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Author Topic: Star Trek: Klingon ship of fools [MUL-E]  (Read 451 times)

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Offline The Great TriangleTopic starter

Star Trek: Klingon ship of fools [MUL-E]
« on: December 19, 2008, 07:04:19 AM »
I'm interested in running a Star Trek game based around the premise of a bunch of misfits aboard a small Klingon bird of prey.  They'll travel around the galaxy engaging in character drama and generally keeping up a mood of dark comedy. 

I'm looking for at least one character from each of the five crew divisions in Star Trek.  Here's a summary:

Command:  The place for the most talented individuals.  Command division makes sure the ship operates properly.  The game can accommodate up to two command division characters. (a captain and an executive officer)

Medical: The people responsible for the health of the crew.  No really a priority on Klingon ships, since Klingons have redundant physiologies.   The game can accommodate up to one medical division character.

Science: People responsible for making sure the ship doesn't get swallowed up by a rogue special effect off the starboard bow and making weapons of mass destruction for the Klingon empire.  The game can accommodate up to three science division characters.

Ops: People responsible for running the ship.  Encompasses engineering, cooking, and janitorial duties.  The game can accommodate up to three ops division characters.

Security: The lowest of the low aboard any starship.  Wear red uniforms on federation starships.  *wink*  Responsible for getting in the way of actually important crew members when power surges make computer consoles explode on the bridge.  The game can accommodate up to three security division characters.

Some example character concepts for each division:

Honorable/Sadistic Klingon warrior
Disgraced Klingon  has something to prove
Federation Exchange Officer somewhat out of his depth.
Human from a parallel world, finds the Klingons more appealing than the federation
Holdout Mutant Klingon likes being a cunning bastard.  (The klingons once created a virus that spliced their race with human DNA.  It made them smarter, but also more cowardly.  A few refused to get the cure for the virus.)

Cardassian Torture Expert  A master torturer from a race of torturers pressed into service as a doctor due to ironically being the best doctor available.  (Klingons suck so much at medicine)
Jem'hadar  Medic A medic from a slave race of drug addicted warriors.  He is a very competent physican, even if it refers to his medical duties as "Inventory of weapon parts"
Deassimilated Borg  Had its metal parts removed, but knows physiology just a bit too well.
Holdout mutant Klingon  Actually studied medicine back in the day, rather than just learning how to remove the organs that were no longer neccesary.
Masochistic Betazoid  Creepy deviant from a race of empathic telepaths.  Just wants to feel "so much pain"

Enslaved Vorta Karma will be calling this one
Blackmailed Vulcan   Works for the Klingons thanks to an extralegal arrangement.  Misses family
Deassimilated Borg Escaped the delta quadrant, but is still trying to understand the old collective
Rogue Hologram  A holographic construct that was created for entertainment purposes but achieved sentience.  Could appear as any literary figure from human or Klingon culture, and benefits from access to every database in the ship's computer.
Trill looking for thrills  The semi immortal result of a symbiont bonded with another being.  Has hundreds of years of memories and an "enlightened" attitude about sex. 

Human on the wrong side of the Khitomer line Grew up under the Klingon empire, may not even be totally aware of the role of humans within the federation.
Romulan exchange officer  An engineer from the evil twin race to the vulcans.  Possibly a spy from the intelligence agency Tal Shiar.
Feringi Merchant  Member of a ruthlessly capitalistic race.   Sold the Klingon Empire the ship's warp core, and got pressed into service making sure that it didn't breach on him.
El Aurian janitor  An immortal alien with a humble calling.  Yet much like from scrubs, he knows pretty much everything.
Soong-type android  An artifical life from with godlike technical skill.  Most likely has difficulty feeling emotions or understanding ethics. 

Feringi Mercenary Joined the crew for the gold pressed latinum, is always underestimated.
Beefy Gorn warrior  Killing machine from a race that looks curiously like a guy in a cheap lizard costume. Actually has a PHD.  (In 20th century human literature)
Sociopath Betazoid An empath taking advantage of the Klingon Empire's thirst for violence to fulfill his own personal kinks.
Ba'ku who wishes to die 500 years old, but still emotionally and physically a 16 year old.  Journeyed out from the Star cluster that made it immortal, and enlisted in the Klingon defense forst.
Jeh'hadar Addicted to the drug Ketracel-White, but getting better all the time.  Once went a full two weeks without a hit!

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Re: Star Trek: Klingon ship of fools [MUL-E]
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2008, 07:24:44 AM »
Okiday! As stated, I'd like to play the Vorta scientist. I'd also be interested in the Trill, if I could move it to Command or Ops. And even the hologram. XP But that would likely stay in Science, and I don't want to double-dip the same category!

Offline Transgirlenstein

Re: Star Trek: Klingon ship of fools [MUL-E]
« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2008, 05:35:59 PM »
Oh I so want to be in this!

The Vulcan, the Romulan and the hologram sound interesting.
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