot of the story that Honey had been going through some kind of late growth spurt and had gained almost two inches in the last year but our height difference was very apparent. He was just reaching 5'1 at this point and the only other time I had seen him I was under the impression that he was about 5'5 to my nearly 6' so it took me a while to place him in my memory.

    Things slowly started to change in our interaction and I began spending more and more time in the Host Club at his request. He began to give me so much individual attention and overt affection that a few of the other guests became jealous but just as many had come to enjoy watching us together because they had thought it was some kind of motherly relationship. A few knowing glances were exchanged between the twins and Kyoya though and they warned Renge that if she thought that was what was going on she was very mistaken. They had spoken with Haninozuka while the club wasn't in session and - even more importantly - found out from Mori that much of Honey's behaviour had changed drastically since shortly after I came to school. (And Mori had caught him in a very private act more than once... or so it was implied...)

    From that point on the story took a really quick and delicious turn. Honey started spending time with me outside the Host Club. He would hold my skeins of yarn while I balled them and he'd always be present when I was cooking anything. One afternoon in the kitchen of my apartment he cornered me and began licking frosting off of my fingers before making his interests even more obvious (because I can actually be somewhat clueless at times). Over time it had become impossible for me to look at him with the same platonic adoring fashion that a lot of the other ladies did and once he came on to me so forcefully my resistance was shot. It turned out that he really was a nice guy who loved sweet stuff and cute things but he was also very outspoken about exactly what he wanted and very aggressive at getting it. He became very possessive of me - literally. I belonged to him under no uncertain terms. His little shown scary side could come out on occasion when it came to our intimate relationship. He was primal, dominant and overwhelming.

    And that really is the least of it...

  • MARVEL -Deadpool and Gambit to a lesser extent
    MxF, romance, dirty talk, fantasies, ass worship, true love, loyalty, sexual exploration, SuperxNon-super, cat and mouse...

    ^ Quite relevant to the story actually
    OK, yeah. This one doesn't surprise me. Deadpool has been invading my mind for years. This dream actually happened before I saw the movie in theaters though. I adore open-minded, pansexual and loyal DP - the one who sees himself as a Hufflepuff. He may be spouting out random inappropriate silliness but mainly just wants to find his place in life... and love. I adore him because I'm demisexual and I fall in love and lust with a personality and an intellect far before the appearance that goes with it. Anything beyond is just icing. I've got plenty of my own crazy so I guess it was only a matter of time before I had some wet dream with him in it.
    Here's what happened.
    I have this Marvel universe OC that is very much based on myself. I had been writing her up and playng her in a tabletop game for nearly a week straight when this happened. She's tall, voluptuous and rubenesque. Strong but soft and a bit chubby with spindly dreadlocks and gray eyes. She doesn't have the best self esteem because I don't. But likewise for giving a fuck about what people really think about her. Her only superhuman ability is that she can sing in order to psychically connect to and communicate with animals around her.

    Sadly, since this dream is old I have forgotten a lot of the details. But I will write down what I remember.

    There was a very large and prestigious auction going on in a rich waterfront district in her usual stomping ground of Chicago. A few of the items were worth incredible amounts and there was something in particular that was under heavy suspicion of being stolen that evening. She worked with a few other humans in her vigilante group and they basically did good for good's sake... however they could. Unfortunately there were other things going on that evening and she was one of the few best suited for covert operations so she had to take on this guarding task alone.

    Gambit (clearly still a thief in this dream instead of an actual Xmen) ended up being the one person on a list she'd been warned to look for who actually showed up. She tailed him through the more public areas of the establishment before his intentions became obvious. He was a lot smoother than she expected though, and he had been able to swipe the small device from it's case without her knowing. At that point he played an obvious game of cat and mouse with her, and even verbally egged her on flirtatiously. He was always a step or two ahead and lead her on a winding chase through the building. Sometime during all of this, Deadpool slowly entered into the picture. I'm not entirely certain what his motivations were but I know they had something to do with either Gambit himself or the item that he had. They were both kind of a bit in each other's way and had no idea who the other was (no surprise there - she was really small fry). I remember she asked her teammates who this goofball was and our info guru could only give her some general information.

    Before long, Gambit lead them into the building's access ports for electricity and the like. She had been trying to keep her mind on her task so she did her best to ignore every comment Wade had thrown her way but was becoming more and more frustrated at the teasing ones Remy was tossing back. Gambit scurried up a ladder leading into the ventilation system and she followed quickly with Deadpool on her heels. (Maybe it's because I'm told by many my rear is one of my best features but I definitely gave this character 'dat ass') after they reached the top and had to spend a portion of time crawling through the metal vents she was very self conscious of her big hips narrowly fitting around some bends and Deadpool was entirely smitten by her rear end and kind of lost focus of his mission - at least temporarily. He made a few lewd remarks but mostly it was dirty thoughts going on in his head. Unfortunately this chase scene didn't go anywhere for either of them as just as she caught up to Gambit he caused an explosion and left with a wink and a derisive remark.

    She didn't take failure well and immediately moved to try to fix it by contacting her teammates - most of whom were unable to respond. For some reason Deadpool decided he was going to help her - at least temporarily. At first she was very wary of his offer but she went along with it. And the more he found out about her the more he came to admire her. For her part in things she had been through a lot in life and had sworn off romantic relationships so it took a bit to convince her but she eventually came around. No explicit sex actually happened in the "story" part of the dream but as narrator/viewer I got to see not only the dirty fantasies in my own character's head but in DP's as well. The dream was actually fun but it ended too early to get a definitive ending.

    Many moons later I seemed to have had a dream that picked up some time later in their story, see here.

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Re: Ain't nothing here but us fantasies...
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 01:43:18 pm »
* Persona 4 - Yosuke Hanamura
MxM, forced homosexuality, non-con, sexual experimentation, possible crossdressing, possible humiliation, sex toys, anal virginity
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
One of my biggest fetishes that I haven't been able to act on in roleplay yet is forced homosexuality. I don't dig the idea of springing it on a random Joe but your typical macho frat guy might be appropriate. Or, you know.... this little homophobic shit. I know, I know... I'm not really all that into extreme non-con myself, but methinks the boy doth protest too much and that means we need to enlighten him a little. I do admit to the guilty pleasure of schadenfreude at the thought of making him react like this. The idea is that he's not as straight as he wants everyone to think he is. He hasn't allowed himself to acknowledge his homosexual desires and outright refuses and runs away from them. After a bit of aggression he comes around - at least somewhat. There's no one dream to harken back to for this one and I don't have anything solid in mind. I'm not even too sure which end of things I would like to be on this little exchange. (Ok maybe I slightly prefer being the dominant one here...) So mostly I'm open-minded for what other character(s) are involved and how things go down. OCs would be welcome!
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Re: Ain't nothing here but us fantasies...
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 05:00:58 pm »
  • MARVEL -Deadpool
    MxF, romance, dirty talk, fantasies, ass worship, true love, loyalty, sexual exploration, SuperxNon-super

    You and me both, Wade...

    I had gone a long while without having this dream and then I had something that picked up at some point in the future. I'm not certain how long it has been, but whereas my OC more or less tolerated Deadpool and even tried to avoid him before, at this point we have established some amount of actual trust in each other. He still showed up completely at random but she had found herself missing him in his absence.

    I had this dream last week so I may have forgotten some of the details; should have wrote it down quicker... damn.

    My girl's vigilante group was using coordinated efforts to dismantle a crime group's elaborate plan. It required all of them to split into smaller teams, with CJ ending up on her own. The other teams were dismantling bombs and collecting the chemical weapons that were being used throughout Chicago. It was mass chaos in the city, people were running wild in the streets -
     either out of fear, or greed (as there were opportunities for looting) or out of the insidious effects of the chemical weapons.

    She had been charged with the task of infiltrating the factory the baddies had used to create their substance. It was less heavily guarded than their other posts during the night of their attack, so it was easier for the sneaky-sneaky CJ to take out the few guards and shut it down. Deadpool invited himself into her mission, and this time she didn't seem to mind so much when his brash, straight-forward violence kinda defeated the point. He'd even started to use less than lethal rounds in his guns so that she could disable and imprison enemies as she preferred not to take lives.

    She was neither a chemist nor an engineer but the others in her group had done their homework and gave her straight forward instructions on how to disable the machines and safely dispose of the substances. But she made a mistake when she was disconnecting the first pipe and ended up getting a small spray directly in the face. She wiped it off and washed her face and went on to complete the dismantling. From then on, she and Wade sat rather idly in the well-lit security room the small factory held on the 2nd floor. She was able to monitor the perimeter of the building from there and took over one of the internal feeds to watch the news.

    Thankfully, there were no further fights for them that night, at least not with other beings. It seemed the other members of her team were struggling to subvert the plans of the organized crime group but the authorities were alerted and given the best information to actually help so some arrests were made and the fighting slowly died out. There were a few close calls  but the vigilante group escaped. When Deadpool heard the newscaster speak of how the substance seemed to have been created to negatively affect females, specifically, throwing them into passionate fits of anger or aggressive seduction, he couldn't help but tease her about whether she was feeling any repressed needs bubbling up, since he could 'help' her with that.

    She turned from the monitor and shot him an unamused look and he laughed. But she was sweating and her tight black clothes were sticking uncomfortably to her body. She asked him to watch the news since she needed to use the restroom. He made a joked about how she just needed to take care of herself sexually and she scoffed. He didn't know how right he was though. He knew so much about her but she hadn't even come to know his actual name so far but at that moment she couldn't get him out of her head. She leaned desperately fingered herself, wishing he could just come in and nail her to the wall.

    She had been in there for some time, stripping off her outer layers and head coverings and cooling down with handfuls of faucet water before she finally came back out. In a rare serious moment, he apologized if he went too far.  He said that even if she actually were to take him up on it, he wouldn't go through with it since she'd obviously not be herself. She took a listen in at the news and upon hearing that things had finally settled down, she turned back and arched an eyebrow. She said, "Really? So if I were to do this you wouldn't actually go for it?" She hadn't meant to do anything more than tease him, but in her seductive walk over and how she grinded on him she ended up flushing and falling into a pit of dizzy desire once again. He complained that it wasn't fair that she did that, enjoyed the moment but kept his hands off of her body until she literally fell into his arms and almost passed out. She was burning up with fever and her complete lack of any "super" human ability became painfully apparent to him then. He took her body gently down with him and leaned against the wall, staying with her all night as her body slowly overcame the effects of the drug.

    That's it. There had been no actual sex between them but it was intense and sweet. I loved it. <3