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DC and Marvel Fandom Requests! (M f F)

Started by TheSithChicken, January 02, 2017, 04:18:54 AM

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What I Am Looking For In A Partner:

Literacy - I need a partner who has at least a moderate grasp of the English language. I'm not expecting perfection. I'm not perfect and I'm going out on a limb to say that you probably aren't either. Spelling and grammar just have to be in the ballpark. You don't have to write a novel but let's not do a one liner.

- Talking to me about our story lets me know you're interested. That you're excited. That gets me excited. Excitement gets my muse up and running.

Understanding - My health is not great right now and my posting rates will fluctuate. Sometimes I can respond multiple times a day. Sometimes I will only be able to respond once a week. Just depends on how badly my body screws me over at any particular moment.

What I Am Looking For Here:

Comic Book Goodness - I want to play around with the characters and worlds of established comic book universes. Been watching a lot of superhero stuff lately and I am just in a superhero kind of mood.

Not Being A Setting or Comic Nazi - I want to play with the ideas not be constrained by them. If we have cool ideas that would be nixed by the Amazing Lightning Lad #326 our ideas are going to win. Have to emphasize this since I am listing a lot of relatively obscure characters.

Sexy Fun - I want a good mix of smut and adventure but I don't have a set ratio. I just want both. How much depends on who we are playing and what we want to do.

Flash Inspired Fun - See the newest idea below! Serious craving!

Note: Feel free to ask questions or suggest pairings. While I will have some pairing and story ideas I am more laying out the kind of thing I would like to play.

Note: Please don't message me with a single sentence.


Bolded names indicate cravings.

Characters I Wouldn't Mind Playing:

OCs (to be described below)
Ares -
Azrael -
Bane -
Black Adam -
Clayface -
Constantine -
The Demon - Could write him with a new host too.
Killer Croc - Pretty much any version except Suicide Squad. Preference towards comic or DCAU versions.
Man-Bat - A very underappreciated Batman character that I would love to play opposite some of Gotham City's Sirens.
Mister Miracle - But only opposite Big Barda and vice versa.
Orion -
Sabbac -

Characters I Would Like to Play Opposite Of:

Batgirl -  Pretty much any of them really
Big Barda -
Blackfire -
Catwoman - All the yes.
Cheetah -
Cheshire -
Circe -
Fire -
Giganta -
Harley Quinn - Pretty much any version
Lady Shiva -
Poison Ivy - Batman just straight has all the best female villains.
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Power Girl - You knew she was gonna be on here.
Raven -
Starfire - Preferably with her New 52

Wonder Woman - Not the movie version.
Zatanna -


Norse Myth - I love Marvel's take on Norse myth and would generally love writing in that section of the Marvel universe. There is so much there to work with.

Characters I Wouldn't Mind Playing:

OC Asgardians
OC Mutants
OCs - To be described below.
Andreas von Strucker - Specifically opposite his twin sister Andrea.
Black Bolt - Though his real name would not be Blackagar Boltagon.
Carnage - Only opposite Shriek
The Exceutioner -
Fabian Cortez -
Fenris Wolf -
Juggernaut - Do I need to link?
Kurse -
Loki - Though I would almost rather have him as a npc for both of us to work with.
Molecule Man - Only opposite Volcana.
Omega Red -
Paladin -
Silver Samurai -
Terrax the Tamer -
Venom - Eddie Brock styled

Characters I Would Like to Play Opposite Of:

OC Asgardians
OC Inhumans - Only across from Black Bolt
OC Mutants
Andrea von Strucker - Only opposite Andreas.
Black Cat -
Black Queen -
Darkstar -
Domino -
Emma Frost - Whether as the White Queen or after she reformed.
Enchantress -
Hela -
Karnilla -
Lorelei -
Mystique - A shapeshifting woman in my life? Yes please!
Psylocke -
Rogue -
She-Hulk - I love me some She-Hulk. Big, fit, powerful, and sexy as fuck.
Shriek -
Sif - Love her for a lot of the same reasons as I do She-Hulk plus Asgardian.
Valkyire - See the reasons I love Sif.
Volcana - Only opposite Molecule Man.

More to come later! Why? Because my brain is slowly boiling in it's own juices.


Story Ideas

A Different Kind of Flash  *Super Mega Craving*
Who: OC Flash/OC or AV (Alternative Version) of Canon DC Woman or Canon DC Woman - I am pretty open here. If you have an idea not on my list feel free to toss it my way.

I want to do a take on the Flash tv show inspired by season 2. Infinite Earths but each sharing one thing in common. The explosion and the creation of a speedster. So I want to explore one of those alternate Earths. I don't care if it's Earth 5, 6, or 36. The idea is simple. A new world, a new Flash, and a new story-ish. The idea is very open ended so I will lay what I am thinking.

Eric Daniels was an athlete once (preferably a fighter of some kind - boxer, kickboxer, mma fighter, etc) but a car wreck ended his career early. So crippled he turned towards his actual majors from school. Ended up a psychologist and a criminologist walking on a cane. He was good at his job and enjoyed it but there was always a part of him that yearned for combat. Yearned for his old self. Wished he could step into combat one more time. Then the night of the explosion happened.

Basically I want to write a Flash who isn't a clear cut hero. I want to write a Flash that has more of an edge. One that straddles the knife edge between hero and villain. See how that changes things. Maybe this story's version of the Reverse Flash is trying to guide him down a better path or stop him before he loses it? How interesting would it be to see Zoom come up against someone willing to get bloody to fight him? Maybe your character is the one who acts as his balance or your character could be the one pulling him from the straight and narrow.

Lots of ways to take it. Lots of ways to play it.

A New Beau
Who: Harley Quinn/Kirk Langstrom aka Man-Bat
Why: Man-Bat is very underappreciated and Harley would find the humor in making her new beau the Man-Bat as a dig at the Joker's obsession with Batman.

Harley is on the look for a new beau after leaving Mister J for insert whatever reason will make a good starting point for us and if that beau gets under his skin a bit all the better. She knows that the Joker is trying to get his hands on the Man-Bat serum being sold by the illustrious ex-Miss Kirk Langstrom. So she decides to introduce herself to Kirk Langstrom by breaking into Arkham Asylum and approaching the sometimes crimefighter sometimes ravenous beastman with a partnership. I imagine he would be initially unenthusiastic - Harley is a well known crazy person after all - but he couldn't bring himself to let his serum fall into the Joker's hands.

From there on the story almost writes itself. A burgeoning relationship, both of them dealing with their exes, battles with the Joker, probable interference from Batman, and all sorts of fun. Once it's over it's a great place to start other stories. Maybe bring in Harley's bestie Poison Ivy. Whatever works for us.

A Man Without Fear
Who: OC/Any of the Gotham City Sirens (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn)

Michael Morgan was a meek, forgettable bundle of wasted talent. Brilliant, athletic, and filled with promise - and rendered a mass of paralyzed mass of neurosis thanks to a home life that could generously be described as a credible attempt at recreating Dante's Inferno. Fear ruled his world so it seemed almost fitting when the Scarecrow attacked the building he was working at and trapped him in an elevator with enough fear gas to kill a man and left him to his own hell. Surprisingly he didn't die but he did not survive unchanged.

The doctors at Gotham General explained that the overdose of the gas and the replacement of the oxygen in his brain for an extended period had caused a certain amount of cerebral damage. In this case it burned out his ability to feel fear. For Michael they may as well have told him that he was now a different person. Out in the world again he found himself unsatisfied with his old life and he starts looking for a new one. One that made him feel alive and got his heart pumping. He threw himself into cage fights, did parkour over the urban wasteland of Gotham, and learned everything that he would have been afraid to before. Eventually his eyes turned to the real excitement in Gotham. the world of costumed criminals and vigilantes.

How he gets involved depends on who you would like to play. If it's
maybe he decides to steal something she has her eyes on and they meet on the job as it were. If it's Poison Ivy maybe she tries to control him and they discover that what keeps him from being afraid also keeps him from being controlled and that intrigues her. If Harley... who knows? She's as crazy as she is hot. The point is I am flexible.

A Little Piece of Home *Craving*
Who: OC/Power Girl *preferred* or Wonder Woman or Fire

Eric Daniels was always a sickly man from the time he was a child. Prone to illness at the drop of a hat exacerbated by exposure to the sun. His case baffled doctors in Central City for years so all he really received was treatment for the symptoms. He seemed doomed to a hermit's life barely able to enjoy the activities he loved best until the day the Justice League battled Metallo in downtown Central City. In the midst of this Eric made a heroic move to save insert whichever female hero you want to play by pushing them out of the way of Metallo's kryptonite blast and taking the brunt himself and he is rushed either to Star Labs or the Wtachtower for treatment.

There they discover something miraculous. He's not human. Never was. He was Kryptonian. The reason he had been sickly all his life was trace elements of kryptonite embedded in his body during his journey to Earth. Under careful watch the doctor's surgically remove the embedded radiological materials and treat him for radiation burns and radiation sickness thanks to Metallo. In recovery he strikes up a relationship with insert whichever female hero you want to play and then must face a new life as a superhuman.

There is a lot of room to play with here. Where we take it after the origin story, exactly how powerful he is (radiation can do damage at a genetic level resulting in him being less than unstoppable Space Jesus in power), etc. I just have always wanted to play through the change between a man and a Superman.

Alternate Premise: Project Cadmus

Eric Daniels is a lie but he doesn't know it. He remembers a life that didn't happen. Family, schooling, life events... all crafted as part of an experimental program he's never heard of. Who he was meant to be is a lie built by Cadmus. Who he really was was a failed experiment twice over. First a failed clone of Superman and then a failed attempt implanting a life. Detritus from old projects. The first made him ill and the second had him exhibiting signs of schizophrenia. Without powers and without knowledge of Cadmus he was abandoned to make his own way.

Till the day Doctor Light battled the Justice League in Central City. In the midst of this Eric made a heroic move to save insert whichever female hero you want to play by pushing them out of the way of Doctor Light's blast and taking the brunt himself and he is rushed either to Star Labs or the Wtachtower for treatment. The concentrated light combined with the trauma awakened latent abilities in the synthetic Kryptonian. In recovery he strikes up a relationship with insert whichever female hero you want to play and then must face a new life as a superhuman. Plus deal with the mystery of being an artificial Kryptonian with no known origin.

Keeping It In The Family
Warning: Twincest
Who: Andreas Von Strucker/Andrea Von Strucker
Where: MCU *preferably*

The twin children of Baron Von Strucker are his real miracles. Brilliant, ruthless, and possessing metahuman capabilities. In the wake of Ultron and the fall of Hydra though they are almost forgotten by the world. Stripped of the organization their father had run and left without allies or underlings for the first time in their lives but they never needed anyone other than each other. They were each other's power, lover, and ally. They had everything they needed but not everything they wanted. They wanted revenge and to get that they had to build a new Hydra. One crafted in their own image.

Obviously this is a story based around the incestuous relationship of a pair of Nazi sympathizing supervillains. They aren't meant to be pleasant people but where and how far they go is entirely up for discussion. The base assumption for this story is for it to take place in the MCU but it could be the comic book universe or even just the Marvel TV Universe. My real interest is their relationship.

Legal Troubles *Craving*
Who: She Hulk/Juggernaut or OC

The basic premise for this story is relatively the same whether it is canon or OCs. They end up in major league trouble and either hire or their case is taken up by
Jennifer Walters
She Hulk
and they become entangled in a professional and very non-professional manners. Where it goes from there is very different though. There is not yet a whole lot of detail for this idea but it is a craving.