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November 27, 2020, 12:10:35 AM

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Author Topic: Espendabelle ideas (Sci-Fi/Star Wars/Superhero; F for M, possible MtF for M)  (Read 1147 times)

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Offline espendabelleTopic starter

Hi there, and welcome to my story idea thread. Hopefully if you're here, then you're looking around to start a story with me. This thread is here to explain a bit more about who I am, what I like and what I am interested in. If you want to know dome more about me, take a look at my ons and offs thread. If there's something here you like, then please PM me rather than posting in-thread.
I believe that role-playing should be about cooperation and sharing, with two people coming together to create and explore worlds and characters. Everything should be a two-way street, and nobody should ever feel like they can’t ask their partner something or make a suggestion. I want both partners to enjoy the process and their creation, which in many ways I feel is so much more rewarding then it just being all about a single person.
I'm looking for engaging and well-developed RP that is centered around character, story, world and relationship building. I'm looking for slow-burn, long-term stuff that may not necessarily have a fixed goal or end-point. I don’t want our characters to fall in love on the first page. I don’t want them to be in bed on the first page either. I am (mostly) looking to play female characters paired with male partners; note that the gender of the player is irrelevant for me. (For exceptions, see my O/O page)
Generally I will write about three mid-length paragraphs per post and I expect the same in reply. I don’t need every post to be a novel, but at the same time I want more than just a few broken sentences. I love descriptive text that helps get the reader involved in the scene and the characters and better create the world around it.
Settings I'm interested in

Science fiction is my greatest single love and the genre I am most interested in. Everything from near-future settings where technology reshapes the world to galaxy-spanning empires and anything in between. Fantastic worlds, faraway planets, exploration of the unknown and all else, especially when the focus turns to the human part of those stories.

Star Wars was my gateway into Science Fiction, and while my interest in it has waxed and waned, it has recently awakened, so to speak. It’s a universe that I love and would like to explore more of, and to tell amazing stories within. Please note that I am not interested in stories set in the "old" Expanded Universe or the Old Republic computer games.

Superhero stories are something that I have recently developed an interest in, and would definitely like to try my hand at writing. This can range all the way from colourful costumes, fantastic powers, masks and signature codenames to grim, dark avengers on the gritty streets. I'd prefer to play in an entirely original universe here.

Post-apocalyptic and dystopian settings are something else that I would like to explore. Be it worlds where the populations are strictly controlled, or where humans barely cling to existence, I feel that such settings have a lot of potential for exploration.
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Offline espendabelleTopic starter

These are some character ideas and concepts that I'd like to play. Of course, they're just rough outlines and could easily be altered and adapted for the needs of a plot.

Larrisse is a Rebel Alliance X-Wing pilot. She's been fighting the Empire all her adult life, driven to end their tyranny and bring some sense of peace to the Galaxy. She's brave, determined and a risk-taker, not afraid to put her life on the line for others or to get the job done. Her biggest weakness is that she's let this drive become all-consuming; she hasn't once considered what she'd so with herself after the war is over, and might not be able to cope without an enemy to fight. The true enemy might not be the Empire, but her own lack of a life outside of her job.

Redback is a masked vigilante in a grim, crime-ridden city. Her father was killed in front of her and her mother has been missing for all her life. She's used these tragedies as fuel for her own, one-woman war on crime. She has no superpowers, but instead is trained in martial arts and uses a variety of home-made gadgets. She's also a paranoid isolationist who suffers from a whole host of problems, and is leading herself down a very self-destructive path without knowing. But even a masked vigilante like her has her secrets, ones that she might not even be able to share with a hard-won ally...

Alyss joined the corps to escape from the grinding poverty of her homeworld. Since then, she has fought in more battles on more worlds and under more suns then she cares to think about. The corps is her life, war her subsistence and it feels like battle is all she knows. She feels like she's sealed in her armour, not living beyond moving from one battlefield to another. She yearns for there to be more to her life, but she has no idea how to escape.

Karen knew that life in the city was hard by choice. A brutal, oppressive police state, it was also the only remaining bastion of human civilization on a dying world. And yet, when the eye of the regime fell on her, she had no choice but to flee to the wastes. Now every day is a struggle to survive in a hostile, unforgiving world. But is there more to the wastelands then just death?
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Offline espendabelleTopic starter

Re: Espendabelle ideas (Sci-Fi/Star Wars/Superhero; F for M mostly)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2017, 06:29:07 AM »
Updated; changes to my O/Os.