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Author Topic: Naivety (Looking for GM/Male Characters)  (Read 1701 times)

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Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Naivety (Looking for GM/Male Characters)
« on: January 02, 2017, 06:42:56 pm »
Thank you for finding my request thread. My name is ABagOVicodin, and I've been on Elliquiy for six years. I feel that I have evolved as a writer through those years, and I have all of my partners to thank for that. I'm revamping my request thread after 2 years out of a desire to be more specific with what I want. I'll provide a little more information about me if you decide to take me on as a partner. This thread is under construction, but I am available for messages and my main ideas are down below.

Prescription Information:
  • I am a writer in his 20s who is in his final year of college. My hobbies are mostly gaming, writing, and reading. I always try to do something different in life, although Elliquiy has been one of the main constants in my life since 2012. Sometimes it's a different book, different writing style, or maybe a different restaurant. Either way, I try to spice up my life to avoid the monotony of work + school.
  • I also work far away from home, so most of my time is spent between the two locations. Because of this, my posts are often written on my phone, although I do attempt to write on my computer for the first few posts/introductions. Sometimes I'll write one post a day, sometimes 3 or 4. If I don't get back to you in two weeks, please PM me and I'll try to bring us back to reality.
  • I'm a straight male that has dabbled in all manner of characters. From female to male, to hermaphrodite or alien, I have tried them all. Depending on the idea, I will want to play the male or female (or other), and I'll specify within my ideas. However, don't let that discourage you from not trying out an idea! Sometimes a good twist or simply an impressive writer will open me back up to the idea, and it doesn't hurt to ask my feelings about it. But, if an idea is completely closed, I will not budge on reopening it.
  • I write 3+ paragraphs in every one of my posts, with few exceptions. I expect the same amount of words in return, 300+. Thanks to Aya and Snow Nymph, I've gotten used to linking pictures of my characters in the post. If you don't know how to do it, I can help you. Openers I'd like to be a bit bigger, with 500+ words. Now, obviously I won't drop you if one post is below 300 words, but if this becomes a habit without a reasonable explanation, I will become frustrated and discontinue our story.
  • I prefer to be contacted by PM for any questions about my ideas or roleplays. Do not post in this thread. I cannot stress that enough.
  • I can also be contacted by Discord/Skype for friendly banter, brainstorming, or chatting. Mention either in your PM and I will gladly add you.

General Ons:
Any of my Ons can be removed if they do not make you comfortable. I know that some of these kinks, from the darker to more niche can drive writers away, and I want us to share in the fun of our story. Mention the ons that you like in your PM, or simply the ones that you don't like and we can move from there.

Vicodin's Ons
Ageplay (As per site rules, no characters in sexual scenes can be below 16.)
Manipulation (Mental, preferably)
Abuse (Verbal, mental, physical)
Misogyny (More of the subtle themes of it than outright sexism)
Traditional Gender Roles (Similar to the previous one)
Outfits/High heels (The more detailed an outfit, the more fun it is to take it off)
Clothed sex
Public scenes/Risk of getting caught
Multiple penetrations
Kidnapping/Free Use
Risk of Pregnancy/Breeding/Creampies
Blowjobs/Throatfucking/Everything that comes with it. (Lipstick smearing, the sounds coming from a fucked throat, mascara and makeup running. The detail in these actions will make me wish for the next post)
Harems (Love having them, or playing them with a specific writer.)
Footplay (Very niche amounts. Nix this if it doesn't interest you)
Sexual Exhaustion (The woman collapsing after being used, but someone simply continues. Sloppy seconds are another one I love based on this)
Raceplay (Specifically Asian women on other races. As a fellow listener of K-Pop, I melt at the sight of a beautiful K-pop faceclaim)
and More!

Snuff (I like bad endings, but characters that I've put so much time into being killed is not fun in any way for me.)
Scat (Pretty obvious, no)
Oviposition (Hard maybe, but I don't find it fun)
Mutilation (Abuse is fine, but losing body parts is not.)

There is a girl that has always wanted to be a superhero. She has every Marvel and DC comic, has cosplayed at conventions and during Halloween, and considers the movie "Kickass" to be an example of realistic heroism. She decides one day that she wants to put her money where her mouth is, and she sneaks out of her house, armed with a knife and a taser. She's looking for trouble, and finds it.

I'm leaning on it being a GM roleplay, where I play out the girl while the other plays out all of her obstacles, from rapist burglars to the regular high school life. Maybe the girl becomes a superhero eventually? As long as it has a naive, but willful girl that is willing to achieve justice despite how many times she is taken advantage of and defeated, I'm game. Perhaps the city's corruption goes all the way up to the school, and everything is in her way to make her fail, from abusive boyfriends, to sexist teachers?

Possible themes that the roleplay could include
Misogyny (preferred)
Non-Con (preferred)
Gangbangs (preferred)
Public Sex
Suggest other kinks!

I also would be very much interested in doubling with another writer, the both of us playing a naive vigilante and some of the many men that take advantage of the girls.

Face Claims
I found five K-Pop idol face claims that could realistically look 16-18. You pick your favorite, and I'll choose her as the face claim and appearance for the rest of the roleplay, so choose wisely! I'll also entertain different hair colors if you wish.

The name in quotation marks would be their name in the RP. I'll also provide two pictures since hair colors often change during different album periods.

Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban (Blackpink)

Im "Nayeon" (Twice)

Kim "Jisoo" (Blackpink)

Chong Ting "Elkie" Yan (CLC)

Kim Ye-rim "Yeri" (Red Velvet)

Or we can discuss other possible face claims if you have a different preference :)

That's all I have so far. Again, PM me if you are interested and thank you for reading.
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Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Young Vigilante RP (LF GM / Male Characters)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2017, 10:44:26 am »
Monthly bump. Previous writer disbanded.

Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Young Vigilante RP (LF Dark F/M/GM Scenario)
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2017, 01:52:12 am »
I have updated some of my desires for the RP, as well as improved the title to be more specific about the age range of the characters. I'm also interested in doubling with a writer, both of us playing the evil males and a naive superheroine.

Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Superhero / Vigilante RP (LF Males and GMs for Dark Idea)
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2018, 02:49:17 am »
I'm revamping this thread with some face claims that I'd like to use for the vigilante. I'm only interested in seeing people play the male characters or a GM.

Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Superhero / Vigilante RP (LF Dark F/M/GM Scenario)
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2018, 05:08:17 pm »
After a personal break, I'm back to try this again. Still only looking for the GM or male characters, but I can be convinced to double.

Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Naivety (Looking for GM/Male Characters)
« Reply #5 on: January 17, 2019, 03:04:53 am »
Looking for one other writer/GM who can make this work~

Online ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Re: Naivety (Looking for GM/Male Characters)
« Reply #6 on: July 07, 2019, 09:01:55 pm »
Still looking for one other writer who wouldn't mind GMing for my personal Korean vigilante woman!