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Started by TheVillain, January 01, 2017, 05:41:18 PM

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A new year and a new dark mood. Some of these are twisted, some of them are darkly humorous, but all of them involve characters that are psychopaths. I have a whole bunch of possibilities so let's just see what tickles your muse. Details negotiable, clearly.

{Dark Humor}
After what is arguably the best blind date she's ever had a young woman starts those tentative first steps of a possible new serious relationship. He's nice, he owns his own restaurant, he's handsome, he's by far the most normal man she's ever dated.

But then she discovers something suggesting that her new "normal" boyfriend may be a murderous cannibal...

A young woman is targeted by a serial rapist nicknamed "Romeo" for his apparent belief that he's having brief but genuine romantic relationships with his victims.

But something is different this time...

She thought she was in a healthy and established marriage. It was a bad day when she discovered she was infertile but they got through it. When one of her friends gets pregnant from being raped, she does what she can to help.

But the baby looks a lot like her husband, and her friend's rape sounds a lot like a bunch of other rapes she's been hearing about on the news...

A newlywed thought she found an incredible new husband when he even was willing to look past the fact that she was the victim of a serial rapist a few years ago. But then when she consummated the marriage her instincts tell her that the man she married might of been her rapist himself...

A young man discovers that his new girlfriend likes roleplaying that he's sexually assaulting her when they make love a little too much.

They say a healthy marriage has to include common goals and interests. Which sounds great on paper - until two serial criminal psychopaths fall in love...
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