(MxF) Seeking Hedonistic,Wicked, Kinky, Taboo Female for Darker Themes!

Started by Nnaasttey, December 23, 2016, 09:23:19 PM

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Mostly seeking darker more kinkier play and partners that are also craving them and can write well. I need a partner that will see us as 2 authors writing one novel; an extended role play with ample story driven details as it has smut!

I will say up front, I only play as Male and 99% if the time I prefer to play opposite Females, and I prefer that the behind the person behind the screen is also female! If you bother to examine my kink list/f-list or whatever you'll see I don't have many limits, but that DOES NOT mean I always want to incorporate my kinks into every role play, it just means that if you have a kink that most find weird, strang, or too extreme, most likely I'm the guy you can come to to scratch that itch.

Right now I'm craving Interracial, Incest, and playing opposite Masochist who are open to pain and some gore.

It's also important I say this, im a writer and I have to have a partner that can write well! A partner that can reply or post 4-5 detailed paragraphs easily, a partner that adds depth to the RP and their character by not being predictable and boring and keeps me on my toes and makes it exciting.

Now to the plots

1. Birth of Shadows:

Two rival nations that have lived in peaceful times are now at the precepise of another war as one nation (MC's nation) plots to overthrow the other nation (YC's nation), by means of a military coup! The reason there was peace is YC's national almost hunted MC's people to extinction and they were forced to sign a treaty and become slaves and subjectes to YC's Kingdom. Now, things have shifted after all these years and MC is leading the charge, while YC a brilliant warrior in her own right is thinking she will snuff out any sparks before they can become full blown fires!!!

Major themes: S&M, Blood, Violence, Combat/Fighting, Magic, Degration, Humilation, Bondage, Kidnapping/ Non-Con, Taboo, Gangbangs, Inter-species Sex.

2. Hoe-liday Christmas Party:

This idea is flexible, can either be an incest play with mother and son, or it can be a more vanilla Interracial pairing of a young black guy and a older white MILF with a boring husband and an even more boring sex life!

Basically there is this holiday Christmas party host d by swingers that is regularly (but sexy) masquerade Christmas party on the main level of the house and in the basement and in the guest house ( the people hosting are rather well off) is the more scandalous areas with open play, glory holes, and furniture for impact play! YC the mom or hotwife goes to said party (in masquerade disguise) and randomly has an interaction with MC ( her son, also in masquerade or maybe her husbands best friend or coworker/boss or business associate or something). They Have some level of sexual interaction, enjoying themselves but deep down longing for more, thinking they will never see each other again. They is until they do, the very next day. Now they struggle to control their lust for each other with this forbidden Union, and the drama along with it as they hide it from those who can never know!

Main themes: Incest or Interracial, Exhibition, public sex, affairs or taboo forbidden lust, sloppy & messy, risk of pregnancy, risk of getting caught, S&M, Alcohol &Drugs, sexy clothes, dirty talk (I mean really filthy, sexy, or sluty)

3. Whored Out:

MC the son of a wealthy man, pretty much a lazy, free loading, bum that doesn't plan to do anything with his life except mooch of his father and inherited a fortune when his pops kicks the bucket, YC is young, smart, athletic, talented, ambitious, and most of all beautiful and sexy as hell for a 16 year old. MC starts to grow to hate YC who he views as a perfect goodie-goodie that gets all the attention from the parents. He wants to knock her down a few pegs, and his perfect opportunity to do so is when the newlyweds go out the country for a month on their honeymoon! He sells his little step sister out to men who pay a pretty penny to have their way with her.

Major themes: Sex slave, bondage, S&M, Gangbang, Sloppy & Messy, Pet play, Leash & Collar, Impact Play, Video & Camera, Degradation, Humiliation, Piss play (light), menses /blood play ( lose of virginity & sex if ).

4. She's No Angel:

MC has come back in town from college on Christmas break after not coming home for a whole year, and boy a lot has changed. His mom forced him to go to Church with them. He agrees, just so she'll get off his back. He was surprised when they went to a new non denomination church, one with more of a mixture than the all black baptsist church he grew up in. That's when MC spots YC, a young white woman he almost didn't recognize as the same girl he once had elementary class with. YC is smoking hot now and MC instantly falls in lust! He wants her bad. YC secretly had had a crush on MC all these years but MC never knew, and MC is thinking it's going to be harder than it actually is going to be to get a shot with YC. Little does MC know, YC isn't the perfect little church girl she appears to be , she's an ice cold slut, and she loves Big Black Cock more than life itself, to her BBC is God.

Major themes: Interracial, Cock Worship, Lust, Taboo Sex Scenes, blasphemy(?), Haeavy S&M, Heacy Degradation & Humiliation, Costumes, Cum, Risk Of Pregnancy, Heavy Dirty Talk, Sex Toys, Roleplay within Roleplay.

5. The Devil' Ratio: 66.6%

In an semi-futuristic alt-reality, there is no separation of church and state. The Church actually runs the state and with the help of science and technology they have created something called the Godcells, nano technology that help prohib and suppress what The Church deems to be immoral and ungodly behavior, effectively creating as close to a utopia as possible. However, these thoughts and desires don't simply vanish into thin air, they are more or less "stored" deep in the subconscious until 99.9% capacity is reached. Once a person reaches the breaking point, hey must attend mandatory confession. But unlike your typical spoken confession this is a active ritual where citizens cache of sins and immorality are deleted by acting them out. Once they are allowed to cleanse their cache is set back to the base 33.3%. 33.3% is what The Church has decided is the absolute capacity for a person's morality, basically a third, the other 2/3 is corruptable, evil, immoral, and debase which is why the Godcells offset that in balance by safety redirecting those thoughts and desires to our subconscious until we go get cleansed.

Major Themes: As wicked as you like, perfect for any true Hedonist!! No limits, let's figure out how far we can push it!!
Nnaasttey in a nutshell :

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